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"This is bad, this is bad, this is bad!" Corey paced around their garage. He then leaned on his sister's car, making the alarm beep.

"WHO TOUCHED MY CAR?!" Trina yelled as she raced downstairs. Everyone just stared at her in a confused mode. When did an alarm get there?

"Um, I leaned on it. I didn't know it'd beep," Corey shrugged.

"Mina!" Trina yelled, and within seconds, Mina appeared.

"Y-yes?" Mina asked with a bit of fear in her eyes.

"Explain to them why my car beeps when you touch it! I'm gonna go finish my fanfiction of Nick & Trina Mallory," Trina said and went back to her room.

"Well, with the money your fans raised, and Trina took from you, she installed an alarm in her car. So whenever someone comes in contact with the car that might cause damage, it'll beep like a maniac. Now excuse me, I have to go sow Trina a life size Nick Mallory doll," Mina explained quickly before she fled.

"Those past five seconds were really unnecessary," Laney sighed as she crossed her arms at Corey.

"Hey, I didn't know. All I know is that THIS BAND IS GOING TO FALL APART!" Corey started freaking out once again.

"Relax, Corey," Kin said," we're only leaving for a month. We'll be back in no time."

"A month," Corey's voice squeaked as his eyes twitched," it's longer than I thought. We're going to disappear into the dust before anyone knows it! What about our fans?"

"You mean those two little girls?" Laney pointed out.

"Lanes, try to be supportive here. We have a building fan base," Corey said and put his arms around her," that building fan base will soon realize that we are building no more, and it will fall apart." Laney's face heated up a bit, but she just showed an annoyed expression.

"We're sorry, guys," Kon apologized," but we have to go. Maybe you two can perform alone together again. You know, just two guitar dudes." Laney sighed at the fact that her friends probably confused her for a guy... again.

This was the situation: Kin and Kon have to go a few towns over to see their ill grandmother. Since it's summer break, they're going to be staying there for a month. That is why Kin is apologizing, Kon starting to find potato chips under the couch, Corey is freaking out, and Laney is still dazed off from her contact with Corey.

"Can't you guys come back any sooner?" Corey said and grabbed Kin's shirt," Pleeeeassseee!"

"We can't. We made a deal with our grandma and we're gonna stay a whole month," Kin shrugged.

"Why so long?" Corey asked and let him go. Kon looked up at him from the couch.

"Because she makes awesome cookies," he answered," hey look! A potato chip from last week."

"Well," Laney shrugged," that makes more sense than her being sick."

"What about the band?" Corey asked in a worried tone. "We were going to play random gigs all Summer."

"Like I said before," Kin said," maybe you and Laney can think of some new lyrics, or you can steal them from Trina's diary. Anything works."

"I guess so," Corey shrugged and gave Laney's head a pat," guess it's just going to me and you, alone, together, allllllll Summer long." Laney face turned red, and she just gave out sigh.

Yup. He was naive. But Laney didn't mind... a lot. She felt better if she just hid her feelings from him. That way, their friendship wouldn't get ruined by a cheesy little romance. Corey was too naive anyways. She's already tried to make him feel in love (for the band gig at the wedding... duh), but she realized how naive he was.

He liked play naive around Laney. He hopes that one day, all the nose tapping, face pressing, bone crushing hugs, and other "get-the-fuck-away-from-the-friend-zone signs" could make her have feelings for him. He found her so... cute when she got flustered up. They heard a beep from outside.

"Well, that's our ride," Kin shrugged. The whole band joined in a group hug. When they pulled apart, Laney fell down to the ground because of her height. That was another thing Corey liked about her. She was really short. Once Kin and Kon left, it was obviously just Laney and Corey.

"So, Summer Buddy," Corey smiled at buddy," wanna make out?"

"EH?!" Laney screamed with a red face.

"Haha, just kidding," he said and pressed his face against her," you know your so fun to mess with, dude!" Laney just stood there, still with a red face.

"Y-yeah," Laney just stared at him.

"So what do you wanna do all Summer? We can hit the pool, attempt to write lyrics, release the monkeys at the zoo, go crash a Summer party?"

"I don't know."

"We're gonna be alone allll Summer, Lanes. Might as well do something. Don't want this to be awkward, do you?"

"I guess," Laney shrugged. She turned to the side and faced Corey. Corry bent down to reach Laney's height. "What are you doing?"

"Trying to see the world from your point of view because everyone's height determines what one can see or not. But at the end of the day, it all just depends on the people's feelings."

"Should you write that down for future song lyrics?"

"We should!" Laney rolled her eyes and tried to walk past Corey, but she bumped into him. Corey stumbled back a bit, and she fell on top of him. The both turned red, and thought at the same time.

Well, this is awkward.

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