Jack flew over the treetops of a forest. He couldn't wait to reach Burgess. It was almost morning so he would have to be quick. He was planning on giving Burgess the best snow day ever.

When he reached his destination he used his staff to bury the city in snow. School would be cancelled so he could spend the entire day playing with Jamie and his friends.

After he was sure the city was buried in enough snow he zoomed down to Jamie's house. He could hardly contain his excitement.

He landed on a tree in Jamie's backyard and waited. After a bit Jamie and Sophie ran into the backyard, laughing and giggling. Jack grinned.

"Hey guys! Ready to have some fun?"

"Look at all the snow, Sophie!" Jamie exclaimed, ignoring Jack.

"Snow, snow!" Sophie hopped up and down excitedly.

"Yeah I thought you guys might like a snow day. Do you guys wanna go to the park and have a snowball fight?"

Jack jumped down from the tree and walked up to them.

"Come on Sophie, let's go build a snowman!" Jamie grabbed Sophie's hand and they ran through jack and towards a snow bank.

Jack gasped. They couldn't see him. They didn't believe in him anymore. Tears welled up in his eyes as he watched the two children. He pulled his hood up and flew away.





"Enough!" Tooth yelled, putting an end to North and Bunny's arguing.

"You two need to stop fighting and help me find my fairy!"

"Tooth," North tried to comfort her. "Only one fairy is missing. We will find her. Maybe you should take a break."

"Take a break?! Take a break?! One of my fairies is missing and you expect me to take a break?" She flew out of the room in a huff.

Sandy made a few pictures stating that he would go talk to her and then flew out of the room.

"I'll be back later. I'm going to go see how things are in the Warren." Bunny opened up a tunnel and jumped down out of sight.

North sighed and left to go work on building toys. Unfortunately all of the guardians were completely unaware of the heartbroken winter spirit they had just left behind.

Jack flew through the window and was about to call out to his fellow guardians when he heard a chirping noise. He flew down to a nearby cupboard and opened it up. Inside was one of Tooth's fairies. It must have gotten stuck in there somehow. He opened the cupboard wider to let it out. It chirped happily and flew through him and out the window to go find Tooth.

Jack just stared at where the fairy had just been. It had flown through him. It couldn't see him. How was this possible?

He wiped his tears away and flew towards the other guardians. He guessed that the little fairy hadn't seen that Tooth was right here.

"Take a break?! Take a break?!" Tooth seemed to be very angry at North and Bunny right now.

"Hey guys, I-" Jack was interrupted when Tooth flew through him and Sandy did the same and followed her.

"W-What?!" He gasped. He turned toward North and Bunny but they didn't even acknowledge his existence either. They both just left the room, leaving Jack all alone.

Jack broke down and began to cry.

"W-Why can't they see me? Why can't they hear me?"

He flew out the window and let the wind carry him away as he sobbed.

"Why don't they believe in me?"

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