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Prompt: Fish Out of Water

"I can't believe they let him come back."

"Did you hear he actually thinks he can become Hokage?"

"After all he's done? No way."

"What was Tsunade thinking...?"

"He doesn't belong here."

Sasuke scowled his entire walk home. He told himself it didn't matter. He shouldn't let them see him affected by it, but, after two months of constant whispers and gossip, he was getting more than just a little irritated. The villagers were getting under his skin with their jabs and alienation of him. Why Itachi and himself sacrificed so much for these ingrates?

He shouldn't have come back. He should have forgotten his silly idea of changing the village and given them the judgment they all deserved.

Because the only thing these two months had shown him was he didn't belong here anymore. It was like a constant game of tug of war or that game Itachi had always played with his friends in the lake: Marco Polo.

He was standing on the edge of the water. Everyone was getting suspicious that he was somewhere he didn't belong, and they were about to call him out on it.

But, no one had ever brought their complaints directly to him or Tsunade, so he stayed, waiting to be pulled any direction. Wether it be out of the village or being pulled back like he belonged, he waited.

The problem was, he had never been good at waiting. He was was getting restless, and whenever he got restless he started itching to hurt or kill anyone disgracing the Uchiha name. It would be so easy, they would finally confront him, blame it on the Uchiha blood, and he would just run them through with his chidori before they could even-

"Sasuke!" Sakura shouted running towards him with a smile on her face.

Sasuke turned his head to her in sign of greeting.

"What are you doing just standing in the middle of the street?"

Sasuke gave a shrug and turned away still focusing on the two villagers' conversation.

"I can't believe Haruno-San could trust him the way she does," one muttered.

"Well, she always has had a blind eye for him."

"She, Naruto, and the Hokage."

"I feel sorry for Sakura and Naruto, how that boy totes them about."

He didn't miss the glare Sakura shot to the two villagers, and he had to fight the smirk threatening to cross his face. As hard as it was to admit, he was impressed that Sakura hadn't decked them yet.

"Do you want to eat dinner at my house tonight?" Sakura asked successfully tuning out the gossip and changing the subject. Sasuke turned back to her with a single raised eyebrow. "Don't worry, my mom's cooking, not me. I'm still trying to brush up on my skills after the onigri food poisoning fiasco."

"Hn," Sasuke agreed beginning to walk towards her house. His stomach still felt queasy at the memory of it. A week spent in a hospital with food poisoning was enough to make anyone wary of their friend's cooking.

"I'm getting better!" Sakura defended as she looped her arm around his, continuing to fill the silence with her voice.

This time, Sasuke did smirk, because he couldn't deny the fact that everytime he was around Sakura, he could feel himself drifting closer to the water.