Okay, I was watching Being Human Series 4 again the other day and in one of the episodes, they have a serial killer called 'The Toy Man' - who I thought was a great concept for a murder mystery story - but they didn't do much with him. So I decided I would write a Whitechapel FanFic about him (I know, wrong show, but Whitechapel does crime solving, and Being Human doesn't). So here it is. Enjoy. :)

Disclaimer: I do not own Whitechapel or Being Human, I'm just borrowing the characters.

P.S. It's Kent/Chandler!

Emerson's eyes opened slowly, allowing the sun to break through gradually. He glanced at the clock which read 6:27am and cursed slighty as he remembered he had to go to work. He loves his job, but he loves sleep too, so it's a tough decision. He finally built up the strength to sit up, only to be pulled back down again. "We need to get ready for work. I thought you loved to be punctual."

"I do, but I love you more." Joe said with a smirk on his face.

"I'm flattered, but I'm not stupid. You're getting up whether you like it or not. Come on," He stood up and turned to look at Joe. It's unfair how he looks so god damn sexy no matter what he's doing, he thought. As he saw no movement coming from the other man, he decided to try a different strategy.

"Well, I'm gonna go in the shower now."

Joe was out of the bed in a matter of seconds, dragging a laughing Emerson into the bathroom with him.

- WC -

Miles walked into the incident room to find an unfamiliar face among the rest of his team. When he finally reached the group, Riley was first in line to explain.

"Morning, Skip. This is Timothy Hilton, out new team member. Timmy, this is DS Miles."

"Nice to meet you,"

"The pleasure is mine, Timmy,"

Miles liked the look of this new guy. He was smartly dressed, had good manners, and seemed determined. But there was something about him, something strange, that Miles couldn't quite put his finger on.

"Hey, think the boss would mind if we had a, erm... small celebration?"

"Trust Mansell to take any opportunity to have a drink. Why don't you ask him yourself?"

Miles looked as Kent and Chandler walked into the incident room. Seeing the two of them together always makes him smile, because it's nice to know that Joe is happy for once.

"Mornin', boss."

"Good morning, Miles." He noticed the young man. "Who's this?"

"Timmy,the new guy," Mansell commented. "So, who's for a drink?"

"What?-Wait, I didn't know we were getting a new DC."

"Well, neither did I, but, here he is."

He thought about it for a moment. "Erm,okay. Welcome to the team, Timmy."

"Thank you,"


As everybody moved to get to their desks, Timmy examined them careful, trying to work out the team dynamic. Everyone worked well together and laughed together. Basically, they were like family.

Timmy smirked.

Well, families are my area of expertise.

You may also have noticed that I'm not good at writing long chapters, so this story is going to be quite long. Anyway, hope you enjoyed this chapter and I will try to upload the next one ASAP.