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"She's going to kill me." I groaned to myself, knotting my hands into my hair and tugging. My face hit the table with a loud 'SMACK' and I felt a caring hand pat my back. "Thanks Kitty, but I don't think physical signs of affection are going to prevent me from getting mauled. In fact, that is exactly what's going to get me ripped into millions of unidentifiable ribbons of sludge unable to pull themselves back together due to the force of the glare of an angered teenage girl."
"Like, come on! She won't do that!" she urged and I moved so that my chin was resting on the surface and I could successfully look up and over at her. "We're at school-"
"Kitty, let me make this as clear as possible." I told her, holding up a finger to get her to be silent. "I. Kissed. Her. Boyfriend."
"Kissed her boyfriend."
"But Kailee-"
"Her boyfriend."
She was silent for a few moments, during which I sat up straight and crossed my arms over my chest. Looking at her I swiveled so that my body was facing her fully.
"Okay, think of it this way. Say that there's a girl-"
"There's a girl." she interrupted me.
My eyes narrowed and I placed my hand on her head. "Shush. Okay, so there's a girl. And she goes, and she kisses Lance. What do you do?"

"Well, I guess I'd be like, a little upset at first. Maybe a bit mad... but if he was happy and junk then... I guess I'd be fine with it. I'd still be hurt though, but we could still ,like, be friends and stuff."

... (Read the description, please, there's a special thingy.)

"Okay... now think like an average hormonal teenage girl."
"I'd gouge out your eyes and feed them to your family." she said, almost cheerfully and with a tilt of her head.
"There you go."
"Are you still worried about that?" Jean spoke up suddenly. I whipped my head around in shock, not expecting her to be there. I hadn't even noticed that she had sat down. Maybe I'm losing it. Heck, I'm probably just stressing out about the whole KurMandaLee situation that's been going on now. I should probably tell some adult authority figure-someone aside from the man with the knives in his knuckles. Oh wait, wait. I didn't explain that situation yet. Okay so... after the whole tradition kiss... thing I felt like a nervous, gulit-ridden mess and the first person I had bumped into had to be Logan, who asked, and I qoute, "What the heck's wrong with ya kid? Someone try to flush ya down the drain or somethin'?" and then I immediately just went into all out vent-everything-and-anything-and-tell-all-of-your-life-secrets-and-worries-and-push-them-all-off-and-onto-someone-else-and-then-look-up-at-them-with-the-guiltiest-look-on-your-face-while-you-ask-for-advice mode. After my little rant he had paused to look at me for a few moments before lifting up a hand and slowly patting me on the head with a, "Good luck with that, Lil' Muck."
Which did not help me AT ALL. Thank you, Logan.
You give the BEST advice.
Remind me to only ask you questions about fighting techniques and how to disarm an opponent next time.
Not like they'll ever BE a next time, but you get what I'm saying.
"Yes, yes I am." I groaned. "What am I going to-"
"Wait, I thought you said KURT kissed YOU." Kitty suddenly piped up.
"Well, yeah, but is there a diff-"
"Yes, yes there is!" she insisted. "HE kissed YOU, so AMANDA'S going to kill HIM."
"But, that's not better! 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned'! She'll rip him to pieces!" I objected.
"That's IF he tells her." Jean informed me and I paused.
"What do you mean? Why wouldn't he?"
"Kurt's... he's a guy, Kailee. Guys do stupid things." she said and Kitty 'Psshed'.
"I'm sure that he's, like, freaking out and trying to, like, think about what to do and stuff." she nodded, feeling overly confident with her thought process. (Psst, description, thingy, read.)


"Aw man, I screwed up! I really did it this time!"
Kass and Linzy both watched as the German teen paced back and forth, mumbling to himself as he did so.
"There, there Kurt." Kass grinned, hopping up onto a bench. "Just listen to your gut!"
"My gut is telling me to throw up my lunch."

"Geez, Mister Grumpy Gills, just chill."
"Kass is right." Linzy spoke up, "It's best to keep a level head in situations such as these and not make any brash decisions, which is exactly what led you to this current point. Maybe you should make a list of the pros and cons of both of the eligible ladies and lay them out in front of you before making a-"
"Yes, Kass? WHat is it?"
"He just Bamfed away."


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