Sonya sat in the helicopter staring off into the sky. The Red Dragon had just found Kano and the top members of the Black Dragon clan, and they were in route to apprehend them. According to the report, there were six members in total, so that meant three volunteers accompanied Sonya, Mavado, and Hsu Hao. Sonya was starting to feel a bit anxious. Kano had caused her so much anger and pain throughout her life. To make things worse, he left her bloody and broken in the streets, so that she could bleed out to. Feelings of hate started to rush through her, and she didn't know if she wanted to beat him within an inch of his life or if she just wanted to end the pathetic little worm. She was also afraid that Mavado would try to interfere and take her sweet revenge away from her, and kill Kano for himself. .

She kept looking out at the sky, and for a second she swore she caught a glimpse of Fujin and Raiden off in the distance. She tried to focus on the spot but the wind was making it hard for her to see. She looked away for a second and when she turned back there was nothing.

She shook the thought from her mind and focused on the current mission. Mavado stood up and started to talk to the pilot for a bit. Without another word, he put on his parachute and jumped out, Hsu Hao did the same. Sonya stood up, stretched and slipped the parachute on her back. She then peered over the edge, and jumped.

Instantly her wind was whipping her face and there a sudden rush of adrenaline and excitement. No matter how many times she was air dropped to a location the feeling of falling was never anything less than exciting. These would be the kind of things she would do if she could ever relax, but she knew better. Her life was way more complicated than most and it did not allow for "down time" especially now. This was her down time, and for once in a long while, she allowed herself to silence her mind, and focus only on the rush she felt.

Her parachute deployed and she landed safely on the ground next to the other five members of the mission. They gathered together and Mavado gave the instructions on where to go. They were going to ambush them and Sonya would be used as bait. Great, she thought to herself, of course they'd send me in as bait, assholes. She just rolled her eyes and shook her head, but moved to towards the area Mavado described. As she got closer she heard voices, a gruff voice, Kano's, was barking out orders. She looked around her and saw everyone getting to their positions. Time seemed to be moving so fast, up until this moment. This close to revenge time seemed to slow around her. She stepped out and heard her heart in her ears as she saw Kano.

His back was to her and he was talking with some masked man, but she could still smell the cigarettes and cheap whiskey that seemed to emanate from his very pores. As she stepped into the clearing, she felt the hairs on her body stand at attention, as sweat dripped down her face. She took a deep breath and prepared herself.1,2,3. She put an arm on her hip and waited as the frantic masked man insisted that Kano turn around. When he turned around shock filled his face, but it was only for a brief second, then he smiled.

"Well, well, well. If it ain't Sonya Blade. Look what we got 'ere boys. Seems this bitch cop wants a taste of the Black Dragon Gang. This is the one who's partner killed Tremor. She's been a thorn in my side for far too long. I showed her mercy, yet she comes back, begging me to kill her. Looks like today will be more fun than I thought." He licked his lips and laughed maniacally.

Sonya started to walk towards him, and the other members of the gang formed a circle around them. Kano cracked his neck and knuckles, maintaining eye contact with Sonya the entire time. He got on one knee, tied his boots, and removed his knives from their sheath around his waist. He twirled the knives in his hands and waited for Sonya to make her move. She slowly walked towards him and smiled. She bent down and tied her shoes, and quickly grabbed some dirt on her way back up. She winked at Kano and blew him a kiss, thereby throwing dirt at his eyes. She then kneed him in the groin, and used her elbow to drop him to the ground.

"I don't do fair baby!" She said as she spit on the back of his head. The other members started to rush her, so she picked up Kano's knives and threw them at the girl in purple that was rushing her. The girl dodged the knives, but she wasn't able to avoid Sonya's flip kicks.

Just then the Red Dragon rushed out of hiding and attacked the confused Black Dragon members. Kano stood up and made eye contact with Mavado. He looked from Sonya to Mavado, then back to Sonya. His red eye began to glow brightly, as he arched his eyebrows and clenched his fist. He was clearly grinding his teeth and his face was contorted into a look of pure hatred. He looked at Sonya, snatched her up, and pulled her in close to him.

"I thought you were one of the good guys!? What the fuck are you doing working with Mavado you dumb bitch?" Kano whispered in her ear.

She headbutted him and kneed his gut. As he doubled over, she jumped onto his back and stomped him to the ground. She then lifted his head and whispered in his ear. "Don't call me a bitch ever again you sick misogynistic fuck!"

She then slammed his head repeatedly into the floor. She turned him around and put her heel to his throat, she was moments from ending Kano's life, when Jarek came crashing into her. Jarek landed on top of her cursing Mavado's name. He looked over at Kano, then looked underneath himself at Sonya, and then he realized that he had just saved Kano's life. He smiled and pinned Sonya to the ground. He put his arms around her neck and started to choke her. He slammed her head to the ground and began to shake her vigorously. She lifted her legs into the air and wrapped her ankles around his neck.

She felt the blood in his neck pumping against her calves and she felt his breath on the skin of her ankles. She stared him down ready to snap his neck, when Mavado slid his hookswords underneath his armpits and flung him aside. He then spun around and blocked Kano's attack. The two started to fight, much to Sonya's dismay.

Before she could try and take Kano back for herself, Jarek came rushing back. He jumped on Sonya and used him momentum to push her to the ground yet again. He pulled out a knife and tried to drive it through her heart, but she stopped him with her forearm. They were struggling for a while, until was able to overpower him and push him off her. They jumped to their feet at the same time and stared at each other for a while. From the corner of her eye, Sonya saw Hsu Hao trying to fight the Masked Black Dragon member, and trying to avoid the flames that licked out of his flamethrower.

The site of someone actually using a flamethrower threw her off completely, and Jarek was able to land a kick to her face. As his foot connected with her jaw, she felt her cheek rip from the contact. Blood trickled down the side of her face, and she used her arm to wipe it off. He started to throw a combination of punches and kicks, but Sonya was no longer distracted. She blocked all of his attacks and turned them against him. She fought defensively, until he threw a miscalculated punch she caught. She held his arm tight and punched the back of his shoulder as hard as she could, as she pulled his arm back the other direction. The shoulder snapped and popped out place.

Jarek howled in pain and flipped around to kick Sonya again. The tip of his foot landed on her cut cheek, and she felt the wound open up a bit more. He then spun kicked the other way, but she stopped his foot and twisted it. He howled in pain once more and fell to the floor. He tried to creep away as he called for his friends.

"No Face, Kano, someone help me put my shoulder back in place, please!" He cried out as he tried to inch away from Sonya.

As Sonya started to walk towards him, she noticed something in the corner of her eyes. It seemed as if someone was coming running towards her at full speed. She braced herself and turned around, but instead Kano jumped and spun towards Hsu Hao. He made contact and knocked him to his ass. Mavado was behind him chasing him around. The masked man, who was apparently named No Face, spotted Sonya and was walking towards her.

The masked man stopped, took off his pack and threw it at Sonya. He then whipped out a gun and shot it. The blast sent Sonya flying a few feet into the air. Shrapnel flew in every direction and a piece lodged itself into Sonya's armor, another piece found it's way into the sole of her boot. She landed with a thud and the ringing in her ears grew louder, her vision grew hazy.

No Face popped Jarek's shoulder back in place and then started to make his way to Sonya. As she lay there groggy, she saw him pull something small and round out of his pocket. He seemed to fiddle with it for a while before he dropped it next to and ran. He and Jarek seemed to be running as if it was a live it hit her. She put two and two together, and frantically tried to scramble away. She looked back in time to see Hsu Hao picking up the grenade and tossing it aside. He then charged at the masked man who appeared to be pulling out another grenade.

Kano was fighting Mavado again, and Jarek had gotten attacked by a Red Dragon Volunteer. Jarek and the Red Dragon member were moving and Sonya was not able to see where they went because her vision was still blurry, and her head was starting to hurt. She rubbed her eyes and stood up, ready to attack someone. Her vision cleared in time for her to see Hsu Hao attack No Face.

Hsu Hao rushed No Face and shoulder charged him to the floor. The Black Dragon scum had just pulled the pin on another grenade. Frustrated, Hsu Hao ripped off his mask and shoved the grenade into his mouth. He then put No Face's mask back on, and tossed him as high as he could into the air. No Face exploded into a various pieces, that rained down on the fighter's. Hsu Hao roared with laughter as some of the blood spilled onto his face. He threw his head back and howled with laughter as his hands lay on his hips and he licked the blood off his lips. He turned and counted the remaining fighter's. He saw Mavado and Kano fighting, while the two new Black Dragon members fought as a team against two of the volunteers. He was searching for the other girl Black Dragon member when he felt a knife pierce his shoulder.

Instinctively he reached behind him to grab the arm of his would-be assassin. He squeezed tight and flipped the person over him so that he could face them. As he did so she kicked him in the face and dug a knife into his other shoulder. As the searing shot through him, he laughed at the joy it brought him. Tasia was a fighter and was deadly in close combat, he would enjoy ending her life. He twisted her hand and crushed all of her fingers in the process.. She withdrew another knife and started to slash at him with it.

She managed to slice his face and left pectoral before he grabbed her arm and ripped it off. As she fell to the floor, writhing in pain, he stood over her and stomped a hole into her gut. He slid his foot out of the wound and wiped his boot off on her face. He then smiled, turned to Sonya and winked. She shook her head and looked away. As he stared at her, he saw the color leave her face. He turned to the direction she was looking in and saw Kano standing over Mavado with the hook swords in his hands as he shot laser's at him. Hsu Hao ran at Kano full force, hoping to reach him in time to save his best friend's life.

Kano was having fun as he was starting to carve his name into Mavado's chest with his laser eye. He was careful to only use enough power to only brand the name onto Mavado, without killing him. He had just reached the n, when Hsu Hao came crashing into him. He hit the floor with a thud and felt pain resonate throughout his body. As he tried to shake the pain off and fight Hsu Hao, a hand picked him up and smashed him back down to the ground. Dazed and confused he stood back up, trying to make sense of what had just happened. Arms wrapped around him and began to squeeze him tightly, sucking the air out of him and crushing his ribs. It felt as if his ribcage was about to collapse. He turned his head around and used his laser eye to shoot Hsu Hao. He cut his bicep, and was dropped to the floor.

Jarek had killed the person he was fighting and rushed over to try and fight Sonya one more time. He tried to curl into a ball and launch himself at her, but she was prepared. She blocked all of his attacks and hand manage to land all of her punches and kicks. She elbowed his face then kneed his chin. She then did a cartwheel and kicked Jarek to the floor. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a metal wire she was carrying. She pulled tight and prepared herself to kill Jarek with it.

He tripped her and grabbed her leg and lifted her up only to smash her back to the ground. He then pulled out a knife and tried to stab her again. This time his anger seemed to be augmenting his strength, because Sonya was struggling to push the knife away. As she tried to push back with all her might, she threw her legs up and wrapped her ankles around his neck. She was about to flip him off her, but she felt something sharp push between her legs. Just then a hook sword ripped through Jarek's chest. Blood rained onto Sonya's face as the knife clattered to the floor next to her. In the distance she heard Kano scream. Mavado pulled up and Sonya quickly moved her legs out of the way. Jarek's corpse toppled onto her and his blood got all over her face. She pushed him off her and stood up and gave Mavado a disgusted look. She was ready to gut him and wipe the smile off his face. She looked away and saw Kano being squeezed again by Hsu Hao, only this time it looked as if Hsu Hao wanted to pop Kano.

Kano screamed out in pain as Hsu Hao squeezed tighter. He heard a voice bark a command and the pain stopped, and he was dropped to the floor. He coughed up blood as he motioned for the new recruits to escape. They had killed their attacker's and were ready to help Kano fight Mavado, Hsu Hao, and Sonya. Kano yelled at them to go and they reluctantly left. He smiled turned around and faced Hsu Hao, Mavado, and Sonya. He looked at each of them, then took in some mucus and spat bloody mucus in Mavado's face. Sonya spoke up.

"Kano had been a pain in my ass for a long time and I want to return the favor. He left me to die out in the streets, so it is only fair we leave him to die here in this forest. If I was here to help, than this is my input on what to do with him. That or we can bring him in for questioning. He has been working for the enemy for a long time now, he should have some type of insight on their plans, let's make use of him." She looked from Hsu Hao to Mavado, and she could tell that something was going on in their minds. Hsu Hao was the first to argue.

"Kano has been the bane our existence, he need to die here and now. I will peel his skin off and watch as Mavado salts and burns him. It will bring me amusement to watch this traitor pay for his crimes. He led a rebellion against the Red Dragon, and proclaimed he was better than all of us. He then tried to start up a clan of classless warriors, known as the Black Dragon. The imbecile is not even original, he is bland and pedantic. The only fate I want for him is for me to slowly strip away his layer's until we reach his core. Then we will burn the traitor, put his body on display for those who dare betray the Red Dragon Clan." He pounded his chest and shouted some phrase. He punched Kano in the face to knock him out.

" We will not kill him, Hsu Hao! The mission was to apprehend him, and we did. If you so wish to fulfill your...desires, you can torture him for an hour each day, but he lives. We had an agreement with Sonya and we will prove to her we are trustworthy, unlike this Black Dragon scum. Now play nice with each other while I call in the chopper and talk to Daegon." Mavado stated to the two. He then smiled and walked to the side so that he could talk to Daegon.

"Master Daegon the target is acquired and we are about to head back. Two Black Dragons escaped all the other's aside from Kano are dead. We are holding him prisoner for now, Sonya insisted upon it."

"Good, she is smart that one. See I need Kano for some possible experiments. The test subject I have been working on is responding well to the injection's and I want to see if the injection works on everyone. Kano would be a perfect test subject to help me with that."

"Understood, master. What are we to do with Sonya Blade?"

"Bring her here so that Fujin can take her and Matheus back. With the both of them Lord Shinnok will be able track the Forces of Light's every move. When the time comes we will activate our plan and Lord Shinnok will ensure that the Red Dragon is known and respected across every realm."

"Very well master, we are on our way I will talk to you soon."

"Hurry back Mavado. We found the Gold Dragon, and I need you and Hsu Hao here to deal with it as soon as Fujin takes his friend and goes. Fujin came to help me find my brother so we could "protect" him. Well we found the location, but Taven is gone. Fujin went to search for him. Hurry back so we can continue with our plans."

Reptile had taken a while to get to throne room, but now that he was there he was excited to tell Mileena what he had saw. He had taken so long because one of the Shokan had seen him, and he had to kill it to get away. When the other's had learned that one of their kind died, they started to look for his attacker. Reptile had to travel in silence on his way back to Mileena. He smiled and licked his lips as he thought of how easy it was to kill the Shokan. He stayed camouflaged until Mileena entered the room. She came in followed by Baraka, Reiko, Rain, Skarlett and Tanya. As they argued Reptile revealed himself and bowed to Mileena.

"Empresssss Mileena, I have some wonderful news to tell you. While I was out in the forest I ran into Ermac. He attacked me and unfortunately the sswine bessted me. When he left he referred to himself as Jerod. Also I was…."

"Reptile you snake! I care not of Ermac or the fact that he has taken the name of my dear dead sister's real father. I also do not care what the next thing you are about to say is. You were not here to honor my coronation, and last I remember, you were not in my father's good graces, before he passed. As I remember it you were caught speaking poorly of him, when he acknowledge that your people will die with did not even call revenge to the people that have killed him. Instead, I find out you are out playing in the forest with Ermac? Meanwhile Baraka and I are amassing an army to kill Raiden for having killed my father. You are no better than those good for nothing Shokan that left."

"Yessss this is about the Shokan you…'beautiful' Empress." He spat at her. "The Shokan will plan an attack, they may even be willing to join the forces of Earthrealm. As for the comment it was a sssimple missssunderstanding." Reptile hissed at her as her cursed her under his breath.

"Well then join them, because you are of no use to me. Now leave my site, before I ensure that your pathetic race dies with you." MIleena said to Reptile as she laughed maniacally.

Reptile growled and prepared himself for an attack. He started to form an acid ball ready to rip Mileena apart to shreds for insulting his people, but then Rain interjected.

"Mileena if I may. Now that I am free, I was hoping to prove myself. What if Reptile, Reiko and I take a small army and end the Shokan rebellion. We can bring centaurs and tarkatan's to ensure our victory." Rain challenged. He looked at Baraka, who looked eager to join him, then at Mileena who looked displeased.

"Fine but instead of Reiko, Tanya and Skarlett will join you on your endeavour. Now go now, before I change my mind about this. Reiko! Be sure to provide them with a proper army. Now go or Baraka will tear the skin from your flesh Reptile and Rain." Baraka grunted and banged his chest in approval, as if he would like nothing better to do than skin them both alive.

As soon as they left Mileena's presence Reiko turned to Skarlett and spoke.

"Ok so, Skarlett. Mileena only made you come because of your hatred of Rain, so I want you to pick soldier's to join us, that you will know will do as Mileena commands, and I will tell you where Quan Chi is, so that you can kill him. Now we must move fast, because Mileena will realize she made that too easy. It was great timing getting to her after a gladiatorial combat, but we do not want her to come to her senses. Now are you ready to pick your soldier's that'll help us end the rebellion's once and for all Skarlett? " Skarlett agreed and the two left to gather the warriors. Reptile, Rain, and Tanya all stood together in silence. Rain was the first to break the tension.

"Reptile, I understand the pain and anger you must be feeling. See I too decided to join Shao Kahn, despite the fact that he destroyed my home and merged it with his. I too feel the burden of loneliness crushing me You should not be treated the way you have been treated. I have a plan, but I am going to need your help."

"Don't trust him." Tanya said, obviously upset with Rain.

"I need your help too Tanya. See Reptile, Tanya and I were both members of the Edenian resistance, but I betrayed her. I got her kicked out of the resistance when she told me she was doing black magic. I was young and stupid, Tanya and I am truly sorry. See the thing is, I am now working for Shinnok. The same guy Tanya and Reiko work for."

"Why should I help you? What benefits shall I reap? Honestly there is no one who can restore what I want, now that Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung are dead. Quan Chi cannot bring back my race alive and Raiden is the reason my people fled to another planet. I wish Shao Kahn could have killed him before he died, but alas, not everything can be as we wish. "

"Now Reptile. Shinnok is a fallen Elder God, meaning he still has the powers of a God. If you help us then I can try to put a word in to see if he can do anything about bringing back your race, or if he could find a way to repopulate your kind."

"How can I trust you? You purple traitor? Your so called friend here does not even trust you." He motioned towards Tanya.

"If you do not believe me, we can talk to Shinnok now." Rain said with confidence. He then lead Tanya and Reptile into a dark corner and her performed a communication spell, using a water bubble he conjured up They waited a while before Shinnok appeared.

"What do you want Rain, I am busy, do not bother me with your stupidities. Quan Chi informed me you were nearly died. How did you survive?"

"Actually Shinnok, your friend Reiko helped me. Also, I have someone willing to join your cause and enforce your rule if you help him out with something. See Reptile here wants to help, but he doesn't believe you can help him repopulate his race."

" I myself cannot and will not procreate with him, but I can give him information regarding his people. Tell him that if he joins us and we are succesful, I will reveal the location of the female that seeks him." Reptile stepped forward and talked to Shinnok for a while, curious at the mention of a female. He vowed that if Shinnok helped him locate the unnamed female, then he would serve in the Brotherhood of Shadow. Shinnok smiled and then told him a few words.

"You are not the only living member of the Saurian race. There is another known as Khameleon and she is searching for you. If you help Rain with his task, I will see to it that Khameleon is guided to you. Now leave me be. All of you." With that Shinnok's image disappeared. Tanya and Reptile looked at Rain and asked him what they were really going to be doing on this mission. He smiled and turned to them.

"You guys are going to help me unite the Shokan and Edenian Resistance, so that we can liberate Edenia in the name of Shinnok. You two will then help me lead the newly freed realm. Hell Tanya maybe you can even be my Queen" He smiled to himself as he began to devise a plan in his head.

"Don't flatter yourself pretty boy! Not interested. Not to mention, how are you even going to liberate Edenia anyways? Are the Shokan going to serve as your army? What are you going to do?" Tanya questioned him.

"Don't worry your pretty little head about it, I will have everything under control." Rain said as Tanya began to glower at him. Reptile spoke up.

" I care not what is done, as long as it is done in ample time. I need to start searching for this Khameleon and attempt to repopulate our people, so you cannot screw this up Rain, or I will kill you myself."