So, these are my little Drabbles and One-Shots to my newly discovered ship Bellamy x Luffy :D Most will be dedicated to one of the newest chapters so there are spoilers! Beware if you don't follow the manga weekly!


This was odd … Bellamy always intended to fight the Straw Hat until death if there should be a time they would meet again. Fighting until the thin and seemingly weak figure of his shame would lay broken on the ground. But when he met him in the backroom of the Colosseum with his ridiculous but somehow fitting disguise, his former desire just vanished – as if it had never existed, merely a remaining memory.

He recognized him due to his black eyes still gleaming joyfully and pugnaciously. He immediately was sure that it was indeed the after two years finally reappearing Mugiwara no Luffy.

Bellamy wasn't completely aware why, but after he had briefly talked to him and realized that his old enemy had barely changed, not only his bellicosity disappeared but also his will to hate him like he should.


It was in the middle Block B's battle royale when suddenly everything went dead silent. The fighters came to a hold as an incredulous scream emerged towards them, containing only one name: "Straw Hat Luffy?!" In an instant, the attention of the whole Colosseum, current fighters included, lay on the observation deck, where a rookie from a few years ago stood near that person with the most ridiculous armor amongst all the gladiators … and next to him Don Chin Jao.

Bellamy, though fighting Lepanto at the very moment, watched the scene curiously as the young man he recognized as Cavendish grabbed the helmet of the person he knew all too well along with his beard and tore both from him, revealing the face of an infamous youngster with his characteristic scar under his left eye. Those puppy deep black eyes of him …

He ceased a moment asking himself where this thought came from but was soon distracted by another thought that stroke his mind: He got himself caught, that idiot! Bellamy wasn't sure why it bothered him but it did!

He watched as rumor spread quickly not only between the fighters of the Colosseum but also the audience as the silence was displaced by exited and frightened chattering. Straw Hat Luffy, the 8 meter tall man worth 400 Mio. Beli should be here! The Hyena rolled his eyes. What did those people think? Luffy needn't to be huge to be angst-inducing! His passion and determination were enough to let full grown men experience true fear – he'd learnt it the hard way.

Shortly after, the reactions changed. Where there'd been excitement and disbelieve just a moments ago fear and anxiety showed up. Bellamy heard heard steady noises from the still quiet battle field; like men running through the many halls of this place. Then, voices raised again like a humming and even a few from the podium down here started to get nervous.

"I quit!", screamed several gladiators who longed for the Mera Mera no Mi just a few seconds ago one after another shortly afterwards. As more and more of them gave up at this upcoming opponent, Bellamy couldn't hold back a contemptuous sound. "Cowards and weaklings – all of them …" As he was about to teach those wimps which were in his own battle a lesson about quitting a fight just because of mere rumors and exaggerations to save their own lives – though it was quite accurate in Luffy's case – he heard his shame's words echo through the whole stadium. "I guess I have to give back the armor then", he said with a pitiful voice. Bellamy just laughed out loud at this.