Just in case people get confused about anatomy, or what Alpha/Bata/Omega or knotting is I will explained some basics based on how this fic will work. If you don't care feel free to skip this ramble to the actual fic, you won't get lost

Alpha: There are a lot of Alpha's around but they are fewer then Beta. (Ex, Sullivan, George, Roz). Only (male) Alphas have Knots, Alphas only go into heat when around Omegas in heat.

Beta: Huge majority or Monsters are Beta. (Ex. Mike, Celia, Don). Betas only go into heat around Omegas in heat, Beta's mate similar to humans in that they can become pregnant without being in heat, Only female Beta's can be impregnated.

Omega: There are very few Omegas left (Ex. Randall). Omega's go into heat every three months and it lasts a week, the first day of heat is dedicated couple day (Like valentines, but every three month/less hype) When in heat omegas can become pregnant.

Knotting: When erect Alphas form swollen glands at the base of their penis, Use to keep the Alpha inside their mate until they climax, then the swelling goes down and they can remove it.

Sulley watched with a smug smirk as Randall walked out of his last door for the day, looking up at the board to see he was still right under Sullivan and that damn Wazowski. Admittedly Sulley had to respect the cold reptilian monster; he had never seen an Omega become a scarer before. He could hardly imagine the back breaking work that Randall went through to get into university, then finding a job at Monsters Inc. Unfortunately the years of laboring seem to put a damper on Randall's worldly outlook, leaving him unfriendly and bitter. Resentful of his own biology, every day he fought to be more than just an Omega, to stop being looked down upon by the higher social classes.

Randall was one of very few Omegas left as the social classes became more predominantly Beta and Alpha. Sulley was born with all the perks: rich family, scare record wielding father, and being a top class Alpha, Randall shivered at the injustice. Sulley watched as the purple monster walked by him, glaring in bitter resentment until he passed, making his way to the locker rooms.

"Hey, better luck next time Randall!" Sulley shouted as Randy was almost out of hearing distance, the comment echoed high into the ceilings and Randall stopped, tempted to turn back to Sulley but swallowed his pride and kept walking with the rest of the scarers.

"Hey Buddy we were on a role today!" Mike said, running over after putting the last scream canister away. The friends high fived each other as they began walking away from their station before getting stopped by a too familiar face. "Is that the paper work I see on your desk Wazowski?" Roz asked in a deep crackling voice. Mike looked back to his station and of course it was. "Oh yes, I was going to come back for it, but since I am here I might as well pick it up now" Mike said trying to charm the 'succulent garden snail' as he called her from time to time.

"Jeez, she is nuts," Mike said lowly as he and Sulley walked back to his desk.

"I dono Mike, she needs those papers to do her job" Sulley reasoned as he nudged the green ball playfully with his arm. "Yeah, yeah." He brushed off Sulley's argument, he has heard it before. "Plans tonight?" Sulley shrugged. "Eh, not really, just thought I would work out." He looked down to Mike who seemed to be sweating "Why?" He asked suspiciously. Approaching the table Mike grabbed the papers, checking them quick to make sure all were present, especially the ones for Roz. "Well, I might have told Celia last week that we had the apartment to ourselves for the night…" Mike scratched his head. "I completely forgot about it until now!" Despite Mike's impressive grades in school and academics he was not the brightest when it came to social obligations: like a day's notice.

"What am I going to do for a whole night?" Sulley threw his hands up rolling his eyes. "I really think you should have gave me more time to plan Mikey."

"I know I know, just pick a fancy hotel for the night, it's on me!" Mike said as the lights on the scare floor went dark. "On you huh? Won't mind if I stay at the Fired Breath then, huh?" Mike bit his lip at the name of one of the most expensive hotel chains in Monstropolise. "I could survive there a night, by the indoor pool, enjoying the wide view from my room," Sulley went on teasing. Mike was silent as they left the scare floor, leaving the papers on Roz's desk as she got ready to call it a night like the other workers.

"Relax Mike, I will call up mom and tell her I am coming over tonight." Mike knew his sad silence would make the big lug crack "Ohh thank you pal!" he burst. Sulley knew Mike was trying to save up for an engagement ring for Celia; he didn't have the heart to spend the beach ball's money. "I am going to get rid of these papers then meet Celia at the door, I owe you one Big Guy, catch you later!" Mike said running down a hall, the stations were most likely closed by now; he would just have to leave the papers in the mail boxes.

Sulley sighed as he continued towards the dressing room, before entering George and Don walked out to greet him "Ha—Hey, brother!" Don greeted happily to his old college team mate. "Running a little late tonight?" he asked. "Yeah, just had to sort out a few things with Mike," Sulley shrugged "Okie dokie," Don laughed. "I am heading out for a night of romance with Squibbly Nibbly" he said all too cheerfully.

"I am going to meet my new girl at the Slime Bar down town," George piped in, "Speaking of which I better head out, don't want to keep her waiting" George waved as he turned towards the door, Don followed suit soon after. "I have to go drop Scott off at a friend's before I return to the 'love nest'." The mental image could scare Sulley if he pictured it for too long. "See you guys later" He waved them goodbye.

Sulley walked into the change room to find most the lights have dimmed or have been turned off, he noticed the light switches but in the name of conserving energy Sulley kept them dimed. Sulley walked up to his locker and opened it, wondering if he had anything he should bring with him to his parents' house. Standing by his locker Sulley felt a little light headed, he took a seat on a wooden bench that went all through the locker rooms, resting his head in his paws. Sulley's breathing picked up as he felt an odd sensation in his groin along with a strong alluring fragrance that was becoming more prominent in the room.

Sulley looked around the empty room, calling out "Anyone in here?" He looked around again to be sure as his member hardened. Hearing no reply Sulley hunched over, grabbing his penis gently as it slid from its sheath. He began running his hand up and down his member, the natural lubricants making the skin slippery and easy to tug. He closed his eyes and groaned quietly into the paw his face was rested on, his tail wagged slightly as it sometimes did when he was aroused.

He lifted his head as his jerking sped up, looking to climax soon so he could get out of here. His wanking stopped abruptly as he heard running water from the bathroom. "H-hello." Sulley composed himself, tying a towel around his waist to hide his member. "Who is that?" He questioned again as he walked towards the bathroom area, turning the corner he saw Randall hunched over the sink, looking out of breath. Sulley wondered if he was ill.

"What the hell were you doing in there?" Randall asked, panting as if he had just been running. "Wh—uh, nothing" Sulley said putting his hands behind his back and rocking on his heels acting inconspicuous. "You are a fucking liar" Randall grinned, he had witnessed it.

Sulley blushed heavily stepping towards the lizard monster who backed away in a finch. "Back off Sullivan" It was then Sulley noticed the sweet scent that caused his arousal was coming off his enemies skin.

"What's wrong with you?" Sulley asked moving forward slowly, Randall could see Sullivan's pupils widen reasoning that his were probably doing the same.

"Nothing…" Randall said with a deep breath, "Is wrong." He stopped moving away from the larger blue monster, letting Sulley approach him. Sullivan was soon standing right in front of the lizard, tilting Randall's head as he took a deep whiff of the desirable smell. Randall leaned in closer despite everything in his mind screaming at him not too. Sulley could see the hate stewing in Randall's eyes, but it was overcome by lust as their lips crashed messily into each other. Randy grabbed at Sullivan's scruffy blue hair, forcefully pulling him into the kiss as his mouth opened to allow Sulley's tongue to explore him.

Sulley's penis was fully erect yet again, poking out from the towel as he pushed Randall's back into the sink hard. He leaned the flexible monster over the table forcefully pushing Randall's head against the back of the porcelain sink. His tongue traveled deeper as it fought with Randall's own.

Sulley pulled his lips apart from Randall's for a moment, hearing a small disapproving grunt as he looked down to untie the towel still around his waist. "Fuck me," Randall demanded "Fuck me!" He repeated as Sulley was moving too slow for the desperate monster. Randall would swear he meant to say 'Fuck off' but with all the energy he could hardly hear himself. Randy tried to repress his demands by biting hard on Sullivan's neck. The blue fur ball wrapped his hands around Randall, pushing the reptile up to him as he rubbed his member against the rough scales. Feeling Randall's teeth sink in deeper with annoyance Sulley positioned his hard cock at the entrance of Randall's cloaca, stretching it open as he entered slowly at first. Before Randall could complain again Sulley suddenly began thrusting as urgently as Randall demanded. Randall felt an intense sting as his still adjusting entrance took in the brute force of Sulley's penetration. The thick shaft caused Randall to scream out in a mix of pleasure and discomfort as he reached across the sink for something to hang onto as his body jolted uncontrollably with Sulley's hips.

One of Randy's hands used to prop him up on the counter suddenly slipped as sweat collected under his palms. Feeling his thrusts becoming disrupted Sulley let out a low threatening growl 'mine' he claimed. Randall let out a small groan, wanting to protest the idea of belonging to Sullivan but his hitched breathing and intense waves of pleasure kept his words slurred.

Feeling the need for a sturdier surface Sulley knelt down onto the floor, dragging Randall with him. Keeping his penis partly deathbed inside Randall he laid the omega onto the floor, nuzzling his lovingly. Sulley knelt over Randall as he plunged in once again, keeping his large knot outside of the other monster. "Uugh, ohh" Randall moaned sweetly as Sulley hit his most sensitive area, following a louder moan that informed Sulley of where to hit.

"Like that Randall?" Sulley breathed in a teasing voice, feeling immense control as he found out what got Randall off. His own cock began to ache with build up as he was on the edge or release, but he had to make Randall come first.

"Nyuuu," Randall whined as he clenched his teeth tightly, his first set of hands propping his body up while the second set rubbed together anxiously. "Little mo-ore," Randall cooed, leaning his head down on Sullivan's shoulders as he closed his eyes tightly. Feeling the hot friction of rubbing skin and another hit on his sensitive gland Randall moaned out in release, grabbing onto Sulley's fur with his back legs as he braced himself while the hot stream of pleasure rushed him.

Feeling Randall's body suddenly cramp and tighten Sully was unable to hold back his load, releasing his hot cream into the boy below who flinched at the sensation. Sulley was dazed for a few seconds as his vision turned white, overwhelmed by the burst of pleasure his body trembled with. The warm white liquid overflowed from Randall's body and dripped to the bathroom floor below as the lizard attempted to move from under Sulley's now dead body weight.

"Again?" Randall asked catching his breath, what he really meant to say was 'Get off me you fat lug!' Still high on the pheromones coming from Randall, Sulley responded with a grunt of approval. Randall didn't need to ask as Sulley never intended to stop.

Sulley started off slow as his hips moved rhythmically in a circular motion, holding himself up with his hands as not to crush Randall. His penis moved easily in and out as Randall was now fully stretched and adjusted to Sulley's large size. The peaceful rhythm was soon interrupted as Sulley pushed further, his large knot coming threateningly close to entrance, enough to bring back the sting from before. "d-don't!" Randy ordered, fearful for the pain again.

Sulley ignored the monster below pushing in further, forcing his hard rod in Randy's tight entrance, noticeably stretching the skin. "Ahhh!" Randy screamed as Sulley moved forward. He leaned down close and whispered words of comfort to his distressed mate. "Shhh, it will be okay." Randy's eyes began to sting as tears fell down his face, the knot seemed impossibly large as he withered in agony on the floor.

"Aruugh" Randall howled angrily, face contorted in pain as it felt like his entrance was tearing. "Sulley, stop damn you!" He shouted as Sulley's penis was now fully seethed inside, occupying every inch of Randall's cloaca. "You have obviously never been knotted before," Sulley huffed, pulling Randall's body closer as he swayed their hips in motion.

Randall struggled to breathe as the pain refused to dissipate, Sulley kissed his forehead softly. "You're mine now," he cooed lovingly. "You might hate me, but your body will always submit." It was true, Omegas were always lesser then Alphas. Omega's were the child bearers and were required to submit to all their Alpha's demands in exchange for protection, loyalty, and most would hope, love.

Randall didn't seem like the most subordinate house wife as he tried wiggling from Sulley's grip. In response Sulley bit Randall's neck, trusting into his sweet spot the purple lizard let out a confused shutter of pain and pleasure. His tears began to dry, leaving his eyes red as the agonizing sting changed to an intense burn as if it were an open wound. Sulley felt his stomach begin to bubble as his second climax drew near; he focused on relieving himself as Randall was nowhere near the edge this time.

His climax came quickly and drained much less of his energy then the one before. A fresh coating of semen filled the lizard again. Randall waited for Sulley to pull out but was disappointed when the blue ball of fur began thrusting yet again, determined to leave this night on a good note. Sulley started off by trying to kiss the monster below, only to be rejected as Randall turned his head away in anger. No matter, Sulley simply began sucking at the little lizard's neck.

Aiming specifically for Randall's sensitive nerves Sullivan was able to force a small moan from his colleague. Randall was confused as to how his body could react so well when it was currently being ripped apart, the thrusting only prolonging the healing process.

With another trust the lizard-looking monster's long tail began to twitch, wrapping tightly around Sullivan's leg. The pain was still there but with the constant barrage of pleasure it was being washed out of his current thoughts. Randy moaned loudly, the echo bouncing around the bathroom walls. Sullivan smirked in triumph as the lizard quivered below. Sullivan's build up came much faster than before as he was already on the edge, excreting pre-cum into the warm waiting body as he held back. Randall wrapped his two back legs around Sullivan, keeping the polka-dotted monster in place as Randy began to lead, thrusting his lower body upward into the hard rod.

Sullivan's tongue hung out of his mouth like a dog as the heat collected under his fur.. "Say my name, Randall," Sulley demanded, looking Randall in the eyes, who moaned yet again. "My name," Sulley said more assertive, wanting the extra boost to send him over the edge. "Ohhhh, uhh, n-no," Randall managed through his pleasure. Sulley frowned violently as he finished Randall off, the lizard's second climax out doing the first as his body spasmed, releasing onto his stomach as Sulley continued thrusting. It didn't take long before the sensation of Randall's vibrating body caused Sulley to come again, adding to the mess inside Randall as the knot kept his cum from leaking out, filling Randall to the brim. Sulley finally felt his body was out of juice as the knot began to deflate. He rolled over onto his back panting happily, still in a daze.

The swollen gland that made up Sullivan's knot began to shrink to a more manageable size, allowing the large monster to pull his appendage from the warm sheath. Randall sighed in relief as Sulley was finally out, feeling the pressure that had built up from the injection lessen as cum pooled from his opening. He turned onto his side only to regret the movement right after as his sore body protested. Ignoring the groaning from Randall, Sulley sat up straight, reaching his large hand to the sink tap.

Sulley turned on the cold water, letting it run a while before lapping up the liquid with his tongue. Randall finally made it to a standing position after rolling onto his stomach, slowly stretching his limbs as he limped over to the shower room. Stepping into the shower he closed the curtain as the hot water ran over his scales. Randall closed his eyes feeling tired from the experience but oddly satisfied as his animalistic instincts were put to rest. Randall laid his head on the wall as his body hung limply, threatening to pass out.

"Hey" a gentle voice sounded, causing Randall to open his eyes and see Sulley's arm sticking into the shower with a cup of water in hand. "Drink?" Obviously Sulley was still out of it as he failed to realize Randall was surrounded in water. "Thanks" Randall said in a bored tone taking the cup, pouring it into the drain without Sulley noticing, letting him have the satisfaction of thinking himself helpful.

"Do you want to come over to my place..." Sulley suddenly stopped, remembering Mike and Celia were enjoying the night alone, he scratched the back of his head. "Actually I'm staying at my mom's tonight, I am sure she would not mind." Randall rolled his eyes. "I have my own place," he said running his hands over his three antennae's before turning the tap off and walking out of the shower to be face to face with Sulley who had a noticeable red blush over his face. "Of course you do."

Randy whipped down his body with complementary towels that hung by the shower, he was eager to leave as Sulley's pupils were becoming noticeably smaller, luckily that meant he done for the night. Randall walked toward the door to leave, looking back to Sulley who obviously wanted to speak, but could not think of anything. "I'm leaving" he said feeling as though Sulley should know. "Don't tell anyone about this," Randall warned quietly, brushing it off, who Sullivan told did not matter anyway, everyone would find out eventually.

"M-may I walk you home?" Sulley asked feeling something from this night was missing, romance perhaps? Randy glared in suspicion; he hoped Sulley was not becoming possessive or parental. "No" Randall had to stop this before it got out of hand. "I can make it home fine." Sulley frowned. "Good night," he said as Randall closed the door, unsure if he heard him or not.