He felt the sweat drip from his hair, and roll across his cheek. Eyes wild. Heart pounding. Lungs gasping...He ran.

The chase was on. He was the victum. Normally, the boy would have stood his ground, clapped his hands, and fought. But this time things were different.

Not only had the boy recognized the sinister tune playing its horrors over and over again, but his pursuer had shown a display of his power, and appeared practically immortal.

Well, that is, because he had no body.

The boys pursuer was a bodiless DOLL, a walking puppet that played a creepy tune day in day out, and when not playing, he was threatening.

The tune was one from the boys long gone childhood; he remembered the children dancing round and round, grasping each others hands in such amusement as they sang the joyous song, 'london bridge'.

But this time, after all these years of not hearing the sound, of not feeling such fulfillment, the boy coward away from the song, for it hadn't sounded the same.

London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down! london bridge is falling down, my fair lady.

Faster.. Faster, dammit! WHY WONT MY AUTOMAIL MOVE FASTER?! I'm gonna get caught... oh, gosh, Al... damnit all, Al... I'll make it...! I'll make it for you...Niisan.

LOndon BRidge Is FAlling DOwn-faLLInG dOWn fALLINg dOwN-LOndON bRidgE iS fAllinG doWN- mY FaiR lADY!

The sound wafted into the child's ears, louder and louder as it came closer and closer; the living doll was persistent, keeping its pace up with the speed of the fast child, whose fear was driving his limbs- or rather, limb.

He felt a touch on his left shoulder- Oh, shit, he's got me...I have to fight, I'm gonna... I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die-

Turning his head staring behind him, was his pursuer, the puppet. one hand outstretched toward him, and just when the child thought all was over, his life was over, he would never see light again, he felt a thump.

Jumping back, the boy expected the worst so he slammed his palms together, when a gloved hand grabbed a hold of his bare wrists. Shaking, the boy looked into his capturer's eyes, and to the child's surprise, they were not of buttons or a puppet.

They were a striking red, absolutely stunning, filled with every sense of the word.

"And who might you be?" spoke the owner of the demonic eyes.

The boy was to startled to respond. He tried making words, putting letters together, but his jaw just hung open, and even while his pupils dilated, his eyes remained as wide as ever, staring dumb found into the mans crimson eyes.

A distant call of, "Seb-ASTIAN!" broke the stare, and the man, apparently Sebastian, looked up.

"It appears as if my young master needs a little assistance. I suppose I could just leave you here." He said, lifting his hands away from the child's wrist. He began to brush off his suit and got into a stance to begin a chase to his "young master", when he heard a small noise.

"Wait..What about the puppet thing?" It said. It was the boy.

Sebastian turned, his cold face staring into the child's cherubic one. He lifted his arm, which held a mass of cotton, buttons, and a harmonica.

"You mean this?"

How..? This man did it while I was looking at him? When did he get the doll? When did he... kill it?

"I guess that means you don't have any reason to run?"

So Sebastian began his stance again.

"Wait!" The child said, apparently his voice had came back.

"What's that?" Responded Sebastian, still holding patience for the child, the one that was even smaller than his master.


"Yes, as long as the young master approves, you can come."

I hate this. I hate that I'm afraid to face this on my own, Al. But I cant die. Because then who'd turn you back to normal? I don't want to leave you all alone. I'm willing to take risks for you, but not for some stupid reason like this, being stuck in this pathetic world with pathetic victorian dresses and a class system. I'll do this, I'll just play it safe with this guy. Yup, feeling pathetic, but for you, its worth it.

"Come along then." said Sebastian to the boy. Just as the child took a step closer towards the man, Sebastian turned towards him, and stared at him for a few moments. This earned him a glare.

"..WHAT?!" yelled the child defensively.

"You just... remind me of someone." Responded Sebastian with a devious grin on his face. The boy scowled.

"Well," started Sebastian, "lets get a move on, afternoon tea is in fifteen minutes, and the young master will be displeased if he doesn't get his cup."

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