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Chapter 6,

Of lies and tricks and cats and ghosts,

When they entered the room was already half full, all the heads of houses were in attendance and Dumbledore was sat behind his desk.

"Ah good evening Mr Riddle, please have a seat." Harry noted he conveniently forgot the Slytherin part of his name, Harry sat down, but it wasn't like he usually did, he wanted to mess with their heads so he sat subdued.

"I am sure you know why you are here." Harry gave a hurried nod then cringed back, Snape was watching him through curious eyes wondering what his Prince was up to.

"Master said you would want to speak with me." The Potions master blinked in shock, it wasn't just the sentence he was shocked at but at the Prince's voice, the boy sounded weak. The other members of staff were also looking shocked, Dumbledore peered over his half moon spectacles.

"Who is your master? I was under the impression you were living with your father." Harry flinched and looked down as if in shame.

"I do, but I cannot call him that, I am a disappointment, I am weak, I am not the heir he requires me to be, I am a shame on the family name, I don't deserve to call him my father when he is so great and I am so pathetic." He muttered making it sound like he had heard it a hundred times before, Snape suddenly saw what the Prince was doing and refrained from smirking, and the rest of the staff looked horrified.

"You do not get on with you father?" Dumbledore inquired and Snape saw the twinkling of the blue eyes.

"I try, but Master has very high standard, I mean I'm getting better, he only crucio's me 3 times a day now." Harry told them earnestly and Snape held back his laugh that wanted to come forward, the female staff members gasped.

"He uses the Cruciatus Curse on you?" Harry nodded with a small smile.

"Yeah, but it's not so bad, it used to be 5 times so I'm getting better, he had to stop using cutters because they were messy and I didn't clean up fast enough." Harry said to them, his eyes got a glazed look as if he was remembering, he snapped back with a slightly manic grin.

"I must be getting better, I'm allowed outside now, it was the first time this year, I'd never felt grass before or smelt fresh air. The castle has a weird smell, see master often forgets to clean the blood from the skulls he likes to keep. He had quite a collection now, of human skulls I mean, but because of the blood, the smell lingers in the halls. I don't mind though, you get used to them after a while and it's better than the actual corpses, they freaked me out but Master soon got bored of them and only kept their skulls." Harry shook his head fondly and looked back at Dumbledore careful not to meet his eyes, it took a lot not to burst out laughing at the horror mirrored on all of their faces, and Snape's jaw was clenched in an effort not to laugh.

"Skulls and corpses," Sprout repeated in horror, Harry nodded happily.

"Yep, they're only in the main castle though and not in the dungeons, you don't want to be going there." Harry shuddered in 'fear', Dumbledore took a deep breath.

"What's wrong with the Dungeons?" He asked gently and Harry looked wide eyed, his eyes flickered around cautiously before he spoke.

"That's where the screaming happens." He whispered before shaking his head, "I'm not supposed to say anything."

"It's ok, dear boy, you're father will not hear of this."

"Are-are you sure?" Harry stuttered out,

"Of course, you are safe here." Harry looked indecisive for a few seconds before beginning to speak.

"I was down there, only once, and master wanted me to perform some spells on someone, but I didn't want to, it seemed mean and because I refused I was locked down there, master said because I didn't cast the spells I would have them cast on me. It was ok though, they were only mild spells and I was only healing for a month, master was quite surprised by my speedy recovery even though he was furious that I had lazed in my studies." Harry shrugged with a small frown, Snape was dying on the inside, this was completely brilliant.

"He's insane." McGonagall exclaimed and Harry hurriedly shook his head.

"No, master isn't insane, you shouldn't say that. He is powerful, he is the greatest wizard in the world and just has quick mood changes and temper issues and strange ideas and can be a little eccentric sometimes." Snape didn't think it was possible, but Harry had managed to make the Dark Lord sound more insane than the staff first believed.

"But you cannot possibly think this is right, you're only a child, you should be having fun and playing games." McGonagall told him and Harry looked confused.

"What are games?" He asked slowly, making the word sound strange on his tongue, Snape had to look away, they all looked shocked and alarmed.

"Yo-you don't know what games are?" Harry tilted his head with a frown before his eyes lit up.

"Oh you mean when master throws AK's and Crucio's and cutters and I have to hope none hits me, he calls them games and they're ok, I mean, I haven't won yet but I guess I haven't lost as I'm still here." It took every single bit of his well mastered Occlumency for Severus not to burst out laughing, the Prince was truly playing them well and they had no idea.

"Oh Merlin,"

"That's horrific,"

"How could he do that to his own son?"

"Mr Riddle, excuse my curiosity, but when did you begin living with your father?"

"When I was nine," Harry shrugged,

"Why did you leave your other relatives?"

"Because they were mean to me, at least master doesn't lock me in a cupboard." Harrison sniffed looking down, there were more gasps.

"What do you mean?" McGonagall asked and Harry looked up.

"Well Petunia and Vernon hated me because I was a freak and freaks don't deserve rooms." Harry told her with a troubled look, the look she gave Dumbledore was that of disgust and Harry internally smirked.

"Don't you want to leave or get away from your father?" Harry looked shocked and afraid.

"A-away from master? But I couldn't do that, I mean, where would I go, no one would put up with a burden like me as he has graciously done, no I couldn't go anywhere, I have to go back to master to make myself better so I can be something other than a disappointment. Even my mother left out of shame," That was what got them all, all of them gasped and Snape swore he broke a rib in an effort not to laugh, it was too much.

"Is that what he told you?" Dumbledore asked gravely and Harry nodded hurriedly, his eyes were wide and filled with sadness and fear.

"I have to tell you something about your mother's absence." He said and Harry looked up.

"Do you know her? What's she like? Is she still disgusted in me because I'm better now and I'm sure she wouldn't hate me as much?" Harry fired off questions off in rapid excitement and the head of houses exchanged looks.

"I'm afraid your mother is dead, Mr Riddle." Dumbledore told him and Harry went pale,

"W-what do you mean?"

"She was killed when you were an infant." He explained.

"K-k-killed, no you've got it wrong." Harry insisted.

"I am afraid not, I was there. You father killed her," Harry looked utterly devastated and Snape was internally clapping.

"No, no he wouldn't do that, he only kills people who have done something wrong, you've got it wrong."

"Your mother refused to hand you over to him because she knew you wouldn't be raised correctly and he killed her."

"But-but," Harry ducked his head and brought tears to his eyes, they gently rolled down his face and they all looked so sympathetic.

"I am sorry to be the one to tell you this," Dumbledore said softly.

"But why would master lie to me, I don't understand?" Harry shook his head.

"Your father is an evil man and has gone insane, even I never believed Tom would go this far." It was too easy Harry decided, he was having so much fun.

"He's not evil and insane, just a bit misunderstood, if everyone listened to him it would be alright." Harry reasoned but Dumbledore shook his head.

"We can help you, you don't have to suffer with your father, there is another way."

"Another way?" Harry parroted in awe.

"Yes, you don't have to endure pain, or cursing."

"Really?" Harry looked at him with innocent wide eyes.

"Yes, the light can help you. We can keep you away from your father, there are families that would take you in, the Weasleys would be a wonderful option." That was it, Harry couldn't take it no more, he burst out laughing startling the 5 of them, Snape continued to keep his head down or he would join the Prince, Harry laughed until actual tears ran down his face.

"Excuse me, but the very thought of me residing with someone as low class as the Weasleys was just too much." Harry's whole demeanour changed before them, a smirk graced his flawless features and he rose.

"As entertaining as this meeting was, I have a letter to write and he won't be pleased if it's later than tomorrow's breakfast." On that note he swept from the room, Snape quickly followed and when they were a decent distance from the headmaster's office Harry laughed again.

"Skulls and corpses?" Snape asked amusement clear, Harry dissolved in to fits again clutching his sides.

"Oh Merlin, you have to show him that memory." Harry said when he was calm, Snape nodded with a laugh of his own.

"I cannot believe they bought half of that," Snape said and Harry smirked.

"I am an accomplished actor,"

"Don't I know that," they approached the Slytherin common room and Snape stopped just outside.

"Deliver that memory to my father, it will serve for some amusement for him. Do not tell him of my placement if he asks, just say you were in the meeting." He told him in low tones and Snape nodded.

"Of course my Prince," he left with a short bow. Harrison took a deep breath and placed his mask on, what was the likely hood he could just go to bed? Harrison entered the common room, which opened automatically for him, and nearly everyone stopped to stare at him, he refrained from rolling his eyes and searched for Draco and Theo instead.

"Draco, Theo, have my things been set up?"

"Yes, unfortunately we have shared dorms." Theo told him and Harry's lip curled.

"Indeed, has my grandfather entered his portrait any time this evening?"


"Alert me when he does, I have to tend to Nex," He headed to the dorms and wrinkled his nose, he had never had to share a room before and he didn't know how to take it.

"I am way too spoilt," He muttered to himself, but couldn't find the effort to actually care, he went to his trunk and removed his beloved snake.

#Master you're back#

#Hello Nex, I am sorry for leaving you so long, I had a meeting with the headmaster# he soothed and Nex perked up.

#He is the one Nagini says is bad#

#Yes, he decided to talk to me tonight and I had a little fun# Theo came in to the dorms at that point and looked as if he was going to bow, the boy still hadn't stopped that particular habit.

"Your grandfather is in his frame my Prince,"

"Harrison," He reminded his friend who grinned sheepishly.

"It's weird ok,"

"You and Draco are impossible." Harrison followed him out and back to the common room, Salazar Slytherin was sat grandly in his chair in his frame and smiled slightly when he saw Harrison.

"Ah Harrison, you have arrived and been sorted in to the correct house." He greeted and Harry nodded with a smirk.

"Of course grandfather, did you expect me elsewhere?" Harry asked lightly and Salazar shook his head.

"Not with you, your father has asked of your placement."

"Do not tell him Grandfather, he will receive my owl at breakfast." Salazar chuckled.

#You have something planned young snake?#

#I do, if you could mention how you haven't seen me it will be perfect#

#I will,#

#Do the heirs have a room of their own minus in the chamber?#

#Yes, you need only ask the castle to reveal it for you# Harry sighed in relief

#Thank Merlin, I wasn't too keen on sharing a room# Salazar left chuckling and Harry smirked, his father was set to have a heart attack. He walked over to his grandfather's portrait and placed his palm underneath,

"I seek access to the heir rooms great castle," He murmured and Harry felt a pulse of magic, a new door appeared separate from dorms and Harry raised an eyebrow, he walked over and went in; he was impressed. They were grand and elegant like everything to do with Slytherin, decorated in green and silver he had his own living room as well and his bedroom led off to the side; he liked it. Harry came back out to silence and this time he did roll his eyes, he walked over to where Draco and Theo were sat and both of them were smirking, he raised an eyebrow and snapped his fingers to summon an elf.

"Move my things in to my new room, see to it that everything is placed in the correct place and that Nex has his habitat set up." He ordered and the elf left with a bow, Harry sat down still with all eyes on him, finally someone spoke.

"Who exactly do you think you are Riddle?" It was someone he didn't recognise and he did not appreciate the tone, Draco and Theo both stiffened and their eyes narrowed slightly.

"My name is Slytherin-Riddle and it would do well to watch your tone." Harry kept his voice soft as not to allow his anger to show.

"Just because you happen to be the heir, doesn't mean you can come in and act like you own the place." The unknown teen snapped, "You're still a helpless first year," there were a few mutterings of agreement and there were some looking at the teen who had spoke like he had lost his mind, the warning was the flickering of the lights, Draco and Theo both looked ready to curse him, but Harrison held up his hand to stop them.

"What is your name?"

"Marcus Flint," that would explain why he didn't recognise him, the Flints were 'neutral'.

"You, Flint, have placed yourself in a very precarious position." Harry began, he was still sitting down, but the air was different, people could feel the tension. Flint scoffed,

"What could you do?"

"You see, you know nothing of me, but yet you are here questioning my actions. Do you not think that foolish?" Harrison didn't realise, but he sounded exactly like his father when he spoke in such away and many who know who they were listening too shuddered in a mixture of fear and awe.

"I lead this house, I've worked for it, just because you're an heir doesn't give you rights." Flint snarled levelling Harry with what he assumed was to be an intimidating glare, Draco and Theo were glaring at Flint with so much anger that it was surprising they hadn't curse him and it was only Harrison's order that they were still silent.

"And if you continue to speak to me with such disrespect you will find yourself dead." Harry snapped and he was on his feet now, he wasn't used to disrespect from the dark and neutral and saw no reason to put up with it, he could kill Flint with a flick of his wand.

"Please-," he was cut off because Harry slashed his wand viciously through the air, Flint was blasted back, and with a flick of Harry's wand, bound and gagged. Many people gasped, none had even seen him draw his wand and people waited with baited breath to see what was going to happen, those who knew the Prince had backed up with their heads bowed in slight submission. Draco and Theo had stood to take Harrison's left and right with their wands out in case some of the other foolish neutrals decided to try and sent a curse at their Prince.

"Seeing as you have no common sense, let me fill you, and the rest of the mindless drones that seem to share your opinion of me, in on a few important facts you are missing." Harry told them all, he levitated Flint up so he was suspended in the air. He could clearly see who were dark and who were neutral now, those who were dark were silent with their heads bowed in respect and the neutral were whispering and glaring at him.

"I am the heir of Slytherin, you have established that on your own, congratulations." He mocked, "You heard my Grandfather mention that my father is alive meaning the Lord of Slytherin is alive, now most people know exactly who that is. You, Flint, apparently do not, so I, being the courteous and generous person that I am, will inform you before you anger me too much and I have to feed you to my snake." Harry turned to the room with a smirk.

"I am the Prince of the dark sec," this caused gasps from those who didn't know and Flint's eyes widened, "My father is the Dark Lord and I am his son and heir." People were looking at him in shock and awe, his smirk stretched as all eyes were on his and slowly he turned back to Flint. There was a dark edge to his eyes now, and Flint swallowed hard.

"So Flint, not only have you managed to piss the heir to your house off, but also the heir to the entire dark sector, well done, it's a record." He let Flint drop to the floor without a care, he sneered at him.

"Let this be a warning to all of those who foolishly thought they would try and get me to bow in submission; I bow to no one. You know who I am, you know who my father is, you should know the hierarchy and if you do not then it is recommended that you find someone to inform you. I am not as patient as my father and he is notoriously impatient, I will have things in a certain way and if they are not then you will be forcefully reminded why my reputation has fast grown as the Prince." He looked around the room and was pleased to see most were following his words, some would need to be properly corrected, but it wouldn't be too much trouble for him to do that. "Now, as I do not feel like lowering myself to be in such company, I bid you goodnight. Draco, Theo," the pair jumped up and followed him in to his rooms, the common room exploded in to speech before the door had even shut and Harry rolled his eyes.

"Foolish little people," He grumbled. The other two shook their heads, Flint was lucky he was still breathing, they knew the last person who was rude to the Prince wasn't seen again, his temper was about as long as his fathers.

"You were not expecting that?" Draco asked curiously and Harry sighed.

"Not quite like that and not quite this early, I knew people would question, especially as they don't know me, but to be outright rude and disrespectful is fucking stupid."

"I don't believe they will be doing it again my Prince,"

"It would be wise if they didn't." Harry said, he fell in to a chair and motioned for them to sit.

"What did Dumbledore want?" Draco inquired and Harry grinned.

"Wanted to know about my father of course,"

"And let me guess, you told them nothing while having a great time about it." Theo stated with a smirk and Harry looked innocently back.

"I don't know what you mean Theo, I only told them the important things about my master." Both boys' jaws dropped.

"You didn't?"


"And they bought that?"

"Ate up every word that poured from my mouth," Harry said and they laughed.

"Oh Merlin,"

"You should have seen their faces when I said my father collected human skulls." Harry told them before falling in to his own laughter.

"Human skulls?" Theo gasped and he nodded.

"Yes, it was so funny, Sev had to look away."

"What made you break?"

"Dumbledore suggested I stay with the Weasleys." Harry said and they shuddered.

"Ha, you stay at the Weasley's place. Please, Weasley Sr's annual wage wouldn't even cover the cost of your shoes." Draco scoffed and Harry smirked.

"I like nice things,"

"Yes, but they don't understand your concept of nice things, their nice things include second hand robes that don't have holes in them." Theo said with a grin and Harry looked disgusted.

"It makes you wonder what Dumbledore does for his people, doesn't it? How could he allow them to live such meagre lives especially those closest to him, father wouldn't dream of it, the elite are pretty much family." Harry shook his head, he didn't understand at all, his father was a horrific monster in the lights eyes, but yet if you gained his favour he would aid you, look at the elite members who lived with them. They had luxury rooms, the best food and Barty even got an allowance given from the Slytherin vaults because he could not access his own.

"I don't know my Prince, they all puzzle me." Draco shrugged, "Nice rooms by the way."

"They are rather pleasant, I have never shared a room before, so these are much better."

"Have you written to your father yet?"

"No, I'm going to now."

"We shall leave you," they stood and left with a bow, he rolled his eyes giving up on stopping them; he knew they wouldn't. He drafted out the letters to his father and attached one to his beloved owl and called an elf to attach one to a school owl, he told Ares to wait until the other owl had reached his father before giving the man the letter. With a satisfied smirk, Harry got undressed and fell in to the surprisingly comfy bed.

Barty was carefully watching his Lord at breakfast just as his Prince had asked him too, he was also in a good position to bolt, duck or dodge if the need should arise. He knew what the Prince was planning and it would serve for a laugh, a brown owl swept in and the Dark Lord raised an eyebrow, but took the letter addressed to him in his sons own neat handwriting.

Dear Father, that opening sentence made his other brow rise, Harrison never called him father unless it was around others that didn't live in the manor.

I hope to find you well and I wish to say now that I am deeply sorry and I understand any course of action you see fit to take after reading the context of this letter. That got Tom to stop in confusion, he had only seen the boy yesterday, what in Merlin's name could he have done?

As you know, yesterday evening I arrived at Hogwarts and the sorting ceremony took place, I am sure you have spoken to Severus and it was on my request he did not tell you the outcome of my placement. I am horrified and ashamed to tell you that I did not make Slytherin, the Dark Lord's eyes widened in horror; how could his son not get in their house? It just simply not possible! With a deep breath he continued, maybe the boy was a Ravenclaw.

I know that it is a disgrace, but unfortunately it does get worse. After a few deliberations, the hat saw fit to place me in the house of the brave, yes Father, I was placed in Gryffindor. Tom dropped the letter like it had burned him and reared back in shock, no, it couldn't be true, not Gryffindor, anything would have been better. He would have to renounce the fact he had a son, he couldn't have a Gryffindor child, he levitated the letter as he refused to touch it and finished the letter of doom.

I, of course, was disgusted in myself and I can only imagine your thoughts. I accept anything that you wish to do because of the outcome,

You son, or soon to be ex,

Harrison Riddle.

For a full 5 minutes the Dark Lord just stared at the letter pale as a sheet, Barty was gripping his fork so hard it hurt in the effort not to laugh, his Lord was not taking the letter well and it was amusing to say the least. When he had finally looked away from the letter, a beautiful snowy owl swooped in and dropped another letter down, and Tom picked it up with caution.

Hey dad,

Only kidding, of course I got in to Slytherin, it was the instant choice.

"Thank Merlin," He sighed, he slumped back in relief, when he saw his son next he was going to wring his neck, he could imagine the smirk on the brats face.

I hope I didn't give you too much of a heart attack, but it was too easy an opportunity to pass up, hopefully Barty is there and got the full view of your reaction. Here Tom turned to glare at the death eater whose bright red face gave away his amusement, Barty made a hasty exit, which was suspiciously like a full sprint, when he caught sight of the look directed at him.

I mean, come on! Me, a Gryffindor, please, have some faith in me old man. Anyway, I got grandfather to tell me how to access the heir rooms which weren't in the chamber; did you know that we have shared dorms? How come you didn't tell me? A little preparation for that would have been nice! I also had a confrontation with some Slytherins who didn't know who I was, Tom pinched his nose, he hoped there weren't too many injuries.

And no, I didn't hurt them, I know what you're thinking! I merely pointed out who I was and who my father was and what would happen if they kept opening their mouths, I believe we will have a happy relationship now. But none of that is important; did Sev give you the memory? Have you seen it yet? If you have, I'm a genius right? Granted I made you sound even crazier, but it was so much fun and I couldn't pass that up. If you haven't, then you have no idea what I'm speaking about and now your really curious, good, go watch it, it will cheer you up, let Bella and Barty watch it too. You will truly appreciate my acting skills after.

Well that's it for now, don't hurt Barty, he was there on my order so HA! And remember our deal about the dragon; I am so going to get one.

Love from,


Tom shook his head fondly, his son was perfect in his eyes, the mention of the memory did, in fact, make him extremely curious and he rose to go and see it. He could almost feel Harrison's excitement about it, he called for Bella and Barty to join him in the lounge and he called an elf to fetch his pensieve. They entered, well Barty was hiding behind Bella much to Tom's amusement, and he motioned them to stand by the floating pensieve.

"The Prince sent Severus back with a memory which he expressly advise we watch, shall we?" they went in first and he followed. They watched as Snape warned Harrison to keep his cool and he waved of the worry, the Dark Lord had a feeling he was going to enjoy this meeting with the headmaster a lot. The first shock was they want his son sat, it was at a slouch, something no one other than the elite saw and that was pushing it.

Master said you would want to speak to me. Both the elite's jaws dropped, Tom barely caught his own from doing the same, whatever he was expecting was put to shame by that first line. They listened carefully as Harrison lured them in to an opportunity and Barty laughed the mention of the Cruciatus Curse,

I try but Master has very high standard, I mean I'm getting better, he only crucio's me 3 times a day now.

"Yes because anyone would even think about trying to curse the Prince," He snickered and Tom smirked, the fact that Dumbledore believed what Harrison was saying truly underlined how much the headmaster didn't know the Dark Lord. Harrison was finished and the part about his collection of human skulls even got a laugh from Tom, the two elite members were clutching their sides.

"Oh Merlin, human skulls," Bella coughed, "I applaud Severus for keeping in his own amusement."

"It is commendable," Tom doubted anyone else would be able to hold in their laugh in that situation, maybe Lucius. The sheer horror and disgust on the staff's faces was a picture that he would never forget, Dumbledore looked as if he was about to be sick. Harrison's version of games was brilliant, but the true beauty was the part of his mother, his son was a true artist when it came to weaving stories. When they came out of the pensieve they were still chuckling and Tom smirked,

"My son is rather imaginative." Tom commented.

"I would like to see your collection of human skulls if you please, My Lord." Barty asked before breaking out in fits, Tom shook his head, he waved them off in dismissal and walked to his office so he could write back to his son; he had to congratulate the boy.

Harry woke up and it took his a second to remember where he was and when he did he sat up with a smirk; Hogwarts. He hopped out of his bed and headed for the shower, it felt strange to pull on uniform and he checked himself over to make sure he looked presentable. There was a knock at the door and Harry called for them to enter, he wasn't surprised when Draco and Theo entered.

"Good morning My Prince," They greeted and Harry sighed, apparently it would be a while until they learned,

"Good morning," Harry retuned,

"There were many questions last night." Theo began and Harry raised an eyebrow turning to face them.


"Yes, many wanted to know if you spoke the truth. Obviously there are those who already know who you are and quickly shut them up, Karson Avery even came to wands over a blatant disrespect against you." Draco told him.


"And Pucey,"

"Ah Adrian Pucey, heir to the house of Pucey and another 'neutral',"

"Yes, it seems they didn't take to kindly to your proclamation and believed you were merely spinning stories until Avery and Rosier pulled their wands."

"I presume that the matter has been sorted."

"It has my Prince,"


"The only trouble now is the rest of the school. Most will not take kindly to you being the heir of the 'dark house'." Harry laughed at that.

"Oh if only they knew." They shared smirks.

"Let's go and show ourselves to the masses." Harry stated and he led them out, automatically Draco took his right while Theo took his left. As soon as he stepped in to the common room the room fell silent, he paid them no mind, they meant little to him, and walked out in to the corridor. Blaise quickly caught up and fell in to step behind Harrison as they made their way up to the great hall, Harry had memorised the route from last night so they didn't get lost and were some of the first snakes to arrive at the great hall. As the hall was quite quiet he was lucky to escape the major break out of whispers he knew to expect when most of the students arrived, and he had no doubt that it would try his very short patients. Harrison did notice that the teachers seemed to be casting him sideways looks and he did his best not to twitch, it was going to be amusing messing with their heads; he did need something to keep him amused.

"Do you have plans for the mudblood girl, My Prince?" Theo asked when he spotted her walking in. Harrison nodded with a small smirk,

"Yes, I have no doubt that by the end of the month she will be considered a first gen opposed to a mudblood." He answered and nodded to Hermione when her eyes sought him out.

"I do not doubt you, My Prince." Draco said, "However, there is a mudblood problem for a reason and they are notoriously difficult to change."

"I know this Draco, however, those in the past are not me and they do not know what to look for to change them." Harrison stated simply. "Now, when do we get our schedules? I wish to find our lessons without being late."

"I believe Uncle Sev will be handing them out when the majority arrive." Draco answered and Harrison bit back his frown.

"Hm, I think I will have to speak with him about that. I do despise waiting."

"Would you like me to obtain our schedules, My Prince? I am sure Severus would not mind." Theo asked.

"No, leave it for now. I am still playing with Dumbledore, and I do not want him doubting my story as of yet." Harrison said amused, "At least give it a week." The hall was starting to fill up and finally the timetables were handed out, Harrison scanned his and saw that he had charms followed by transfiguration.

"Flitwick and McGonagall on the first day, this seems promising." Harrison murmured and the others agreed. The Slytherin table were not the only ones glancing at the young prince and his associates, and it was started to get to Harrison as Draco could tell.

"Would you care to leave now, My Prince? We may be able to discover a shortcut on the way."

"Yes, lets. The incestuous staring is starting to try my last nerve and my father advised I not hurt the other students." Harrison sighed as if that caused him a great effort, Draco and Theo rolled their eyes and Blaise looked as if he didn't know whether to be amused or scared. With a bit of difficulty, they found their way to the charms corridor and arrived to the lesson on time, they were with the Ravenclaws and Harrison was pleased with that because it gave him an opportunity to observe Hermione at her first magical lesson; even if it was only theory.

Flitwick came in and took the register, he squeaked a bit when he reached Harrison's name but moved on quickly. As expected, Flitwick took them through the theory of the basic charms and Harrison bit back a sigh, it was another thing he would be changing when his father took over; school. Schools for wizarding children would begin much earlier and it would be mandatory for them to attend at least 2 years 'primary' school if they were to be accepted in to Hogwarts. He would have to properly plan it out, and it would have to be detailed, but it would show his dad that he had been paying attention and he was taking his position as Prince seriously.

Shaking his head, Harrison focussed back on the lesson and watched as Hermione take copious amounts of notes with a hidden smirk; she had a clear thirst for knowledge. When the bell went, the Slytherins made their way up to transfiguration while the Ravens disappeared to where they had to be.

"Oh wonderful," Draco complained under his breath, Harrison raised an eyebrow. "We're with the Gryffindors." He clarified and Harrison sighed. He had been hoping to at least have a day before he was face with the lions who, no doubt, would be the loudest in their opinion of him. When they entered the classroom the first thing they noticed there was a cat sat on the teachers desk and Harrison bit back an amused smirk, it was a clever ruse, if he hadn't grown up with his father. He sat down and made sure it was abundantly obvious the rest of the first years should be prepared for the lesson, they were looking around confused, or as confused as Slytherins allowed themselves to look in public.

"I didn't think we would beat McGonagall here." Theo said confused.

"We didn't," Harrison murmured with a pointed look at the cat. The other snakes blinked and turned to look at the cat in shock,



"Clever," Theo muttered and Harrison smirked.


The Gryffindors came in loud and rowdy much to the snakes distaste and they ambled over to their seats laughing and talking without a care in the world, that seemed to make the cat twitch but it didn't move. The lesson started, but there were still people missing and the door was flung open and Weasley ran in followed by someone Harrison didn't know.

"Made it," The red head gasped,

"Tat was a close one." The other agreed in a heavy Irish accent.

"Can you imagine if we were late?" Weasley laughed obviously not noticing the slowly growing tension in the room. The cat leaped of its table and changed midair turning in to the teacher who, by the thinning of her lips, was not in the least impressed.

"Nice of you to join us Mr Weasley and Mr Finnegan," McGonagall barked and they flinched, "Perhaps I should transfigure one of you in to a pocket watch, maybe that way one of you will be on time."

"We-we got lost." Finnegan stuttered,

"Then perhaps a map," She snapped. "I trust you do not need one to find your seats." Harrison couldn't stop the amused smirk curling on to his lips at the very dry humour; his father would have been proud to accomplish something so dry.

"Now that we are all in attendance," McGonagall threw a look at the offending students before continuing, the fact that it was her own lions wasn't sitting well with her apparently, "Transfiguration is one of the toughest branches of magic you will study at Hogwarts, I will not take anything but your full attention and anyone messing around will find the quickest way to the door." She warned them and proceeded to transfigure her desk in to a pig with a flick of her wand before it was returned to normal.

Harrison blinked at that, his father may have underestimated McGonagall's ability, that type of transfiguration was very difficult and to do it with such ease illustrated a very high aptitude for the subject; Harrison was impressed. He knew he could learn loads of this particular teacher, even if he was well versed in the subject, he could always learn more and from such a mistress; there were so many possibilities. McGonagall gave them a lecture for the introduction and Harrison took notes on the little extras she had added in that you could only pick up from years of experience.

She finally gave them matchsticks to change in to needles and, for a second, Harrison considered pretending that he wasn't as able as he was, but he almost immediately scrapped that idea because not only would his father have an aneurism if he wasn't clearly at the top of the year, it would end up annoying him and people would begin to doubt him. He flicked his wand and watched as the matchstick changed in to a sterling silver needle easily,

"Congratulations, Mr Slytherin-Riddle." McGonagall said as she passed, "10 points to Slytherin,"

"Thank you professor," She nodded and carried on her inspection. Harrison went on with the transformations he had done before, and had fun making miniature replicas of Nex and Nagini before changing them back in to the matchsticks for the end of the lesson.

"You managed points from McGonagall," Blaise said slightly amazed, "Wow,"

"I have a gift," Harrison stated seriously. They made their way to lunch and light conversation began of their lessons already, Harrison had to agree, if only silently, he was quite impressed with the teaching so far. He was disappointed that they had a free session after lunch already, but it couldn't be helped as they only had their core subjects at the current time.

"Am I the only one who thinks we should have more core subjects?" Harrison sighed as they walked towards the library, he had been told constantly that the Hogwarts library was great, but his father said he personally preferred their own at the castle.

"No, My Prince," Theo answered, "But, unsurprisingly, Dumbledore highly changed the curriculum when he took over headmaster and it's been that way ever since."

"That is many generations missing out, I know when my father applied for the defence job the second time Dumbledore had been the headmaster for about 5 years." Harrison mused and he completely missed the stunned looks on his three friend's faces.

"Your father applied for the defence job?" Draco repeated in disbelief.

"Yes, first when he was 17 after he had graduated and then again when he was around 27." Harry told them, "Why is that so surprising?"

"I just cannot imagine your father as a teacher." Theo said shocked.

"Why? He's a brilliant man and has so much knowledge to give. Besides, he's taught me so much and Bella practically apprenticed under him."

"Yes, but you're his son and Aunt Bella is clinically insane," Draco muttered and Harrison smirked.

"I'll inform her of that opinion, shall I?"

"I would be extremely grateful if you would refrain from doing so, My Prince." Draco said alarmed.

"I thought as much." They had finally reached the library and Harrison looked around with a raised eyebrow. It was an impressive library, he was not disputing that, but he had a sinking suspicion that it would not be as varied as his library.

"I cannot say I am disappointed exactly." Theo said mirroring Harrison's thoughts,

"But there isn't likely to be a book on everything." Blaise muttered.

"We shall be perfectly ok with the supplies they have here. It is not as if I did not have my personal library packed, and I am sure you can ask your elves for your own books in the dorms." Harrison pointed out.

"You are correct, My Prince. Pip packed my library because she knows I like my books." Theo agreed and Harrison very nearly snorted at the understatement; Theo was rarely seen without a book in his hand.

"Come, I have something I want to draft to hand to my father and we need not be here currently." Harrison stated and they left. It was simple enough to get back to the common room and the door opened for Harrison as he approached, there wasn't many people in the common room and the ones there were sat on the study tables either talking or doing essays that they had been given.

"The day we get given essays on the first day back is the day I throw a fit." Draco murmured looking around with evident distaste.

"I believe they are in their OWL and NEWT years, I am hopeful that my father will have control by then." Harrison told them, "We will have a much different system if that comes to pass."

"Have you began working with your father in such ways yet, My Prince?" Theo asked curiously.

"Come; let us go to my rooms. This is not the place for this conversation, as empty as it is." Harrison led them in and told them to make themselves comfortable as he took the chair.

"And in answer to your inquiry Theo; not actively as such. I sit in on meetings and discussions, and when I am with my father I offer my input which I know he takes in to consideration; the latest werewolf legislation that is being put up soon said as much."

"You had input to that, My Prince?" Blaise said amazed and Harrison nodded.

"Yes, the section about assigning them designated forests and areas where it is a strictly non-human territory was my idea. I like Fenrir," Harrison shrugged,

"I wonder if it will pass."

"Father said he is not sure because of the blinded people that sit in the wizengamot, even if they are dark some can be stupid." Draco said and Harrison scoffed.

"Some of them are down right fucking retarded." Harrison grumbled, "The idiocy that lives in todays society is unbearable. I do hope our generation has more promise,"

"Of course it does, My Prince. We are, after all, set to be the leading figures when the time comes, and I do not believe we are unintelligent." Draco said and his voice was seeping in arrogance, Harrison smirked along with Blaise and Theo.

"You have a point there, Draco."

"What was your idea that you wanted for your father, My Prince?" Blaise remembered.

"It came to my attention today, when we were all sat bored as the teachers went over theory, that those who have been taught correctly will already have most of this term covered and ourselves, as the leading heirs of the dark sec, have this entire year covered." Harrison told them all, "I am going to propose to my father the idea of a wizarding starting school. From ages 5 up until 10 years old with a mandatory 2 years attendance needed for the witch or wizardling to be accepted in to Hogwarts." Harrison had gotten to his feet and was pacing lightly in front of them, they were listening fascinated to his idea.

"I know one of the most important things that the dark is after is changing mudbloods in to first gens, and I believe with this there would no longer be a need for the word mudblood because all wizarding children will be taking wizarding customs and etiquette lessons from the age of five in the starting school. The lessons that we have growing up and completely discard as normal, such as penmanship and calligraphy, etiquette and customs, hierarchy, and those such things. We are taught by our parents because we need them everyday growing up, but I know from personal experience that it is very overwhelming coming in to this whole new world and needing to know all of this.

"When my father saved me from the disgusting muggles Dumbledore trapped me with, it was a lot to get my head around, but I learned quickly because I was so young and then I grew up with it. I would hate to think how hard it would be to learn it all at eleven and I think a starting school would enable mudbloods to conform to the correct ways and transform in to fresh new first gens." He explained with a passion.

He wasn't excusing the way mudbloods clung to their muggle ways, he hated muggles with a passion and thought they should be caged like the animals they were. It was wrong when mudbloods came in to their world and tried to force their ways upon them because they believed they should be able to have their way when it was them entering the wizarding world. If they wanted to stay they should conform to the wizarding ways or leave permanently; it was as simple as that. But, he knew it was hard to be face with all the knew things from the wizarding world and Harrison believed that if they were introduced and taught from a much earlier age then it wouldn't be a problem.

He hadn't been lying to Hermione when he told her about the dark policy of finding mudbloods at their first bout of accidental magic and making them choose, it wasn't an impossible decision to make because most magical children's first bout of magic was around 5 or 6, only very powerful children performed magic before then and Harrison knew it was possible because he had been summoning things when he was a baby before Dumbledore saw fit to place a bind on him. Most muggles were horrified and/or terrified when they are told that their child has magic so it wouldn't be an argument to if the parents would give them up or not.

"What about the mudbloods discovered and placed in to starting school, My Prince? Is our eventual goal not to eradicate muggle influence from our world completely?" Blaise asked and Harrison nodded.

"Yes, and I've been thinking on that too. You know that my father wishes to remove mudbloods at their first bout of accidental magic, hopefully to place them in magical families, but there are many more mudbloods than willing families at the current time. So I want thinking either making the starting school an optional boarding facility or, because the mudbloods will notice that the purebloods and some of the halfbloods are coming and going and it will be detrimental for future friendships, creating a type of magical orphanage or something alone those lines." Harry said to them,

"But would it function with only mudbloods?" Draco wondered and Harrison shook his head.

"It wouldn't be only for only mudbloods. I have done my research with this when working with my father, and the way the wizarding world treats magical orphans is down right fucking stupid." Harrison stated with a sneer. "Did you know that if a child has been orphaned and they have no known family they get sent to a muggle orphanage, unaware of their heritage, of their culture, of the world they were supposed to flourish in? Muggles fear what they don't know or understand and many of the magical children don't even make it back to the magical world because of the filthy muggles. It is disgusting, and with a magical orphanage they can receive all the love and attention they need and learn all the important things."

"You have me sold, My Prince." Theo said after a few moments. He had been around the Prince since they were 8 years old and he knew that he didn't have this much to say on a subject unless he was really passionate about it and when the Prince was passionate about something it meant he wanted to do something about it and when the Prince wanted something the Prince got something; despite the amount of work needed to get it; he never gave up. Harrison flashed a small smile in Theo's direction in thanks, he wasn't particularly bothered about others opinion, but it was nice to have support.

"I am with you, My Prince." Blaise agreed, and then all three of them turned to Draco who blinked.

"I thought it was obvious I was in this as soon as the Prince started speaking." The blond said bewildered and they laughed,

"I was thinking that we could work on the proposal, I know Draco has been having lessons with Lucius on how to word proposals to make them even more appealing, and then we could draft out the entire project and present it to our fathers at Yule."

"You want us to work with you?"

"Of course, it will illustrate your worthiness to become my elite like your fathers to mine and I believe Blaise will fit right in." Harrison stated. Draco and Theo practically beamed with pride and Blaise looked stunned,

"Me, My Prince?"

"Yes, I have decided that I like you, so think of this as a chance to prove yourself officially." Harrison said to him.

"I thank you, My Prince, it will be an honour." Blaise said humbly.

"Now, I think we have the basic knowledge for this project anyway because we have our teachings, but we would have to even it out to make it able for the majority opposed to the minor. I know my own teachings were advanced, but with my father being who he is it isn't a surprise." Harry mused resuming his pacing. "I think we shall start by making detailed plans of how and what we were taught and when. Can you do that?"

"Yes, My Prince."

"Good, I'll start on mine for comparison, but we will need outside knowledge and to get that I need to start my project." Harrison looked extremely gleeful at that fact.

"We have history in ten minutes my Prince." Draco told him.

"Ok, who are we with?"

"It looks like the Puffs."

"Acceptable," Harrison said indifferently, "Lets go," they walked up to the great hall and tracked down the history classroom where the Hufflepuffs were slowly approaching.

"Did you know I threatened my father with placing myself in Hufflepuff earlier this year?" Harrison said to his friends and they looked at him as if he had grown a second head.

"Why would you do that?" Draco gasped in horror.

"He was insulting the book keeper at Flourish and Blotts and I told him that if I got banned then I would make the hat put me in Hufflepuff." Harrison shrugged and Draco snickered.

"How did that work out for you?"

"Surprisingly well, he stopped insulting the man within earshot." Harrison responded and they entered the classroom.

"I've been told not to expect a lot from the lesson." Draco said,

"Yes, it is taught by a ghost who never knew he died." Theo added and Harrison's lip curled in to a sneer.

"Wonderful. Just another illustration of Dumbledore's sub standards." They took their seats and within the first five minutes Harrison was bored and within the next 10 he was pissed. There was an obvious twitch in his left eye that never signalled anything good and his two closest friends watched warily as their Prince got more and more wound up to the point where his magic started to rise.

"Fuck this," He snapped after a full 15 minutes had passed, he shoved his book in to his bag and got up. "You three stay here, I want the full transcripts from this lesson." He ordered before stalking out of the classroom. Harrison headed for the dungeons to speak with Severus, he wasn't in his classroom so Harrison went for his office and felt the man's familiar magic. He didn't even bother to knock, he strode in and stopped a few steps in front of the desk with a vicious expression on his face.

"What. Was. That?" He demanded in an icy hiss and Snape blinked. He quickly thought on what could have angered the Prince this early on and was coming up blank, he was supposed to be in History now and then Severus winced.

"May I presume you are speaking of the abysmal history class offered at this school?" Severus asked cautiously.

"Abysmal doesn't even cover it. 1, the teacher could not be more mind numbingly boring if he tried. 2, the information given to us is wrong in the worst sense possible and 3, I don't think I have been more disgusted in wizards in all my life. The disrespect given to the goblin race is truly something that blows my mind as it is, why people would want to piss of the race handling the very foundations of our world Merlin only knows, but to openly teach such degrading and down right wrong things about a race we barely know anything about is not only morally wrong but just plain stupid. And I was only in the class for 15 minutes." Harrison raged and Severus wisely stayed quiet as the young Prince ranted and paced.

"That class has got to go," Harrison decided, "And I hate to quote Draco's favourite line but wait until my father hears about this. He is going to be pissed, the fact that the standard in education, something that he believes is very important in our world, has dropped so low will not sit will with him."

"I believe your father is partially aware." Severus ventured and Harrison nodded.

"Oh I know he is partially aware, he did, after all, inform me of specific teachers. But when I give him the full transcript of that damn lesson then I think he will have a lot more to say about it." Harrison stated, "And until the class is bearable I shall not attend, it insults me."

"As you wish, My Prince, I will have your attendance covered." Severus placated and Harrison nodded once.

"Good," Harrison took a deep breath, "I am going to put my time to some use, I do actually enjoy history so I will just have to work on a solution to fix it and make my father make Lucius put it through." Harrison span on his heal and left the office leaving Severus to release a breath of relief at a crisis averted. He understood why the Prince was angry, but there was nothing to be done as many had tried before and Dumbledore had vetoed them at every turn.

Harrison went straight to his rooms and over to his desk, he would not sit down and allow that class to continue. He pulled out some parchment and began to write quickly, his hand whipping back and forth across the parchment as he went. It was a proposal to have Binns removed, they needed a teacher who knew current events and actual facts opposed to the crap the ghost was dishing out and if they were living it would be a huge bonus. Harrison knew exactly what he wanted and he knew, if phrased correctly and proposed at the right time, it would easily pass without Dumbledore suspecting too much and putting a halt to it.

There was a chance of a small problem arising, if it passed Dumbledore could get in one of his people in the position and they didn't want that, so Harrison placed a suggestion teacher down in his plans; Narcissa Malfoy. While the Malfoy Lady was a fully qualified healer, she also had a Mastery in history and had the ability to gain one in potions if she were to go in for it, and would make the perfect teacher. A pureblood and a Malfoy to boot, fully qualified for the position and would be popular amongst general society; she was practically perfect.

Harrison smiled to himself, it would work, it would have to because he refused to put up with that for 7 years and so his father would just have to make it so. He cast a tempus and sighed, it was time for dinner, but at least he had the rough outline drawn out, it was the best he could do for now and he would have it refined by the end of the week with a bit more research if needed. He made his way up to the great hall where he spotted Theo, Blaise and Draco waiting by the door for him, he nodded to them and led them in.

"We have the transcripts for you, My Prince," Draco said handing over the sheets of parchment,

"Good, this will go nicely." Harrison said accepting them with a nod,

"My we inquire what you have in mind?" Theo asked and Harrison shot them a smirk,

"I shall be speaking to my father personally at the weekend, and until Binns is replaced then I shall not be attending the thing they have tried to pass as a class." Harrison told them. He led them in to the great hall where they took their seats. Harry turned his head slightly at the loud noise in the hall and noted, with disgust, it was coming from the Gryffindor table.

"I do hope we do not have to listen to that at every meal." Draco sneered looking at the house of Lions in disdain.

"And to think, some of them are actually purebloods!" Theo shook his head, "The shame they bring to their families."

"I would fear my mothers wrath should I ever behave in such away." Blaise added and Harry scoffed,

"I wouldn't even dare think of behaving in such a way, especially in public." Harry muttered thinking about his father's reaction.

"I don't know who I would fear more, your father or my mother and aunt Bella," Draco shuddered at the thought and Harry looked at him with slight horror.

"That is a very tough call." He said, "But I think my father because he can go mad and then set Bella and Cissa on me."

"You make a valid point," Draco conceded, "I wonder…"

"No, we are not allowing Bella in to the school." Harry said and Draco pouted before masking his face, Theo snickered and Blaise was, again, torn between amusement and fear. Dinner was nice and Harrison's eyes sought out Hermione, she was sat alone reading and Harrison had the urge to cackle, it seemed as if the grounding works were already laid out for him, all he had to do was go in and start. He would start sooner rather than later because he wanted to do everything thoroughly and it would be some entertainment for him.

"Do you wish to observe the other Slytherins tonight, My Prince?" Draco asked as they rose to leave the great hall.

"I think I shall for an hour or so," Harrison decided, "It will benefit me to watch them." They arrived at the common room and Harrison looked around to find a place where he wanted to sit, he finally decided on the leather chair closest to the fire.

"I will take that area." Harrison told them pointing out the seat.

"We shall set it up for you, My Prince." Theo said to him, "While you place your things away." Harrison nodded and disappeared to his room to place his bag down and grab the parchment he was working on earlier and some fresh. When he returned to the common room, Theo, Blaise and Draco were positioned around his chosen seat with their wands in their hand as a precaution.

"Gentlemen, I thought this would be a good plan to start our initial ideas for our Yule proposal." Harrison suggested sitting down.

"I have been thinking of a few things," Theo began pulling out a sheet of parchment, "If you permit me, My Prince?"

"Go ahead."

"The main things that need to be changed, as you mentioned earlier, are etiquette, customs and traditions and penmanship and if they grow up with them then they will automatically become ingrained. But there are a few basic things that all children need to learn anyway such as reading and simple numeric knowledge, so I was thinking that there be more teachers to work with the new and younger ones because it would be best to have smaller groups of children in the classes." Theo explained and Harrison nodded with a small smile.

"That sounds brilliant, Theo. I know that some mudbloods wouldn't have started to learn anything until 4 or 5 anyway, so there will need to be more focus on the younger to help them develop." Harrison agreed, "Once they have become acceptable in reading, writing and counting we can separate them in to classes."

"We would have to have girls and boys classes due to etiquette," Draco pointed out,

"Yes, most definitely,"

"One of the most crucial things will be where the school will be and where the Orphanage is." Blaise said and Harry nodded,

"It would have to be a large building for the school because there will be many children there." Theo noted,

"Do you think there should be an entrance exam for Hogwarts, you know, to keep standards high so we really are the best school for magic?" Harry asked,

"Yes, that way it will make sure students are roughly on the same level, obviously there will be those who are more advance, but there will be a closer middle ground." Draco said, "But then there are things that need to be done with this place."

"Don't even get me started on that, I've already began with Binns and I wish to bring the curriculum up to standard of my fathers, if not better." Harry shook his head, he cast a tempus and rose. "Let us finish this discussion tomorrow, we have time to observe out fellow housemates."

"We already know the first years, I have yet to speak with the girls." Theo said,

"I'm avoiding them, I do not wish to be anywhere near Pansy. She did not take the news of our betrothal cancelation well." Draco's smirk said it all.

"If she whines in my presence I will not be responsible for my actions." Harry stated but he was smirking.

"You would have to beat me to it, My Prince," Draco muttered,

"I am surprised that there has been little talk about you, as of yet," Theo mused.

"I believe it is because it hasn't quite sunk in," Harry said after a few moments, "The Slytherin house is known for its cunning, they will not confront me until they have watched. The rest of the school will be the problem,"

"Especially Gryffindor,"

"That is going to be enjoyable," Harry grumbled,

"No, but we are much above them so their petty words will have no effect." Theo waved of the concern,

"And do you not have a project?" Blaise pointed out and Harry smirked.

"Ah yes, I hope to begin that tomorrow. And I have research to conduct."

"They have begun to watch you, My Prince," Draco said, his silver eyes scouring the room.

"I do hope they decided to be wise, I really do not like displeasing my father." Harry sighed,

"As long as they're healed, it wouldn't be too much of a problem." Theo stated and Harry smirked.

"Of course," he agreed, "I think it would be a good idea to have Cissa start teaching us the basic healing spells."

"Mother has mentioned teaching them to me before." Draco said, "She never said when however."

"We shall speak about it at Yule, I doubt my father will have a problem with it." Theo and Draco barely controlled their snorts, the Dark Lord would never have a problem with the Prince doing something, especially learning.

"I think I shall retire for the evening, My Prince," Blaise said,

"Good evening, Blaise," The Italian rose and left with a neat bow. "I do believe he had the correct idea," Harry said to them standing.

"Good night, My Prince," Theo and Draco said in unison before bowing and leaving. Harry made his way to his own rooms and shut the door with a snap, he felt the wards flare and walked in to his bedroom tossing off his robes as he went. He had a quick shower relaxing under the hot water before getting out and slipping on his pjammas and climbing on to his bed where he was greeted by Nexis.

#Master has returned,#

#Hello, Nex, yes, I have a busy day#

#What did you do?# the snake asked curiously, he had reared up and was looking at his master with his tongue working furiously.

#I had my first day at school and I found it very interesting, I have some new projects#

#Can I come with you at the next sunrise Master?# Nex asked as his slid his way on to Harry's shoulders, the snake had a trace of begging in his hisses and Harry didn't have the heart to say no.

#Ok, but you won't be able to stay if I have potions because of the fumes.# Harry told him,

#I can explore our new territory#

#I'll cast some spells on you, just in case some of the students get any ideas,# Harry said. He knew Nex could defend himself, the snake was a Taipan after all, but it wouldn't look good when the student died because of the bite.

#I know, Nagini told me I was not to use my venom without your permission, Master,#

#You're such a good familiar, Nex# Harry said stroking him, Nex released a happy hiss and snuggled down. #I think it's time for bed,# Harry led down and adjusted Nex so he wasn't led on the snake's body, he released a sigh and smiled to himself. Overall, it hadn't been a bad day at all.

So, there we have it! Harrison had fun with Dumbledore, I'm going to be playing it so Harrison bounces around in his behaviour in front of Dumbledore to keep Dumbledore on his toes. I wanted to show Harrison using his position as Prince to do something that will be beneficial to everyone, I wanted to show that he was coming in to his own and working with his friends and closest to make the wizarding world better. I hope you like it and if you could drop me a review I would be most grateful!