Ugh... Hiccup woke up slowly, loathe to move. His head was pounding, almost like he had Gobber's whole smithy inside his head, and every Viking on the island of Berk was hammering something.

Hiccup cracked an eye open, and carefully pushed Toothless's wing off of his body. Hiccup slowly crawled to a nearby table, and lifted a half full tankard of mead. Despite the fact that he knew the alcohol had done this to him in the first place, he knew a small amount would hopefully lessen the effects of a hangover.

Just as he finished the drink, Toothless stirred. The dragon groaned, and slowly lifted his head from the floor. How much did I drink? He asked quietly.

Three barrels I think. Odin have mercy on us.

How stupid was I to do that?

Hiccup smiled weakly. Very.

Toothless sighed, shutting his eyes briefly. Ugh...

I agree, bud. Wanna go home?

Toothless carefully levered himself to his feet, wincing. Sure. Just, don't ask me to do anything crazy... I might hurl on you.

Hiccup laughed quietly, slowly standing. No problem. If you do anything crazy, I'll hurl all over you.

Deal. Let's go.


Hiccup sighed, slipping off of Toothless. Thank Odin that's over.

Yeah. I thought I was gonna lose you there for a minute.

Hiccup smiled weakly. I vote for a bath, then going back to bed.

I agree.

Hiccup slipped off of Toothless, and stumbled a little. We are never doing this again...

We said that last time... Toothless said weakly.

Hiccup smiled, I guess that's true.

Toothless smiled. At least we didn't have to swim partly back this time.

Hiccup chuckled, that was downright embarrassing. I'm glad Harley and Water weren't here to see us come back, still drunk and soaked.

Toothless rolled his eyes, C'mon, I need a bath and- Toothless sniffed the air around Hiccup- so do you.

Yeah, I suppose so. Give me a minute, and I'll get the soap.

Toothless walked to the pond at the far end of the cave, and waited in the sunshine for Hiccup to return. A few short minutes passed, and soon both dragon and rider were in the water. Both had taken their prosthetics off, and they were floating in the water on their backs, enjoying the relief the cold brought with it.

I feel better now. Toothless said.

Yeah, it's nice, eh bud?

I wish things could be like this more often.

What do you mean?

Quiet, peaceful... We don't talk like we used too.

I know... I'm sorry.

Toothless smiled again, then dove into the pond. Hiccup righted himself, and began to swim frantically for the shore, since his lack of foot made swimming more difficult. Hiccup made it to shore before he ran out of air, and pulled himself onto a large, flat stone that was directly in the sun.

Hiccup sighed in pleasure at the warmth that was soon drying him off. Toothless swam out of the water, and climbed up on the rock next to Hiccup.

I wish Stoick had never found us. Hiccup said after a few minutes.

I know, but there's nothing we can do about it. Not without moving everything, and going to a different island.

Hiccup sighed, then looked over to Toothless. Maybe we should go back soon, I want to see Addlyn and Rohan.

I'm sure they'd appreciate it. You could make them some toys or something, they seem lonely.

I wonder what happened to their parents... I hadn't seen them, and no one mentioned them.

I don't know... maybe they were away, or maybe they're gone.

Yeah... I guess so. It could happen, I mean, my Mom died when I was little. With the dragon attacks, it could happen.

I'm sorry... for what we did.

Don't feel too bad, we never recovered the body. She just disappeared during a raid. Stoick said she died, but I've started to wonder if she ran away...


Mom was apparently very careful, and was always interested in dragons. She made me that stuffed dragon. I remember her telling me stories of adventure, and dragons. Maybe its in my blood that I found you, and ran away.

Toothless pondered for a moment, It's possible, but wouldn't she have tried to contact you before?

I don't know, Toothless... I don't really know. Hiccup sighed, shutting his eyes. I used to wonder what she was like all the time. I would talk to her, you know... I would sit on my roof in the middle of the night, and I would talk to her in my head.

I'm sorry, Hiccup... If you don't mind me asking, why did you never talk to your father?

The two fell in silence for a few minutes, Toothless feeling horrible for asking.

He took me fishing once, when I was about seven. I hadn't wanted to go fishing, I wanted to go hunting for trolls. Mom had told me about them, and I thought they lived under the bridge near the shore. Stoick was so angry, and I just remember not knowing why. I had told him before we left what I'd wanted to do, and he just repeated that we were going fishing.

So, he didn't listen? Toothless asked.

It gets worse... After that, Stoick started apprenticing me with Gobber, which was fine. Most young Vikings learn at least a little of one craft or another, as well as the fighting skills. At that time, I was much smaller than the others, and couldn't tell the pointy end of a sword from the other. I was with Gobber for a while, until I was 'big enough' to join the others in combat training.

Toothless winced. That didn't go well, did it?

No... it branded me a bigger freak than ever, and instead of just ignoring me, everyone would taunt me. Not while Stoick or Gobber was there, mind. They beat me sometimes, and the adults verbally taunted me, knowing that I wouldn't say anything.

Why didn't you, Hiccup?

I was scared, and real Vikings dealt with their problems on their own... I was so much smaller then the others, and I was one against almost an entire village. The only peace I got was when I was in the forge, or at home alone. So, I learned as much as I could about smithing, leatherworking, and a little about carpentry, just to avoid the others. I read, and even spent some time with our Wise Woman. Hiccup sighed, pushing the heels of his hands into his eyes, trying to stop the tears that were building there. Stoick thought it was a phase, and left me alone. I think he was on the precipice of giving up. It wasn't until my first invention took out one of the doors on the Meade Hall that he finally stopped trying to deal with me, and started trying to turn me into a proper Viking. That lasted for a while, then he stopped.

I'm sorry.

We can't do anything about it now...

Hiccup pulled on his tunic, and lay back against the rock, resting his head on the dragon's arms. Stoick went away for long periods of time ever since I was ten, trying to find the dragon's nest and stop the raids. I tried so hard to try to get him and the others to notice me for something good. Whatever I did just lowered their standards, and I had to hide in my house for days, because if I left, they would pelt me with fruit. The others were awful, but Fishlegs grew up. He didn't quite fit in either. I told him to stay with the others while they were watching, and he did. When we were alone, he could be considered my only friend, but when anyone else was around, he just ignored me. I wish they would have just ignored me, it would have been kinder.

Did Stoick really not do anything?

He wasn't there enough. He never realized, and didn't believe what Gobber told him, since I never complained. I hated most of my village, so when we became friends, I was so excited.

I thought you were a little overexcited.

Hiccup and Toothless both started when Stormfly flew down near them.

Sorry, I just noticed you two were back. How'd it go?

We drank too much. Hiccup said dryly.

Huh... Somehow, that doesn't surprise me.

Toothless stood, and stretched. What happened around here?

The rabbits had another litter. And Water and Harley's eggs moved a little. They seem healthy.

That's good.

Hiccup reluctantly stood, wincing as his prosthetic shifted into place. He hobbled a few steps before getting into the rhythm of walking again. He hobbled to his favourite spot, the ledge that overlooked the stream, and the entrance into his home. Behind him lay the garden and field where his animals lived.

Hiccup pulled out a chunk of wood from a nearby chest, and began to carefully carve it.


Hiccup put his goods in his boat, and began to steer it away from shore. Go fly around, bud. I want to sail to Berk, it's been a while.

Alright, I know you like sailing. I'll fish, maybe catch some fresh dinner. Salted fish only does so much.

See you, bud! Hiccup called, smiling as his dragon flew off into the distance.

Hiccup steered the boat, lowering the sails to pick up speed. Hiccup didn't care if her arrived later in the day, even if only to anger Stoick. Hiccup soon lost himself in the familiar motions of sailing, not realizing how close he grew the island until it was in sight.

Toothless landed on the deck, shaking himself of excess water. That was good. On the way back, I'll fish for all of us.

Ok. Fly ahead, help me dock.

Soon, the two docked their boat, and Toothless flew a load of goods to the town square, as Hiccup walked to the middle of the village, taking in the amount of people that walked the streets.

Hiccup and Toothless set up their stall, and began to wait for customers. More people bought things then before, making Hiccup wonder what happened. Did the others who actually bought his wares praise him? Hiccup simply sold his wares until dark, then packed up and told Toothless to bring what was left to the boat.

I'm going to go talk to Addelyn and Rohan.

Meet you there in a few minutes.

Hiccup walked to the house, then knocked on the door and waited. No answer, nothing. Hiccup was confused, and looked inside. No fire was lit, and the house seemed empty of almost everything except for the heavy furniture. Hiccup felt worry build in his chest, and walked to the smithy, on the other side of the courtyard.

"Gobber?" He asked.

The older man was pounding on a hot sword, shaping the metal. Hiccup stopped, and watched the familiar, comforting sight for a few minutes. Toothless appeared behind him, but also said nothing.

The blacksmith quenched the blade, then turned to look at the two watching him work," Nice to see ya, again. Wha's goin' on?"

"Rowin and... Addelyn.." Hiccup ground out, pushing back a coughing fit, "Where?"

"Oh! The two youngin's who lived across the courtyard? They couldnae upkeep their house, and Stoick had them moved to the home."

Hiccup moved, "Orphans?"

"Yes. Little Addie couldnae be really moved, but she was better this week, so they made the move."

Hiccup felt his cheeks grow hot in anger, remembering how the others would taunt him. "If your dad wasn't chief, you'd be in the house!"

The house was a dingy hovel that orphans, or problem children were sent to live if they couldn't pay for a house that belonged to the family, or had no home to begin with. Hiccup licked his lips, "Want to help."

"Of course ye do. Why am I no' surprised? Let's go talk to Stoick, so you can work out a deal."


Hiccup fiddled with the warm cup of mead he held in his hands, staring at his father. Stoick was staring back, but was clearly thinking.

"So, you'll take the two children, and their things. You demand nothing in return, and all you want is to make sure, that if they so desire, they can come back when they're older?"

Hiccup nodded, "Yes... I will even... help them build... a new house..."

Stoick looked at Gobber, "What do you think?"

"I think it's a good idea, Stoick. Addelyn will not survive on her own, the poor lass. Rohan is tryin', but he can only do so much."

Stoick nodded, then drank from his tankard, "I suppose this won't harm anyone, and this might help those two poor kids."

"How did... their parents die?" Hiccup ground out, swallowing a mouthful of mead to ease his throat.

"Dragon raid, 'bout a year ago. He died, and she killed the dragon. Got a nasty cut tha' got infected," Gobber said, "She died a while later. It was very sad, and we helped for a while."

Hiccup nodded, swirling the alcohol around the tankard, "I want to... help them... let me.."

Stoick sighed, setting down his tankard, "Fine... You know where the house is?"

Hiccup nodded, setting his own down. He stood, "Thank you."

Stoick grunted, then stood, and moved into the kitchen. Hiccup smiled weakly at Gobber, "Thanks."

Gobber smiled back, "Go on, now. Go get your new kids."

Hiccup froze momentarily, swallowing down a sudden panic at the words. Hiccup left quickly, navigating the quiet streets with an ease that surprised him a little. Toothless walked beside him, keeping an eye out for others.

Here we are. You have the net, right? I'm not sure how many trips we'll be taking. I don't think too much, since they don't seem to have much anyway, but I want to make sure we take everything they want.

Of course. Go on, surprise them. I know you have the toys you carved them in your pockets.

Hiccup smiled, then strode to the door, then knocked. The door opened, revealing an interior that was practically falling apart, despite the two medium sized chests that had been recently dragged through the dust.

Rohan's face brightened, "Rowin!"

Hiccup smiled, "Hey."

"Why are you here?"

"Here to take... you home."

Rohan's face clouded with confusion, "We can't go home. Another family's moving in."

"Not your old... one. Mine."

Rohan's face brightened again, "We're going to where you live? You adopted us! Both of us!?"

"Yes!" Hiccup smiled.

Rohan turned, "Did you hear that, Addie?"

Hiccup saw movement from behind Rohan, and Addelyn was beside Rohan, a huge smile on her pale features, "Really?" In her thin arms, she held the cloth doll Hiccup had given her.

Hiccup nodded, "Your things?"

"Still in the chests. They wouldn't let us take any of the big furniture."

"We'll make you...some."

"You can make furniture?"


Addelyn smiled, "Thank you!"

"Sit here.. I'll get things... Then, go to boat..."



Hiccup smiled at the small children sleeping on the barely sacks. Addelyn was wrapped in several blankets, and Rohan slept beside her.

Hiccup carefully guided the boat to his dock, then carefully set the sleeping children on Toothless's back. I'll walk to the cave. Put them in my bed, I hope you don't mind sharing.

Not really. I'll take the chests too.

Hiccup nodded. Then began to walk home.


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