After a quite long gap of chapters (which you don't notice but it was quite a long time xD) here's another one about 714 due to a request of an anon :D Enjoy!


Assassination is child's play. I want this resolved before the tournament reaches its conclusion …

The words echoed through his head again. A child's play? Surely not with Mugiwara no Luffy! He once lost against this man and even after those two years he doubted that he could stand a chance against him. And a brief moment, Bellamy wondered if Doflamingo wasn't aware of this fact … But that wasn't the point at all!

Straw Hat had looked out for him after his defeat, had been worried about his wounds and … crap, he even had cheered for him though he knew very well they would be enemies if he intended to fight Doflamingo! So why did it have to be like this in the end?! Bellamy not only couldn't but hardly wanted to fight him – not after he seemed to have forgiven him for the time back in Jaya. Not after he admired his strength when Bellamy himself couldn't see that he had changed at all. Not after he somehow showed him that it wasn't a shame to lose to a superior opponent.

Bellamy was torn from his thoughts as he reached the observation deck where a guy he knew as Cavendish and this punk from his own fight, Bartolomeo, seemed to have an argument. Not particular interested he just overheard a name that fell between those pirates – 'Lucy'. Raising an eyebrow, he decided that it surely mattered why those two of all people talked about Luffy. Bellamy approached them slowly, taking care not to be discovered.

"Would you like to tell me which roots you're talking about?" demanded Cavendish with an angry expression on his face as if he feared the other would take something important from him. Bartolomeo just smirked lazily and leaned back slightly. "Didn't know you were so into him!" he chuckled and Bellamy could sense the heavy atmosphere around them. "I already told you: Lucy's my prey. Stay away from him!" the blond growled before he realized that they had been watched. Bellamy bit back a curse. He should have been more careful. "What do you want here?!" he snarled furiously.

Before Bellamy got the chance to answer they were interrupted by a childish voice. "Jeez, you're quite heavy, Ucy! Take better care next time, okay?" With a loud sound of something hitting the floor, Luffy – or better: Lucy – put down the huge bull from the battle field down and looked around. As soon as a paramedic passed by near him he just snatched him and refused to let him go before he took a look at the giant black mammal.

When he finally looked up a smile crept over his face. "Oi, Bellamy! Didn't see you there. How are your wounds?" As he went up to him, Bellamy was once again reminded of the order he just got. I'm supposed to kill him, I shouldn't let myself get affected even more by him! But before he could finish his thought, he found himself smiling back at the teen and answering. "It's not as bad as it looked like. I'm fitter than you thought!" A relieved laugh left Luffy before he was distracted from the food on Cavendish's plate and Bellamy felt his heart being warmed as he watched Luffy snatching some pieces of the steak from the older male accompanied by the complains of the one robbed. He really shouldn't feel this way towards an enemy.

"I'm gonna cut off your head, you filthy thief!" threatened Cavendish and made a move to unsheathe his sword. He was interrupted by Bartolomeo though. "Shouldn't you wait for that until you're fighting in the ring? Just a thought of mine …" Bellamy decided to help saving Luffy from the furious swordsman just for now. He had plenty of time to make up his mind when he planned to take down Straw Hat. He just had to. "Unless you're thinking you can't make it into the next round" he grinned when Cavendish glared at him. "Says the only one here who didn't win the Battle Royale!"

Before Bellamy could retort something and make Luffy probably dying from laughter over their little argument, the participants of Block D were asked to assemble in the fighting ring. As to not let his chance of defeating Straw Hat Luffy in front of quite an audience pass by, Cavendish left in all his grace and promised Luffy to win this round. And that he would be the next to be defeated by him. When Bellamy tore his gaze from the leaving figure, he noticed that Bartolomeo was already gone too.

He was alone with Luffy. The perfect opportunity to fulfill his job and kill him. But when he turned around to face the teen, he was startled by watering puppy eyes staring up to him. "Where do you think Cabbage got this delicious steak from?" the raven haired boy asked a dumbfounded Bellamy. How could he possible think of food when he was in the middle of the enemy's territory? He wasn't even aware of the threats around him. Of him who had the intention of killing him!

As those eyes didn't flinch or avert from him any second, Bellamy sighed. "I don't know. Why don't you just grill that bull over there? Doesn't seem to be of much use anymore." The reaction that followed wasn't expected by Bellamy. Luffy seemed to be outraged. He could tell from the narrowing of his eyes and the offended sound that left his mouth. "Ucy's a friend! You don't eat your friends, you know?!" Friends … Did he really consider that animal a friend? It fought him just a few moments ago before he had tamed it. It would have killed him if he hadn't been the stronger one! And somehow, Bellamy drew a comparison to him. He once wanted to kill Luffy too. And he lost a fight to him just like the bull. Could he be a friend just like …

Bellamy spoke before he fully knew what he did. "Joker gave me the order to kill you …" His voice was low and as soon as he realized what he had done he hoped that it was low enough for Luffy to miss it. But the serious expression that formed in the other's eyes didn't leave any doubts that he had understood him. He prepared inwardly to be left or beaten up to a pulp but nothing happened for a few seconds. Then Luffy's sincere voice rose: "But you won't."

Bellamy stiffened. How … How could he tell that? How could he be so sure about that when even Bellamy himself didn't know how to react or what do to? "H-How …?" he stammered but interrupted himself and averted his gaze. He didn't want to let Luffy know all the insecurities in his mind. A snicker let him look back to the boy. "Because we're friends, aren't we?"