Flower Language
"And no matter what the future holds, I'll cherish every moment."
The 30 Day OTP Challenge featuring Robin/Lucina

Day 1: Holding hands
Rating: K
Word Count: 259
Summary: "Despite being fearless and fierce in battle, Lucina was still shy about holding Robin's hand."
A/N: OK! This challenge is going to help me prepare for a project I'm working on. Plus, I wanted to do this for a while now. Not much to really say except... Expect fluff and maybe some angst. The ratings will vary and so will the word count. This one's short and simple.

Despite being fearless and fierce in battle, Lucina was still shy about holding Robin's hand.

At least when they were in public she was. When they were alone, she had no problem slipping out of her gloves and holding his bare hand. When they were with others, the princess's face would quickly fade to a pretty shade of red as her shaky fingers gripped loosely around his hand.

It was probably due to the fact that she'd never been courted before. For some reason, she had trouble showing her affection publicly. Probably because every time she threw her arms around her fiancé, she could hear giggling from both Cynthia and Inigo.

As for Robin, he finds this amusing. Seeing this side of Lucina was rare, her fidgeting and looking away from him. He loves seeing all sides of her to be honest, but this was a change from her usual personality.

His grip around her hand tightens a bit as he lifts is up, earning a confused look and a head tilt from the lord. He gave her a sly look once her hand was close to his face, and she felt his lips press against the back of her hand.

For the rest of the trip, her face was incredibly red as she grips on his hand. She was thanking Naga that Inigo and Cynthia weren't with them or she may have died of embarrassment right there.

The tactician laughs lovingly as he swings their hands gently, reaching to press a kiss to the top of her head.