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Author's Notes: After all those arguments and like a zillion threads popping up online on the discussion of Mikasa's abs after they released that manga cover and some other official art of Mikasa – well, with abs… I couldn't resist writing this.

Warning: Rated M for explicit language, suggestive situations, and, well – sort of smut.

"...fucking glorious."

"I have never seen that on a woman."

"I think it's scary…"

"Are you blind?! It's sexy!"

"What's going on?" Eren asked Armin as he entered the barracks that night to find a large group of their male co-trainees engaged in some sort of heated discussion. Armin was sitting a little away from them, picking awkwardly at his food and looking extremely uncomfortable about something.

"Oh! Eren," he greeted, "Hey, let's go for a walk."

"What's up with them?" Eren gestured at the group of young men. Jean, Connie, Tomas, Marco, Bertholdt and Reiner were among them.

"Oh, it's nothing interesting, you know, just – stuff," Armin waved him off, "Why don't we-"

Eren narrowed his eyes.

"I want to know what they're talking about," he said, shrugging Armin off and marching towards the group.

"-and she's always had a pretty face, and after seeing those… well… I'd definitely bang that," Tomas was saying.

"Don't talk about her like that!" Jean yelled, flushing, "She's too good for you anyways…"

"Please, Jean," Connie rolled his eyes, "You're the one who was staring at her the most. Besides, we all know why you took so long in the bathroom afterwards…"

A couple of the guys snickered, and Jean clenches his fists.

"Why you little-"

"Calm down, guys," Marco said, "She's beautiful but she's not interested in any of us, so there's really no need for this discussion-"

"I still don't understand why everyone is getting so worked up about this," Reiner sighed.

"Did you see her abs?!" Connie exclaimed, "She's more ripped than me!"

"I personally think it's a bit of a turn off," Reiner admitted.

"No, it's definitely a turn on," Tomas shot back, "Not even an ounce of extra fat… she's a lean, mean, titan-killing machine, that one…"

"We haven't actually fought any yet," Reiner pointed out, as a couple more people laughed, "We haven't even graduated."

"We all know she's graduating and we all know what's happening after that."

"Damn, I hope she doesn't get eaten, that would be such a waste."

"That's a terrible fucking thing to say!"

"You know you're all thinking it. Between her swallowing or getting swallowed, the former is definitely preferable."

"You pervert!"

"Jean looks like he's mad."

"I am!" Jean fumed, "Though I agree that she is hot, it isn't right to talk like that about her! Besides, I'm the one who noticed her first, though unlike you pigs I went for her face and not her figure-"

"Please, we all noticed her… she's a beauty, hard not to notice… we just didn't go embarassing ourselves like you did…"

"Hey – what are you guys talking about?" Eren scrunched his eyebrows, a little rattled by the contents of the conversation he had just overheard, "Or rather – who?"

They ignored him.

"Eren!" Armin pulled at his sleeve, "Wanna get some combat practice in before dinner? Let's go!"

"Damn those abs… imagine what she'd be like in bed-"

"I'm going to have sweet sweet dreams tonight…"

"I wonder what they'd feel like-"

"You know she'd break your arm if you ever tried-"

"I'll break your arm if you ever tried!"

"I agree though, she'd be a beast in bed…"

"I'd let her top me if she wanted..."

"Like you'd have a choice with her, or even a chance for that matter."

"Yo, quit it guys, Jean's gonna explode."

"Like, literally."

"Who on earth-" Eren began, but then decided he didn't care. If the idiots were going to waste their time salivating over some girl when there were Titans out there that needed slaughtering, he clearly shouldn't bother talking to them, least of all join their asinine conversation.

Eren turned to leave.

"It's okay Jean, we won't judge. You can go jack off to Mikasa's abs-"

"WHAT?!" Eren stopped in his tracks and whirled around.

Suddenly, the room went quite. It seemed that they had just then taken notice of Eren's presence. Some of the guys turned white.

"E-Eren!" Connie yelped, "You – you're here – how was – how was your day?!"

Eren stared at him for a moment, his brain unable to process what he'd just heard.

The girl they had all been raving about, the girl they'd all said such lecherous things about, was – Mikasa?

You can go jack off to Mikasa's abs.

Eren felt his heart pounding, and blood rushing to his face. He had no idea why, but he suddenly felt an uncontrollable desire to whip out his 3DMG and beat every single one of them to the ground.

Or better yet, he'd use his fists.

"Eren," Tomas began awkwardly, as if sensing his turmoil, "Yo, Eren, before you freak out, just know we were joking, yeah?"

"You were talking about Mikasa," Eren said slowly, his green eyes hardening, "Just now, the whole lot of you… you were talking about Mikasa…"

"Look, Eren, we're really sorry," Marco said, "We didn't mean it in a bad way, we respect Mikasa, we do."

"But the fact is, she's extremely attractive!" Jean burst out, "You of all people should have realized it by now! You can't deny it!"


Eren wondered about that. He thought of her dark eyes, pools of black liquid… her face with it's delicate, exotic features – slightly slanted eyes, high cheekbones… dark hair, long and soft… he'd played it before, many times when they'd been kids… her lips… there was nothing special about her lips – was there?

She's attractive, Eren's mind reached its conclusion, she's probably the most attractive girl I've seen.

He'd never seen her without a shirt though. Somehow, through all the years they'd lived together, Mikasa had always dressed modestly and he'd never seen her without a shirt. Eren guessed that she'd be lean and fit, she was so ridiculously athletic-

Eren suddenly flushed when he realized who, or rather what he'd been thinking about.

Those perverts… it was all their fault for talking about his Mikasa in such a way!

Jean, annoyingly perceptive, seemed to pick up on his train of thought and his blush.

"Don't tell me," Jean groaned, "You're realizing it now?"

Jean, Eren clenched his fists, you…

"Mikasa's not – Mikasa's way to good for any of you!" Eren yelled, his eyes blazing, "And she's not – you can't – I won't let you – "

"Eren, Eren, calm down," Marco rushed to him, "Look, we said we're sorry-"

"Please, you lived with the girl!" Tomas cut in, "Don't tell me you haven't fantasized about her even once-

"What the hell are you monkeys up to now?!" Keith raged, storming into the room.

The boys froze, mid-action.

Tomas was on the ground, nursing a broken lip and a black eye, while Marco and Reiner were trying to restrain a struggling Eren.

Eren's eyes were blazing with fury, and his knuckles were bleeding. From the shape of his hand, Keith surmised he'd dislocated his finger.

It didn't take an idiot to figure out what had happened.

"I'm not even going to ask," Keith growled, "Yaeger! Wagner! No dinner for you. I want you doing laps till you drop!"

"What?!" Tomas groaned, "I didn't even do anything-"

"Are you trying to argue with my decision, you moron?" Keith barked, storming towards him and looming over him, eyes glinting menacingly over his dark circles.

Tomas shrunk back.

"N-no sir. I understand."

"Sir," Armin spoke up, "Sir, Eren's broken his finger, would it be possible-"

"I don't care what Yaeger's broken, it's his own fault for punching like a girl," Keith spat, "Or worse than a girl, seeing what some of the ones here are capable of. You can drag him to the medical wing once he's fainted of exhaustion."

Eren said nothing but continued to glare at his co-trainees murderously.

"...mm, Mikasa… do that – again…"

Mikasa's nails scraped against his chest as she rolled her hips against his.

Eren grasped her waist as she rode him, reveling in the sound of her gasping for breath.

She was beautiful.

Her dark eyes, half lidded with pleasure, her pale cheeks flushed with red, and her black hair, sweeping past her shoulders and just brushing the top of her chest, swaying rhythmically as she moved.

Eren allowed his eyes to travel downwards, till they fixed on her taut stomach, her abdominal muscles flexing in sync with her movements.

She'd be a beast in bed…

I'd let her top me if she wanted...

They were right, Eren thought to himself, squeezing her toned waist.

I wonder what they'd feel like.

He traced his fingers over her stomach, outlining the contour of her abs.

He had to agree… they were pretty damn sexy.

They were right, Eren thought, smirking to himself, but they'll never know.

"What – are you – smiling about?" Mikasa asked, leaning down so that her bare chest brushed against his.

Eren pressed his thumbs firmly against the ridges in her stomach, running them down to her bellybutton.

"Your abs," he murmured, nipping at her lips.

"What about them?" she whispered back, grinding against him.

"They're sexy," Eren told her, sweeping his hands across her stomach again, "And I'm the only one who gets to touch them."

He was overcome by a sudden urge to run his tongue against them, and feel the hard, smooth muscle twitch and clench beneath his lips. But there would be time for that later, though. First…


Mikasa was blushing, which was relatively unusual for her. Very few times did he manage to say things that made her blush in situations like these. It made him happy, the color on the cheeks, and the way she avoided his gaze for a moment, glancing off to the side in embarrassment.

He grasped her hips firmly and thrust upwards.

"Oh-" Mikasa gasped, throwing her head backwards as she arched into him.

Seeing an opening, Eren leaned up to kiss her neck, before rapidly flipping her over so that he was on top of her.

Mikasa's eyes widened slightly, her dark hair fanning beneath her.

I'd definitely bang that.

Eren wasn't sure why he was remembering it now… that had been over five year ago. But still, it filled him with an intense satisfaction that he was the only one who'd get to touch his Mikasa that way.

Eren smirked to himself again.

Mikasa raised a slim eyebrow.

"I didn't quite understand," she said, "And you're doing it again…"

"I'll tell you later," Eren promised, leaning down to kiss her roughly, his hands wandering, "But first-"

"No, tell me now-" Mikasa began.

Eren grabbed her again, and thrust forward.

"I want to kn-oh! Eren! Yes – right there – oh God, Eren!"

Author's Notes: *hides behind hands* So yeah… for that last bit, I got kind of carried away writing, my bad. Didn't want to change it though.

If anyone is confused, the first bit took place before graduation, at some point when they were training. Let's assume they had some sort of martial arts of combat class… and for some reason Mikasa had to take her shirt off… and for some reason Eren wasn't there to see it.

I'll actually probably make this a two-shot. And in the next chapter add to what actually happened, since the entire first part is basically a flashback. And because I think it would be fun to write Eren fantasizing/lusting over Mikasa.

I'm hoping you guys got this, but the entire thing was a flashback. The current scene (or call it a flash-forward?) was Eren and Mikasa at… I don't know… 20? 21? Whatever you prefer.

I also expanded a lot on Tomas's character. We don't get to see too much of him since he's (SPOILER: eaten pretty early on END SPOILER) but I figured it would be the least out of character to make him lust after Mikasa. I can see Tomas doing that… Jean of course is hopelessly in love with her already, not that I blame him.

I was reading through all the threads where people were arguing whether or not they found Mikasa's abs attractive. I actually got the whole 'I'd bang that' line right from some thread, so thank you to that random person who said it. Other than that I kind of expanded on my own imagination. As you can probably tell from this, I personally think abs on a girl are hot. And Mikasa can do whatever the hell she likes, she'll always be perfection to me.

The author probably overstated her weight without thinking, but from the manga and anime we can clearly see that she's not some body builder ripping with oversized muscle, so there is nothing unsexy about her or her abs. She's toned and lean and beautiful, and that is that.

I also think I have a girlcrush on her… probably the first time that has happened in an anime/manga.

Well, that's enough from me! Stay tuned for the next chapter. I hope you enjoyed this. Please leave a review and let me know what you think!