Chapter thirty two

'Well Harry, our children are here.'

'There here Sev, considering how much it hurt pushing them out, their so tiny.'

'They are, but healthy. How are you really feeling?'

'Sore, but that potion Poppy gave me has helped. I didn't hurt you too much did I?'

'No, it's fine, but I never realised how strong you are,' Severus raised his eyebrows making Harry laugh.

'Gives me idea's, we're going to need to work that around these two.'

'I'm sure we can Harry, but you look tired, why don't you sleep for a while, I'm here to keep an eye on them, their bottles are here and all I need to do is warm them up.'

Harry nodded, but he needed answers, 'Sev.'


'Do you still have that ring I gave you or did you throw it away?'

Severus slipped his hand into his pocket revealing the ring, 'I was going to throw it when a year passed, but I couldn't. I've been carrying it around with me for a few weeks now.'

'Don't you want to wear it?'

Severus stared into Harry's eyes seeing moisture, he looked down at the ring then handed it to Harry.

'You put it on me, like you did before.'

Harry smiled, then slipped the ring onto Severus finger, kissed it before kissing his palm, leaving Severus' hand against his cheek and his eyes closed.

'I love you Harry.'

Harry's head shot up, 'What?'

'I believe you heard me, just so you can't say you didn't, I said I love you Harry.'

'Oh Sev,' Harry choked up then he just let the tears fall, 'I've been so scared.'

'Scared, why were you scared?'

'I thought you might have been acting, like what you told me. You never said how you felt, just that you cared and even then you hardly say that. It's not like I need to hear it all the time, but I really thought you didn't care at all.'

Severus placed his son in the cot beside him, then took his daughter and placed her beside her brother before he lay beside Harry, wrapping his arms around him, pulling him close.

'I would not normally admit this, but I was scared that you would leave me again, so I wasn't going to let you know how much I loved you and I have for a while.'

Harry sniffed as he looked up at Severus, 'We can be happy Sev, the four of us, but I really think we should start being honest with each other.'

'You're right, we do need to be honest, so we start now and I promise to tell you I love you often, just so you know. So my young lover, I love you.'

Harry sniggered, 'I love you too babe,' Harry put his head on Severus' shoulder, sighed with contentment before drifting off into a peaceful sleep.

Poppy Pomfrey kept Harry in her hospital for three days, even with Severus bringing out his most snarly self and Harry begging, she refused making Albus chuckle. So during those three days, James, Lily and Sirius would keep Harry company while Severus was teaching his classes, Lily helping Harry feed, bathe and change his children. Hermione and their friends would visit all the time, Hermione crying the first time she held her godson, Albus even allowed Ron in so he could see his godchildren.

Severus stepped over to the bed to see Harry dressed, but gazing down at Eileen and Varus, the look Harry had on his face was pure love, love for his children

'Are you ready to get out of her my love?'

'Past ready Sev,' Harry stood up, picked up his son while Severus put the baby bag over his shoulder then picked up his daughter, 'Let's go before she changes her mind.'

'Yes, she just might, but I saw her down in the great hall before I headed up here.'

Severus and Harry with their children walked down through the school, but Harry looked confused when Severus didn't head towards his room, but towards the great hall.

'Sev, I thought we were heading home.'

'We will, but Albus asked us to show our children to the rest of the staff and the students who haven't stopped asking.'

'Oh okay, but I was hoping to get them settled.'

'Their fine Harry, they need to get used to being out and around a lot of people.'

'So you mean the whole school is in there?'

'Yes, did you expect some to miss the chance to see the saviours children.'

Harry scowled, 'Alright, but we're not staying long.'

'We won't,' Severus smiled then opened the door, stepped in with Harry following who stopped in his tracks.

'Why are my parents and Sirius here, not to mention the Weasleys?'

Lily and James stepped over to Harry and Severus, took their grandchildren before heading down to the front of the great hall where they cast a silencing charm around Eileen and Varus.

Severus turned to Harry then dropped to his knees, 'Harry, you have given me your love, your life and now our beautiful children, I love you with all my heart. You would do me a great honour if you would consent to marry me.'

Harry stared down at Severus, not even realising tears were falling down his face. He nodded then threw himself at Severus, knocking him on his back so Harry ended up lying on top of Severus which naturally made all the students laugh.

'You're supposed to wait until after the wedding before you shag each other,' Sirius called out to more laughter.

'This time remember the prevention charms, or no shagging on your back,' Charlie yelled to more laughter.

Albus tapped Harry on the head, 'I believe we have a wedding to conduct, it makes it impossible if the grooms are otherwise engaged.'

Harry released Severus' lip, then stood up pulling Severus to his feet, 'Sorry Sev.'

'I expected some type of display from you, but that just shocked Hogwarts.'

'Follow me gentleman,' Albus walked down through the house tables with Harry and Severus behind him, Albus stood beside Severus, Sirius stood beside Harry, but so did Hermione and Ron. Kingsley Shacklebolt stepped in front of Severus and Harry, smiled then performed the bonding ceremony. Severus put his hand in his pocket and produced two ring cases, handing Harry one. Both men slipped a ring onto their partners finger as they spoke their words of love and commitment. Kingsley finished by wrapping their joined hands in a golden cord, moved his wand over the cord which disappeared into their joined hands, then he pronounced them bonded partners. Harry and Severus took one step closer to each other, stared into each other's eyes, they never spoke or kissed, they just kept staring.

'You know you're supposed to kiss right?' Ron nudged Harry making everyone laugh.

'You know what Harry, Ron's right,' Severus lifted Harry so his legs and arms were wrapped around his waist, then their lips met in a passionate and fierce kiss. Loud cheers, applause and whistles shook Hogwarts ancient walls, but Severus and Harry never took any notice, their lips stayed locked with their partners, their tongues tasting each other, their arms wrapped around the other but the applause, the cheers and the whistles for Harry Potter and Severus Snape never stopped.

A week after Harry and Severus married, Harry looked around and thought to himself, how did I end up here, how did my life end up like this. Being the chosen one he always thought his life would be centred around Voldemort, he knew that from the time he entered the magical world when he was first known as the boy who lived. When someone leaked information regarding a prophecy to do with Harry and Voldemort everyone started to believe or hope that it mean he was the one to finish their war by killing Voldemort. But as Harry looked around he realised he never believed that he would be the one left standing. He never believed that he would get everything he ever wanted.

The end: