Chapter 34

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"Hold on it's going to get bumpy."

You feel the car pick up speed and consequently, so does your heart.

You feel your stomach churning with fear and anxiety. You have no idea what's going on around you- have absolutely no control over anything right now. You were literally just in the passenger seat going along for the wild ride.

" Oh god ...what...they're driving up to us? Are they on our tail?"

"How close are they? Are they crazy good drivers? Are they as good as the stunt drivers in movies-The road feels really bumpy-and it feels like you're doing some crazy driving…"

Your mouth goes off moving on its own accord, you're panicking and rambling. Rambling and panicking.

You're talking really quickly, losing your cool and most of your sanity in the darkness.

Man, she really did cover your eyes well.

It doesn't help that your other senses are heightened. You're hearing the squealing of wheels. Feeling the car swerving this way and that.

"This is so surreal. You know like is this really happening-like now I can totally imagine what it feels like experiencing being in a Fast and Furious film-or just any high speed chase scene from an action film-just minus the visuals. Cos I'm blind to everything and everything is so fast paced and loud and crazy-it's so overwhelming-it's a bit too much-I can't-"

"Slow down, Chlo. Breathe." she calmly, very slowly says, her voice directly contrasting her actions-you wonder how she manages this before she's making the car jerk violently to the side, causing you to bump shoulders with her.

"You slow down! Are you going even faster?"

"I have no choice, I have to shake em'! They're not supposed to see-" she answers then stops herself, her voice strained, "It's fine. We're fine." she mutters mostly to herself.

"Oh man oh man -will they force the car to the side of the road and force us to get out? Can they-will they do that Beca?"

You are met with a tense silence. You know you shouldn't push it and should probably keep quiet and let Beca do her thing, but you can't help it-

"Please talk, my overactive imagination will keep coming up with scenarios until you say something-I warn you it'll get worse and more outrageous by the second…"

Your head morbidly conjures scenarios where there are crashes or even worse, explosions.

The car gives a particularly violent jerk and you can't hold back a scream.

"Beca, I don't want to die!"

"CHLO! Please stop panicking!" her voice breaks towards the end and you finally hear her own barely controlled panic. "I've got this-it's okay. We just need to put some distance till Frank and the others catch up. I won't let anything happen to you!"

She grabs a hold of your hand briefly. Your heart wants to trust her words and calm down, but the car swerves and continues to gain speed-the squealing of the tires grating at you.

"Listen to my voice and forget everything else." she earnestly says. "I've got you. Do you trust me?"

Your breaths are slowing as you start to focus on doing as she says.

"Chloe, I promise you I know what I'm doing. We just have to get through this, and when we do, I'll make it up to you big time."

You feel the panic clawing at you start to tamper down, you find yourself nodding.

You admire her-are eternally grateful for just how fast she managed to pull herself together to be the stronger, stable one of the two of you.

"Okay, here's what's going on, there are two cars-one Honda and one jeep...the jeep's the closest, about two cars away still-I've kept them at bay for now."

The car swerves to the right and you hear horns blazing around you.

"Whoever's in the Honda is insane! Nearly ran over a biker-and nearly fucking hit us- they're getting way too close!"

You breathe shakily. You wonder at how she still finds the courage, the energy, to describe what's going on.

"Wait I've got it! Watch-I'm about to shake off the Honda-"

"I'm blindfolded remember?"

"Listen up then-I'm pulling up to a traffic light-"

You hear her counting down under her breath and you surprisingly feel the vehicle start to stop.

"Wait now it feels like you're slowing down... why are you slowing down….speed up-SPEED UP!" your heart together with your stomach feels like its going through a whole loop de loop-an entire roller coaster of emotions

You're going against what you were saying just minutes ago, but her choice was baffling you.

"Trust me…"

The car almost comes to a complete halt in contrast to your heart going into overdrive.

For a moment it's almost silent. Too silent


"He'll get caught in the red in..."


"Two-" and then Beca presses hard on the gas and the car is shot forward.

Your back slams as the car is pushed full throttle.



"We made the light and he didn't…" she exhales-"Now we can just blend in with the other cars." almost sounding shocked at her own words-before she laughs long and hard- it sounds like sheer crazed relief. You can't help joining along with her. You don't know how she pulled it off, but by some miracle she did.

"You are a complete lunatic you know that?" you breathe out finally after your laughter had tampered down.

"Or you could say, a total badass." you roll your eyes and manage a chuckle in response. It was so like Beca to be smug not a minute after you nearly got overrun by the paps.

"Fine, yeah you were a crazed bad ass...for a second there I thought we were goners."

"You have no idea. I don't even know how I managed that- I guess Frank's crash course in extreme driving really came through. I tell you, you'll never truly know what cool shit I executed-how truly epic I was-well- am. "

"Epically conceited?" you tease.

"I have every right to be. I single-handedly saved both our asses from those bloodthirsty sharks-"

"Sharks... yeah I could've totally imagined the Jaws theme playing-"

"Yeah a killer soundtrack is just what we needed to heighten the tension, fear and overall experience." she deadpans, but her voice start to regain that playful lilt.

"It's a missed opportunity and a way too epic of a score to not do though-C'mon Du dun du dun du dun-" you start, and she just chuckles softly and you can in your mind's eye just see her as she shakes her head.

"Have I told you that you...are ...really something. Some kind of w-" wonderful you finish in your head, you start to smile warmly before she finishes, "weirdo -Some kind of a special weirdo. My special weirdo." she corrects herself as your face falls but then later your eyebrows come together.

"Hmm I really don't know whether to take offense."

"Don't-I'm just trying to say that you're just a different make is all." you can't help yourself, smiling that time. You're feeling just a little bit better, hopeful that you were moving past the trauma from the last few minutes.

"At least I'm not letting you sing Baby Shark."

"Dude. Do not mention that to me."

You choke down a laugh, "Fine, but you'll have to do this with me, Du dun du dun du dun-" you start,

"I'm not doing this with you-"


"Chloe. I'm driving- and you know what-seriously speaking whatever the girls may say- I am not completely whipped-I do have my boundaries with you-"

You feel your face drop, your lip jutting out.

"Aw-C'mon don't do that-"

"I'm not doing anything-"

She sighs.

"Freaking pout-"she kind of mutters to herself. "Fine then. Du dun Du dun..du dun."

"Dudududududun-" you chorus a long, you're half laughing as your voices keep getting louder and louder. You can't help the tiny smirk. Not whipped my ass.

You're just about to break it off and call her a dork and a pushover.


There's a screech as the car comes to an abrupt stop and you're once again thrown forward.

The air feels heavy- tense. You feel the nerves and fear emitting from Beca -It makes you edgy as well.

"Beca what is it- what's wrong?" you ask, not even sure you want to know.

"Fuck…" she says her voice pained.

"They're all there-news crew, paps, waiting on the other side of the road- they're everywhere. They baited me here. They've fucking cornered me!"

"Well oh. Okay. You can't drive off or or or-reverse?" you suggest trying to be the calm rationale one.

"Too late for that. They've blocked off the other-Chloe, forgive me-but I need you to-i need you to hide." she speaks suddenly frantic, breathing rapidly. She's leaning over you unbuckling your seatbelt.

Your heart stops, not quite sure you're hearing her right.


"I'm gonna lean the chair back-lie it flat….you move over to the back." The chair is suddenly tilted and there's a swoop in your stomach.

"Wait-Beca wait!?"

"There's no time. Her hands are there as she guides you so you do so without hurting yourself, "Quick! Stay low. HURRY! "

You don't push or question-you obey her instructions without a second thought -her tone jolting you-scaring you. She then throws something(it felt like a heavy piece of padded cloth maybe blankets) to cover you.

It happens so quickly, there's a moment of calm before-noise, as the storm of paparazzi gather by the car.

You hear several voices (all loud) trying to talk over one another. The darkness is pierced by the constant changes of the lights-the camera flashes through the blindfold. You can hear them going off one after the other.

"Beca! Beca are you gonna finally tell us why you got back so soon from London?"

"Did the meeting end badly-

"Isn't this another relationship you can risk ending in bad terms…"

"Speaking of relationships-has the engagement been called off? Jesse's team has all but confirmed it."

"How about the paramour you keep?"

"Guys-do me a solid will you-okay I give you my word-if you give me yours, I'll answer those questions and you can use whatever...for as long as you promise to stop doggin me and let me enjoy my day off-God knows you guys deserve a break so have one on me afterwards, alright?" There's a slight strain to her jovial tone, but the paps are none the wiser, as her words are met by a chorus of agreement and good natured laughter.

"So I got back earlier than planned and went straight to work-my life is that predictable and boring...nothing to see-and you can quote me here-as for the partnership with the London record label and the talent we have come to an agreement-we left in good terms we both signed off pretty satisfied with our deals...they get to have a new budding artist to collaborate with…"

"As for my engagement-Mr Swanson and I remain on good terms, but for now we will be keeping our relationship purely professional."

"As for Paramore-yes in my fantasy, I'm officially part of the band- me and Hailey are good friends and have collaborated in the past...I really enjoy their working process- having seen it first hand. They are truly amazing...I'd totally want to do it again-If they'll have me of course. So there, four questions... Thanks."

"You're not one to travel by yourself. Sources say you left the studios with someone? Someone being a certain contestant of yours?" the man's voice is far more harsh, his question seeming more cutting, almost demanding as compared to the lighthearted ones from the others.

"C'mon, guys. I said I'd answer those questions. Five is a bit much-

"You're ignoring the question."

"My contestants and I do have an event later in the evening if you want to see us together, that would be the right place to go. Now that's enough."

"They saw you with someone earlier-are you hiding him or her? You're saying if we open up this car right now there wouldn't be someone in there? " you hear the voices drawing impossibly closer.

"You guys really don't know how to keep your word don't you?" Beca's voice is unmistakably tense.

"C'mon Mitchell, just give us what we want-the truth always comes out eventually." you hear as something thumps at the car.

"I warn you, step away from the car-I've tried playing nice."

"Nice doesn't get us front page news or hits on our sites."

Your heart is in your throat, you're trying hard to shrink as small as you can. You wouldn't know how Beca would explain this away. They would have a field day.

You hear the handle rattle. "Hey!"

You shut your eyes tight wishing you could disappear at will.

You hear tires squeal as a motorbike pulls in followed by several heavier vehicles. Doors slam and you hear stern shouting,

"You get your hand away from that car before I rip it off!" gone was the gentle voice you associated with Frank, now you can totally hear the part of him that had once served in a commanding position.

"It's illegal in the state of California to pursue targets in cars."

"This is a public area-we can shoot what we like. Plus she drove this way-we didn't make her come here."

"I'd be more than happy to argue this in court. Your people ambushed her-And threatened her and I would like nothing more than to put you in your place. " Frank says his voice threatening, his protectiveness exuding in waves.

"Frank, It's okay. Let's's done." she murmurs gently, her voice changes as she addresses the paparazzi. "I gave you my answers- please respect my wishes and let me leave. Let's not make this messier than it already is."

It seems as though it takes forever for them to disperse. You hear several doors slam and cars pulling away.

"Chloe" Beca whispers after a while, "Are you okay?" she asks all soft and full of worry.

"Yeah-I'm okay. I'm fff-ine. I'm okay, Beca. Don't you worry about me. What about you-are you-okay?" you roll your eyes at yourself at how not okay you sound.

"You're not fine." she sighs a tired, defeated sigh. She starts to laugh, but it sounds all wrong. It was a bitter, angry laugh. "And Me? I'm not okay either-I'm mad. I'm fucking pissed. This is not how this day was supposed to go. Gimme a second..please stay in the car. I need to talk to Frank and the rest of my team." she slams the door and you can't help but jump.

Yeah, you could do that. Stay in the car. Like you could go anywhere else in the state you were in.

You slowly sit up and start to move the heavy cloth covering you. You wonder why your head doesn't feel as tight, your hair is pinched-you suddenly realize the blindfold had- with all the commotion come loose, you reach up and finally, pull it down and you're momentarily disoriented, blinking away the darkness as the light floods through.

You peak out of the windows and see Beca looking so small, flanked by all of her security team. They're a couple of steps away, standing just before the car, watching as the rest of the mob start to disperse.

They talk quietly, but you could still hear every word.

"I really apologize for the breach Miss Beca, Miss Chloe. We got here as soon as we could."

"It's fine, Frank. Maybe stay for a bit while we get settled to keep others from approaching and as soon as we're off, follow behind just to be sure."

"Copy. I'll be close by. I talked to your PR team about handling this for you, Jesse's dropped a bomb and it's best we take further precautionary measures and keep to the original plan which is to keep Chloe and you away from the public eye. We have the option where she can switch cars or-"

"Not happening I need to see her-I need to know she's safe."

"Miss Beca -Becs, it's too much of a risk- I'm glad you're okay, but let's face it, but you just barely scraped through. It was a close call and now you're just pushing it. You have too many eyes on you- maybe you can put off today and just go directly to the event later.

"No. I'm sorry, I've been putting this off for far too long already...and because of..."she grits her teeth and exhales harshly, "- recent events this may be our last and only time to get away together for a while. Chloe stays with me and our plans will push through." she says her tone final.

"Please see reason, I only want what's best for you-for you both. I nearly broke seeing them hound you like that. I could've-"

"I managed perfectly fine all by myself." she says and you and Frank simultaneously flinch at her words.

Beca blows air harshly from her mouth, instant regret painting her face.

"I didn't mean-I meant...You know I can do this, you taught me well...even when I was a kid you made sure I knew how to get out of crazy situations, if need be." She shakes her head," But you're right...I was acting rashly and I endangered myself and everything I lo-" She turns to look back and you duck your head as quick as you can. "I trust you Frank with my life-our lives."

"And I will honor that trust to the best of my ability."

"I agree, this is what's best for everyone. We'll just axe going to the high-profile places- Santa Monica pier and all the other places. I was being naive thinking I could get away with what we could before-If you'll allow me-we'll go to the final place."

"Well, you're the boss. We'll keep tight, I won't let them get by us again. But you better keep Chloe hidden."

"I'm sorry for all the trouble, Frank." she says peevishly.

"It's never trouble when it concerns your safety. That's what I'm here for." you hear their footsteps come closer.

You quickly tighten the blindfold and get back into position.

"Chloe, are you still okay?" says Beca's tentative voice coming near. Her hands pull away at what was covering you. She dusts you off and sits by you. Her warmth and presence already working wonders. You reach out and find her hand-it felt cold and clammy. She interlaces your fingers.

"That was close…" you say, trying to sound casual.

"Yeah...that was-" she sighs.

"Still one of the most memorable starts to a date." you try to joke, wanting to lighten up the mood, wanting to get back on track.

Your voice still comes out a little wobbly. You're still shaken-still blindfolded. " Do I still have to keep this on?" you half joke, half really want to know.

"Can you please keep it on for a little while longer?" she asks her voice small and dejected, "I know it's all but ruined, but I still want to make this up to you."

"Yeah okay-no problem. C'mon it's not ruined-"

"Yeah it kinda is...please let's just... can you um come to the front-" She sits up to help you move, "I'll raise the seat now-that was my bad...I'm so-it sucks and I apologize that I had to make you do that-hide...for me…" she says taking your hand and caressing it.

You hesitate. "It's alright…it's okay. I didn't particularly enjoy it, but it had to be done." you say dryly. "Speaking of- I think what Frank said makes sense it's best I stay hidden here... just in case."

"No. You don't have to do that-it's not-it's not okay. God, It's not fair." she says the anger evident in her voice coated with regret and frustration.

She was right. It wasn't okay. Not really. It had really hurt that she'd had to treat you just like how they'd called you- a paramour. Something dirty and secret

But you understood the situation though and you understand she was only trying to protect you. And in turn you know you had to protect her as well.

"But it's what's safe and the best way to keep a low profile for now." you say softly, trying to calm her.

"I should've known better. I hate this. I hate all of it! I hate that you had to be caught up in this."

You stay quiet and let her vent it out, knowing it was weighing heavily on her thoughts.

"Can't we just get away for one day? Fuck Jesse! I know he did this. Really, he wants to start this? It's only gonna get worse from here. Break ups do tend to get all the attention."

You squeeze her hand, a silent show of your solidarity towards how she was feeling. She breathes deeply before she interlaces them.

"Well, they can have all the drama over my fake relationship-" she says vehemently.

She brings your hand to her mouth and kisses it. You feel her every breath as she moves her lips over your hand.

"They can ruin everything else in my life." her voice becomes gravelly and low, becoming all but a murmur. "But they can't have this. They can't have the most real thing." you feel your hair brushed out of your face with her free hand, then later, she starts to caress your cheek.

"They can't have you, cos you're mine and I protect what's mine. I meant what I said a while ago...I won't let anything happen to you."

You feel your heart squeezing, feel the world's most goofiest little smile taking over your face. All just for hearing her certainty and her protectiveness once again warming you all over.

Beca didn't say the three words and yet she didn't have to, she had just claimed you. Even if it was just here in her car between the two of you. It was enough. Enough for now.

The rest of the ride is silent. The heaviness of what had almost occurred still somehow hanging over the both of you-each processing and reacting to it in your own ways.

You were still shaken by the event. Still at the back, seated now, but being cautious. Beca seemed more put off than traumatized, disappointed because her plans and the happy mood had been ruined. It was quite a turn of events with Frank and team following closely behind and your time together a little shorter. The shift from the earlier light hearted optimistic beginnings of the ride was palpable.

After a couple more minutes the ride comes to a halt, ending your inner musings.

"Wait a minute, I'll have a word with the boys and then I'll bring you up."

Up. So there were stairs involved, how taxing that would be for the both of you. The blind following the smart-ass. You wished Beca'd just removed the damn thing.

You wait all but a few minutes. You hear the cars driving away. Hear Frank promising he'll be close by, but not too close.

It's a long way getting to your date destination, there were places you had to squeeze through and an elevator-thankfully no stairs -that was involved.

You keep thinking of all the build up to it, everything that went down, it better be worth it.

"So we're here tada!" Beca says half-heartedly by your ear, while pulling the blindfold loose that she had insisted you had to wear.

It takes a second for your eyes to adjust and for you to recognize where you are; Beca's special crib that she had taken you to ages ago.

Your crib?" you ask slightly confused at first,

It was the same place but transformed. You notice little changes here and there-surfaces decked out with all the candles, and flowers galore. There were board games and puzzles too, it was something straight out of interior design home network show.

You see past all the bedazzlement. You remember how it never needed all that for you to feel wonder, even that slightly irrational fear you had when you had first come across this marvel, how that night, that entire day you had truly gotten to know each other. She had given you a glimpse into her world, shared herself with you.

"Yeah? I know it's nothing grand-but I thought it would be nice and intimate.

"No, it's not grand, but it's just-your...perfect."

Her eyes are watching you- gauging your every tiny reaction. You can't help the soft smile that comes across your face.

"It's weird, now that I'm here I feel like I've been missing this place …"

"Yeah ... me too…" she says looking your way, the side of her mouth lifting for a bit-the hint of a smile on her lips before she's back to looking all pensieve and miserable.

"Why don't you come by often anymore?" you ask trying to pull her away, from disappearing entirely into her thoughts

"This was my special place where I used to go to when I needed to clear my head, where I could take a breather away from everything catching up to me."

"Was? Past tense?" you ask, your brows furrowing.

Her eyes regain its twinkle and a tender smile takes over her face.

"Well, I haven't been here so often as of late, because of everything that's been going on. I've been having to do my album works at The Voice studios or on the go in London."

You nod sagely. You look around discovering more and more new details.

"And also, I couldn't really come here to escape because what I was escaping from kept catching up with me."

She must see how puzzled you look as she lets out a tiny laugh before coming closer, she stops short of standing right in front of you.

"It kinda sucked, whenever I was here, wherever I looked, all I seemed to see was you." she finishes lamely, her eyes intense, cheeks coloring prettily, before looking away embarrassed, rolling her eyes at herself.

You chuckle to yourself at how adorable she was being. "It really sucked, huh? Am I really that hard to get out of your head?" you're trying not to look so smug, trying hard not to look like the cat that got the canary.

"You're like the lice of my life." she says seriously before cracking a smile.

"Ew no." You're nose wrinkles, and yet you're failing at tampering down your own smile. "That's not even remotely romantic-you're gross.."

"But you apparently love my grossness." you don't know why, but you still end up blushing.

"Not if you compare me to parasites, I don't."

"Okay, fine you're not like lice-"

"Thank you-"

"You're more like a worm burrowing yourself deep in the fertile soil of my entire being. "

Your eyes widen.

"Jesus-that just sounds so ..." you don't know how to finish the sentence. Bad. Wrong. Weirdly sexual.

"I know it's too much for you to handle, you're not used to me being so sappy and romantic." she says straight faced but her eyes are shiny and you can just tell she's trying her hardest to hold back her laughter, "Sit tight, It's about to become even more gruesome."

"Please no more. I can't bare it!" you playfully respond.

Beca's eyes suddenly turn serious, the blues take on this intensity that sears you to your core.

"This place before already held so many good memories. But being here with you was- the first time in a long time that I felt something truly real. A connection. Whenever I'd come here all I saw was that magical first day- I remember I kept telling myself that I just wanted to get to know you better, but I couldn't shake the thoughts or the feelings... it felt like it was our unofficial first date."

You heart warms. So you weren't alone in thinking that. You love this-everything being out in the open- at least between the two of you.

You're feeling particularly giddy and brazen and a tad bit mischievous when you reply,

"And on that note, technically, this is where we also first slept together …" You say, a smile tugging at your mouth.

"Wait-we didn't-what?" she turns red so fast it makes you laugh.

"Chill Becs. I meant slept, we fell asleep remember? Spent the night?"

How could I forget that!" Beca laughs while rolling her eyes. "Also yeah, that was so totally your M-O."

"Well, we weren't supposed to stay the night until someone fell asleep." You say, lowering your eyes to look at Beca through your lashes, loving how easy-how natural it was- teasing her-just being together.

"Someone being you -it was totally you who fell asleep first-" Beca smirks.


"Uh yeah, you did …" Beca says with a small laugh.

"I don't know what night you're remembering, but you clearly drifted off first."

"I may have closed my eyes a little, but I assure you I wasn't sleeping-I was totally wide awake!"

You can't help laughing in disbelief at what ridiculousness Beca would say to get the last word in.

"Yeah, you totally drool when you're awake!" you say in all seriousness to get her to stop. You smirk when her mouth opens in shock.

"I don't drool period."

"Whatever you say Miss Droolsalot." She narrows her eyes.

"Well-aside from finding a reason to stay over, I remember you were totally getting all handsy, hugging me-trying to cop a feel."

"I was not-I- I." you sputter.

She starts to smirk, acting like she'd already won the argument. "I get cold easily, I was only using you for your warmth." you say, just to wipe it off her face.

"I'm almost offended."

"Don't be, you were an excellent heat source."

"So you admit initiating the cuddle. You were the cuddler and I was just an unwilling cuddlee?"

"Pfft unwilling. I don't remember placing your arms around me. Was I the one who pulled you closer …?"

"You were all over me that night, taking advantage of my unconscious state-Imagine waking up in the middle of the night and I was trapped under some clingy redhead with tentacles instead of arms"

"-You were the one who divested yourself of your clothes ... while I was sleeping- mind you!" You laugh, enjoying the ease in which the teasing continues.

"I don't even remember taking my clothes off …"

"What?! I'm supposed to believe that? You think you strip while you're asleep? Sleep stripping, is that even a thing?"

"I guess if it's second-nature to someone, for nudists maybe or strippers. Well it's that or someone else took off my clothes …"

"Hey! I was fast asleep, I didn't lay a hand on you!" You protest.

"But you so wanted to…" Beca changes lanes as she teases.

"But I didn't-" you swiftly say.

"-You didn't deny it either …" Beca grins up at you, a smirk playing on her lips.

You blush before you narrow your eyes. She thinks she's so clever.

"So what are you saying-you want me to act on those intentions now that we're back here?" your voice is all innocent, but your words are far from it.

"Do you want me to make up for my inaction before?"

She sputters. Now it's your turn to smirk.

"Don't make offers you can't keep. You know I'll take you up on it By the way, you forget you got me here alone in the first place-same as that night. So don't tell me about ulterior motives. Oh..someone's looking to get lucky. You so planned this. Who's the eager one now?"

She turns pink and hurries to defend herself,

"Hey I didn't have that's not that I don't-of course I do- if you wanted it too...I mean if it's consensual, but I'm getting ahead of myself-kill me now." your smile widens through her speech, warmth blooming in your chest at her cute face looking now fully tomato red and you decide to let her off the hook.

"I was teasing Beca-" you say caressing her cheeks, basking in the simple pleasure of being able to caress her soft smooth skin, feeling their warmth.

"It's just so odd being here with you again. I remember how I had a mini panic attack after- when I got home. I think I was overthinking it- that somehow you figured it out. I saw it so clearly then that it scared me...I didn't know how I could've gone so long without you... You're what my life was lacking... It was so easy to talk to you, to tell you things and I found myself trusting you with my thoughts, my secrets. And the weirdest thing was; I didn't even care and that was a new thing for me ... But it was simple with you and it totally scared me. This still scares me… how much I want this...I don't want to fuck it up."

You move to hug her, but she holds up a hand with a soft smile showing she needed space for a bit longer. She breathes heavily, "And I actually thought we could have this perfect day together undisturbed-and well that plan crashed and burned pretty fast…"

"Tell me then how was the date supposed to pan out?"

You move swiftly, taking her hands in yours and lacing your fingers together, so as not to let Beca get pulled deeper into her mood.

"We were gonna recreate our road trip, but this time -you'd know that everything you felt and what I felt was real...there'd be cute stuff along the way...All I wanted was a normal boring drive together, not some traumatic put our lives in danger one."

"We didn't get that, but -well we're here now...and we can still have the amazing non-date you planned...and look, we got our away from it all-it's just and me...together one can find us here."

"Yeah- we're pretty much alone together-"

You look up almost expecting the rest of your so called friends jumping out to ruin the moment.

"Pretty much?" you question cautiously.

A beaming smile blooms across her face, "Close your eyes again, please."

You sigh, but do so. "Uh count to ten or just don't open till I say so- or the blindfold's coming back again-" Beca sternly warns, there's still a hint of excitement there that's got you curious.

"Ooh so demanding."

"Shush...okay count!"

"Okay, bossy. Ten. nine….four three two one" you jokingly count.

"HEY!" she all but screams, "No peeking!"

You're very intrigued now. Why? Was she suddenly naked or something- enjoying watching you with your eyes squeezed shut. You really can't stop your mind from going there with the movie 'Fifty Shades of Grey' still fresh in your mind.

Something wet touches your nose-wet slimy and's a tongue, not Beca's though.

"Now open them." Your eyes fly open in surprise.

The tongue is attached to a puppy, the very cute one that you had seen at the shelter.

You squeal as the puppy repeats the action, does it again more enthusiastically-she seems to remember you.

"Look she's crazy about you already! Seems like animals can't resist your charms either. " Beca comments, a small smile playing on her lips.

"The feeling is mutual. Aren't you precious, aren't you, tiny baby?" you take on the baby voice every person known to mankind takes when talking with cute, cuddly things. "We have the same name don't we, don't we girl?"

"Well that was her name, but you can change it if you want. I wouldn't want to confuse anyone. We can call her Claw-y get it? But she doesn't use her claws. Maybe Paw-y."

"Or...since she's so fluffy and light and delicate like Snow maybe Snowy. Ms Snowy Padded Paws. Do you like that-Do you Snowy?" Do you...I think you do?"

"Chloe, if you'd follow me to the next room we have a further surprise." Beca's talking, but you barely register what she's saying.

"Snowy. What a good girl. Yes you are-"

"Huh, maybe I should've given you the dog after."

Snowy barks.

"I was just kidding, Snow. Sure take her side. C'mon Snow come back here...into your house." You see her pointing at a fenced off area complete with toys and a comfy looking bed.

"Does she have to?"

"No not really, but I'm still trying to train her and she could end up making a mess-" and right on cue the living ball of fur starts leaving a tiny puddle in the middle of the otherwise pristine floor.

"Oh! " you start to react but Beca silences you with a look.

"Snowy- Ah Ah!No. "Beca says in a low and firm tone. The puppy stills but her tail continues to wag.

Beca bends to pick the puppy up and places her gently on a pee pad near her crate just behind the fence.

"Go potty." Beca says firmly and waits. Her arms crossed, her face serious.

Snowy starts to whine in response wanting to be let out. Your heart starts to turn to mush at the pathetic sound.

"Oh c'mon Beca-let her out please!" you go over to the fence and turn to face Beca.

"No-don't double team me with those eyes and don't touch her just yet! This is a teaching moment-watch she knows the right place to go."

Sure enough Snowy's whines start to tamper down and she does a cute little circle before she sits and continues to urinate.

Only after she finishes does Beca approach Snowy with a big smile, directly contrasting her stern face from a while ago. "Good girl! " she says as she bends down to reward the puppy with a petting and a puppy treat. The dog goes crazy jumping up trying to lick Beca's face.

"Yeah yeah-I love you too!" Snow gets distracted by one of her toys and starts to play.

"Chlo gimme a sec-I'll quickly get something to clean that up. Don't you go anywhere!"

You let yourself in the fenced off area and play along with your very own puppy.

Beca's back in a flash wiping the tiny puddle with special disinfectant wipes.

"You need to clean the spot real quick and get rid of the smell or else they'll keep returning to the same area to pee."

"I know you didn't mean it. I know you don't mean to make Mommy clean after your poo and pee."

You're a bit speechless watching her-you don't know why but seeing Beca all bossy and firm and so like a future Mom just everything about this whole set up (all domestic) is really doing it for you. Oh goodness do you suddenly have a mom fetish or is it just an all things Beca fetish? Even as she's cleaning pee she's never looked more radiant. You can't help the big smile spreading across your face.

"When did you become such an expert on puppy potty training?"

"I may have watched a couple of Dog whisperer episodes-maybe called Cesar personally-"

"You have the Dog whisperer's number on speed dial?" you interrupt, a little surprised at how casually she had said it. Sometimes-not too often-you almost forgot that Beca was a big time celebrity what with how her presence was now the norm in your life. It was the second time today that you needed reminding.

Would this be the new normal being on first name basis with A Lister's and pop stars? Would you always feel like the fan like you weren't deserving of her and her love. Like a little nobody who just got lucky? A paramore to be kept hidden?

You cut yourself before you let those sudden doubts fill your head. She was with you here and now. You were happy together in this little haven. Don't ruin this.

"Taking a puppy is a big responsibility Chloe. Also I take being a dog mom very seriously."

"I can see that-but wait isn't Snow mine?"

"Well yes-but well she could be both of ours... like we could co-parent her?"

All those words. Ours. -parents. They made you so inexplicably happy.

"Huh now were co-parenting -this is moving way faster than I thought."

"And, uh, speaking of moving things along wait I have something more, if you both could follow me …" Beca gestures further into the room. Snowy sprints in and you follow giggling loudly right after- you come across a whole new area you hadn't seen before.

There's a widescreen television and you notice several DVD's lying beside it; Pretty Woman, 10 Things I Hate About You, She's the Man (wait a minute those were all your guilty pleasure movies), there are mats on the floor and blankets and on the low table there are some containers with covers on them.

"What's all of this?" You question, you can't help the laughter of delight escaping. You didn't think anything could top a puppy but this-you forgot there had to be some reason for driving all the way here than just to present a puppy to you.

"Um it's for lunch or early dinner? That I'm going to prepare um, myself … you know, put together for us to eat ..."

Beca says taking off one of the covers, a wonderful mouthwatering aroma drifts up into your nose. But wait a second, Beca can't cook to save her life.

"Wait! You'll in you'll cook it yourself ..." You ask.

"Uh yeah, don't worry, I prepped most of the complicated stuff early this morning. I tried a taste test, I'm still alive … so it's definitely not poisonous." She laughs.

"Wait though, you're cooking! And you picked out some of my favorite movies for us to watch ...When did you have the time? I thought you just decided on this destination out of the blue-but you planned this... like really planned this."

"I always have back-ups. I'm thorough, sue me-plus, it really isn't such a big deal-"

"Yes it is- a really big surprise! I mean the road trip idea was sweet, but this is a whole new level. I love the effort. You did all this for me …?" You say, genuinely quite touched.

"Who said I did it for you?! Maybe I just felt like watching one of those uber long cliched films myself ..." She deadpans as you quirk your eyebrow at her, not even bothering with a retort. She gives a tiny laugh and rolls her eyes.

"I'm trying the whole romantic dinner date okay? And I guess I must suck 'cos i actually have to spell it out for you!"

This time you bite at your lip trying to contain your smile, but the bubbling giddy laughter, you don't quite staunch it, with some of it spilling over to your speech.

"Oh my! Are you … is Miss Beca Mitchell trying to woo me? Look at this, say you'd be fine wife material already." You say adapting the Southern Belle accent. You raise your arms and wrapped them around her, locking your fingers around her neck and nuzzle her nose. "Oh happy days, I never knew such an honor …"

"You're making it weird …" Beca says her face red, looking away.

"C'mon, you don't have to be embarrassed. It's cute ..."

"Argh … you're making me have second thoughts about surprising you with stuff ever again!" she says squirming away but you've got her locked in place.

"Hey, I'm just trying to say … I appreciate it and thank you, baby." You say, leaning in to press a kiss on Beca's nose. She blushes a furious red -once again she rolls her eyes at herself, but she's smiling widely now.

"No problem, babe …" She says, playfully exaggerating the babe. Her voice a little rough and pitched low at the end. Your stomach squirms pleasantly at that.

"So will you be a darling and serve me your five star restaurant meal?" you say, noticing your own voice becoming husky as you both gravitate impossibly closer to each other.

"I wouldn't go as far as to say five star … perhaps a three … possibly lower-" Beca explains. Her eyes struggling making the difficult choice-flickering between your lips and your eyes.

"Which I'd gladly take, poison and all, just because you made it!" You smile a slow smile delighting at how her eyes are transfixed on your mouth.

"Really?" She asked. Swallowing deeply. You don't know why the topic at hand was making you all hot and bothered but seeing Beca like this in this particular place-remembering how you had yearned for her then and her now feeling exactly the same-Looking like she did even more beautiful to you than she did then- her lids heavy, her lips within distance with no one and nothing between you two. Her kiss just within your grasp it was doing crazy things to you. .

"Really really." You reply. Eyes closing, surging forward to-

"Shrek?" she asks which makes your eyes open again, makes you loosen your arms and lean back.

"Huh-what?" you ask thrown, "Wait... were you asking if I was referencing the movie or are you calling me Shrek?"

"Is that line from Shrek?" she clarifies. And no I guess I'd be Shrek, and that would make you Fiona, yeah that fits. She's a redhead as well." Beca continues with her musings, but your mouth's agape.

"You watched Shrek? I thought you hated all movies-especially animated ones?" You ask, surprised.

"Shrek was an animated movie way ahead of its time. It was unconventional and crazy … C'mon an ogre and a princess, a dragon and a donkey … of course I loved it … the first and the second most of all ..."

"You watched more than one Shrek movie …" You ask, once again incredulous. You can't help but suddenly breaking into laughter, revelling in this randomness. This felt so natural. So very Bechloe of you two. Or Blow-y according to Amy..

Beca joins you her eyes dancing merrily along. She has this tender look on her face that you're slowly starting to recognise-she's watching you with what the girls called her heart eyes.

The two of you are all over the place with your out there topics and not sticking to any particular straightforward conversation. But this was how it has been between the two of you. In your friendship and in this next stage and maybe until eternity.

"Ah Chloe! There's still a lot more that you'll have to learn about me … you'll still have to go through the ropes and get to know me a lot more intimately." She says teasingly.

"I can hardly wait. Getting to know you intimately, well, let's just say it's all I've ever wanted." You say more truthful, more seriously than you intended.

She blinks hard.

Her eyes once again look to your lips, her tongue coming out to wet her own. The two of you share a hot, knowing look, before you both finally lean in for a kiss, one that when feeling her soft warmth-extends far longer than you both planned.

You wonder when will this stop feeling like the first time. When your heart won't be speeding and slowing almost simultaneously. When her taste won't be so addicting.


You both jump you had nearly gotten carried away there thank goodness for Snowy.

"Not in front of the kids!" she jokes.

So c'mon." You say, breathlessly when you pull away for air, for a try at regaining sanity. "Let's eat and watch …"

"Wait we need to slow down. I need to make our food."

"But you've already worked me up an appetite!"

"Dude, you're such a dork...but really we can do that later, I'm cooking for you. "

"Okay, go ahead. Let me know if you need saving, wouldn't want a fire. Now that would really give the paparazzi something to write about. "Beca Mitchell burns down entire building in a tryst with fiery redhead contestant."

"Hey! Too soon. Also knock on wood!"

"Don't worry Beca I believe in you!

"I'll call you when it's ready. You can go, run along for now."

You end up distracting yourself with Snowy in the other room, running around and working yourself a real appetite.

You later see Snowy doze off. You pick her up gently and carry her towards her bed.

"Food's ready!" You overhear Beca from the other room, you come in and see everything neatly set up. She sees you with Snowy and smiles a soft smile.

"How's the baby?"

"She's out like a light- let me just set her down." you say and gently lay her across her bed.

"She looks like such an angel when she's asleep" she kids and the two of you kneel beside the bed watching her. Snowy starts to squirm in her sleep and you raise your hand to gently caress her fur till she calms.

"You'll make a good Mom someday." Beca says softly. Your eyes jump up to meet hers she seems solemn.

"You're already a good one now. You've got the strict parent thing going on."

"Well one of us has to be." she says, and she blushes as she realises the implication of what she just said.

You take her hand and interlace your fingers.

"Yeah. That's good Co parenting plan right there. Like always we make a good team. We'll take turns with everything- like making meals. " you pull her up. "speaking off...C'mon show me what you've been working on for the last half hour."

"Something smells not burnt and edible...surprisingly."

"Come in here and sit, relax. Let me serve you. She leads you to the designated movie area, helps you rest your back in a comfortable position with the food then holds up movies for you to choose from.

"I can't choose-Why not both?"

"Fine then." she grumbles. You nudge her to join you. She pretends to continue hemming and hawing but snuggles and gets settled in almost immediately.

The first movie plays and you both get into the film. Ten Things I Hate About You first cos she liked the actors. You're patient with her retorts about it being predictable, ('let me guess she'll need to get her sister to date and Julia Stiles will actually fall for Heath Ledger')and her comments about the actors (who would actually believe JGL would outgrow his cutesy image? He's a really cool guy a very generous actor.') but later you see her getting invested by the follow up questions she asks.(She can't be mad at him forever? He wasn't the only one at fault she should be mad at her sister as well and most especially the douche ex boyfriend.)

"How'd you find it?" you ask once it's over.

"It wasn't too bad…I really liked the soundtrack."

"You ready for the second one-"

"What so soon? Don't you take breathers?"

"Then it wouldn't be much of a marathon would it? It'd be a stopathon."

She snorts. "Fine carry on. Do you want me to put that away?" Seems like the food disappeared someone must've liked it."

You look down. Somewhere along the duration of the first film you both steadily worked at your plates till it's sitting empty on both your laps

"Yes it was very delicious." she looks so very pleased with herself.

She quickly carries the dishes and sets them aside before returning to her spot just before the second movie, Love Actually, starts. She looks at you expectantly,

"What? You want a cuddle?" you ask.

She nods, "I wanna snuggle."

You open your arms and she sighs in content.

"You feel nice." she murmurs.

"So do you, like a human pillow.".

"I'm not sure whether I should be offended or not…" she says eyes narrowing.

"It's a good thing, you reassure her. You're comfy. I can rest on you when I'm tired, you support me. What else is your underside cool as well?"

"Hmm will you help me check?" she says guiding your hands till it's settled comfortably around her waist her face nuzzling by the crook of your neck. You feel her smiling there.

"That was just an excuse to feel me up."

"You gave me the excuse!"

"True." she sighs burrowing closer seemingly content to stay there.

"Don't get too comfortable you might fall asleep!"

"I won't" she says already in the middle of a yawn.

"I've had-no correction-i'm having the most perfect time…" you murmur softly a little later when you've both settled in- too lazy to move -the third movie long over.


"Yeah, you went out of limb for me-I know you don't actually enjoy doing any of it-but you did it anyway...and yes it was great-I had a great time…."

"Yeah-I'm glad so my suffering was worth it then-but it's funny you said that I didn't enjoy doing any of those stuff-well the cooking wasn't as hard as I thought it would be...once I figured out the instructions plus I had help…"


"Yeah-she Gordon Ramsey'd me...she's always been telling me to learn to cook, she thought I was a hopeless case...till now, but yeah she made me practice and made sure I did it right-you weren't in the kitchen, but I swear I didn't call in help or anything, it was all me."

"I believe you...she taught you well…"

"Yup I was saying, the preparation of the cuisine was fine, the last movie was okay…"

"How would you know you kept falling asleep…"

"Not my fault there were too many storylines going on plus I kept being woken up by your laughing…"

"I wasn't that loud-"

"You weren' just kept shaking the cushions whenever you did. Well anyway-what I was getting at what I wanted to do-well, something that well...for you again, and it almost feels less of a making up to you present, because this in fact, is something-I know I will enjoy…"

"Hmm what could it possibly be? I don't think anything can top an actual puppy."

"I don't think it will but I hope you still find it in you to appreciate it."

Beca heads over to the piano-pulling away at it's cover. A fine layer of dust being revealed...she dusts off the seat, wipes at the counter-then settles down her hands, her fingers poised at the ready-she starts playing some chords

"I've said countless times that I'm not one for showy-over the top declarations-and I can't say the right things when it matters. I know that I express myself better through music...and so I found a song that just might do it... Just listen...and I hope you'll understand…"

The tune she played was a familiar one, your heart jolts when you're able to pick it out knowing the meaning before hearing it, your heart speeds up and then calms the moment Beca sings.

Before the song is over you will feel every bit of emotion overtake you. You feel sadness, longing, unadulterated joy and love. You don't know what to do with yourself, your cup of pure happiness was already overflowing.

I never thought that you would be the one to hold my heart

She shrugs, you narrow your eyes and frown to which she raises a finger for you to wait.

But you came around and you knocked me off the ground from the start

She smiles when she sees the smile return to your face.

You put your arms around me

And I believe that it's easier for you to let me go

You put your arms around me and I'm home

How many times will you let me change my mind and turn around?

I can't decide if I'll let you save my life or if I'll drown

Her voice wavers but she powers through it.

I hope that you see right through my walls

I hope that you catch me 'cause I'm already falling

I'll never let a love get so close

You put your arms around me and I'm home

The world is coming down on me and I can't find a reason to be loved

She almost stops completely and when your eyes meet, you don't know which one of you has more tears.

She breathes harshly before she continues.

I never wanna leave you, but I can't make you bleed if I'm alone

You put your arms around me

And I believe that it's easier for you to let me go...

I hope that you see right through my walls

I hope that you catch me, 'cause I'm already falling

I'll never let a love get so close

You put your arms around me and I'm home

I tried my best to never let you in to see the truth

And I've never opened up

I've never truly loved 'til you put your arms around me

And I believe that it's easier for you to let me go

I hope that you see right through my walls

I hope that you catch me, 'cause I'm already falling

I'll never let a love get so close

You put your arms around me and I'm home

You put your arms around me and I'm home

Her tribute was lovely, magical and perfect, but it wasn't just her technique or the way she performed it. It was in the looks, the meaning, the vulnerability behind it. And it was all for you.

You almost don't want to break the silence, to let that last note play on forever.

You come up to her and wrap your arms around each other, allowing yourself to just be in the moment together.

"Do I need to respond or sing back?" you say a little later

Beca smiles, chuckles. "You don't have to- but If you want to-feel free."

You smile to yourself. Before launching into the Rock Springfield classic.

You almost laugh and full out lose it at the start.

Jesse is a friend,

Beca's mouth falls open, she looks ready to cut you off- but you playfully wink at her urging her to let it be, not to jump the gun in offense and she closes it.

Yeah, I know he's been a good friend of mine you snort and Beca shakes her head frowning, but you see the twitch of amusement on her lips so you push on.

But lately something's changed

It ain't hard to define

Jesse's got himself a girl and I want to make her mine

Her eyes flash and it has nothing to do with the mild disapproval settling on her lips.

It seems more...heated.

And she's watching him with those eyes

And she's lovin' him with that body, I just know it!

And he's holding her in his arms late, late at night

You know I wish that I had Jesse's girl

I wish that I had Jesse's girl

Where can I find a woman like that?

She walks up to you straight into your space, foregoing any and all personal space issues conventions -you have it in you to be proud at her progress, for initiating any and all physical contact -you manage to just barely take a steadying breath to steel yourself against her effect on you.

Her hot breath on your face was very distracting. Your stomach squirming pleasantly.

She stops short of kissing you.

"I gave you such a moving ballad and you respond with Jesse's girl?"

"Too soon? It seemed wildly fitting."

"You have a twisted sense of romancing me."

"Said the girl who thought to act like the ultimate stalker."

"I thought you said you appreciated it in the long run."

"I guess cos it was you, anyone else would've been freaky. Once again, Beca Mitchell pulling off something as disturbing as creeping."

"Well, I am your biggest fan!"

"Ditto babe!" you say and finally at long last your lips meet in a dance that was becoming so very familiar. You smile into the kiss-if things stayed just like this you could die a very happy girl.

And now to sing Little Mix's Secret Love Song we have Cynthia Rose.

When you hold ne in the street.

And you kiss me n the dance floor.

I wish that it could be like that

Why can't it be like that?

'Cause I'm yours

Little Mix really knew what they were singing about.

You'd like to say things got better after the best first date to end all first dates but things got a lot worse.

Beca was right -break ups do get all the publicity. She was hounded left and right it was virtually impossible to go out without paparazzi on her tail. The event that very same night had to be cut short since all the press could do was ask about Jesse, and after some reporter targeted Beca directly blaming her for the end of the relationship Beca had to walk out with an apologetic look on her face and "I'm sorry I can't do this-I'll call you guys." she says her eyes resting briefly on you. You had talked the whole night (your arms around Snow. To which Aubrey took one look at later that night commenting "unbelievable she gets you a dog on your first date.")about changes that had to be made. There was the tightening of security in the studios.

You couldn't be seen in public. It was too close a call what had happened to you two. The paparazzo were out for blood for that one photo to expose your relationship.

It was hard before but it was almost impossible now. You had to be creative with your time together. You get pulled into this, you'd always been curious on the intrigue such a word as dalliance, affair, a tête-à-tête, liaison, entanglement, illicit, clandestine ... but to actually feel the rush behind it ... stolen glances, little touches here and there ... that only the two of you know about

We keep behind closed doors

Every time I see you, I die a little more

Stolen moments that we steal as the curtain falls

It'll never be enough

As you drive me to my house

I can't stop these silent tears from rolling down

You and I both have to hide

On the outside where I can't be yours and you

Can't be mine

But I know this

We got a love that is homeless

Why can't I hold you in the street?

Why can't I kiss you on the dance floor?

I wish that it could be like that

Why can't it be like that?

'Cause I'm yours

Why can't I say that I'm in love?

I wanna shout it from the rooftops

I wish that it could be like that

Why can't it be like that?

'Cause I'm yours

She had assigned a bodyguard to stay at your house after the paparazzi followed you there as well one night and started harassing you.

"How is it shacking up with the famous Mitchell?"

"Do you think you'll be guaranteed top four I'm the competition now? "

"How do you feel breaking up the most beloved couple Jeca?"

How could this be wrong when it was the happiest you'd felt? This wasn't like when the whole Barb thing blew up ... when you had to stop yourself from being touchy feely around Beca ... it was okay then it had seemed difficult- but this, this was way worse now. It was agony being apart now that you know how it feels to be entwined with her body, to feel her lips moving against yours, it's difficult not searching for her eyes to reassure you, because you know you won't be able to pull away and people would notice, you'd give yourself away.

It's obvious you're meant for me

Every piece of you, it just fits perfectly

Every second, every thought, I'm in so deep

But I'll never show it on my face

But we know this, we got a love that is homeless

Why can't you hold me in the street?

Why can't I kiss you on the dance floor?

I wish that it could be like that

Why can't we be like that?

'Cause I'm yours

Why can't I say that I'm in love?

I wanna shout it from the rooftops

I wish that it could be like that

Why can't we be like that?

'Cause I'm yours

I don't wanna live love this way

I don't wanna hide us away

I wonder if it ever will change

I'm living for that day


It seems like you weren't the only one affected by the song , immediately after during a short commercial break Beca finds you and kisses you in one of the abandoned make up rooms just before your performance.

"I'm yours and you're mine and I protect what's mine ." she whispers, almost like a promise as she gives you a quick hug before she has to rush back to her seat and you to your spot on the stage.

You should be content with this. Having her with you and knowing she was yours. And yet you wonder for how long it would have to be for.

You loved having the stolen moments to be yourselves, but you can't help wondering when or even if you'll ever get to do so in the sun.

You watch her get into her stage persona. You watch her from just across the stage and she'seem further away.

You wonder if you'll ever be deemed worthy to love someone like her.

If things changed in the future would they only see the story of the contestant who duped the judge into leaving everything she knew behind and trade it for what? You?

What did you have to offer Beca?

What would make her stand by you if the going got tough. She had run away before. Would she think you worth it.

You weren't anything special.

We have our songstress Chloe Beale to sing Creep by Radiohead.

When you were here before,

Couldn't look you in the eye,

You're just like an angel,

Your skin makes me cry,

You float like a feather,

In a beautiful world,

You're so very special.

I wish I was special,

But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo,

What the hell am I doing here?

I don't belong here.

Idon't care if it hurts,

I want to have control,

I want a perfect body,

I want a perfect soul,

I want you to notice,

When I'm not around,

You're so very special,

I wish I was special.

But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo,

What the hell am I doing here?

I don't belong here.

Oh, oh

She's running out again,

She's running out...

She run run run run...


Whatever makes you happy,

Whatever you want,

You're so very special,

I wish I was special...

But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo,

What the hell am I doing here?

I don't belong here,

I don't belong here.

You clear your mind as you continue to sing, the song drawing to a close. So much has been running through your mind since you first stepped out on stage, all the thoughts of the past week aiding you with your heartfelt performance.

You come downstage from the performance and everyone's in a tizz and not over your singing. The people are frantic. Another backlash. A public one. You go to find Beca immediately.

Beca looks so defeated and it takes all of your strength not to hold her close and comfort her.

"What now?" you ask inherently knowing it was something really bad.

"There's a girls gone wild video of that night surfacing."

"What night-" you ask confused.

"Our night with the girls at my place. " you suddenly feel sick as you get flashbacks, drunken singing, stripping to your bras, you remember Beca and you sneaking off to make out.

"What was in it?" you ask, steeling yourself, you're almost too afraid to know.

"I don't remember-all I know we were all too drunk out of our minds. Fat Amy was taking videos that whole night."

"I swear I didn't even post it-" Fat Amy says.

"Then who did?"