A/N: To everyone I know it's been a while and I've run out of excuses to give but I am trying to continue this story for the sake of giving everyone closure on it. I must say that my progress will be slow since I have no beta and I am never truly satisfied with my work but I hope you stick around as I do have a happy ending in sight for these two.

So you have a date.

A date people! An actual fucking date with Beca effin Mitchell!

Yup, you've totally got a handle on your excitement there- you hear that cautioning voice in your head, the one that sounds uncannily like Aubrey, warn- "Aca- Reign it in, Beale."

Believe me...you've tried... and you really can't.

Your excitement was just something that couldn't be contained. A celebration was in order.

Somehow you can almost hear the tune of Queen's 'We are the Champions' going off in the background.

I've paid my dues
Time after time.
I've done my sentence
But committed no crime.

You're imagining yourself performing with Freddie Mercury himself, with full on staging backed up with dramatic lighting and of course fireworks.

And bad mistakes ‒

I've made a few.
I've had my share of sand kicked in my face

But I've come through.

The music starts with lone flares slowly going off one by one until-suddenly a whole array of lights goes off-

(And I need just go on and on, and on, and on)

We are the champions, my friends,
And we'll keep on fighting 'til the end.
We are the champions.
We are the champions.
No time for losers

'Cause we are the champions of the world.

Did you say imagine? You actually do way more than that, you play the song at full-blast in your empty house in preparation for the day.

You have no actual fireworks on hand, but really, who needed those? You have lights dancing behind your lids-have sparkly, heated feelings going off in your chest left-over since last you saw, felt, heard and tasted Beca.

The little firework noises you make also helps with the imagery. That, and your gesturing eagerly whilst singing along at the top of your lungs into your hairbrush.

You're belting it out into the mic, head banging, hands raised triumphantly in a 'rock on' sign as the stage fountain of fireworks let loose.

You wonder what your neighbors think of you and your warbling. You may just get a noise complaint (you've received warnings before, and even then you knew exactly when to draw the line) but you can't find it in yourself to truly care. But of course you do care somewhat-somehow. You lower the volume just a tad from ear splitting to mildly deafening.

Yeah, you feel like you've really needed this. A moment to yourself-a moment of blissful surrender-where you could truly let it dawn upon you all that had happened.

Just letting yourself enjoy feeling alive and truly, ecstatically happy

I mean, who could truly blame you for being...the way you are right now? Especially now that things were starting to look up.

Ever since the competition started, since you and Beca wandered into this Drama and Romance territory, the opportunities for random bursts of genuine joy-for just allowing yourself to feel hope- had become few and sparse in between.

But now, things were different. Things have changed. Everything had changed. And you could no longer go back to the way it was before.

It really does seem as though the wheels are finally turning, and it's actually looking like for once, the odds are very much in your favor.

You are feeling particularly triumphant- and really, you have much to celebrate- since you have a lot of things going for you at the moment.

Let's see.

You were in the Top 8 of the Nation's most watched, most lauded reality singing competition on television.

And...even better, you had a date. You can not say it- stress it-enough.

A date, people.

A date.

With Beca .

The impossible has happened. You could die now-but that would really suck, you want to at least live to see the date and then maybe a couple more, before getting married and happily ever after...no...it wouldn't be enough; you'd want to spend your whole lifetime- several lifetimes (if you believed in incarnation) with her, if it were any way possible.

Never would you have expected something like that to come true.

Seriously, you couldn't wrap your head around how unbelievable, how surreal, how monumentally crazy it is to be even saying it.

You were going on a real, legit date with your long-time crush and semi-obsession (fine, full on obsession)your idol, Beca Marie Badass Mitchell.

So really a mini-celebration complete with your own version of an Aubrey victory dance was more than warranted.

You do it with your own twist and flair though, making it somewhat less humorous and more...sexy. You go all out, mixing it up with your usuals: dropping it low, throwing in the slow Shakira-esque hip roll, and lastly, booty shaking galore.

You're really working up a sweat, your body moving to its own loose beat and melody now.

You catch a glimpse of the time and yikes you gotta get a move on and get a start to your morning routine. Geez Chloe you can't be late- today was a very important date!

First off a shower was in order.

You continue dancing as you start removing articles of clothing whilst making your way to the bathroom. You're down to your bra and panties crossing the living room when-"Aca-Jesus Christ, Chloe !"

Just like that, your blonde best friend has appeared out of thin air, standing in the living room and causing a literal screeching halt(that was the scratching of the vinyl)to your shenanigans, stopping both the music and your movements.

"Put it away and save some for your mopey brunette DJ friend."

"Geez Aubrey! How long have you been standing there?" you say but don't bother to cover up as she's seen you in worse.

"Long enough, you stripper." she hands you a towel which makes you roll your eyes before accepting it and haphazardly throwing it over your shoulders.

"I thought I was alone, you voyeur-" Aubrey's mouth comically falls open- you don't give her a chance to speak, talking over her before she gets a word out,

"I thought you were out celebrating some case that you were previously freaking out about thinking you couldn't win, but still won anyway...I didn't think you'd be back so soon."

"Yes-I was...and no, I don't freak out like that anymore-" You make a sound of disbelief but it's her turn to talk over you, "But wow, how far out in the Becasphere are you that you're so unaware of the time?"

You furrow your brows, and she sighs.

"One, it's already the next day after said celebration and two, it's absolutely criminal for you have that level of energy so early in the morning- "

So it was...The last few days seemed to have taken a dreamlike quality. You seemed to be floating through them with your Beca haze but something had just dawned on you-

"Oh so you're only now just getting in? My, my my Counselor Posen, what do you have to say for yourself? " you tease her with a smirk and waggling eyebrows. "Did you find another victory outside of the courtroom?"

"I wish." she says almost vehemently, "I regret to inform you thatthere was no reason other thanfrom passing out at a Mcdonald's outside my office." She sighs and you pat her shoulder comfortingly, and try to perk her up.

"Wow. What have done to my best friend? This is so unlike you, Ms I don't put acajunk food into my body "

"I guess drunk, overworked Aubrey does. And well, I think I needed a cheat day-I did work my but off for this case. A celebration and one night of going off the rails was long overdue. I deserve it. "

"You and me both."

"Ah- but you've got a lot of celebrating to do since you've already won. " she answers your confused glance with a teasing smirk of her own, "Apparently, you're the champion of the world- We get it, the Beca cup is up for grabs now. What is it again, a C or a D?" she says which makes you blush.

"Sush you. You're hanging out with the girls too much. I don't appreciate all of you ganging up and teasing me. And really Aubrey, a pun?"

"You're making it too easy. Also who doesn't like a good pun-it's fun. Is Beca Western open for booking? Is it too late for a film? You could go Tri beca?" Aubrey spouts out some more,

You decide to give it a go.

"Will there be a Mitchellin star to be awarded for my exemplary service? For her being served a real dish."

"Nice." Aubrey chuckles and let's an impressed smile peek out, "I really am happy for you, Chloe. But please do contain yourself, if not for the now deaf neighbors but your poor best friend who still needs her rest."

"Sorry, Mom, I won't do it again." Aubrey looks at you wearily but smiles despite herself.

"You still remember your part in the victory dance." Aubrey smiles fondly before regaining that teasing smirk, "I wish I had filmed you, that was prime Chloe blackmail material-since you're famous now- I could sell that to TMZ...or even to dear old Beca, I'm sure she'd chip in for a price."

"You think she would?" you ask excitedly.

"You're hopeless. Now go take your shower and cool off." she shakes her head and gets in a hearty laugh before retreating into her room.

You roll your eyes but quickly get your butt into gear. You jump in the shower and are dressed in record time.

Your mind wanders as it always tended to, to your favorite brunette. Aubrey had a point, Beca really had to see those particular moves firsthand. You wonder if she'd be entirely opposed to that-you imagine not. Speaking of, you really had to get a handle on your imagination.

Your imagination already was something to be beheld on a normal basis, but ever since the pool party, it has not only run wild, it has now been allowed to run amok.

And now you can't seem to help it, getting all these vivid images in your head of you and Beca.

You feel like such a pervy, sex-deprived teenage boy. It's almost embarrassing how much of a mess she could unknowingly, effortlessly, reduce you too. Like at the mention of the words: dancing and Beca, you immediately come up with a titillating scenario of her perched on a chair while you gave her a lap dance.

You grin evilly imagining how embarrassed she'd be, how red her cheeks would become. How breathless she'd get and how her eyes would become all but black except for the tiny hint of blue, all the while her chest heaving. How turned on she'd be that she'd move to kiss you and her hands would move from your face to your shoulders, then slowly slip up and then under your shirt to touch your-but you were getting way ahead of yourself

It might be in poor taste, all that you had going on, celebrating and being overall fantastically, ridiculously happy and such, but thinking on what you went through to finally- like finally -get there... it's much deserved.

You know it was or may be a little premature as nothing was set in stone yet- there was no written agreement, no official title-but it was something.

It was progress.

She had asked you out, or Beca's not-so straightforward version of it. You'd had to read through or decipher her Beca-speak to get there, but the intent had been clear.

And really, several days had gone by without anything weird or dangerous or even remotely dark happening to you, which was quite a feat within itself. You were hoping it'd stay that way for a while. You're praying to the higher powers that be to give you this one chance at genuine happiness.

You could do without some sudden shitstorm or twist coming in to shake up whatever tentative foundation you and Beca had already built.

Knock on wood. Fingers crossed and all that.

But leaving the sudden reappearance of your dark thoughts and trading away your superstitious, pessimistic self to get back to the new bubbly, more upbeat- hopeful you.

Now where were you. Ah yes. You were finally going to proceed in a favorable direction and not just with Beca Mitchell, the legendary music producer and all around badass but Beca, your best friend and mentor- who apparently had been 'into you' the entire time of knowing each other.

Somehow knowing the truth about how far back Beca had been feeling the same, it made things far more precious looking back on every interaction between the two of you.(though for some reason she adamantly refused to divulge the juicy deats; the exactwhen and the how it all began on her end. You know someday you'd get it out of her.)

In some odd way it warmed your heart now knowing how you'd both been holding back-both a little scared, neither one prepared, beauty and the beast

Yeah you should stop thinking in song lyrics, Chloe. It's only cute when someone else it there to do that with you, someone like Beca who finds your quirky ways utterly endearing)

What where you thinking off earlier...ah yes, the prioritizing and strengthening your friendship first and trying to lay a good foundation. Which, you secretly think, was a better way to go about it. The wait and everything in between had made it all the more sweeter. You would not have traded having and getting to know Beca as your best friend before all else followed.

So everything was going swimmingly. If there was one thing you feel a little disappointed about is that somehow things remained pretty tame, still evolved at a gradual pace.

Sure you'd hung out after things became official after that epic pool party slash sleepover, but never alone. Always with people there, with the rest of the girls. (Somehow you don't know if you're grateful or not to your friends and the staff's presence.) They acted as a buffer between you both. Sometimes it was easier because it all felt too overwhelming sometimes, having her there and yet not having her near or close enough.

You think somehow you could go crazy with wanting to get her to yourself. To have a day with no outside noise or distractions.

The date couldn't happen soon enough.

It was all about timing, and a lot of planning, the upcoming weekend after group rehearsals seemed ideal.

Another little thing that has to be mentioned was that, somehow, as the fulfilment of the promise of the first date drew closer, you noticed that even as the excitement mounted, there were still tiny, painfully awkward moments where the two of you just don't know what to do with yourselves. Well, besides staring or even smiling bashfully at the other.

Conversation seemed a little halting- hesitant even at times, but not strained or anything. Somehow you both seemed more hyper aware, like everything said had to be weighed since everything meant so much more now.

Although, the real conversations seemed to occur in the silence. (You more than make up for it with your secret prolonged glances.)

This was when the feeling's too strong and overwhelming to be contained, to be expressed or ruined by mere words, seemed to require-need-actions.

But of course you're always in public places or with other people. And somehow it was also a matter of who would be the one initiating it and who would be the one giving in. Who would surrender the power, who would give in to weakness. And since no one is relenting, you feel like it's the longest waiting game ever played. So you content yourself- steel yourself against-knowing looks and secretive smiles.

What you do read, what are contained in those charged moments of eye-contact, are promises.

Wait and see. They say.

Remember when so and so happened . They ask, glinting wickedly.

You do? Well let's do that again , and soon.

But get ready, 'cos you ain't seen nothing yet.

And always an assurance.

Stay with me. I'm here. I've got you.

You don't detect regret or any second-guessing on her end. The once stormy sea blue eyes are calm, the waves lightly touching the shore, the sun reacting warmly, brightly peaking out all the way into her smile. You could stare into her eyes and never feel safer, more at home, at peace.

That was the main difference, the important all-important was now a certainty in her gaze, reassurance in her smile.

You guess it's normal, the heightened nerves now that you're at that 'feeling it out' stage that you hadn't really gotten to before she'd left for London. You're both really trying to get into the stride of this 'more than friendship not quite serious relationship yet' thing.

Somehow, you know your underlying anxiety stems from the fact that you're out of experience. You hadn't seriously considered dating anyone in a while, much less even entertained the thought of dating Beca. And you really don't want to mess this up. That would really suck if you did. Now that you had one foot in, now that you were there- when she was so close, to becoming fully yours.

Though somehow going into it, you did have more experience (not just dating women, but already with you, you have years, and the experience of smothering or tempering your yearning down.)

You already mentioned that you weren't fairing perfectly yourself, what with the very idea of getting Beca alone could kick your pervy imagination into overdrive. You allow yourself more leeway now with everything changed for the better between you too.

Now that it wasn't just a case of if but when.

You don't know how, but somehow you do manage to keep things together. Keep a hold of yourself and your flaming libido.

But that was the key word, manage . You were managing. Just barely, but you do. You're able to appear as a semi-functioning, normal, "can keep it in her pants" "I'm not in love with my coach" girl.

Beca was a different case altogether.

Beca Marie Mitchell, to be honest, could be a bit of a disaster.

An emotional, sappy, awkward and bumbling mess of a disaster.

You knew this already,but now, it was almost ridiculous knowing the extent of it.

It was almost endearing how someone so confident and sure of herself, who was fearless, absolutely lethal on stage, could be reduced to such a softie slash hot mess regarding the both of you.

Especially in private or amongst the people who knew she could get all shy and adorably nervous, almost scared to initiate things (except for the rare burst of courage asking you out) but even the briefest, normal bursts or display of harmless, innocent, physical affection would set her off- from tiny little hugs, to hip checks, light pinches even the slightest sly comment-prolonged eye contact would paint her cheeks a bright red. A sure as hell sign to alert everyone.

But she was also so very tender. In her own quiet way she seemed determined to prove the strength of her feelings even within the constraints of this complex situation.

She was quite the gentlewoman, going out of her way to open doors for you, even to inconvenient degrees. She was also attentive, she had an extra jacket that she brought after the one time you'd forgotten yours and had gotten cold. She'd make sure you had enough water to drink during breaks. And at the buffet table you'd notice more of your favorites appearing. She gave you a flash drive labeled homework, mumbled for you to check it out to see if you'd like it and it had a mix consisting of 'titanium' mashed with all the songs that you had sung in between.

Your favorite perhaps was how she'd have to get up the nerve to press a quick kiss to your cheek whenever you'd see each other off. Not without a clearing of her throat, awkward coughing, toe tracing invisible designs into the ground. Always checking first, asking shyly 'Is this okay?'

You try not to melt into a puddle or even get out a camera just to capture that moment of sheer cuteness, vulnerability at her being so heartwarmingly considerate.

Once you answered, whispering seductively into her ear, "More than. Though, I could think of a kiss elsewhere that would be so much better."-just so you could see her blush.

It works. Oh goodness how it works. Her face all the way to her ears turn scarlet.

"Chloe !" she hisses weakly.

"Oh, c'mon you know what I meant- my va-" her eyes widen comically. "my vuttocks-" you say which startles her before making you both laugh. She rolls her eyes.

"You really do need to get your blushing under control-if you want to keep us a secret." you chide her.

"You're the one who keeps blatantly flirting with me in public." she hisses, " You're out of control-" you frown, she gulps before quickly touching your hand. "And I'll try to contain myself- my face."

"And I'll try not to find you and your face so irresistible then."

Beca blushes, sending you a strained smile.

"Okay." you laugh, "I'll stop."


Yup it sounds so weird to you too, it was weird and all too flattering. There was something empowering in having or knowing how strong an effect you had on another person- this person.

As you finish getting ready to step out and greet the new day, you breathe in the morning air, already so full of promise.

You can't wait to experience more of that intoxicating presence that is Beca Mitchell.

You can't wait to get her all flustered again today. It wouldn't take much. You can't help smirking. Yep today was gonna be great, you can feel it.

You go to the studios thirty minutes early to start your extra vocal warm-ups with Anna and to do a follow up check up with Doctor Gail. After the warm up session, you're feeling confident enough to throw in a couple of lines from the number you were going to perform just for the heck of it.

I'm a creep

I'm a weirdo

What the hell am I doing here

I don't belong here.

Anna looks satisfied by the end of it-if her huge smile was any indication. That and her applause and shouting "Brava, Brava!" You wave it away after giving a little extravagant bow.

"That was great, Chloe. Flawless even. See the immediate benefits of simply taking the time to warm-up and loosen those vocal cords? There will thankfully be no more straining and your nodules will have the chance to improve, even go away completely. I'm actually confident you can already spot the difference if you take that scope test."

"Speaking of, we could actually do the discussed quick check-up for that right now, if you don't mind that is." Doctor Gail appears seemingly out of thin air, you'd jump but somehow her being unexpected was expected so your body doesn't question it and just goes along with it. And also aside from that, you think you needed to refuel since you were running solely on endorphins from that morning's Queen performance. You hadn't had coffee or anything solid for the check up.

You go through a series of tests then the whole gruesome process with the laryngoscope. Doctor Gail offers this time the opportunity for you to watch the descent on the monitor in real time.

"It's like a live stream." Doctor Gail says and laughs at her own joke.

"I'll pass. It'll feel weird enough knowing its moving around in there but to see it as well..." you leave it at that.

"Suit yourself."

You let yourself drift off, your mind wanders as much it can when there's a tube being stuck down your nose into your throat.

The end result is conclusive: the nodules were small enough to be managed. Meaning there would be no surgery for you.

"Now there's nothing keeping you from shining brightly like the star that you are, Chloe. Your technique is much improved since I first saw you. You should be proud of yourself." Anna says to you.

You nod happily. Too ecstatic, absolutely pleased with the arrival of even more good news.

"I am, but I'm mostly grateful to you and to Doctor Gail, I don't want to be dramatic but you guys saved me."

"It was our pleasure." Doctor Gail sounds genuine and without her airs for once.

"It has been a real honor assisting you, chloe.." Anna says, getting emotional.

You can't help hugging them both, pulling them into a three way hug.

"And don't forget, Beca of course, the one paying us to help." Doctor Gail says back to her usual blunt humor.

"How could I forget about that person?" you say your tone hard, the irony is lost to them.

"You guys might not be getting along these days but still, she cares for you, she always asks about your progress. She's trying, Chloe. She's here now for all of you." Anna tries playing the peacemaker

"I know she gave m-us her word that things would be different."

"- She's different." Doctor Gail interrupts, "Beca." she elaborates unnecessarily, "Since she came back, she's more focused. She's like with it more. Like she's more attuned. Just more... alive somehow. It's like she finally found it again, you know?"

You look to Anna who shrugs, ready to dismiss Doctor Gail's speech as her usual crazed ramblings.

For some reason you aren't as keen to do the same this time around.

"Found what?"

"Her passion. Her mojo...her heart…" she trails off.

You beam till she cuts in with-" Or something lame like that."

After the session ended you sit back and observe as the rest of the girls started arriving. You're mind's focused elsewhere, eyes trained on the clock stationed in plain sight, waiting patiently or as patient as you can manage counting down the time till Beca shows up.

Right on the dot, you watch Beca coming in with all her stuff. She's distracted and all but deaf to the world with her headphones on and her eyes on her trusty folder with something that looks like sheets of music sticking out of it. Your heart swoops pleasantly at the sight, now so achingly familiar. You loved catching her absorbed in her music. Loved that face of concentration she made, brows furrowed, nose scrunched. lips in between her teeth-all in thought.

Music was a true love of hers, her eyes always passionate, eager and bright twinkle in their wake. One look and you can see it. How it l was her everything. Her first love in a sense.

She lived it breathed it. You didn't even hold it against her, you couldn't see a more worthy adversary.

She was the very picture of ease and in her element. Headphones and everything in place. It was a favorite look of yours of hers.

She doesn't even notice you creeping up behind her. You intercept her and begin to take one of her bags from her shoulder and some stacks of papers from under her arm.

"What the-Hey!" she begins, sounding both astounded and a touch angry. She whirls around, hands raised, vice-like grip on her folder, looking so very ready to fight.

Your mouth's agape. In that moment your brain's working frantically as you try to think of a way to go back and redo what just happened or rethink your actions.

She looks up and her face dramatically changes. It smoothes over, her face quickly goes from mildly panicked and semi-annoyed to being replaced with blissful relief then just this untempered joy. It makes your heart jump and your stomach do flip flops but now in a less painful way, relief coming back. You can't help the little smile blooming across your own face.

Once again you feel like you're suspended in time seeing her, soaking in her presence. You notice more than just her outfit, which seems Avril Lavigne Complicated inspired. She's in a white tank top and loose pants. Her greatest accessory isn't the striped tie that she had loosely around her neck, or her wristbands or earrings. What she adorned today that left you breathless was her smile, what you recognise fully as your special smile, currently stretching uninhibitedly across that glorious face.

You stand corrected, this face...this was your real favorite. She looks as (she always seems to nowadays) happily, pleasantly surprised-unburdened.

Her reaction is immediate, expected at this point.

She blushes before averting her eyes.

"Chlo- Sorry. I thought- you were someone else."

"What would you have done if it was?"

"Shouted for security to deal with the impertinent thief grabbing at my things."

"Do people usually try to steal your stuff right under your nose?" you tease, " and are you usually this protective over your stuff, I thought you were going to hit me for a moment there."

"I was just surprised that's all. No one really jumps or surprises me here. This part of the studio is supposed to be a safe space-or at least, it used to be."


She laughs quietly before she continues,

" Well not, normally no. But this is a special case. I'm actually sanctioned to keep them on my person. These are very valuable, they're worth their weight in gold." you frown in confusion. She looks around furtively and lowers her voice "They're the final stuff for my new album." she whispers.

"Oh. Sorry."

"Don't be. I was going to say you're the only one I'd let get away with it." she smiles soft and shy. The little blush making a reappearance.

"Why can't you be this sweet all the time?"

"Because sugar's bad for you. Excess or too much of something is always bad." she says semi-seriously, her eyes twinkling.

"Uh-huh. What about enjoying being in my company is that something that could wear off?" you ask trying to play it casual, but Beca has that soft amused smile that you knew was just yours,

"Chloe were you a fisherman in another life?"

"I don't believe in reincarnation so-" She rolls her eyes which makes you smile.

"Why don't you just go along with what I was saying…"

"I know where it was going so...no, I don't usually fish for compliments. But it didn't hurt to have some reassurance every now and again." you say lightly. Beca goes silent and you too reflect on your words wondering if you might have said something wrong.

Her brows are furrowed and she seems to deliberate something for a second. She smiles.


"Yes, Beca."

"I have a question."


"So um? You uh. Do we-could we- Maybe...If you're okay?" she rambles, her face slowly turning tomato red.

"Beca stop for a moment. Once again you're asking out the wrong girl." she frowns in confusion.

"I don't speak gibberish or listen to mumble rap for that matter. Use your words. Slowly now."

"Will you.. the honor-Can we" She lets out a lithe laugh, and rolls her eyes at herself, letting out a tiny huff of frustration. "Are you doing anything later?" she finally gets out in one breath.

You almost want to kiss her with how adorably proud of herself she looks. You bite the inside of your cheek trying not to smile too wide.

"Is that another way of asking are we hanging out today?" you ask playing coy

"Why are you asking me back?" Beca asks, frowning cutely.

"Do you know a little thing called the question game?" You banter feeling playful. Her eyes widen, recognition dawning.

"I do-Which game is that, again?" she tries playing along.

"So you don't know of it?"

"Was I born yesterday?" she scoffs,

"Were you?" you respond and this feels so childish and yet you love it.

"Wouldn't you know?" she teases,

"Shouldn't you?" you love her but you were an expert at this game and you could let this go on for as long as you could.

"I do know. And I finished it, and to answer the question, yes we are hanging out, are we not?"

"Okay, will we be having company?" you say, trying to sound casual. You know you've failed when Beca's mouth twitches, her face flushes all the way to her neck.

"I don't think the girls want to become third wheels-wait that sounds wrong, there are more of them so they'll be six or sixth wheels?" she ponders to herself, worrying her lip. You can't hold back your own smile, with an accompanying light laugh for her sake. She ducks her head cutely, " You know what I mean." She says crossly.

"You told them this?"

"I told them to take the day to rest as we have a press event, some party to go to tonight."

"Ah, but this afternoon?"

"Its entirely ours."

You simply smile, Ours you liked how that sounded.

You're gonna have a date with Beca today! Later today after practice. You'd meet by her car later and she'd drive you herself to the mysterious first date destination.

Ten year old you is probably somewhere out there in time gross sobbing into her pillows right now, knowing her dream actually came true.

You pat yourself on the back. You knew you'd grow up to do great things.

Yup. Ten year old you had no chill whatsoever. But adult you is calm and mature, you're just regularly happy, like normal, chill kinda happy. None of that over the top stuff. You're totally not caught up, replaying that scene of Beca asking you out, over and over in your head.

It's not like you were counting down the minutes 'til you would see her.

You were going to go out with Beca. In less than an hour you'd be done with practice and you would have time alone with your coach.

Nothing sounds better than alone time with Beca. It would be a casual, very chill hang out. You don't need to expect too much. You were just happy to be spending time with her.

You don't think your hormones have gotten the memo, though. They're way to excited, almost on edge regarding these plans.

Hormones do get a handle of yourselves. Don't embarrass me. This was not a drill. Keep yourselves calm. At oh three hundreds hours, there will be perfect opportunity to strike. Get your romance on, soldiers.

You're so absorbed by your thoughts that you don't notice a figure approaching from behind you.

"Well would you look at that, the two of you are back to being all cutesy and stuff."

Your heart gives a frightened jump at the words, but it's not what's being said that are most jarring, it's the voice, it's tone- and the friend who's saying them. Anna steps into the light, her features were hard and unforgiving, so far from what you were used to.

"Hmm. So these days...people are all about blatantly flaunting their infidelity, are they?" Anna says, her face betraying her utter disdain.

"Anna-what?" you ask, feeling flustered, thrown, not knowing how to defend yourself, if it were even possible without giving away a secret that wasn't your own.

"Don't Anna what, me. I saw what I saw."

"Which.. is?" you find your voice, curious at what had ignited her anger.

"Don't play dumb. It's desperate girls like you who come between families. And Beca throwing it all away for some itch she wants to scratch. For some unfulfilled college experience she missed out on."

"Hey hold on now-" you begin to say, but she carries on

"Is she so desperate for some media attention? She knows she's bordering on being a has been. You both make me sick." she all but spits out,

You feel your own fury build, your hackles raising at her insulting Beca.

"You have no idea what's actually going on-"

She cuts across you, "But it's all true, Barb was right…You and Beca all this time-I should have seen it. I can't believe I was an accomplice to it." she seems truly frazzled, vulnerable and indecisive. "I can't believe you put me in this position. "

You try approaching her.

"No, no. Anna you don't know what you're talking about but you can't do this to Beca, to me-Please."

"You did this, Chloe. You wannabe no talented slut… I won't rest till everyone knows who you really are. And trust me the truth will get out eventually. It always does."


You wake up to a puddle of your own drool, heart thudding and head spinning, it takes a moment to place where you were...ah yes one of the smaller makeup dress room where you sometimes went to catch some zzz's,

It had been an emotional whirlwind of a day; an early call time for your check up and then rehearsals and then after some filming for the Top 8 footage.

Your body needed time to recuperate in preparation for the big "D" you had decided to get a quick shut eye after practice.

You blink your eyes blearily and rub them with your fists before you stretch.

"Aw. You look so endearing, remind me of my five year old niece that I babysit. The mark on your cheek and drool really add to the look." Anna says her friendly voice contrasting with your dream.

You quickly sit up and rub at said mark and surreptitiously try to dab at the mess "Sorry I totally passed out." you yawn, "what time is it?"

"Only three." if Anna's jump from dream to reality didn't wake you up, the time did. You were supposed to be out to meet Beca ten minutes ago.

"Shit! I have to-get going…" You hurriedly stuff your things in the bag, you take a quick glance at yourself in the mirror, rolling your eyes at your less than put together appearance.

Come on work some magic.

You fluff your hair a bit and wiped at your mouth...you blotted a bit at your face with an oil blotter all the rest looked okay makeup from filming still miraculously held up."Bye, Anna."

"Don't worry, Beca's still waiting…" You turn to her with you pray to God was a straight face, trying to feign nonchalance.

"Oh. Who? Beca. What? Huh?" You realize your verbal skills are lacking at this point since you woke up just literally less than a minute ago but you seriously want to punch yourself. That was smooth as sandpaper.

"She and the girls were making their way outside, planning some sorta outing and they couldn't find you, or contact you but I remember seeing you getting comfy in this area before, used it quite a few times as well. So I am the messenger girl."

It takes a couple of seconds for what she says to fully dawn on you...but when it does you see red."Wait. What?! " You all but scream out.

Noooo. You've been waiting for this day for sooo long.

"Those Bitches they-"you take a breath and you just about get a hold of yourself, okay so Anna looks scared, yeah that was quite the outburst.

Yeah...so much for nonchalance. you try to to make a recovery.

"-they don't know where to find me, and they call themselves my friends…" you continue with the same exuberance, and also how could they not wanna know about my secret sleeping room yet, they are missing out!"

"Yeah they are." Anna looks relieved. "You should go on and tell them then."

"I will!"

You rush outside to find all your girl friends waiting for you along with your future potential girlfriend.

You try to make eye contact with Beca and when you send a questioning glance her way she looks just as helpless, her eyes conveying her own disappointment.

You feel the fury building, it seemed like the girls hadn't gotten the memo or perhaps had disregarded it entirely. Case and point they were ready to hang out at that moment and had also contacted Aubrey to join along.

"Aubrey what are you doing here?" you ask a tad more aggressively than you planned.

"Well the girls said there were plans for singing, drinking and fun times, and so I came."

"We had her at singing." Stacie teases Aubrey.

"Sorry, can't join you, I had an event planned for this afternoon." you quickly reason,

"No coach said it was tonight, you forgetful ginger you!" Fat Amy says, "And they say we're the ditzy one's." she says elbowing Aubrey.

"We'd already decided just before you arrived. We thought we'd get some late lunch, squeeze in mani-pedis, get drunk. Pre game before the actual party." Stacie says to the agreement of the group. "So it's settled then, who's taking who?"

You're feeling desperate,

"Beca!" you all but shout, which makes everyone jump. "Sorry something with my throat. Ahem Beca," you continue far more calmly,

"..Didn't you have to finish something really important? You had this serious commitment with the artist you were launching. The London dude you had been working with? He's the one you're meeting?"You ask, trying to give Beca an out.

"It's all good. I would like to have been some badass romantic, if there was such a thing were I said 'No, I don't care, to hell with the work." Beca says. "but I actually I did finish it all before I left. I had a date set; I just used that as an incentive and motivation to get the work done faster."

You roll your eyes a little at her wording

"Hang on date?" because of course that's the word they would focus on.

"I mean I had a deadline. Not a date-we have a-"

"We have a business meeting. Yeah no date." you clarify.

"Yeah she has no idea what date you're talking about so nice try Mitchell, but step away." Aubrey interrupts, you spare a glance her way then turn to Beca again eyebrow raised.

"You said … well, you agreed to us going someplace a work lunch. That we'd go out?" Beca explains faltering, looking unsure for a moment.

"She said she didn't-" Aubrey ever the difficult one says.

"Bree, this is between Chloe and me." She rolls her eyes.

And how come it's just the two of you?" Fat Amy asks skeptically.

"Wait are you guys trying to get rid of us?" Cynthia Rose says cutting through all the chattering.

"Um-?"Beca and you make the mistake of making eye contact

"Of course not-" you try,

"You so were!" says Stacie. Beca places her hand on her shoulder to ease the tension.

"Sorry! I've got to come clean but we needed to get away today. We don't mean to mislead you girls but we barely get any Bechloe time as it is." Beca says imploringly.

"Really, didn't you get down to the Bloe already?" Fat Amy asks.

"And when would that had happened we've been hanging out as a group-we've been practically joined at the hip for the last few days." you say trying not to sound too frustrated by it. You know you fail when Beca let's out a little laugh that she covers with a cough.

"Please, Chloe. You think we wouldn't have noticed when you didn't return for hours after you helped Beca into her room?"

"The two of you totally snuck off to canoodle." Aubrey says,

"What the hell is a canoodle?" Cynthia Rose ask, "Food? A kind of dog?"

"It's old lady speak for a heavy make out sesh." Fat Amy says, which makes Aubrey's mouth open aghast.

"I'll let you know, that educated, dignified people still use that term." which falls on deaf ears.

"Sure, sure the old people." Fat Amy responds.

"It wasn't like that." Beca says sounding thoroughly defensive

"Yeah I helped her out-offered a hand."

"I'm sure you did alright -"Aubrey says and Cynthia Rose gives her a high five.

"We just kissed-we had made it up the staircase."

"You made out in the staircase it got all hot an heavy-" Stacie pauses before she answers your surprised questioning looks, "I kind of went out to help but Coach looked like she had all the help she needed then you disappeared upstairs." She says all nonchalantly.

"I meant to put her to bed. We kissed for a bit and then we came back."

"With your hair all messy and your clothes all rumpled-that's Elementary, my dear lesbian ." Stacie says.

"Not everything leads to sex, Stacie." you say with a little bite. The conversation was taking away from your precious Beca date time.

"Yeah not everything leads to-so did you guys have sex?" Fat Amy asks.

"NO!" You both scream which finally makes them quiet down.

"Touchy-well you better to get to it. You're both wound up so tight."

"Okay we get it, we know we're being huge Clam Jams." Cynthia Rose says which makes your face heat up.

"What's a clam jam-" Beca asks, which doesn't help at all.

"That's way too R-rated for our poor little fetus gay." Stacie says patting Beca's cheeks.

"Will leave you guys to figure it out." Cynthia Rose says which makes them laugh even harder.

"Okay welll I guess it'll just be us beasts later tonight. Okay I need to go home for an outfit change." Fat Amy says to the other two before walking off.

"I have to have my nails done."

"I don't know about you but I need a beer to unwind."

"Are you kidding me did you just forget- Hey what about me, you can't just leave me here." Aubrey starts to protest

"You can tag along if you want Bree." Beca offers, leaving an empty pause for everyone to to consider the idea. The other three girls share looks and exchange whispers shaking their heads at the idea.

"Bree can hang with us-while you two do your thing." Fat Amy immediately speaks out.

"Yeah it'll totally be fun…" CR says.

"Yeah there was no way was I going to let you make me sit through whatever lame escapade you had planned-" Aubrey says like she hadn't been planning to go with them all along

"Why did we let them into our personal lives?"

"I don't know, but you started it. Broke down my walls and they all came barging in after." she says lightly, but the meaning weighing heavily, her eyes boring into yours,

"Hmm I guess I did." you say unable to tear your eyes away from your favorite face in the world, "I'd apologize but we know deep down how much we all love each other."

"That we do." Beca agrees, looking vulnerable before she quickly places a chaste kiss on your cheek.

And then finally you were alone. Just Beca and you in the front seat of one of her cars.

"I think well- I hope you'll like it." Beca says, her nervousness evident . "But first uh you gotta close your eyes please."

"You need to let me put this on your eyes." She says while carefully pulling out a bandanna.

"Ooh Kinky, Do you want me to start calling you Mr Grey or Daddy?"

"Ew Chloe." she says her face twisting up,

"Sorry," you snort. "forgot that it's not so sexy for someone with daddy issues"

She looks like she wants to glare at you but she just shakes her head.

"Fine, blindfold me Madam-or should I say, Mistress?"

She gives you an annoyed eye roll but her smile counters it.

"This will be fun- trust me-" and just like that your vision is obscured as she secures the cloth over your eyes. At the next moment you feel and hear as she starts the car.

"I would, if you'd just let me see where you're taking me." You mutter.

"But where's the fun in that?" She laughs, the tone light and happy.

"I'm not having that much fun knowing I'll be surrounded by darkness for the duration of the ride." you say and you know you sound whinny but you can't help it, being kept in the literal dark about this makes you antsy.

You jump when you feel a warm hand grab yours momentarily,

"It's just me." Beca laughs, more amused than she had any right to be.

"How would I to know that, I can't see! "

"It's not for too long and plus it's for suprise purposes!" Her hand squeezes yours soothingly and you start to feel a tad better, feeling her comforting grasp.

"Also, Chlo, I'm going to need my hand back if you want us to get to destination safely."

You release her hand and sit back quietly for a bit, just enjoying the steady movement of being propelled smoothly forward at a controlled rate, being rocked by the occasional dent or bump in the road.

You feel yourself being lulled to sleep, you almost give in until the silence is broken.

"You're awfully quiet. Did you fall asleep?" Beca asks softly, you feel as she tucks a strand of your hair behind your ear.

"Well, I was just about to-so thanks for not letting that happen." you answer with some snark.

"Didn't you just come from a nap?" she replies sounding thoroughly amused

"People can sleep up to fifteen or more hours you know."

"Who babies?" she laughs to herself.

"You calling me a baby? " you challenge her.

You roll your eyes but still smile at how carefree and stupidly childish you both were being.

"Depends-" she says suddenly serious.

"On..." you trail off confused at the shift in the mood. She clears her throat

"Do you...like it, if I call you that?" she asks tentatively.

You smile, that was wonderfully executed-almost smooth.

"I wouldn't be entirely opposed to the idea..."you say, barely able to control the goofy smile from spreading across your face.

"Baby it is then." she says, squeezing your hand. You shift your hand to interlace with hers on top of the gear shift.

The drive continues, the two of you feel no rush. There are no obligations waiting. Just this whole day to yourselves, in her car with the faint sound of the radio playing and Beca humming along to Lady Gaga's Paparazzi.

You tense up as a thought crosses your mind. "Wait!" you suddenly say. You feel Beca jump beside you and the car swerve slightly "Jesus Chloe! Don't do that when I'm driving!"

"Sorry! I just-"

"What's wrong?"

"Don't you think this'll look a bit odd to other people-your right hand passenger with a piece of cloth covering their eyes? It looks like you're kidnapping me." you say all nervous.

She laughs and you can't help your smile from peeking out.

"I thought that was your fantasy. Crazed Obsessed Fan Kidnaps Famous Star Beca Mitchell with Plans to Turn Her into Her Own Personal Sex-Slave?"

"The heck, you remembered that?"

"Yeah. I can quote a lot of stuff you've said to me."

"Oh really?" you ask, intrigued and wanting to test her at the same time

"You gave an entirely new definition to the term pillow talk? And about adults being allowed to enjoy bubble baths?"

"The fuck? what sorcery is this?"

"I remember everything about you."

You feel that gooey sensation in your chess wanting to spill out your guts all over the floor. if you could see her you'd totally smack one oh her.

"Mostly because everything you say and do is the funniest shit ever. Like it should be in a play."

"Hey!" And just like that you want to literally smack her.

"And I mean that in the best way possible. You've got me hooked since day one." she says with all seriousness.

And damn this girl making you feel angry and annoyed in one moment and completely besotted in the next.

"Huh. Well. I don't feel intimidated at all. Speaking of we should totally have a safe word for when things go too far and-"You start laughing, she laughs too but instead of responding she talks over you, she must be concentrating on driving, she's a little bit more tense you could feel it.

"And about your concerns about our current situation, well thank goodness the windows are tinted and I took extra measures to make sure no one knows then! I'm positive I covered all my tracks. I had my team say I'd be at this major event I even got a look alike-" She stops speaking abruptly.


"No freaking way. Uh hold on...we might have run into a minor disturbance."

"A minor-wait...the paparazzos found you...how minor….and how did they know?"

You almost feel like you had somehow summoned them with the Gaga song.

"I have no idea...and don't panic but, yes, um their are several men in pursuit…"

Quickly she's got Frank on speed dial.

"Frank do you see them?"

"Yes, Miss Beca, I'm nearby but there are several of them blocking me. Just try to stay ahead and I'll find away around them."

"I'll do my best." She says as she quickly hangs up the phone.

"You've got your seatbelt on right?" she asks you.

"Yeah but-"

"Hold on, its about to get bumpy."

And boom. One of those cliffhangers none of you asked for. Have the next chapter ready be posting soon. Thanks for the continued support