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Hiccup bit his lip in worry, looking around his room. His father was due to be back from his raid the next day. Hiccup was to be expected to kill a dragon, something he knew he couldn't do. Hiccup ran through his options, as few as they were. He could use a trick on the dragon like he had been doing in dragon training, but he seriously doubted it would work this time.

I can run away. Hiccup thought. It's not the Viking way, but since when did anyone think I'm a Viking?

Hiccup quickly thought of a plan, not really going over the details. He grabbed his satchel, throwing his Dragon Manual, several empty journals, the journal he was using, several pots of ink, his pens and multiple sticks of charcoal into it. The bag was slightly heavy, but Hiccup knew he needed more things.

He looked around, and grabbed the drawings of Toothless and the tail fin. He stuffed those into one of his journals, he didn't need his father or Gobber to find them. He also put the small stone his mother had carved for him before she died, and put it in the bag as well. He reached into his dresser, and pulled out several changes of clothing, as well as a few sweaters. The bag was bulging, but he knew Toothless could carry it and anything else they could need.

He sighed, and set the bag down near his window, he would leave that night, and sneak to the cove and fly himself and Toothless off of Berk. All he had to do now was to get the rest of the supplies he would need and wait for nightfall.

Hiccup decided he would go to the forge next, and get all he could from there. He put on his boots, and went downstairs and into the village. He turned and went into the forge, finding that Gobber hadn't shown up yet.

Hiccup went into the small back room that was 'his'. He grabbed a pack from a hook that normally held his heavy vest, and started filling it with tools and materials. He knew how to build a small forge, and he had a dragon that could breathe fire, so he could build tools if he needed to.

He took leather, thread, several needles, and some scrap metal as well as his tools. Unbeknownst to anyone but himself and Gobber, he could work leather with skill, and had helped with most of the village's clothing and leather accessories.

He grabbed a few tool molds as well, knowing that he would probably need them in the future. He cast a look over the forge, and sighed. Hiccup couldn't dwell on what he was going to do, he just needed to do it.

He left the forge, going back to his house, and setting the bag beside the first. I'll need food, that I can get here. I'll need some money, and some carving knives. Everything I need I can get from here. I just need another bag, and a dagger.

Hiccup ran downstairs, and looked around, and remembered he had one more bag. He grabbed it, and set it on the kitchen table. He got some dried meat, dried fish, cheese and bread, wrapped them up in cloth, and set them in the bottom of the bag. He then grabbed several bolts of cloth his father had in the back room, and found two daggers he could take with him. Hiccup set the cloth in the bag, and went back into the small storage room.

There were some small hand tools, food, weapons, and many other things. Hiccup's eye caught sight of a box he hadn't seen since before his mother died. It had been his Mother's chest, a place she had kept many of his baby things, amongst others. He opened it, and saw a small pile of his old drawings, some clothing he had long outgrown. A small box he in the corner caught his eye. He opened it, and nestled inside was a small stuffed Deadly Nadder. Hiccup was flooded with guilt, his mother had made it for him, and he had been petrified. He couldn't believe they had kept it. He swallowed, and put it back in the box, and lifted the box out of the chest. He shut the chest, and looked around again.

There they are, stupid carving knives. Hiccup grabbed the small case the knives were held in, and stuck the last few items in the bag. Hiccup grabbed his coat, and heavy boots, leaving the ones he had been wearing previously by the door.

He grabbed the jar his family had been putting their savings in for as long as he could remembered. He emptied half of it into his own meagre looking coin purse before attaching it to his belt and putting the jar away.

He cast one last look around his house, and went upstairs. The wait for nightfall was long, and he had pretended he hadn't been there twice, once for Gobber, and the other for an angry Astrid. When the sun set, and the torches were lit, Hiccup dressed himself in his heavy vest and bags, and snuck out of his house from his window. He felt a small pang of guilt, he hadn't left a note, just one drawing of himself and his father.

He got to the cove without incident, and called Toothless. The Night Fury bounded over, green eyes bright, "Hey, bud. We've got to go. Let me tie these to your saddle, and we'll fly away from here. How's that sound?"

The black dragon chirped, and let the teen tie the bags to the saddle. Hiccup mounted the dragon, and put his foot on the peddle. In a flash, they were in the air, flying in the cool night air. Hiccup smiled, his worried temporarily forgotten. He looked at the town he had called his home his whole life, when an idea flew through his brain.

He guided Toothless to the docks, carefully avoiding detection. He caught sight of what he wanted, a small rowboat with some salted fish that would be unloaded in the morning. The paddles rested in the boat. Hiccup lowered Toothless so the dragon was hovering beside the dock. Hiccup untied the boat from it's mooring, and tied it to Toothless' saddle, "Let's go."

Carefully manoeuvring so they wouldn't be seen, the dragon and the boy were soon soaring over the sea. Hiccup laughed, and guided Toothless to the island he had thought of while he had been waiting.