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Normal POV because our narrator is Lumintza Poorshe. My fictional character.

As they were both on/under each other, they just stared at each other in an awkward silence. Corey decided to have fun with it.

"Oh, so Laney likes to be on top, huh?" Corey smiled. Laney huffed and got off him.

"I'm going for the notebook," she rolled her eyes and stood up, swiping away the dirt from her shirt. She went to the desk where the monitor was at, and looked through the drawers. Corey was still laying down on the floor. Laney got the notebook and turned around. "Uh... you going to get up?"

"I don't know. You can see a lot of things from here," Corey said looked up.

"A ceiling. You're amused by a ceiling," Laney pointed out. She was amused by his childlike behavior.

"Yup," Corey said. Laney sat on their blue couch, and took out the pencil.

"What did you say before?"

"I dunno. I forgot. Whoops."


Corey sat up and said," Don't worry, Lanes. We have all Summer to figure things out."

"Actually, we only have a month!"

"Stop being so negative. How about we go get jobs?"

"You're so random! Plus, we're 13. We can't get jobs."

"Then let's help Old Man Harper down the streets? I heard he needs help."

"Why, Corey?" Laney said in her mind. But she agreed to do it. Hey, she got to spend time with him.

"Lorie?" the Old Man Harper looked at the two," Is that you, my love?"

"Haha, Lanes," Corey stifled a laugh," he thinks you're his deceased wife." Old Man Harper went up to Corey and hugged him.

"I don't think he means me," Laney laughed at him.

"Um, I'm Corey," Corey said.

"You're boring?" the old man blinked.

"Laney, get the hearing aid," Corey said.

"ARE YOU SAYING I HAVE HAIRY LEGS?!" the old man blinked again. Laney got the hearing aid from the table, and she gave it to him.

"Old Man Harper," Corey said," do you need any help around the house?"

"Hmmm," he furrowed his eyebrows," I'll give each ten dollahs if you sweep, dust, and mop upstairs."

"Deal!" Corey nodded and grabbed Laney's hand," Off to clean a mysterious world!"

"Um... yeah," Laney said and looked at their hands before Corey began dragging her to the supply closet the old guy pointed to and then upstairs. Laney started sweeping the hall with a miserable look on her face while Corey was dusting the photo frames with a happy grin on his face.

"I'm gonna get, te-e-en dollars. I got a talking cat, and I bet you're really sad, and I bet you're really mad. I'm gonna get te-e-en dollars. I got a talking cat, and I bet you're really sad, and I bet you're really mad," Corey sang as he dusted the photos on the walls.

"What are you doing, Core?" Laney looked at him as she swept.

"I'm dust-iiiiing," Corey smiled at her and made her melt a little bit.

"I'm done with the hall," Laney told him as she put the dust on the pan. She threw the dust away from the pan into the hall's trashcan and moved onto the restroom. There was three rooms and a hall restroom. The whole time they were cleaning, Laney wondered why she could do anything he wanted like a puppet in a snap.

"Corey," Laney groaned," hurry up."

"Wait for me, Lanes," Corey said," I'm almost done." Corey was dusting a shelf in the master bedroom. They've been here for about a whole hour, and Corey needed to finish dusting. "DONE!"

"Finally," Laney smiled. As they were going down the hall, they saw a closet door. It had a "DO NOT ENTER" sign on it. Being the stupid children they are, Corey decided to enter.

"Hmm... seems pretty safe to me," Corey said as he stood in the closet.

"Get out of there," Laney said. Corey started jumping in there, and then the floor boards broke. "COREY!" Laney screamed and ran downstairs. Downstairs, Corey ended up landing on Old Man Harper's lap. Old Man Harper was sitting on the couch, under the floor where the closet was.

"Lorie?! IT'S YOU! YOU FELL FROM THE SKY LIKE AN ANGEL!" Old Man Harper screamed.

"No," Corey said," it's me, Corey. We just cleaned."

"STRANGER!" he yelled and pushed Corey onto the floor. Old Man Harper threw his wallet at him. "TAKE MY MONEY!" Corey slowly grabbed the wallet, took out the money they were going to get paid, and have him back the rest of his wallet.

"Laney," Corey turned to Laney," let's go."

"I agree," Laney nodded.

"See you later, young couple!" Old Man Harper yelled as they left. They both turned red and looked at each other before awkwardly laughing.

Well, this is awkward.

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