Chapter one

Harry looked around and thought to himself, how did I end up here, how did my life end up like this. Being the chosen one he always thought his life would be centred around Voldemort and fighting, he knew that from the time he entered the magical world when he was first known as the boy who lived. When someone leaked information regarding a prophecy to do with him and Voldemort everyone started to believe or hope that it meant he was to be the one to finish their war by killing Voldemort. But as he looked around he realised he never believed that he would be the one left standing. He never believed that he would get everything he ever wanted.

Harry's mind drifted back to that night, the night that Voldemort died by his hand. It might have been his spell that killed him but Harry knew that only happened because he had been the one standing facing Voldemort.

After the cheering, the applauding, the backslapping, Harry was so tired, so exhausted he sat at one of the house tables and even now he could not say which house table he sat at. He had looked around at all the people, some people talking excitedly that Lord Voldemort was dead along with most of his supporters. Some people who had lost loved ones were sitting beside bodies, bodies that belonged to the dead, bodies of sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, brothers or sisters. The Weasley family had surrounded Fred's body, Lavender Brown's parents had heard about the fighting at Hogwarts and now they sat with their daughter who had died from her attack by the werewolf, Greyback. Harry had sat with Remus and Tonks for a while until his injuries told him hard cold stone floors was not the best during that time.

Naturally more people arrived upon hearing that Voldemort was dead, reporters swarmed the damaged great hall and naturally they surrounded Harry. It was only thanks to Minerva McGonagall and Kingsley Shacklebolt and their threats of being locked up did they finally leave Harry alone.

Harry watched as Minerva organised her staff, the ones that did survive. She had them take down the names of all that fought, they took down the names of everyone that died whether they were fighting the light side or the dark side. The staff also started to document everything, even taking pictures of the damage and the people that were there. They realised that the battle of Hogwarts would eventually end up in books, the history of magic, but also books like the greatest wizarding events of the twentieth century or the rise and fall of the dark arts. Harry knew his name would be added to those books and probably a lot more. His hope was that the account of what took place would be accurate, that everyone's names would be added, especially his friends, Hermione and Ron, but also Neville who led the DA during the rebellion inside Hogwarts. Without their bravery and courage some of the younger students would have never made it through their year at Hogwarts which was under the controlled of Voldemort and his death eaters.

Harry had sat and ate for the first time in two days, he drank so much tea he thought it would start leaking from his many cuts he had to his body. The house elves were sending up food and drink constantly. They fought in the battle using anything their little hands could hold, when it was done they went back to the kitchens. They might have been tired or injured, but they wanted to do their duty. They even lost a few elves during the night, but they, like everyone would mourn, right now there was too much to do.

Kingsley had sent order members to the ministry and them along with the aurors and magical law enforcement squad had taken back the ministry from Voldemort's death eaters. Kingsley never left Hogwarts even though he had been given the job of interim minister for magic. He decided for now he would work from Hogwarts while he helped anywhere that was needed.

Minerva McGonagall never stopped, she went from helping the grieving, to assisting healers with the injured to even cleaning away rubble. Harry would watch her come and go from the great hall. Whenever Harry tried to help, she would be one of the people that made him sit and not move and even though she kept giving Harry smiles, she used her teachers stern no nonsense voice to make him stay put and rest.

Harry had spoken with Minerva and Kingsley for a few minutes, he told them he had proof about Snape, that he was really helping and would explain everything when everyone had rested, eaten, healed and hopefully slept. Harry did tell Neville about Snape, so he got a few of the DA to head back to the shrieking shake only to find Severus Snape alive. The DA got him back to the castle where healers were able to stop the bleeding and start to work on healing his many wounds from Nagini, Voldemort's snake. Whenever Harry saw Neville, he still had the sword of Gryffindor in his hand and when Harry saw this he would think to himself, a true Gryffindor. Neville finally came into his own, he led the DA, he organised rescues, he stood up to Voldemort, he never back down and he would have gone out fighting so the sword recognised the courage Neville had and as Albus Dumbledore had told Harry once, only a true Gryffindor could call for the sword. Even though Griphook betrayed Harry and his friends by taking the sword, believing as all goblins believed that anything goblin made should be returned to the goblins, the sword of Gryffindor showed that the goblins did not own the sword, the sword would always belong to all Gryffindors, which meant it would always return to Hogwarts.

As Harry looked around the partly destroyed room, watching the people moving about, whether it was student, staff, family members or ministry officials, he couldn't help reflect on everything that had taken place over the last year, ever since Voldemort took control of their world. Harry wondered how many ended up dying while he was in control, he also wondered how many ended up in Azkaban. Harry had overheard Kingsley talking to other ministry officials about Azkaban, about freeing all the muggleborn witches and wizards that Umbridge had sent their due to her muggleborn registration act. Harry had laughed when he heard she was finally in Azkaban and would remain there until her trial, just like the supporters of Voldemort who survive, none of those trials would happen for a long time though. One thing Harry did do when he saw Lucius Malfoy being taken away, he spoke with Kingsley and explained a little about Draco and Narcissa Malfoy, how they helped him, so Harry asked that those two Malfoy's be allowed to go home. He knew they would still need to answer for any crimes they were involved in but Harry believed that neither of them deserved Azkaban. So after getting a very surprised and shocked looks from those two Malfoys, who both thanked Harry, not just for speaking up for them, but for killing the dark lord which set them free. Harry had given Draco and Narcissa a tired smile before he had returned to his seat to watch everything, realising their world was now very different to what it had been only hours before.