1912 Elise

She woke up gasping feeling a great loss a terrible dream-so strange her face was wet with tears she looked around scared where was Richard? There again was the panic clawing at her-she remembered the lost of breath"Richard?" she called aloud-standing up from the bed putting on the first thing she saw a discarded blouse and started buttoning it up she hear him before she saw him…

"Elise-come here my love" he answered and she felt the surge of relief, gasped in delight. She gave a little laugh when she saw the picnic setting within her very room…not realizing that she was ravenous for food…she hadn't thought about anything else- being satisfied after last night

"I thought you'd be hungry after much of the physical-ahem activities of last night"Richard comments like he had just heard her thoughts-recalling it made her shudder and go warm at the same time-his eyes didn't leave her and she couldn't take her eyes of off him neither his shirt lay unbuttoned his hair rumpled…her mouth went dry she wanted to kiss him…

"Good morning my one love-" he gestured for her to sit down "Marie helped me bring things up from your pantry…"

She took his hand and sat down across him-with his legs touching her thighs, she felt her heart quicken-she let out a calming shaky breath- she should learn to control this;her new constant longing for him. How would they ever leave this room?

But she knew that it was because Richard was more than enough for her for forever-she could see him and her with their children they would be beautiful with his blue eyes. She could see them growing old together she could see the picture go so vividly so clearly she blurted out

"you will marry me won't you?" he laughed which jolted her confidence, unwillingly doubts arose in her till he said "sure" and gave her his loving smile "I'm just laughing at they way you asked, that's all"

The two so blissfully happy, ate and chatted like they had no where else to be, like they had the rest of their lives to worry about other things. They were content to spend the rest of their lives just like this- discovering each other-making up for lost time having so much to say to each other-and yet Elsie felt that she knew so little about him; no matter, they could change this and they had the time…

"Tell me more about yourself my love…" he started to talk but she cut him off excited to know everything about him to inquire what could be inquired "… what kind of plays do you write are there any parts for me-assuming that I want to act again after tonight…" she says, feeling the heat rising to her cheeks at having admitted how she was feeling, the shade turning darker after, hearing the responding sound he made at the back of his throat...one that she immediately recognized. His hand cupped her face moved to her nape feeling her hair massaging her there with his fingers "you will" his tone sure answering her question.

"I want to be everything to you" she replies a bit breathlessly, as his fingers stat caressing her, "You are.."he said once then repeated for emphasis "you are"
before he leaned closer to her-he had been chewing on a piece of chicken she tasted it on his mouth her eyes close, as his lips moved with hers, she was sufficiently distracted before "good plays-" Richard says,

"What?" she asks laughingly bewildered also a bit shocked that he had cut the kiss short teasing her

"I write good plays"

"oh-I never gave you a chance to answer did i?" Elise realizes, feeling a bit embarrassed at her prattling so, he smiles at her tenderly, and the nerves disappear...

The two continue eating, occasionally asking each other questions...they had discovered each other in the barest sense last night, the details, their stories however...had yet to be cleared out...

It seemed however that one of them knew much more than the other,

"How come you claimed to know everything about me…" Elise asks, something that had unsettled her the first time she heard it, but now it seemed to apt. He truly was the only person to get to know her, who saw her as someone or something other than the star Elsie Mckena. Yes, he appreciated that part of her(which was understandable, being a theater person himself) but never once did he see that one portion of her as her entirety, Elise was confident he loved her simply as herself.

"I do…at least the facts…exactly where and when you were born...and other stuff." she smiles as this little speech, already somewhat used used to his different way of conversing

"but how do you know of it, is it like William's way of knowing things before they happened?"Elise presses on, he seems agitated, she feels his body tense,

"I researched I mean...I asked about you…from where I come from..."


"Yes..." he says, his eyes vacant, his thoughts elsewhere...as if he were someplace else altogether, for the fist time since last night she feels a shiver of foreboding pass through her. She brings his face to hers till their eyes meet, and he seems to come back.

"Your world and mine are different ones-Elise" he says softly,


1 month and 2 weeks had passed since his own disappearance...he had incessantly been researching about time traveling since his recovery,

He was able to go back to 1912 for few seconds, long enough to see her sleeping...he left her the book and his heart as well. He leaned in to kiss her and her eyes fluttered open she looked thorough shocked, but then she smiled "oh what a good dream-it's more real now."

He knew he couldn't stay long and he didn't want for her to see him disappear again…so he kissed her lightly on her forehead left the book by her table side.

"Good night my love" and fare well. I hope you find out how to work this soon-I'll see you very soon I pray. " he was being pulled back he brushed his lips against hers before...he felt that familiar pull,

"Come back to me." he whispers, before he's back in his own study, groaning in pain, feeling weakened...

"Please...please...I can't live knowing I ruined your life..." he says before he collapses.

Elise woke up to a familiar ghost of a taste on her lips she put her fingers to them "Richard.." she whispered into the room as dawn crept in.

She had such a wonderful but heartbreaking dream, it was a dream wasn't it? She couldn't allow herself even a shred of hope-but it was so real-his voice coming back what had he been talking about, he had laid something on her bedside table?

She shook her head at herself "Quit being ridiculous." she muttered, trying to suppress that surge of pain threatening to take over her, the exhaustion that had been enveloping her as of late.

Then she saw the book and froze. That definitely wasn't there when she fell asleep last night.

She jumped up, he had been there... it wasn't a dream but where was he now?

She didn't need to search her rooms, she could've felt his presence. She had felt him kiss her.

The loneliness threatened to overwhelm her, she took deep breaths to gather herself together.

Had he come to give her more grief and what was the use of this book? She turned it over and saw the title "Travels Through Time" she then flipped to the first few pages-admiring how the paper was so fine. Till her eyes, landed on the publication date. She stared unwilling to believe what she was looking at until her hands shook till she nearly dropped it-

then something else dropped out, a glossy piece of paper with a picture of...Richard... if the book, the paper, the fine photograph hadn't given indication that everything, all that Elsie knew, that she was sure of in this world was coming apart at the seams...the information on the paper about the man she had loved, but never truly known... certainly did...

was this the answer to everything?

She felt a wave of nausea (much more violent now) grip her she raced to her wash basin and felt the need to retch-she felt the pull in her belly then the sour taste before, she emptied all of her stomach's contents.

When she was certain she was indeed finished, she looked at herself in the mirror sighing at her pale and tired countenance.

"What has fate have in store for you..." Elise whispers aloud,

William had offered her a new project, he sent it by way of a messenger boy. She couldn't bear to see him- how he would give a knowing monologue about being right about Richard …that was two days ago, today is... wait, she remembered something else that seemed inconsequential. She began counting back with her fingers and she breathed deeply when it dawned on her-the particularity in food, her stomach pains…she was sure of it -she was pregnant –and the child's father was a man who didn't exist yet.