Epilogue: Every day

"That was a very nice thing you did, Sherlock," John mused as they walked down the streets of London, arm in arm, towards home.

"A bit good?" Sherlock asked and John chuckled at his shameless dig for compliments.

"More than a bit good, and you know it," John confirmed giving Sherlock a good natured nudge.

"There goes my hard earned reputation as a high functioning sociopath," Sherlock lamented.

John just grinned and pulled him closer. It was nice, he mused, to walk like this.

Since their return from the hospital John and Sherlock had spent more time walking when they could, and less time in cabs. John figured they were both more than sick of bed rest.

For their first few days home John had hardly slept, he was so glad to be back in a familiar environment.

Sherlock had not protested at first. Eventually, Sherlock had managed to lure John into bed with the promise of a scalp massage. John had closed his eyes and groaned softly had he concentrated on the feelings of Sherlock's fingers in his air. All too soon the soothing action had lulled John to sleep. John was more pleased than he could say to find Sherlock sprawled on top of him when he woke the next morning.

Sherlock and John had done some more talking too. About what John liked, wanted, and hoped for, and about what Sherlock felt comfortable with. Occasionally they would discuss/brainstorm ways in which they could both have their needs met. John though that was more fun than it had any right to be, but then again so were most things when it came to Sherlock. Especially their first case back.

It had been an easy one for Sherlock but he'd still accompanied John to complete it in person.

Through brief investigation and a thorough examination of old weather reports Sherlock had, correctly, deduced that Adam had fallen and badly knocked his head on his trip to California. This was likely due to the excessive rains, strong winds of spring, and an abundance of slippery pine needles.

Adam had awoken in a hospital with amnesia. His family was quickly traced and wasted no time utilizing this opportunity to 'erase' the, in their opinion, less than savory aspects of their son's past. Adam hadn't remembered his lover, Troy. Adam hadn't remembered anything in the entire year since his fateful trip. A few phone calls to doctors and some careful disguises later, and Sherlock and John were escorting one Adam on an 'intensive therapy session'. (ie A trip to Troy's flat.)

Their reunion had been joyous and tearful, not unlike the one between John and Sherlock. Adam had remembered Troy as soon as he saw him, and had practically tackled the other man. Both Sherlock and John felt that Adam was left in good medical and emotional hands with Troy. It was from that very errand that Sherlock and John were now returning.

They trudged up the steps together, separating once they reached their flat to have a bit of a stretch, and take stock.

"I suppose you'll want to write up this case?" Sherlock asked, looking at John from the side of his eye.

John smiled. "It wouldn't hurt to get some preliminary notes down," he agreed, and moved to his desk chair.

Sherlock stooped by the coffee table to pick up a book he had been reading before following John.

John sat in his chair, and Sherlock sat in John's lap. Sherlock's chest was flush with John's and his head nestled on John's shoulder. John hummed happily as Sherlock's arms encircled him and pressed a quick kiss to Sherlock's' temple, before scooting forward and typing away on his laptop.

This was one of the compromises they'd discussed. John knew this position allowed Sherlock to hold his book behind John and read it over his shoulder, something the consulting detective was most assuredly doing. John was free to simply cuddle Sherlock, or work on his computer.

John had thought when they'd first discussed this that it would feel unfulfilling. He was wrong. Sherlock was doing this in a way he felt comfortable with, simply because it made John happy. That thought made warm tingles run over his skin.

Sherlock was also now in the habit of kissing John frequently and intimately. It was Sherlock who had posed the idea of monitoring John's heartbeat and other tells of physical attraction. Sherlock observed the type, intensity, order, and frequency of John's signs of attraction when they kissed. To be truly scientific Sherlock alternated location and technique frequently. It might seem strange to someone else, but it really was the perfect union of their wants and needs.

John nuzzled Sherlock's neck and head as he typed, grinning like an idiot when he felt Sherlock nuzzle back.

Some hours later, with legs that were partially asleep, John deemed the work on his blog done for the day. Pushing the computer back gently John lifted his hands to run along Sherlock's back, just reveling in the feel of him.

Sherlock hummed contentedly and turned a page as John pressed slow, sucking kissed along his jaw. Sherlock gasped slightly when John tilted his head and nipped lightly at Sherlock's neck. One important point they had discussed was Sherlock's ability to be receptive to John's advances. Sherlock agreed that he would pause and assess whether or not he was enjoying something before dismissing it out of hand.

A small groan escaped Sherlock's lips as John reached the inner curve of his neck, a spot both of them had been surprised to find quite sensitive.

John leaned back then and whispered, "Kiss me." Sherlock shivered at the breath on his ear and turned his head to comply. Their lips glided against each other, already parted, tongues eager to explore. Sherlock ran his tongue across John's lips before slipping inside to caress John's tongue. John explored Sherlock's tongue with his own before running his tongue over Sherlock's teeth and lips. Sherlock wrapped his arms around John's neck and moved his fingers through John's short hair. John leaned back for a moment to nip lightly at Sherlock's lips, generating a small moan from his partner.

They kissed with simmering passion for several minutes before truly pulling apart to catch their breath. Sherlock rested his forehead against John's and lifted his hand to run his hands over John's neck and back. Sherlock had always known but had been pleasantly surprised to experience small pleasures such as kissing heightening other, more intimate experiences, even if said experiences were slightly delayed.

John turned his head away to yawn. Sherlock smiled and pressed a kiss to John's cheek. "You should rest," he murmured.

John took a moment to nuzzle into Sherlock's neck before asking, "Will you join me?"

Sherlock took a moment to think about this. True honest communication was the only way to make this work. He wasn't quite done reading his book, and that did sound like a pleasurable way to spend the remainder of his day. Leaning back on John's thighs, Sherlock pulled his book into view. "Do you mind if I read at the same time?"

John smiled and shook his head. "Go ahead. I'll be out like a light no matter what."

Sherlock smiled and, with care, extracted himself from John's lap. He offered John a hand up, which the good doctor accepted. Together, they made their way to their bedroom.

Sherlock pulled back the sheets while John stripped down. John settled into bed while Sherlock stripped down. Sherlock rested his book on the nightstand for a moment before sliding into bed. John had been pleasantly surprised at how seriously Sherlock engaged in cuddling, when he agreed to do it, which wasn't always. Even now John could feel Sherlock twining their legs together, pulling John flush to him. John tucked himself in Sherlock's embrace, resting his head on Sherlock's chest. Given recent developments John honestly couldn't decide if he preferred this position or spooning. Perhaps they were both equally good.

With the hand wrapped around John Sherlock rubbed Johns' back and arm lightly. Sherlock's other hand had taken up the book. John didn't mind, Sherlock was quite good at doing two things at once, and he had, at least three times now, cuddled John without any distractions at all.

John hmmed happily to himself as he closed his eyes. He wouldn't be awake long, but he supposed that is was being safe and loved did to a person; sleep came easy.

"I love you, John," Sherlock murmured, and John could hear the rumble in his chest.

"I love you too, Sherlock." John smiled. It wouldn't always be perfect. John rather thought he would have his doubts again, as that seemed to be a part of life. Even still, John had absolute faith in their ability to talk things out; that seemed to be the key to all things. If John ever doubted that in the future all he'd need to do was remind himself how Sherlock Holmes had cuddled for cuddling sake, because he, John Watson, had asked him to.

John nuzzled into Sherlock's chest, grinning like a fool, and slept deeper and more peacefully than he had in a long, long time.

Once again, thank you so much for all of your support! This has been so much fun; I hope you all have enjoyed it as much as I have. ^_^