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I heard screams, explosions, Grunts calling out attacks, and Pokémon attacking innocent people, but I didn't dare look behind me, I needed to get away as quickly as possible if I wanted to have a chance at saving Leah.

Who could possibly save all these innocent people though? Do I actually have a chance against all these enemies?

"No! there has to be someone who can help us. I need to stay positive." I said between panted breaths while running towards Viridian forest.

After running for what seemed like an eternity, I finally see Viridian forest in the distance. My lungs feel like they are going to explode, but I need to get to the forest quickly, so I carry on and keep running.

About five minutes later I come to Viridian forest's entrance. My body can't take it anymore and I drop to my knees in exhaustion; but I still wasn't safe here, I needed to find a safe spot somewhere in the forest to hide from any Rocket Grunts coming after me.


Viridian forest is a beautiful place. It is one of the calmest places in all of Kanto. I would have fallen asleep in the grass right there and then, but I suddenly heard a scream piercing the afternoon air. I could tell it was a woman's scream.

Viridian forest is covered in bushes and trees everywhere, so I decided to look for the source of the scream, and see if I could do anything about it.

I walked through the dense part of Viridian forest, dodging branches from all sides, and finally reached a small clearing, and, just as I thought, a woman was lying on the grass with a Rocket Grunt towering above her.

"It wouldn't have come down to this if you would have stayed in your house and posed no resistance." The Grunt said while walking away from her.

The Grunt was easily 6'4", with very strong muscles and four pokeballs attached to his belt. As much as I wanted to teach that guy a lesson, I knew it would be a lost battle. I saw the guy walk away, and as soon as he was gone, I jumped out of the bushes and checked to see if she was ok.

As soon as I turned her around to face me though, I knew she wasn't. There were 3 needles stuck to her stomach that I immediately recognized as a poison sting attack, most likely from an Ariados. Her face had a yellow hue to it, and when I checked her pulse, I didn't feel any pulse. She was dead.

"Damn Team Rocket! How can someone be so heartless and cruel towards innocent people? People like them don't deserve to even be alive." I said. I've never been so angry in my entire life, and apparently loud too.

"Hey I think I heard a voice coming from over here, let's check it out." I heard someone say, not too far away from here. I couldn't stay here much longer, so I decided to grab the woman's bag and run away from here. The fewer items Team Rocket gets, the better.

I ran away, and, after about 2 minutes, I stumbled upon an old, abandoned log cabin in the middle of the woods. It looked extremely worn down and rotten, but it would suffice for now. Viridian forest was very dangerous at night, having many bug and poison-type Pokémon that could attack you while sleeping.


As I entered through a broken window, I saw that the place didn't have anything except for a worn-down bed, a table and chair, and a bathroom. At least it was shelter, so I didn't complain.

I sat on the bed and decided to check out what was inside of the woman's bag. It was a small brown-leather bag that opens and closes with a zipper in the top. As I unzipped it, I saw what she had inside: Her wallet, a sketchbook and art supplies, and a single Pokeball. I decided to grab her wallet and see if she had any sort of ID on her. I opened it, and it was located in the second compartment.

"Bianca Amoretti, Hometown: Altomare, Johto. Age: 24." I said, reading her ID out loud. "24? She was so young, why did she have to die?" The rage that had built up inside me was showing again, but, once again, I couldn't do anything to stop this madness going on outside.

"I wish I had a powerful Pokémon to defend myself and others…" I said to myself, remembering the time I had a Charmander and thought I was going to be the most powerful trainer in the world.

Suddenly, I remembered the Pokeball inside Bianca's bag.

"I wonder what Pokémon she had…" I said, curiosity getting the better of me. I grabbed the shiny red and white pokeball from her bag and pressed the button in the center to enlarge it.

"Go… whoever you are!" I yelled as I tossed the pokeball to the floor.

As soon as the ball hit the wooden floor, a blinding flash of white light emerged and out came… nothing.

"Huh? What's going on? Where's the Pokémon?" I said, looking around the room to see if I missed it and it ran away, or if it was so small that I didn't even see it.

As I got up from my bed, a sudden force hits me back to it and pins me down, preventing me from moving at all.

"Who are you? Where's Bianca!?" An angry voice yelled in my head.

I was completely petrified, both by this unknown force, and by fear.

"I'm—I'm Ari—wh—who is—a—asking?" I asked, absolutely paralyzed. Whoever, or whatever, was talking to me didn't seem friendly. Could it be the Pokémon I released from its ball?

"Bianca's Pokémon is asking! Now, where is she, what did you do to her!?" The angry Pokémon yelled in my head.

"She—She is dead. I'm—sorry…" I said, but before I could continue, the invisible force suddenly grabs my neck and starts choking me.

"DEAD!? YOU KILLED HER!?" The Pokémon screamed in my head.

"No—awk—I didn't—Team—argh—Rocket—did…" I said, with the little oxygen I had left, my vision turning dark around the edges.

Fortunately, when I said this, she let go of me. I was finally able to breathe and my vision turned normal slowly.

"Team… Rocket… killed her...?" The Pokémon said, with dreary sadness.

"I'm—I'm sorry to tell you, but she was poisoned to death by a Team Rocket Grunt. I found her when it was too late. I grabbed her bag and ran away so that it didn't end up in the wrong hands…" I replied.

Suddenly, I hear the muffled cry of the Pokémon in front of me, not in my head. Unable to contain itself any longer, it starts crying desperately, and I catch its tears falling to the ground, as, apparently, they couldn't turn invisible. Then, for a minute, it regains its composure and starts talking to me again.

"First, they kill my brother, and now Bianca! What else does Team Rocket want to take away from me?" It says, and it starts crying inconsolably again.

Seeing it cry again really broke my heart. I also despised Team Rocket like he or she did. They took away my Charmander, my mom, and my sister away from me. Feeling really sorry for it, I got out of my bed, as it was not pinning me against it anymore, and walked towards where the tears and crying were emanating from. I let out my hand and petted the Pokémon where I think its head is, based on its tears.

"I'm really sorry for all this. It's going to be ok soon, I promise. I will help you in any way I can, but, if you don't mind, would you show me who you are first?" I asked, unable to contain my curiosity any longer.

As its crying ceased slowly, it let out a sigh and started talking to me in my head again.

"I suppose it's the least I could do since you did save me from being stolen by Team Rocket…" It said.

Abruptly, there was a shower of blue lights in the room and in front of me appeared a creature I have only read about in history books… a female red and white psychic dragon, known as a Latias.

"A Latias!? You are the legendary dragon Latias!?" I asked, absolutely dumbfounded by this revelation. I was in front of a legendary Pokémon!

Gaining some happiness back from seeing me in such an astonished state, she giggled and replied to me that she indeed was her.

"Wow, I can't believe this! I have read a lot about you. How did you end up here though?" I asked.

"Bianca was my best friend. We lived together in the city of Altomare. About a week ago though, Bianca said that she wanted to leave the city and visit other areas of the world. We visited Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and now we were traveling across Kanto. But, then… this happened…" She said telepathically, and started crying again.

I couldn't bear to see her crying like this. I immediately reached out for her and hugged her long neck.

"It's ok Latias. Everything's gonna be ok. I'm here for you, whatever you need. I won't let anything bad happen to you, I promise." I said, petting her head while hugging her, trying to stop her crying.

"Th—Thanks—Ari. I appreciate it…" She said telepathically between sobs.

"Listen, Latias, I just lost my mom to Team Rocket and my sister was captured by them. I don't know what to do, I am powerless against them by myself, but, together we might be able to do something. What do you say? I am not asking you to replace Bianca as your trainer; all I'm asking is that we work together. Would you like to?" I asked, hoping that she would say yes with all my heart.

Drying the tears in her eyes, she grabbed me and hugged me so hard I felt I was being squished to death. "I would love to Ari! Let's work together and teach those Rocket guys a lesson they'll never forget". She said, with an evil smirk.

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