A Doctor's Man

Chapter 1

Hey guys! This is a pairing of Dr. Chloe Michel and John Shepard, it popped in my head while I was writing, and I thought I'd give it a try since Nobody wrote one yet! You can imagine however Mr. Shepard looks like if you prefer! I'd thought I'd make another contribution to the game series that started my writing!

Those who are wondering, this is going to be similar to my other story, 'Interest'. If you haven't read it, you should check it out if you liked this one!

Anyway, Here's the Start! I'm going to begin before John becomes a Spectre, then after, and so on. The chapters are going to be short...I'm going with Dr. Michel's look in ME3, as well as ME3's mechanics, such as; Biotic and tech powers, weaponry, etc. this Fanfic will go through all three games.

"I didn't tell anyone, I swear!" A feminine voice sounded out.

John walked in with Ashley and Kaidan into a small doctor's office.

"Who are you!?" A thug said to the group, grabbing a lady as a shield.

"Let her go!" John shot back, drawing his Predator. Kaidan drew his, and Ash brought out her Avenger.

John watched out the corner of his eye as a Turian, Garrus, snuck around, popped out and shot the thug with a bullet to the side of the head. Emitting a scream from the doctor. The thug slid down, dead.

There were a couple of other thugs, aiming at the doctor.

"Shit!" John cursed before charging his biotics, then he flew over the small counter, grabbing the Doctor out of harm's way. They landed behind a short wall. John looked to see a thug come around. The Commander aimed his pistol and shot the thug in a nanosecond. The man back onto the ground, motionless.

The Turian and John's team took out the rest.

John got up, then helped the Doctor to her feet. She gave a smile to him, one that melted his world, he gave one back.

"Perfect timing, Commander, Gave me a clear shot at the bastard," Garrus told him, walking up. Along with Kaidan and Ash.

"Good Shot, but you almost hit her," John replied.

"I know," The Turian replied with regret, then looked at the Doctor, "Dr. Michel, are you hurt?"

"No, Thank you, all of you," She said, patting her hair.

"We can protect you from those men, who do they work for?" John asked.

"They were Fist's men. They wanted to keep me from telling Garrus about the Quarian," The Doctor replied.

"A Quarian?" Ashley asked.

"A Quarian came into my office, the other day. She was shot, probably on the run. She was looking for a safe place to hide. She had information she was willing to trade in exchange,"

"Did the Quarian mention anything about Saren or the Geth?" Kaidan asked.

"She did! She had information that was based on the Geth," Dr. Michel said to him.

"Then we need to get to her," Garrus said to John.

"I guess Fist's got some visitors coming," John replied.

"This is your ride, Shepard, And I want to get in the car," Garrus told him, stepping to John's side.

"Ready for some fun?" John asked him.

"Always," Was Garrus's response.

John nodded, "Alright, go ahead and meet me outside the door, will ya?"

"You got it," Kaidan replied, walking to the door.

Garrus and Ashley followed.

The Squad exited the Office.

John turned to the Doctor, "That was a bit rough there, are you Ok?"

"Oh, I'm fine. Thank you for asking. And for saving me." Dr. Michel told him, giving him another smile.

John shrugged, "I couldn't leave a beautiful woman such as you in a situation like that," he said to her as he smiled back.

"Aw, Thank you..." She said sweetly.

"I can't blame you for looking as pretty as you are," John said charmingly.

"Flatterer," The Doctor told him.

John chuckled, "Anytime, but thanks for helping us."

She nodded, "You're Welcome."

"Oh, and what is your first name?" John asked.

"Chloe, Chloe Michel," The doctor replied.

"Chloe Michel, huh? That's a nice name," John told her.

She smiled again at him.

"Ok, I've got to get going, nice meeting you, doctor," John said with a last smile, turning to go to the door.

"Hey!" Chloe said to him before he opened the door, he turned to look at her.

She activated her Omni-Tool, then sent him something. He activated his and smiled at what he saw.

"My contact information," She told him with her last smile.

"I'll call you, I promise, or come visit you," John told her

"Bye!" She said to him.

"See you later, Chloe!" John bidded his farewell.

He exited the Office and found his comrades waiting.

"Damn! What took you so long?" Kaidan asked.

John laughed, "I think I found someone," he said as he held up his Omni-Tool.

Kaidan and Ashley shook their heads as they went their way to Chora's Den.

Chloe thought about it. She just sent her information to one of the greatest men in the Alliance, and possibly Humanity. She smiled to herself, but not greedily. He called her beautiful...and pretty... She snapped herself out of making such fantasies.

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