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Chapter 5

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,

"Will you please calm down," Tom sighed for what felt like the 60th time, Harrison was bouncing around like a wild animal.

"But dad," Harry complained, "I'm getting my wand today, my wand." Tom despite himself smiled.

"I know, but if you carry on acting like a Gryffindor then I shall refused to take you." Harry pouted.

"But daaaaddy," He whined stamping his feet, Tom sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Who gave the Prince a liquorish wand?" He demanded and Barty sheepishly held up his hand.

"I completely forgot, my Lord, I'm really sorry," Tom groaned, his son happened to have weird hyper spells whenever he ate liquorish so they were kept firmly away from him however much he liked them. Tom called for a calming draught and handed it to Harrison who couldn't seem to keep still.

"Drink it," he ordered, Harry downed the potion and blinked a few times before falling back in to his chair.


"Yup," He popped the 'p',

"Going to continue to jump around?"

"Nope," He popped the 'p' again.

"You're going to be annoying until we leave aren't you?" Tom asked and Harry just smiled sweetly at his dad in answer, Tom started to think the only thing he did as of late was sigh.

"Go and get ready then, impossible brat,"

"Love you too dad," Harry called as he left, Tom rolled his eyes but he was smiling slightly.

"You've been keeping him waiting just because you can, haven't you?" Bella asked her lord with a grin, Tom smirked.

"Of course," Bella laughed. Harry skipped down dressed in blue robes and grinned at his dad,


"Come on then, the brothers decided to come today," Harry nodded, Rodolphus and Rabastan were stood in the entrance hall waiting and they looked weird in their glamours. They apperated to the alley and the Dark Lord led the way to Ollivanders, they stepped in to the shop and Harry felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up with the sentient magic in the shop.

"Wow," he breathed.

"You felt that?" Tom asked quietly and Harry nodded.

"Magic," He whispered, "Everywhere,"

"Not very many feel that when entering my shop," A quiet voice to the left of him spoke and Harry had twisted around and had his wand pointed between the eyes of the person who spoke with the tip glowing red. The man, Ollivander Harry presumed, didn't even blink and Harry lowered his wand slightly, but not completely.

"Harrison, meet Garrick Ollivander." Tom murmured and Harry nodded finally slipping his wand away.

"My my, this is a surprise," the odd silver eyes didn't blink as they evaluated him, Harry could feel the magic on this man, it wasn't light, but it wasn't dark, it was odd.

"Is it really that much of a surprise?" Tom asked the man with a raised eyebrow, Ollivander directed his attention to his father much to Harry's relief, the man was slightly creepy.

"Base of rumour and speculation yes,"

"But you are not one to listen to those," Tom countered and a ghost of a smile graced the old mans features.

"You are correct of course, Mr Riddle, 13in, yew and phoenix feather I believe. Still in working order I hope?"

"It has yet to fail me," Harry watched as his dad released bright green and silver sparks from his wand tip.

"I do not doubt," Ollivander began measuring every part of Harry and it was a second after when Harry noticed the tape measure was doing on its own and he never once saw a wand. Ollivander vanished in to the back and came back with a box, he snapped his fingers and the tape measure dropped to the floor, Harry narrowed his eyes doing some quick thinking.

"12in, maple, dragon's heartstring," Harry took the wand and waved it, the shelf opposite collapsed and he gave the wand back, his dad waved his own to fix the shelf.

"Mr Ollivander, I couldn't help notice that you performed wandless magic." Harry said when the man came back with a second wand, he took it before handing it back with a shake of his head.

"You noticed that, surprising, most don't,"

"Is it common, the ability I mean?"

"No, none I know of can do it. It is a shame really, why do you ask?" Harry shot a look at his dad, who nodded slightly,

"10in, ash, unicorn hair," Harry took the wand and all the glass around his exploded.

"No, no, definitely not," Harry grinned as he handed it back,

"I was curious about it really," Harry told him,

"It's a forgotten art now-a-days," Ollivander sounded so disappointed, "Most feel content enough with their wands and do not bother to learn the concentration needed to perform wandless magic,"

"Really," Harry focussed hard on everything on the shelves and willed them to lift, slowly they lifted and levitated about a foot from their positions. "I think I'm coming along nicely."

"Oh this is wonderful," Ollivander exclaimed, "Simply wonderful, I have just the thing for you." He hurried off to the back again and came back with more wand boxes and 3 dusty books.

"Here, 13in, ebony and thestral hair," the wand jumped from his hand and clattered to the floor, Harry shrugged and took the next one. It seemed to take forever, wand after wand he tried and failed, Harry was close to pulling his hair out and Tom just leant back and watched, he didn't think he had ever seen anyone try so many wands. As the pile grew the more excited Ollivander seemed to get, the man was positively skipped,

"Someone as powerful as you, tricky customer, not to worry," he was muttering, he rushed to the back and brought back a very dusty box.

"I wonder," He mused, he pulled out a beautiful deep brown nearly black wand.

"11 and a ½in dead holly and phoenix feather," Harry took it and finally felt something, it shot out green sparks, but he frowned.

"It feels weak, like the wand I'm using now." Harry told him, Ollivander was pensive for a moment.

"I thought that one would work," He stated, he perked up and darted off.

"I think I just want to keep the wand I've been using." Harry groaned.

"You have never been easy Harrison, I did not expect anything different."

"Thanks for that,"

"You are quite welcome my son," Harry rolled his eyes as Ollivander hurried back in with an equally, if not more, dusty box.

"Try this, 11 and ½in, Yew and basilisk fang." Harry tried the wand and it felt exactly the same as the holly wand except it sparked silver, he told Ollivander that and the wand make paused. He was looking between the wands with a curiously look,

"Could it be," he murmured more to himself,

"What?" Harry asked, Ollivander grabbed the two wands and motioned for them to follow him, he shut up the shop and took them to the back of his store, they went down in a basement of sorts and Harry was amazed to see his work room. It was a rarity, if not an impossibility, to see a wand makers work room and Harry considered this an honour, by the look his father gave the room he had the same thoughts.

"Stand in the circle if you would young Prince," Harry didn't bother to ask how, he just did as he was told, his dad stood back and observed. Ollivander set both the wands down on one of the many odd instruments and Harry felt as the magic build and the man began to chant, it circulated the wands and there was a loud crack when both wands split down the middle. As the magic grew thicker, the circle Harry was stood in began to pulse and Runes started to glow around him, he pulled his attention to the wands and watched in awe as they seemed to mesh and twist together. It was like yin and yang in comparison, the black and the white span and sealed together like a spiral from the handle to the tip, Harry heard the cry of a phoenix followed by the hiss of a snake as the wands, well now one wand, flashed. Ollivander was copying the runes that were shining around Harry with his wand and they were inscribing on the wand which was still hovering in mid air, they ran from the handle upwards that glowed slightly with magic. When the final one was set the magic became blindingly bright before it died away and the wand settled back lightly.

"Well shit," Harry finally managed,

"Agreed," Tom muttered, Ollivander picked the wand up wearing gloves held it out for Harry.

"A drop of blood to seal the Runes," When his father had nodded, Harry neatly slit his thumb and let it land on the handle of the stunning wand, the Runes pulsed an AK green before settling.

"I have no doubt that this is your wand young Prince," Harry took a deep breath and gently took hold of the wand. The power that rushed through his was something Harry doubted he would ever be able to describe, his magic flooded the room, saturating the area in his unique taste, Harry waved the wand and burnished silver sparks erupted from the tip followed by glowing Avada Kedavra and they exploded like fireworks in the air.

"Holy fuck," Harry breathed in awe, "This is so my wand,"

"Curious, very curious indeed," Ollivander said thoughtfully and Harry accepted the bate.

"What's curious, minus the whole ordeal of getting my new wand?"

"I remember every wand I ever sold young Prince," Ollivander began, "The phoenix, who's tail feather resides as part of the duel core in your wand gave another feather; one other. The Yew wood that held the second half of your core was taken from a tree that also only made one other wand which happened to hold the very same phoenix feather I mentioned before." Harry's quick mind didn't long to work out what Ollivander was getting at.

"My wand?" And apparently his father didn't either.

"Yes, brother wands in more ways than one." Ollivander whispered, "It is safe to say we can expect great things from you young Prince,"

"Whoa," Harry murmured, Ollivander handed him the books from earlier.

"These books are on the art of wandless magic, I believe they will be of used to you."

"Thank you," Harry took the books carefully,

"I should warn you about your wand," Ollivander said as he pulled out a black wand holster and passed it over, "Do not let anyone touch it unless they share your blood, it will not be a pleasant experience."

"I won't," His dad went to pay for everything, but Ollivander waved him off.

"I haven't had this much fun in years, just come back when you have mastered wandless magic."

"I will," Harry told him with a grateful smile, they went back up to the main store and out in to the alley. Harry blinked around as the sunlight hit him, the brothers must have gone shopping and come back because there was a few bags on the ground beside them.

"How long were we?" Tom asked the pair who sheepishly shrunk their purchases and placed them in their pockets.

"Nearly 3 hours," Rabastan told them.

"Huh, I really am awkward," Harry said stunned.

"I believe this confirms any doubts," Tom agreed and Harry nodded.

"At least I got an amazingly cool wand,"

"We will analyse the Runes later,"

"Ok, bank now?"

"Yes, lets," Harry told the brothers what happened with his wand and they were amazed, they said that they had felt the magic outside when they had come back.

"Have you brought your letter?" Harry pulled out the parchment,

"Good," they entered the bank and Tom motioned for him to go to the teller, Harry politely waited for the goblin to finish before speaking.

"Good afternoon Master goblin, I received this letter on my 11th birthday and I wish to see the goblin in charge of these matters." Harry handed over the letter and waited for the goblin to read, he snapped his fingers and they followed a goblin across the foyer. Instead of coming out in the stone undergrounds, they were led to a corridor made out of more marble, the goblin knocked on a set of double doors. They went in to a nicely furnished office and the goblin smirked when he saw who it was.

"Ah the ex-Master Potter, now Master Slytherin-Riddle, come in." Harry raised an eyebrow at that, but entered the office.

"I am Sharpclaw and I am the account manager to the House Potter," He told them, "James Potter swore you in when you were a babe as his chosen heir meaning upon his death everything went to you." Harry nodded.

"Now the Potter House is an old house and has been gathering wealth since the time of the founders, in fact, they were descendent of Gryffindor himself." Harry blinked at that,

"Everything of the Potter House falls to you, including monies, property, jewels, books, and anything else found within the property or vaults."


"This is a folder of everything belonging to the Potter House, including investments and businesses."

"Thank you Sharpclaw," Harry took the folder.

"Is there anything you would like to do today?"

"No, that is all," Harry followed his dad out and they met the brothers in the lobby.

"Do you wish to pick up anything?" Tom asked him.

"I need a new snitch and my latest Arithmancy book came out yesterday." Harry replied.

"Got it and got it," Rodolphus said.

"Then no," they apperated back to the entrance hall and the glamours were dropped, Harry was starving so he went straight to the dining room.

"You were a while my Prince, see some things you liked?" Bella asked with a smile.

"Actually no, majority of the time was spent obtaining my wand." Harry produced it proudly and Bella admired it.

"Truly a beautiful piece my Prince,"

"It is isn't it? Dad said he will go through the Runes with me later, they seem pretty advanced so I'll have to extend my reading."

"How did the bank go?" Barty questioned.

"Simple enough, I've been given the Potter portfolio, I just have to give it to dad so he can see what he wants to do with it." Harry shrugged,

"No you don't," Tom interrupted and Harry looked at him confused.

"Why not? It's not like Potter is going to need it, it's mine."

"Exactly, it's yours, meaning you can do whatever you want with it."

"You're giving me 14 billion galleons?" Harry gasped.

"It was never mine to begin with." Tom pointed out, "See it as a challenge of sorts, and it will expand your skills in finance and haggling. We will go through everything and see what is going on after being dormant for 10 years, then you can invest and buy to see if you can develop your own bigger fortune out of it. If you don't and it all gets washed away, then it wasn't our family money and you still have your inheritance as well as your trust fund. If you do, then you have a fortune as well as your inheritance and trust fund, it's a win/win situation I believe." Tom explained and Harry was amazed.

"That would be amazing, I could buy and rent property, buy shops and invest or whatever. This is going to be so much fun, I'm going to create my own business empire and I'm going to expand it world wide." Harry said excitedly, Tom smiled at his son's enthusiasm and a voice in the back of his head said that there was a high chance that his son's wishes would become reality. Harry avidly spoke with the brothers about ideas for his empire as he labelled it and he already had some rough sketches that he was going to put in to action if everything went to plan.

"Come Harrison," Harry jumped up and darted after his father, they went to the private study and Harry curled up in his chair relaxing.

"Wand or portfolio first?"

"Wand," Harry answered immediately, he flicked out his wand and handed it over, he watched as his father looked it over closely and many emotions played out in his eyes.

"Do you recognise any Runes yourself?" Harry inspected the wand.

"Stabiliser, magic, power and I think that is a kin Rune." Harry listed.

"You have been reading extra?"

"Yes, but only because I was confused with the ritual rooms, I know majority are master level, so I read up to 5th year to see if I could grasp the basics. And no, I haven't tried any other than the unbreakable Rune."

"I did not believe you did, you know the dangers of Runes." Tom said, "And you are correct on all counts, the others are scarily intricate, almost overlapping so they are hard to identify. I can make out the rune for blood, life, death, shadows, so I can take an estimated guess that there is a rune for light on here. From what I can make out, this wand will help you master all magics, no specific subject, no specific class, just magic."

"It's amazing,"

"It is,"

"I can't believe it's your brother wand, how cool is that." Harry said suddenly,

"It is a rather peculiar occurrence, but not unwelcome."

"I will have to go over all of my previous learnings to adjust to my new wand, I'll keep my other as a secondary wand on my right ankle. Everyone always checks the other arm."

"Good idea," Tom agreed amused, "Now do you with to look through your new portfolio?"

"Yes, wait and see, my empire will be amazing." Harry said pulling it out and placing it on the desk, he went around and planted himself on his dads lap so they could both see it. Harry pulled it open and the first thing was liquid funds broken down in to vaults, at the bottom there was a neat summery,

Potter vaults,

164, 165, 166, 167, 168,

Total liquid assets,

16.4 billion Galleons,

"That is a very impressive number," Harry said finally after he had read through the first page.

"Indeed," Tom agreed, "They must have some good investments."

"Let's see shall we?" Harry pulled out the next sheet and laid it out.

Potter active investments %

Daily Profit 15%

Quibbler 25%

Eeylops Emporium 5%

Stewart and Eckley Apothecary 47%

Hollyhead Harpies 19%

Madam Malkins Robes for all Occasions 34%

Travis' Trunks 6%

Flourish and Blotts 15%

Ogdens Firewhiskey 23%

Honeydukes 42%

"Some impressive companies," Tom mused, "There is also a vast amount of dead companies where you have lost money, but it has been made back."

"Yes, they are no longer an issue. I think I will start by upping my % of the Profit. Having a paper at my fingertips would always be an asset."

"It is completely up to you." Tom told him, "Look at the property available to you."

Potter property,

Potter Manor, Wales,

Godrics Hollow, England, (Destroyed)

Gryffindor castle, Scotland,

Lions den, England,

The Cottage, Germany,

Potter Villa, France,

Lily's hideaway, California,

"Lots of back up then," Harry mused, "I could use them for storage for any illicit dealings,"

"Yes, and you have a base in France, Germany and America which can be good for trading."

"The Potters did have a lot going for them." Harry said. "I shall put it to good use,"

"Do not forget you have to go through the inventory of the vaults, there will be books amongst other things within them."

"I know, but that can be done any time and I would imagine it will take a while,"

"More than likely,"

"It's going to be great."

"I have no doubt."

Over his last few weeks at home, Harrison became increasingly quiet. He was looking forward to school, after everything he had heard about it he couldn't wait, but he had never spent more than a night away from his father and he wasn't looking forward to being away for months at a time. He had upped his duelling practice to get used to his new wand, extended his Quidditch time and taken to sleeping in just to get his mind of the thought of being away from the castle, he had taken to ranting to Nexis about his fears and worries knowing the snake would not repeat anything. Harry was covering his inner worries well, no one except his father noticed anything different which was better for the boy and the Dark Lord didn't mention it as he knew his son would come to him when he was ready. It was on the last night when he finally snapped. He didn't eat anything during dinner and had been silent all day, he followed his father to his study and as soon as the door was shut Harry launched himself at his father who just caught him, lifting him easily just like he used too. Harry would deny it later, but he was crying, Tom gently soothed his son and waited for him to calm down, Harry sniffed a few times, but didn't let go.

"I don't know if I wanna go." He murmured in to his father's robes, Tom smiled slightly.

"Of course you do, you are just worried." Harry nodded slightly.

"What if," He began, "What if you forget about me?" He asked quietly and Tom tightened his hold and pressed a kiss to the dark head.

"Foolish child," He muttered, "How could I ever forget about you, my son, my little boy?"

"M'not little," it was true to an extent, Harry finally got the growth spurt he wanted and needed, but compared to his father's towering height he was still very small which was why Tom could still pick him up and carry him around, something he took advantage of.

"I don't supposed you are not anymore," Tom agreed to placate him, he remembered when he had first got his son back all those years ago, back when he was five and tiny.

"What if I don't like it at Hogwarts?"

"Then you can come home and continue your teachings here." Tom told him, if that was what his son wanted then he could have it, he loved teaching his son. "But I don't think I have to worry about you not liking Hogwarts, I know I adored my time at the castle with all its secrets to uncover. I think it will even keep you occupied."

"Really?" Harry brightened up at that.

"Most definitely,"

"What if Dumbledore tries to take me away again?" Harry questioned and if he was honest with himself he was scared that would happen, he would fight tooth and nail and kill some bitches, but Dumbledore had done it before and he wouldn't put it passed the old man to try it again.

"He would never succeed." Tom stated with so much conviction that Harry believe him immediately. "If he did get hold of you then he could never keep you away from me, your heir ring was charmed by Salazar Slytherin himself to always bring lost heirs home where they belong. It can take you through all wards because it was charmed with parselmagic, and you need only ask it to bring you back home." Harry relaxed fully after that knowing he was safe as long as the ring never left his finger, which it never did, Dumbledore could try and he would fail.

"You are taking me to the station tomorrow right?"

"Of course,"

"Good," Harry summoned a book and handed it to his dad, Tom raised an eyebrow.

"Read," Harry instructed,

"You want me to read Dark Curses and their Effects to you?"

"Yes," Harry said in a somewhat childish voice, his father often read to him in their lessons, he would a read a section of the book and then they would discuss it before learning the spells.

"Ok," Tom cracked open the book and Harry smiled, he let his dad's smooth, cool voice sooth him to sleep. When Tom noticed the even breathing he looked down with a smile, he banished the book back to it's shelf and gently lifted his son up as he rose. Carrying the boy up to his room, he led him down in his bed and smiled softly when he saw Harry curl up in to a small ball still, he pressed a kiss to the dark hair.

"Sleep well my son," He murmured.

Harry was bouncing around the castle like a complete nutcase the next morning, he was excited and nervous which wasn't a good combination for him and it was showing. He had already had the elves pack and repack his trunk 3 times because he had decided to switch some items and in the end Tom had forcefully stopped him and went through his Occlumency shields with him. The death eaters were sad to see the Prince go and each gave him a gift to go, the brothers gave him an advanced duelling book that he hadn't managed to buy in his last trip to Diagon, Barty gave him a journal of all the pranks they had played over the years which Harry loved, he still remembered when he had turned the brothers in to girls. Bella gave him a new holster as well as a personalised dagger which was stunning, it matched his Slytherin dagger accept it had his name engraved on it. Harry realised he was going to seriously miss them all when he got to Hogwarts and gave them all massive hugs, before trooping down to breakfast. The elves made a massive spread and Tilly had packed him lunch for the ride, Nexis and Nagini slithered in and went to the respective master hissing their greetings.

#Are you ready for Hogwarts?# Harry asked Nex who gave a snake nod.

#Yes master, I am most wound# Harry grinned at the snake speech.

#Good,# Harry ate his fill before going over his trunk one last time. He headed for his father's study to speak to his dad before they left for the station, they would be apperating because Harry still hated the floo with a burning passion.

"Are you ready to face the old man?" Tom asked his son, he was going to miss the boy something mad, but he wouldn't deny him the chance to go to the castle.

"Yes, I will save the memory of his face when my name gets called out." Harry said with a grin, Tom smirked.

"Please do, it shall bring me copious amounts of amusement."


"You should also expect to be called to his office immediately after the feast so be prepared."

"Ok," Harry nodded, "Is there any particular angle you want me to play it?"

"No you are free to act as you see fit as long as you keep our workings secret." Harry shot him a disgusted look that he would even need to say such a thing and Tom laughed.

"I am actually offended," He sniffed.

"I apologise,"

"Hm, yes well, I think I shall have my fun with the old fool, if he asks I will tell him that I've been with you since I was 9, that way he cannot suspect how much of a base you have. Make him confused and unsure of my true nature, act like myself one minute and a scared little child the next." Harry mused with a playful smirk gracing his beautiful features.

"And remember that Slytherin house is very proud and there are some who do not know of your full identity, simply because you are an heir to the founder won't make you on top." Tom pointed out and Harry nodded.

"I am aware, but being your heir on the other hand will bring me enough fear to get them under my control. Plus, if it comes to it, I will simply challenge the current Slytherin ruler to a duel, soundly kill them and have the house to myself."

"No killing the students Harrison," Tom sighed and Harry pouted.

"But what if-,"


"Even if-,"


"They co-,"


"Fine, only maiming allowed, got it."

"You are impossible,"

"And that is down to you." Harry said with an impish grin,

"In all seriousness, you have to be careful around the old man, he may seem senile, but I can assure you he is not and he his powerful."

"I will and I know, you are forgetting I have a near perfect memory. I know what his magic is like." Harry replied.


"Is there any other teachers I should be wary of?" Harry questioned.

"I do not believe so. McGonagall will recognise the name and face, but she is a fair teacher and a brilliant transfiguration mistress. The only person that can rival her skills in the subject is the old fool, transfiguration is not my strongest point."

"Ok, strict but fair and brilliant, noted." Harry repeated, "Anything else?"

"Flitwick, the charms master, may seem weak because of his size, but he is a master duelling champion and has a wicked mind. You already know Severus and I am not aware of the Defence Professor as it changes every year as I cursed the position."

"You did what?" Harry exclaimed.

"I wished to teach at the school and my request was denied twice, even though I had the required credentials and more. The first was understandable, I applied when I was 17 and headmaster Dippet requested that I go out and see the world, experience life outside of the school and if teaching was still something I was interested in, come back and re-apply." Tom said, "Unfortunately, by the time I came back Dippet had retired and my transfiguration professor was the new headmaster and he refused my request to teach, so I cursed the position that no one could hold the position for more than a year unless it was myself or someone I approved of."

"Your transfigurations professor was Dumbledore wasn't it?"



"Oh yes,"

"They are all going to be wary of me anyway, so best behaviour and perfect grades." Harry stated.

"That worked for me."

"Oh yes, academic genius and the perfect student." Harry remembered, "I have records to beat I see."

"I was prefect and head boy,"

"Then I will be also,"

"I gained 12 perfect OWL's and NEWT's,"

"Then I shall do the same with extra credit." Harry told him surely.

"I have no doubt that if you set your mind to it you could beat all of my records." Tom agreed,

"I do have an advantage I suppose, but I also have a disadvantage because you were an unknown whereas I will already have expectations placed upon me and constant scrutiny."

"You will do me proud as always Harrison."

"Of course dad, I strive for the best." Tom cast a tempus.

"Come, we have to leave if you wish to get a compartment of your liking." Harry followed his father out to the entrance hall, they applied their glamours just as Bella and Barty walked over with their own glamours up.

"We have to see you of my Prince," Bella said and Harry beamed.

"Brilliant," Tilly popped his trunk in where Barty shrunk it and placed it in his pocket,

"You will have to apperate with me Harrison, you cannot be seen to be apperating alone." Tom said and Harry grimaced, he gripped his father's arm and tucked his face in to his robes; side-along apperation was awful. Once the feeling had left him he opened his eyes and gasped at the sight of the bright red steam engine,


"It is a sight isn't it?" Tom marvelled remembering his first sight of the train, "Wait until you see the castle,"

"Here you are my Prince," Barty handed him his trunk which he placed in his own pocket and looked around the platform, loads of families were already there saying goodbye to their children and Harry picked out the familiar blonde heads walking over obviously coming from the floo.

"Draco," Harry greeted with a nod, "Peroxide, Cissa," Narcissa shot him a warm smile while Lucius merely nodded, he hated both the names Harry had decided to label him with, but he was powerless to stop them.

"He does have a name, Harrison," Tom muttered to him and Harry gave an innocent, but sheepish look.

"My apologies father," He returned, "Luci, how good to see you." He said it in such a genuine way that Tom gave up, the Malfoy Lord's eye twitched as Bella and Barty covered their snickers.

"My Prince," Harry grinned,

"Where is Theo, if he does not hurry then I shall find a compartment without him." Harry said to Draco,

"I believe his is one his way my Prince,"

"Yes, I see Izar approaching," Harry followed his father's eye and spotted the Nott Lord weaving through the crowd towards them.

"My Lord, my Prince," they both greeted,

"Let us find a compartment, I do not wish to be stuck and the front of the train." Harry told them, he turned to his father prepared to say goodbye when his voice got caught in his throat. Tom crouched down at his height and pulled him in to a hug, he pressed a kiss to his temple and sighed.

#I am going to miss you, Harrison# Harry nodded,

#Not as much as I'll miss you# Tom smiled softly.

#I love you my son# Harry hugged him again before stepping back and blanking his face.

#Love you too daddy# Ton nodded with the same expression and Harry turned away leading the others, who had said goodbye to their parents at the same time as him, towards the train without a backwards glance, if he turned around he would probably snap and demanded his dad take him home and teach him there. They found a compartment near the back of the train and Harry deemed it ok so they unpacked their trunks and settled down, Harry pulled out a book after removing his glamour while the other two set up a chess board.

"Can you believe we're actually going to Hogwarts?" Harry asked them as the whistle blew and the train began to pull away, they looked out the window just in time to see their parents apperate away and the reality of leaving sink in.

"It is strange," Draco agreed, "Mother was a mess this morning,"

"My father, even though he tried to keep it together, was obviously affected." Theo added.

"Bella and Barty were the worst, yesterday Bella was in near hysterics and Barty was bouncing around emotions like a Gryffindor." Harry shook his head with a fond smile, "Father spoke to me this morning also,"

"Yes my father too, about the teachers, and who to be wary of?" Theo confirmed and Harry nodded.


"My father is on the school board and says that the defence teacher was last minute, it isn't looking good." Draco told them and Harry frowned.

"If my studies drop because of this teacher I will not be pleased, we will have to evaluate his performance and see if anything needs to be done."

"Of course my Prince."

"Are we expecting anyone to join us?"

"Blaise Zabini expressed his interest to ride with us, I told him that he would have to gain your approval first." Draco said.

"Zabini, the dark Italian?" Harry remembered.

"Yes my Prince," Theo confirmed.

"That is acceptable, he was actually of interest to me."

"My father has also spoken to Crabbe and Goyle Snr's, their sons are body guards as such, intimidation factor and to clear paths for us." Draco said and Harry raised an eyebrow, he didn't need guards, but he had seen the pair at his ball and they could come in handy.


"Do you have any interests as of yet My Prince?" Theo asked prodding a pawn to forward on the board.

"No not currently, Zabini did intrigue me at my ball, so if you wish to retrieve him then go ahead. I haven't bothered to pay anyone else mind, and the mudbloods are pot luck, I might strike it lucky and find a decent one."

"A decent mudblood?" Draco repeated sceptically.

"Yes, you never know, it has been done before. If there is one who is open to the correct ways, they can become the idea first-generation witch or wizard" Harry pointed out,

"I guess," Draco conceded, "But you have to admit, most of them cling to their disgusting muggle ways."

"Which is why we need to find at least one good one to show the proper ways, then they will grow up during Hogwarts like a proper witch or wizardling."


"Nagini has a dry sense of humour, until we are of age we are either witchlings or wizardlings, my father thought it was brilliant and it stuck."

"Right then,"

"Yeah, this is what I live with." Harry sighed in a really put upon way much to the others amusement. He took out his wand and began repeating the wand movement for a shield he was trying, it was in the book the brothers gave him, but it was one of the most advanced he had ever seen. It blocked everything apart from a straight AK, and it required complete concentration and power to master it, he had been trying since he had seen it mentioned before, but the book gave it a better description and instructions.

"Aurea Praesidio," he muttered concentrating hard, he managed a brief flicker of gold before it vanished.

"What was that?"

"It's an advanced shield I'm trying to master, it's so hard, but I believe I will have it by Halloween at the latest."

"Just how advanced?" Draco asked curiously.

"Advanced master duelling is where I originally found it," Harry muttered absently, he completely missed the astonished looks he was given.

"So not that high up then?" Theo said airily, but with no little sarcasm.

"No, but it was a good book and it interested me," The others rolled their eyes.

"Never mind,"

"I will fetch Blaise now, that way if his presence becomes an annoyance to you my Prince he can leave," Theo stated, Harry nodded.

"How did the conversation of betrothals go?" Harry asked Draco and a genuine smile came to the blonde's face.

"Parkinson is off the table, mother fell in love with Evangeline and I think they are signing the contract at Yule."

"Thank Merlin for that," Harry sighed relieved, "I would have hated to disassociate with you because of your future wife."

"I would have hated to disown myself because of my future wife," Draco said.

"What did you think of Evangeline?"

"She was rather pleasant, quite smart and I didn't even find her annoying."

"I thought as much,"

"You are a life saver," Draco agreed, Theo came back in followed by Blaise Zabini. Zabini stopped in the doorway and bowed from the waist down,

"It is an honour to be able to travel with you, my Prince," Harry smirked at that, he couldn't deny that being the Prince brought him endless amounts of pleasure, call him shallow, but having people honoured just to be in his presence was a massive ego booster.

"Come in Zabini, have a seat." Harry told him, "Your mother is the Black Widow correct?"

"Yes My Prince," He answered and Harry nodded, his father had told him all about the Black Widow, such a useful asset and for every person she took out and the fortune she gained with it a cut when straight to the Slytherin vault; a donation of sorts.

"Yes, I do often admire her work," Harry mused, "Do you have any thoughts in following her footsteps?" It may be an odd question for an 11 year old, but they weren't ordinary 11 year olds. Majority of the dark heirs knew exactly what they were growing up to do, Harry was Prince of the Dark empire and if his father every stepped down, something Harry highly doubted, he would take over, as it stood he was second in command. Draco was the heir to the Malfoy name and fortune, he would take over the political games his father played when he was older and was set to the in Harry's own Elite. Theo was the same, and he would deal with the underground dealings his father dealt with; also set become one of the Prince' elite. So to ask Blaise if he was to follow in his mother's footsteps was a perfectly reasonable question, if he showed potential then he may find himself in his elite.

"It is an option, I have the groundings." Blaise answered carefully, a perfect Slytherin answer and Harry smirked.

"I see," he murmured, "Carry on with what you were doing before Theo collected you," Blaise pulled out a book on undetectable poisons much to Harry's amusement.

"My Prince, as I walked the train I saw many of the known dark families." Theo told them, "Many are aware of your arrival,"

"Are they speaking about it?" Harry asked.

"Only amongst the other known, those of neutral or light descent are oblivious."

"Do you know the current head of my house?"

"No, but Slytherin is notorious for their secrets. I believe it is one from a neutral house, if it was of dark then I am sure you would have been informed." Draco pointed out.

"I would hope so, if that is not the case then there will be loyalty called in to question. If, as we suspect, it is a neutral house then I expect a confrontation. They will not want to give up their position of head snake."

"But it is rightfully yours, as heir of Slytherin and Prince." Theo said confused.

"Yes, but father believes they will not give it up simply because I am heir of Slytherin. However, if they are neutral then they will not know of my being the Prince and won't submit." Harry explained,

"Do you intend to inform them my Prince?" Blaise asked placing his book down, Harry was glad he had involved himself in the conversation, the Italian, Harry had decided, had potential so he would be kept around.

"Indeed I do," He said with a malicious smirk, "Of course I won't inform them until the right time."

"Of course," Blaise agreed with a smirk of his own, Harry leaned back and absently stoked Nexis, he picked up the book he was reading and went back to practicing the spell. Half way through the journey, after the food trolley had passed, the compartment door was slid open, Draco, Theo and Blaise were on their feet with their wands pointed at the intruders before they could even speak, Harry didn't even look up from his book still stroking Nexis who was hissing at the door.

"Who are you and what do you want?" Draco snapped with his eyes narrowed, he recognised the Longbottom heir, his father had shown him a picture of the boys parents; the disgusting things they were, but the girl was unfamiliar meaning she was either light or a mudblood.

"I-I'm Hermione Granger and this is Neville Longbottom," Harry perked up at that and actually bothered to listen.

"What are you doing in this compartment mudblood, Longbottom?" Theo demanded,

"Have you seen a toad, Neville's lost his?" She asked in a shaky voice, Harry tilted his head to the side, the girl, who was a mudblood by the unrecognisable name, had a very nice core, it was powerful and dark which peaked Harry's interest.

"No we haven't." Blaise answered with a sneer.

"You can leave now filth," Draco added,

"Now, now gentlemen," Harry drawled alerting the newcomers to the fact there was another in the compartment, "That is no way to be polite." The three of them stepped back with muttered apologies allowing Harry to see the two in the doorway. The Longbottom heir was a round faced boy and Harry fought to keep his lip from curling, the boy's core was sickeningly light and of average+ size, the girl had frizzy brown hair and dark eyes, she had potential to be better if she didn't blow it.

"You are the Longbottom heir?" Harry asked him not looking up from his book, "Son of Frank and Alice?"

"Y-yes," Harry could almost feel Draco's sneer of disgust.

"They were attacked by the Lestranges and Crouch Jr," Harry pointed out absently, "A rather brutal attack if must say, although not undeserved."

"H-how can you s-s-say that?" Longbottom gasped, "They were attacked by monsters," Harry's eyes narrowed behind his book and he heard Draco's almost silent snarl.

"Theo, summon Longbottom's toad." Harry ordered with a slight bite to his voice, Theo complied immediately and thrust the toad in the Longbottom's hands.

"Remove yourself from my presence Longbottom, your kind is not welcome." Harry said coldly, "And a little tip for you Longbottom, ask your dear grandmother what your parents and James Potter's last Order mission was before they got attacked. If she tells you the complete truth, then you will know why your parents' fate was justified." He hated the Longbottoms and Potter for what they did to the Lestranges and Barty, on their last mission they had caught Bella and Barty who were shopping in Knockturn, they had brutally attacked them and at the time both were pregnant. They had killed the unborn children and made it so neither could have another 'because the filthy monsters didn't need to breed', Rodolphus and Rabastan had been devastated at the loss of their children and something in Bella and Barty had snapped that day, they had struck back at the Longbottoms and the Dark Lord had killed Potter. When Harry had been told he had nearly been sick, the bastards in the light claimed they were all nice and good, but they were just as twisted as the dark, if not more because the dark was honest about killing to obtain their goal. But his father never attacked a child or a pregnant witch or wizard like they did, if they had to die it was quick and clean and painless, not prolonged like they did to Bella and Barty. He shook himself out of his thoughts when the boy squeaked and scurried out, the girl, Hermione, went to follow him,

"Not you girl," Harry said, "I didn't say you could leave." Blaise shut the door and locked her in, Harry finally put his book down and looked at her properly. She was nervous, that was clear to him, but she was containing it well for an untrained mudblood, she held herself well, a bit more dignity could be used otherwise it was rather neat.

"W-what do you want with me?" After the first initial stumble she spoke clearly.

"Your name is Hermione Granger, meaning you are a mudblood." Harry confirmed.

"What does that mean?" She asked confused.

"It means you have dirty blood, filthy muggle parents, of no wizard decent meaning you do not know the correct ways of the wizarding world." Harry waved it off and she looked as if she didn't know whether to be affronted or not.

"That is not the matter at hand currently." Harry stated, "You have interested me, something which I assure you is notoriously difficult to do, and you have potential. I know you are intelligent, and you have a powerful magical core which happens to be delightfully dark." She thought over his words before speaking.

"But isn't that bad, having a dark core I mean?"

"Why would you think that?"

"I managed to buy extra books for background reading, I couldn't come in to a new world and not know about it's history and so forth, and in the books I read where the dark arts are mentioned they say that they are horrible and evil." She told him and Harry was impressed she took the initiative to do background reading, most didn't, and he would forgive her little oversight as she was new.

"No, that is not true."

"But the book said that Albus Dumbledore was the greatest wizard in the world and he was light, opposed to You-Know-Who who was dark and was defeated by the light." She said confused and Harry shook his head,

"First of all, don't say You-Know-Who say the Dark Lord, it is much more refined and his correct title. Second of all, the dark is not evil and the light is not good, there is good and bad in both of them, but the Dark are more open to the methods they are prepared to use in order to correct the fault within the wizarding world labelling them evil."

"What do you mean more open?"

"Well the Dark is honest about the things they do, people know that there is murder and so on within the Dark. What they don't know is that there is the same in the light, if not more, but it's all hidden in the supposed good."

"There is?" Hermione questioned unsure.

"Oh yes, but they don't get found out because Dumbledore makes sure all of his people's records are kept clean." Harry told her and it was the truth, Dumbledore sat back and commanded the world like it was a giant chess board.

"How does he do that?"

"You just said to me that Albus Dumbledore was the greatest wizard in the world and you have never met him, never seen him and haven't even been in our world for more than two minutes; that's how he does it." Hermione's eyes widened in shock and Harry saw the flash of understanding in her eyes before they narrowed in suspicion.

"What makes the dark any better?" Brilliant Harry thought in delight, someone who could think for themselves and had the initiative to do so.

"Currently, we have a light orientated world where there is a lot of prejudice and I will admit that dark families tend to be more so because of how this country is run. One of the first policies my-the dark wants to enforce is the integration of mudbloods like yourself and how it is done,"

"What do you mean?"

"Tell me Miss Granger, how did your parents take your accidental magic?"

"Fine," she answered hurriedly and Harry smirked at the blatant lie, he knew her parents were those sort when she didn't even attempt to defend them earlier when he had called them filth.

"And then finding out you are a witch?"

"They were- I mean they were fine," Again she wouldn't meet his eyes and a flush was creeping up her face.

"How did you take finding out that you weren't a freak like everybody had labelled you, but in fact part a different world, someone honoured enough to be gifted with magic?" When he had said 'freak' her attention had snapped up back to him.

"I was relieved, thankful to know-,"

"Know that you weren't alone, that you were special and your parents were plain, ordinary?"

"Yes," she breathed almost looking ashamed, Harry gave her his charming smile that made her blush and look away.

"Now, how much better would it have been if you would have been approached by a trained witch or wizard at your first bout of accidental magic and everything had been explained then? How much better would it have been for you to choose back then if you wanted to stay in the muggle world forever or come in to the wizarding world and live with a proper wizarding family being taught the customs and traditions or the wizarding world?"

"That would have been amazing, it would have changed everything." She murmured and Harry could almost feel her mind working, it was fascinating.

"That is the first policy the dark want to put through." Harry told her.

"How do I know your not lying?" She demanded and Harry raised an eyebrow, it was a valid question as she didn't know him or who he was.

"As you do not know me I will actually answer that question." Harry said with a small smirk, "I have no reason to lie to you, you are only a mudblood and have nothing to offer me; you are literally nothing to me." Harry stated and she blinked at that.

"Don't take that as a personal insult, most people are nothing but annoyances to me, there are very few that I decide are even welcome to be in my presence so don't worry." Harry told her airily,

"You know, that's rather arrogant," She stated and Harry smirked.

"I am arrogant, or impossible as my father labels me. But you do not know my position so you could not possibly understand why,"

"Well what is your position?"

"If you get in to a suitable house then I may grace you with my presence again and you may find out." Harry answered and she frowned.

"A suitable house, but which one?"

"You're intelligent, you work it out." Harry said with a shrug, "And here's something to think on if you are still unsure to if I am lying about the dark or not, if I was lying, why isn't that policy already in place?" Harry sat back and picked up his book again, Hermione had a thoughtful look on her face as she recognised the dismissal and walked to the door.

"Oh and Miss Granger, one final thing," Harry called and she turned to face him, "Do try and get in to the right house, it would be most unfortunate if you didn't because my friends and associates are not that friendly to those with unworthy blood. Only my being will stop them from making your life hell." She flushed at that and left the compartment, the other three looked at their Prince in confusion.

"Decease staring at me, it is tiresome" Harry drawled without looking up, they went back to their previous activities deciding to go with whatever their Prince was doing; a smart move Harry believed. They didn't have any other disturbances for the rest of the journey and when the time came, Theo, Blaise and Draco left so Harry could change in peace, he had pulled out a cloak with a hood because he didn't want his face being seen until his name was called out; added effect. The train finally pulled in to the station and Harry smirked, Draco came back with Crabbe and Goyle and when they exited the train the two gorillas shoved people out of their way, Draco and Theo took Harry's left and right and Blaise was behind.

"Firs' years, firs' years, this way please,"

"Is that a half giant?" Draco asked in disgust.

"Yes, Rubius Hagrid, a simpleton according to my father," Harry stated.

"You can tell Dumbledore runs this place now,"

"Indeed," they were led along a muddy path, which was rather slippery much to Harry's aggravation because people kept sliding and if it wasn't for Crabbe and Goyle they would have touched him.

"No more than four in a boat." Harry took one with Theo, Blaise and Draco as other people clambered in ungracefully to the other boats.

"Ev'ry body in?" Hagrid called, "Right then, FOREWARD," the boats magically set off and sailed over the black lake,

"You'll get your first sight of Hogwarts now," the boats rounded a corner and the castle came in to view, Harry was amazed. It was set on a hill, hundreds of lights illuminated the grand building lighting it up in the night sky; it was stunning.

"Whoa," Harry heard Theo muttered and smiled slightly, his father was right, the castle was a sight and Harry could feel the magic reaching out for him welcoming him.

"We've finally found a place bigger than the Prince' home," Draco muttered and Harry threw him a withering look.

"I did not hear you complaining when you got your own rooms at said home, would you like me to remove it?" Harry snarked and Draco muttered his apology.

"Watch the ivy," Harry ducked his head so he didn't get dragged in to the lake and they reached the bank, they were left up a narrow path to a set of great double doors where Hagrid knocked three times. When the door opened a tall witch stood in the frame, she had a severe air about her and was dressed in elegant green robes and a pointed witch's hat.

"The firs' years professor McGonagall." So this was McGonagall Harry mused, she was quite powerful and more grey than light, she looked strict, someone who would have you for rule breaking no matter what.

"Thank you Hagrid," She told him with a slight Scottish accent, the first years were ushered in and Harry saw her eyes go over him a few times as he had his hood up. They were led through a huge entrance hall and off to a side chamber where McGonagall turned to face them.

"Welcome to Hogwarts, I am Professor Minerva McGonagall, deputy headmistress, head of Gryffindor house and your transfiguration professor." She began swiftly, "The start of term banquet will begin shortly, but before you take your seats in the Great Hall, you will be sorted in to your houses. The sorting is a very important ceremony because while you are here, your house will be like your family, you will go to classes with your house, sleep in the dormitories with your house and share a common room. The four houses are Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. While at Hogwarts, your triumphs will earn you house points, while any rule breaking will lose them. At the end of the year the year, the house with the most points gets awarded the house cup, a great honour." She looked around at them all,

"I hope each of you become a credit to your house. The Sorting Ceremony will take place momentarily in front of the rest of the school, I suggest some of you take this time to smarten yourselves up as much as you can." Her eyes lingered on Longbottom who had somehow managed to fascine his cloak under his ear, and a red head who had dirt on his nose before sweeping away. As soon as she was gone the group burst in to whispers, Harry surveyed the crowd observing them all, and the red head drew attention to himself,

"I heard Harry Potter is supposed to be coming to Hogwarts this year," He said to a sandy haired boy next to him in excitement, Harry bit back a scoff at that and Draco sneered.

"Trying to gain yourself a name Weasley?" He asked in desertion, the red head, Weasley, flushed and span to face him.

"Shut up Malfoy, I wasn't talking to you." He snapped back and Harry sighed, this feud would grate on his nerves.

"Ah, ah that's no way to talk to your superiors is it Weasley."

"You're not anything to me Malfoy," Draco smirked, but Harry didn't let him reply.

"Draco, I am getting a headache." Harry snapped and the blonde looked reasonably chastised before his mask was back.

"Apologies my Prince," He murmured low enough only to be heard by Harry, Weasley smirked at that.

"Do not look so triumphant Weasley, anyone of upstanding knows you are a waste of decent air and a pointless member of society. You are a known blood traitor and your parents haven't even got the decency to try and make an effort to make their spawn look like a pureblood, they could have at least bought a set of new robes even if they were of low quality." Harry sneered at the end and Weasley was bright red, he went to speak when a few people screamed, Harry didn't even turn to see the ghosts come through as he had been told they pulled the same stunt every year. McGonagall came back waving the ghosts away and ordering them in to a line, Harry was stood behind Hermione ironically with Draco behind him, they were led in to the great hall and Harry smiled under his hood. It was a beautiful room with hundreds of candles floating midair and the ceiling enchanted to look like the night sky, he head Hermione muttering about how she had read about it, he sincerely hoped she got in to the right house.

"When I call your name, you will come forth, I shall place the sorting hat upon your head and you will be sorted in to your houses." McGonagall told them. Harry scouted the head table as took note off all the teachers, he guessed Flitwick was the tiny man sat on the books and he didn't need any guesses for Dumbledore, the old fool was sat at the centre and Harry could see the twinkling blue eyes scanning the first years; he almost wanted to cackle.

"Hannah Abbott," the girl went up and the hat sat on her head for a few seconds before-

"HUFFLEPUFF," the house of the badger erupted in to applause,

"Susan Bones," Harry recognised the Bones' heiress, her aunt was the head of the DMLE, and a damn good auror in her time according to his father.

"HUFFLEPUFF," the hat shouted again, the list went on, Boot went to Ravenclaw as did Brockhurst, Brown went to Gryffindor and Bullstrode made the first Slytherin and Harry tuned it out until it got to 'G' where he started to pay attention again. Goyle went to Slytherin and then it was Granger's turn, she walked calmly up to the stool and the had dropped over he head, it was on there for the longest sorting yet before it yelled-

"RAVENCLAW," Harry smirked, this was brilliant, and he had his first challenge already. Granger's eyes sought him out and he nodded once, she looked relieved and hurried off to the clapping Ravenclaw table. More names were called, Longbottom ended up in Gryffindor and then it was Draco, Harry was not in the least bit surprised when the hat barely touched the blonds head before it was yelling out Slytherin.

"What a surprise," Theo muttered before he was called up and followed Draco straight in to the snake pit. They were on the 'P's now and Dumbledore sat forward, Parkinson, Patil, Patil, Perks before McGonagall moved on to 'S', Dumbledore was confused and McGonagall was too by the looks of things; Harry grinned. Smith was called and went to Hufflepuff, McGonagall looked down on her list and paled significantly, she turned to Dumbledore with wide eyes before hastily clearing her throat.

"Harrison Slytherin-Riddle," Dumbledore's reaction was something Harry would forever remember, he pulled down his hood as he name was called and the old man actually choked and knocked his goblet over, he didn't seem to notice however because he was too busy staring at Harry in horror ghostly pale. Harry walked confidently up to the stool easily ignoring the whispers as he sat down and the last thing he saw were people trying to get a good look at him.

Good evening heir, Harry didn't show any signs of being startled as a voice spoke in his mind,

Good evening hat,

Will you allow me access to your mind young heir, your secrets are safe with me? Harry lowered his shields and felt the hat slip in to his mind,

Oh my, you have a lot in here don't you? The hat murmured, I remember your father, I liked him, he had so much potential and he lived up to it. I am sure you will too which is why the only house for you is-

"I GIVE YOU THE HEIR OF SLYTHERIN," Harry handed the hat back to McGonagall and walked over to his table, he was well aware that the snakes were giving him the loudest cheer yet. Harry sat down and observed the hall, many were staring at him in shock, those who knew of his other position gave him respected nods and Dumbledore couldn't seem to take his eyes off of him. McGonagall finally got herself together to finish the sorting, Weasley went to Gryffindor and Blaise got placed in Slytherin. She vanished with the stool and hat and Dumbledore got to his feet, his arms open in a welcoming gesture,

"Welcome!" He greeted, "Welcome to new year at Hogwarts! Before we begin our banquet, I would like to say a few words. And here they are; nitwit, blubber, oddment and tweak. Thank you," He sat down with a warm smile amongst laughs, Harry bit back a sneer and turned his attention to the food which had now appeared. It wasn't individual meals, but mixed plates, Harry shook his head and looked around for something he fancied, he ended up with chicken and potatoes. There were a few conversations at the Slytherin table, but mainly they were shooting looks at him along with the rest of the school, Dumbledore seemed to be staring at him and Harrison was quickly growing annoyed with them, he just wanted to go to sleep. Unfortunately he knew he was going to end up in Dumbledore's office, something that he was going to have fun with. Eventually the food died away and Dumbledore rose to his feet again,

"There are a few start of term notices that I would like to announce," He began, "Students are reminded that the Dark Forest is out of bounds. Mr Filtch has asked me to remind you that the list of banned items is attacked to his door and will students please not that the third floor corridor on the left hand side is out of bounds to those who do not wish to die a most painful death." Harrison's interest peaked at that, if he felt so inclined he may see what Dumbledore had hidden in his locked corridor.

"Now before you go to bed, I would like to sing the school song." Harry noticed the other teachers' expressions became rather stiff, Dumbledore waved his wand and words appeared midair; and the school began to sing. Harry sat still, not moving or singing as did majority of the Slytherin table, there were so many different tunes that it was ghastly and it did in no way help improve his head ache.

"As music, magic most powerful," Dumbledore sighed wiping an eye, "Of you trot," the prefects got up to lead them out and Harrison didn't even get to the staircase before Snape intercepted him.

"The headmaster wishes to see you in his office," Snape murmured and Harry held in his groan, he nodded and followed him instead.

"You have to keep your cool," Snape stated and Harrison nodded.

"I know, I knew this would be happening, father was expecting it also." Harry waved of his concern, Snape muttered the password and the ascended the spiral staircase; it was time to start the year!

So that's the 5th chapter and Harrison has finally arrived at Hogwarts, you know he's going to have fun with the Headmaster! Plus, Hermione will become a main character within this fic, but I'm going to be putting a neat little twist in there. I hope you like it, please drop a review and let me know what you think!