I sit aboard my Tardis and watch the blazing inferno in front of me. Even after all these years, it burns with such a heat, such an intensity that even a million miles away I can barely stand the searing heat that is pulsing into my eyes. I can't bare to watch, and yet I can't tear my eyes away.

I did this. The destruction and terror I'm witnessing is my own fault. I should be down there with them, my family, my friends, my people. Yet here I sit morning the loss of a civilization destined to become a whispered legend lost in time.

Alone, that's what I have become. The emotion is enough to crush even the strongest mind. I've lost everything. I couldn't save my planet, I couldn't save my companions; Rose, River, Amy, Donna… they are all forever lost to me.

It's been ten thousand years my home began burning. I've spent all my fifteen hundred years either running from my people or journeying on to keep their name alive. But maybe, just maybe it's time I stopped running. I've been alone for so long now I don't know how much more I can take.

A dull pounding at the back of head has been getting worse as the years pass by. It's so loud now that I can't think straight. I just want peace. That's all I've ever wanted. I just want to rest, I'm so tired of all the fighting and running and goodbyes.

Tears are streaming down my face. I know this is it. The Tardis is slowly moving closer to the blazing fury, like a piece of metal drawn to a magnet. I do nothing to stop her; after all, she feels the same as me.

An orange aura begins encompassing my limbs; my body is preparing itself for regeneration as the heat damages it beyond compare. I don't care that this is my last life. I won't last long in it. I'm finally going to join my family. I'll finally be at peace, and one day I hope the universe will forgive me.