Name: The Black Fox

Author: GhostCrystal

Story Summary: At a young age I was forced from my village but discovered my heritage and my peoples abilities and killing arts and our love for the sea, my name is Naruto Uzumaki and I am known to the world as the pirate Lord Black Fox.

Pairings: Naruto X Tenten and some more that are unknown at this time but I do have some ideas.

Rating: T

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, Assassin's Creed or Pirates of the Caribbean.


C1, Meet the Black Fox

"Talking." 'Thoughts.'


The deck of the ship was for the most part busy with activity as the crew set the ships rigging as they came in upon the small island nation of Wave Country which contained their newest mission, on the command and navigation deck a young man in in a long black woolen jacket that seem to end Just below his waist an what looked like a set of bird wings.

He had a fox like design on the side of his coat as walked up and pulled out a telescope to see the island for himself.

Right at this moment a young woman in form fitting clothes with medium length red hair and glasses walked up to him to give her report, "It's just as we feared cousin he has control of every shipping port on the island, we are going to have to go ashore with the longboats to remain undetected."

He then closed the telescope and and then handed it to her, he then turned to her and motioned for her to follow him down to the main deck of the ship.

His hair was a bright blonde that seem to be kissed by the sun itself and piercing blue eyes that seemed to be one with the sea as you looked into them, but it was the whisker like marks on his cheeks that had given him his exotic looks from the beginning and had also given him the nickname of Black Fox as he was fond of wearing black with a little dark orange here and there.

"Well if that's the case cousin we will just have to pay this Gato a little visit now won't we?"

She gave him a nod of her head and pushed her glasses up and then begin to bark orders out to the many sailors manning the ship as he then entered his cabin and began to finish his out fitting of his own equipment, he instantly put on his belt around the jacket as well as his sword strap and begin to arm himself as soon as possible.

He then picked up a strange looking katana and placed it in his scabbard and then flexed his wrists revealing his Hidden Blades that were as black as night itself and many other impressive weapons that he had at his disposal and then turned to a picture showing his life before all this happen to him.

With this said and done he quickly walked out of his private cabin pulling up the black hood that kept his identity secret from so many and walked back up to the helm of the ship, all of the men and women that manned the ship all had reasons for being aboard his vessel known as the Black Vixen what many call one of the most dangerous pirate ships in the Elemental Nations.

They were here to restore their homeland and it's way of life that had been stolen from them so long ago, not only was their nation that of mighty sailors and merchants but they were also the warriors of an ancient order too and for you see they were the last of the Assassin Brotherhood.


Tsunami screamed out as she was thrown from her home by one of Gato's mercenaries, two of them had quickly run up and grabbed her by her arms not caring how she felt and a third emerged carrying her son by the back of his T-shirt.

She then heard one of them say, "The boss said we only need the woman, so what should we do with this little shrimp here?"

But before any of them could even say a word the one holding the child was struck in the head by an unknown object that was preceded by a loud bang, his comrades watched in shock as his body hit the ground hard with a tale of crimson liquid in the air.

Before they could even register what had occurred the man on the right was also shot right between the eyes and fell back hitting the ground very hard, the last remaining enemy then heard two more loud bangs and then felt sharp pain in both of his knees and hit the ground screaming as he saw what looked to be many men and women walking out of the forest that was not that far from the house.

He then looked up to see one of the men holding a rather strange looking weapon and turned to a hooded man with an orange outlined Fox on his side of his coat and then said, "Just as you requested Capt. He's still alive for interrogation."

The Fox nodded to him and then walked forward and brought his foot down hard on one of the injured man's knees forcing him to scream out in agony, he then came down to face the man and said in a commanding voice, "Tell me, do you fear death?"

The man could only nod his head as Naruto then said, "Good than you can tell me what I want to now because if you don't you'll learn just what happens to men like you who try to murder innocent women and children in our presence."

The man then quickly spoke in a pleading type of tone, "Please don't kill me, I was just following orders."

"And what pray tell would those orders be?"

"We were ordered by our boss Gato to capture the bridge builder's daughter and his grandson and bring them to him to be used as hostages against the old man as well as to kill the two ninjas that he hired and the ones protecting the old man as well." The man said pleading for his life as the Black Fox looked down upon him.

Naruto then removed his foot from the man's knee and walked over to the woman and asked of her, "Where would your father be today my lady so we might be able to save him?"

Despite what many people might have thought of Tsunami she was well versed in the world including who this young mysterious man was and felt absolutely no fear from him and pointed in the direction and then spoke, "He's at the bridge now with the two Konoha ninja team's he hired to protect him."

Naruto simply nodded his head to her and turned to his crew and began dishing out orders, "Get back to the Vixen right now and get her to the bridge right away and await my orders once you get there and hide in the fog."

The crew nodded and began their way back to the ship however one of them quickly took out a gun and killed the would be kidnapper to prevent him from being a threat in the future to anymore innocence people.

The crew turned back to watch their captain literally run up a tree and disappear into the foliage realizing that things were going to get very interesting very soon and then began to run back to the ship as fast as they could.

Inari looked up to his mother and asked her, "Who was that mother?"

"That the Son was the captain of the Black Vixen, he's known to many as the Black Fox and I don't pity Gato one bit."


'So, this is how it end's for me and Haku.' Zabuza thought to himself as he saw the copycat ninja himself Kakashi Hatake coming in for the kill only to watch someone catch the copycats hand within inches of piercing his and Haku's flesh and then got a good look at this person and said, "It's been a long time Fox!"

"It has, has it not Zabuza."

Kakashi was now very concerned with the appearance of an S-ranked ninja and notorious pirate who was said to be at least a Kage level in many people's views.

The dogs holding Zabuza in place eventually disappeared allowing the former swordsmen of the Mist to move again, he took one look at Fox and knew why he had come in the first place and then said to Kakashi, "We are no longer enemies Hatake."

Kakashi was then released by The Black Fox who then watched the young man walked right past the two Mist ninjas and then look at the retreating fog to see none other than Gato and his mercenary Army waiting for them.

Gato had a shit eating grin and arrogance look upon his face as he looked at the group of shinobi before him and decided to taunt them a bit, "I'm so glad I was never going to pay you Zabuza, after all it's far cheaper just to have my army here do it then pay you all that money."

It was right at this moment that Gato heard a rather disturbing laughter as a man in black clothing with a hood walked forward and then said for all the mercenaries as well as their employer to hear, "Tell me Gato, do you fear death?"

Gato didn't know what to think about this strange young man but then was more surprised to hear shaking coming from one of his mercenaries and turned to look at men, "I'm not paying you to just stand there and shake in your boots I order you to go kill that the pathetic young man."

However Gato was unprepared for what the mercenary said next, "Please Capt. Black Fox don't kill me I'll leave, I didn't mean no harm to these people."

"Then leave, I know you fear death."

After the Fox said this for all to hear the mercenary in question tour through the rest of the mercenaries trying to get out of the area remembering what had happen with his last encounter with the Black Fox and his ship and the carnage that followed it.

Several of the other mercenaries had heard him talk about what had happened a few years earlier when he thought he could take on the notorious pirate known only as the Black Fox and that he said he would run for his life and that they should do the same if they did not want to be killed by this man who many have said had been gifted by Davy Jones himself.

And everything the man had said to them about this notorious pirate was starting to make some sense as he walked forward and then motioned off the bridge to what looked like a large fog bank sitting off in the distance from the bridge only to watch a large black pirate ship come out of it and turned to its side bearing all its guns upon the mercenaries.

Gato's eyes what wide realizing that this young man was indeed someone who needed to be afraid of as the Black Fox then brought up his left arm and dropped it pointing out the mercenary army and their employer and shouted for all to hear, "FIRE!"

Within a second the Black Vixen opened fire upon the bridge area containing the midget and his mercenary Army killing many of them in the first volley, Kakashi Kurenai and their teams including the three young members of their squads who had been knocked out by Haku earlier now watched the preceding battle or slaughter if you wanted to call it that.

the mercenaries were now in total shock as the famous pirate ship known as the Black Vixen cut them down without even a care in the world and when the main cannons did not fire because of the reloading process the ships snipers up in the rigging and the crows nest took shots hitting many of the mercenaries directly in the head several however managed to get out of the main killing area and ran right at the Black Fox himself hoping to end him once and for all.

Naruto quickly activated his Hidden Blades which were as black as night with gold inlay images of Foxes and went to work cutting the mercenaries down with little to no effort realizing that they had very little experience taking on someone who was trained by the most notorious shinobi, pirates and privateers who were just seeking to clear their name as well as his bloodline which gave him all of his ancestors memories and skills including the more notorious ones who were also Assassins and Pirates.

Sasuke could only watch in utter shock at this pirate's skill level and those strange weapons he had on his arms which made him even more deadly and wanted this power for himself, at the moment however he was more of a burden to his team as well as to his aspirations and desires for revenge.

He could only watch the battle at this time and was thankfully he had activated his Sharingn and was committing everything that he saw to memory for later use in his training and ultimately to be used in his revenge.

Gato had never been more scared in his life one moment he thought he was in absolute control of the situation and the next he was hiding behind part of the bridge hoping that none of the shots from the canons would hit him and even used some of his men's body as a shield to protect him as he heard screaming and then saw one of his men fly forward with his head missing only to see the head hit the ground a few feet from him a second later.

The Black Fox then walked forward with his hand on his sword lightly tapping the hilt as he walked forward to finally end the small businessman, just then one of the surviving mercenaries had gotten up and had managed to grab hold of the Black Fox's hood and pulled it back only to receive a bullet to his head thanks to the reflexes of this pirate.

Gato at this moment began to try to run away only to receive a bullet to his leg forcing him to fall to the ground for his efforts, he then began to try and crawl away hoping to escape only to feel a foot slim down upon his injured leg.

He then looked up to see none other than the same young man who had been insulted by him and began to plead for his wretched life, "Please I'll give you whatever you want just spare my life."

The Fox just laughed at him and then said, "Have you forgotten about the stories Gato, I'm a heartless wretch to someone like you."

With that said he quickly pulled out his gun once more and shot the miserable midget several times and empty the clip in the process, as soon as this was done he holstered his weapon and walked over to Zabuza and Haku only to hear a gas come from the one eyed Leaf ninja.

It was at this moment that he remembered that is hood had been pulled down and let out a small curse as he then turned to the Leaf ninjas who seemed to be trying to come to grips with what they were seeing, seeing as he quickly turned his head to Haku and said, "I hope you have some chakra left love I would really like to get out of here without them trying catch me."

She quickly nodded her head and opened a huge ice mirror which the three then jumped right through before Kakashi could even make it to the spot to try to knock them out only to see the mirror appear on the deck of the Black Vixen with the three of them walking out, one of the crew members then walked up to Naruto and handed him a black hat with a top red line about it.

He then walked to the railing of the ship for the Konoha ninjas to see and hear him as he then shouted for all to hear, "I would say it was a pleasure seeing you again Cyclops but that would it be a lie, just know that you had a chance to capture 'Capt. Naruto Uzumaki."

Kurenai had also run to the edge of the bridge and could only wonder out loud, "That has got to be the best pirate I have ever seen Kakashi."

He turned to look at her with a somewhat angry look about him and said, "You have no idea how important he is Kurenai, we need answers about him otherwise we will be in the dark about him forever."

Kakashi then walked up to Tazuna and asked him, "Is there a pub for sailors here in the village?"

"Yes there is I can take you to it later if you want?"

"Thank you will go later today first things first though I need everyone to help us get them back to the house immediately, Sakura Hinata get as many of those needles out as you can out of them right now so we can get them back to the house where you too can remove the rest later." The two young girls simply nodded and got to work as they both heard Sasuke muttered something about wanting that power.


Sometime later that evening Tazuna led them to the pub which was called the Deep Blue Pub, as soon as the two ninjas entered the Pub they heard many men in women singing a sea shanty song that went something like this, "Yo ho Yo ho a pirate's life for me."

They then noticed one old sailor with a Blackbeard drinking some rum with a wooden leg who Tazuna immediately brought them over to take one look at the ninjas and smiled as Tazuna then introduced them, "Allow me to introduce you to Capt. Holloway, Capt. Allow me to introduce you to Hidden Leaf ninjas Kakashi and Kurenai."

The old sea salt then just smiled at them and motioned for them to sit down as he then said, "I know why you're all here, you want to know about him… You want to know about the Black Fox?"

They nodded their heads as he laughed a little bit and then said, "I was a pirate once you know and I thought myself the most feared man but fair who ever sailed these waters, but this young man."

He then poured all of them a bit of rum and then continued with his story, "He was the one who saved me and sent me here it was time I retired anyway but its what I saw him do to those slavers who worked for the people made us all pirates and the first-place… I saw him single-handedly clear the deck of a Water Country ship saving the doomed souls aboard and killing the people any in his path, they say the legendary goddess herself Calypso and the spirit of Davy Jones himself blessed the Black Fox with amazing powers and the contract to summom amazing creatures that once roamed the seas."

By this point the entire pump had stopped what ever they had been doing and listened to the story of the Black Fox as the old salt took another drink and then continued, "I saw him fighting like the devil himself cutting them down with absolutely no problem or mercy and when we found out that he was from that clan and nation we knew just how dangerous he was going to be, and he's a cunning one oh yes he knows his way around the elemental sees better than anyone."

Kaskashi as well as everyone else was listening very intent as the old man then started his story once more after taking another drink, "It's even said that he has the respect of the seven swordsmen themselves, so if it's fortune and fame you seek as well as freedom from our oppressors then Capt. Naruto Uzumaki is your man. Just a word of warning to you all, don't meddle in his private affairs for there is more mystery to that man then even I dare ask."


A song starts playing in the background, Full Circle by Half Moon Run.

The sea is shown with the wake of a ship shown as a black ship with the words black vixen embedded in its side sales through the blue waters of the elemental nations, on the deck overlooking the ship and the sea itself was the captain who was quite content despite what had happened this day.

UBISOFT and Fanfiction presents.

A story by GhostCrystal

Assassins of the Caribbean

The Black Fox

End of C1.

This is the first chapter of this new story which was inspired by the upcoming AC4 Black Flag and Pirates of the Caribbean, I decided that Naruto would have in a combat like situation the attitude of and speech pattern even voice of Davy Jones and when he's around friends would act a little more like Jack sparrow but not up to the same level as the character that Johnny Depp created.

He will also have at other times a bit of Barbossa's at times, this first chapter was more of a introduction to the story and give you a little bit of his place in the world as there are quite a few things happening as well as the threat of the remaining Templars since this is still predominantly in Assassins Creed story.

I would also like to hear what you think about his choice of crewmates as I made sure to leave either hands or names at the two prime members and will do more to spend everything about them later on, Naruto will also be a few years older than the rest of the rookies in the story.

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