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Sebastian pretended as though he hadn't heard the prideful boy's cries.

Oh, of course, he inwardly chuckled at the internal struggle he observed the- dare he say- little boy was suffering. But, keeping in his place, the demon kept to his own devices and left the mentally disturbed teen to his own.

However, that isn't to say that the Phantomhive boy kept quiet.

It was the middle of the night, and Ciel's 'lovely' guest had already devoured all of the magnificent feast that the trained butler had provided. After dining, with the fair share of arguing and grumbling comments from the always polite, yet extremely irritated (and openly annoyed) Phantomhive, as well as chewing with the mouth open and yelling at the same time, along with a grotesque result of choking and hacking, the Elric teen laughed at Ciel's frustration.

The two rivals headed to their respective bedrooms, Sebastian changing his master's day time attire to his night, and through a small, uncomfortable and violating confrontation between the butler and Edward, the blond kid was left alone to change in peace. (For the love of God, did these people understand the concept of privacy?)

And that's when it began: It was around 2 am, and the restless, watchful butler observed his guest's tossing and turning. The narcissistic teen suddenly wasn't so brash, so loud, so disrespectful. He was suddenly vulnerable, and small beneath the massive covers that shielded him from the not-quite winter cold. Sebastian himself was slightly taken aback, as he didn't quite understand how his guest had transitioned from such a brave, lower-classed guest, to a fearful, emotional child.

Of course, this development made the kid all the more interesting.

Edward tossed and turned, grasping his pillow tight to his slender body and kicking his sheets roughly, mumbling some nonsense about hormonal guys*, and apparently, his younger brother.

Sebastians lips curled into a seductive smile, seeing the care in the boy's voice, seeing the chilled emotions pouring out of his mouth. It excited his taste buds to think that his guest had a spicy motive, and a protective personality that would taste so delicious on his tongue.

So, he watched.

Eventually, Edward's nightmare could be audible around the manner, his tossing and turning descended to violent hurling of pillows and bed-side cups at the walls, in turn knocking over valuables or shattering to the floor. His small whimpers for 'Alphonse, oh little brother...' transformed into shouts, blood-curling screaming of 'HOMONCULI' and 'TRUTH'.

Of course, the perplexed butler was prepared to interrogate the boy later on in search of an explanation, however, when his young master was awoken and was seemingly aggravated at the ungraceful state his mansion was in, Sebastian understood that he'd better get back to his job.

Ciel beat him to it, however.

"YOU FILTHY TRASH! How dare you make such noise in the middle of the night, when I'm asleep!" he shouted, an expression dirtying his cherubic features into a crinkled look of anger, his eyepatch no longer present.

When Edward didn't budge, and continued to throw any object within his reach (once succeeding in hurling a rather hard pillow at Ciel), Sebastian had to get involved and shake the frightened teen awake.

This resulted in Edward's legs tangling up in the cover. He shot straight up, his eyes wide and his hair sticking to his forehead in cold sweat, until his trembling form slid from the edge of the bed he occupied and he collapsed to the floor in a fit of sheets and pillows.

Ciel's brows knit together and a tick mark formed on his forehead. He growled loudly at Edward, who's shock of finding himself on the floor had fully awoke him and sent his mind back to 'asshole mode'. He grinned rashly at the standing boy, and shrugged rather rudely.

"Hey, sorry about that. It happens, ya know?"

"I was asleep! It's enough that I welcomed garbage like you into my house, now you have to make enough noise to wake up everyone in the neighborhood?!"

"Clearly not everyone in the neighborhood is awake, since there's still plenty of room in here."

Ciel pinched the bridge of his nose, earning him a chuckle from Edward, and a small, understanding smile from a hungry Sebastian.

"Young master, would-"

"No, Sebastian, get a new cover and clothing for our guest. Also, a cup of hot tea would be nice." Was all Ciel said.

Although the butler normally could read Ciel like the back of his hand, for the second time that night Sebastian was intrigued. Both the teens were changing because of the effect one had on the other. He was fascinated, and though he wished to stay and observe, he had a lot to do involving a cup of tea and blankets.

"Yes, my lord." He said with a deep bow. The door shut with a quiet click behind him, and when the Phantomhive was sure he was out of earshot, he spoke again.

"Edward Elric, if you wish to stay here any longer, I believe you owe me an apology for waking me tonight, and for breaking so much of my valuables."

Ed sighed, his rude facade disappearing as even he knew that he owed Ciel for his hospitality. Equivalency was necessary for balance in life, right?

"Look, I'm sorry. I couldn't help it, but I just had a bad dream, alright? And, yeah, I broke your shi-" He stopped himself at the look Ciel graced him with. Be nice, be polite... you owe him! "...your stuff. I'll fix it tomorrow."

Ciel's brow raised at this comment, but he brushed it off. With a sigh, he dropped his anger for a moment and eased a bit of the tension by-

By offering Edward a hand.

"...Just get up. You look pathetic down there."

Edward's eyes widened up at Ciel, whose cheeks turned a light shade of pink with the embarrassment of exposing his inner self a bit, by softening. Nevertheless, Ed grabbed his hand roughly and was up on his own two feet again.

"-there. Better, Ciel? I'll take care of the blankets and stuff. And..." Ed trailed off with a bit of awkward forming in his voice, he felt a small crack (STUPID PUBERTY) almost slide from his vocal chords at his own exposure.

"Well...? Spit it out, pitiful-"

"Thanks for letting me stay here," Ed interjected quickly, "I'd still be on the streets without you, I really, really appreciate it."

Ciel rolled his eyes, turning his back to Edward and shaking his head. "Yeah, whatever."

Dammit, I've only known Elric for a week and already I'm starting to talk like him!

Ciel then exited the room, leaving Edward alone until Sebastian returned with the sheets. He pretended not to notice how terribly uncomfortable Ed looked.

"There, Master Elric, I hope these new sheets suit you. Please enjoy your rest." Sebastian said curtly, gracefully exiting the room and making his way down the hall to Ciel's bedroom.

Only, he never found him there.

Ed sat at the edge of his newly made bed, his head in his palms. He'd waited for the two to leave him alone before letting his hair down (both literally, and metaphorically). The nightmare about Truth, the homunculi, and his brother had set him on edge, and being completely honest with himself, he was terrified of going back to sleep.

Normally, Alphonse would be with him to talk with, to watch over him and reassure him that everything was alright. But that comfort was gone, and so was the fearlessness that came with it.

He was completely, and utterly alone for the very first time.

So he sat in the night, waiting for the sun to wash away his restlessness and fright.

Or so he thought.

"...here." Came a voice from the doorway. Edward's head shot up, recognizing Ciel instantly. Didn't he go back to his room...?

"Look," Ciel insisted, "I know what it's like to have nightmares. I've had them after escaping..." He trailed off, an image of a naked man lying beside him flashing in his mind. He shook away the thoughts. "I've had them. But I've also had Sebastian there to protect me."

Before Edward understood what he meant, the other kid was sitting on the other side of his bed, fluffing up a pillow and slipping beneath the sheets. He looked at him quizzically, before shaking his head for the second time that night and rolling over.

Both boys were aware of the many comments Edward could have made about softness, and of the many retorts Ciel could have offered. However, all that either boy said was a quiet whisper of "Goodnight", before the candle burned out and the two were soundlessly asleep.

And Sebastian left them to their devices.

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