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Author's Note: As promised, here is part 2! This continued where the previous part left off (the flashback part) – so basically, Eren has just finished his laps. The end bit is another flash-forward, or flash-to-present-time, however you'd like to think of it.

Warning: Gets pretty graphic in terms of smut towards the end.


He cracked his eyes open at the familiar voice, his head still swimming.

Mikasa's concerned face blurred into view above him.

"Are you alright?!"

Her hands were at his shoulders, pulling him up till he was sitting upright. He still felt oddly faint, though he wasn't sure why, but allowed himself to lean onto Mikasa's shoulder.

"Here, I brought you water," she said, bringing the bottle to his lips, and Eren gulped down the cool liquid.

He hadn't realized how thirsty he'd been. Or tired.

Why was he tired again? Why had Mikasa found him there, passed out?

And then it all flooded back – being forced to run laps till he fainted from exhaustion, his fight with Tomas, all the lecherous comments about Mikasa-

Eren spluttered, spraying water everywhere as he nearly choked on his own drink.

"Are you okay?" Mikasa asked worriedly, and then her hand was on his back, rubbing it-

'Imagine what she'd be like in bed…'

"I'm fine!" Eren flushed, remembering the lewd comments and suddenly feeling all too flustered at her touch.

"Your face is red," Mikasa observed.

She leaned in slightly, and Eren's eyes flicked down to her stomach. Mikasa wasn't wearing her jacket, only her white shirt, the tight material stretching across her lean waist. Eren could see the curves clearly, and on closer look, he could make out the ridges barely visible through the cloth.

So her legendary abs did exist. He wondered what they looked like uncovered…

"Warm too," she continued, brushing her hand against his forehead, "You probably caught a fever running around all night-"

"I'm fine!" Eren snapped again, pulling his face away from her hand, "I told you, quit babying me around all the time! I'm not your little brother!"

Little brothers definitely don't check out their sisters and wonder about how they'd look shirtless… damn it, I just checked out Mikasa, didn't I?!

Mikasa, oblivious to Eren's inner turmoil just dismissed his behavior as annoyance, coupled with hunger.

Fuck, I did, and I'm doing it now too!

Eren tore his eyes away from her chest – how had he never noticed it before, the curves pushing so appealingly against the thin white fabric, such a difference from the lean, flat stomach below-

Damn it, what the hell is wrong with me?!

"Here," Mikasa held a loaf of bread to Eren, still blissfully unaware of his thoughts.

Eren stared blankly ahead, determined not to look at her.

Mikasa sighed.

"You're being difficult again," she muttered, and proceeded to shove the loaf down his throat.

'Between her swallowing or getting swallowed, the former is definitely preferable.'

But there's something wrong in this situation, isn't there, Eren wondered to himself, staring languidly at the bread roll Mikasa was trying to feed him.

He then realized what he'd been thinking and nearly passed out, again.

Seriously, what the HELL is happening?! It's Mikasa, for fuck's sake. I can't possibly think like this about her-

"So, mind telling me what happened?" Mikasa asked, "What did you do this time, Eren?"

"Wh-what do you mean?"

"You were made to take laps, which mean you caused some kind of trouble in my absence, again."

"I – I didn't do anything!"

"Armin said it would be better if I asked you directly, and Jean and the others were acting awfully strange when I asked them what had happened."

Eren's face darkened at the mention of Jean's name.

"Is something wrong?" the ever-perceptive Mikasa asked.

"Damn it, Mikasa!" Eren snapped, "Would you just leave me alone! Nothing happened! We were practicing our moves indoors and got carried away…"

He felt guilty lying to her, but there was no way he'd risk her finding out the truth. Fortunately, it seemed like the other guys had been too scared to say anything, and the ever-loyal Armin had too much common sense to go tattling to her.

"You should be more careful," Mikasa said, "Look, your finger…"

And then she'd taken his hand between hers, and was gently examining his thumb, her fingers nudging slightly to see how much it could move.

"Wh-what are you doing?!" Eren panicked

He felt his stomach flutter wildly. He had no idea what it was; he'd never felt that kind of feeling around anyone before, and definitely not her. It scared him.

"We should get this fixed," Mikasa murmured, sliding an arm around him and helping him up.

Eren was now fully aware of every inch of her side, pressed against him. He felt a weird tingle ripple down his spine.

Mikasa… what are you doing to me? What is happening?

It happened two weeks after the incident with Tomas and the other trainees.

They were at dinner, and everyone was relatively well-behaved.

Mikasa was sitting next to Eren. It was one of those annoyingly torrid days, and they'd all taken their jackets off.

Eren found recently that he was having trouble as much as looking at Mikasa without his eyes wandering (because really did she have to wear such a tight shirt?) so he preferred to avoid her as much as possible.

Given that they were often split into groups for training (much to Mikasa's annoyance) this wasn't entirely difficult, though he always saw her at mealtimes.

A part of him was glad, glad to have her sitting next to him, as usual. Mikasa, despite all the weird, uncomfortable and yet oddly titillating emotions that he'd developed in her presence recently, was still his most important person in the whole world, along with Armin.

Being with her, no matter how much she nagged and fussed over him, was comforting, though he'd never let her know that. She'd never leave him alone if she knew.

That's why Eren found it so disconcerting, the way he'd been reacting to her off late. Mikasa had lived with him since they'd been 9 years old. She'd always been a constant in his life and he never wanted that to change. The fact that something – he wasn't quite sure what – was changing about her unsettled him.

Eren's eyes flickered over to the girl next to him. Her dark hair covered her eyes, and she was wolfing down a plate of fried chicken.

He couldn't help but glance downwards, at that beautifully toned stomach hiding behind her shirt.

How does she eat that much and still manage to stay so…

And then Sasha, who was sitting two seats down from Eren, asked Mikasa to pass the potatoes.

Later, Eren blamed it on Sasha. The girl and her obsession with potatoes, if she'd just controlled her urges for once in her life…

"Here," Mikasa said, taking the plate, standing up to pass it to an eager Sasha.

She leaned over, and this resulted in bringing her chest right in front of Eren's eyes.

Eren's green eyes widened, and despite his brain telling him that he should turn his head, now, he found himself unable to look away.


And then Mikasa sat back down, and he just stared ahead blankly for a few moments, his face bright red.

"Eren?" Mikasa nudged his shoulder.

Eren snapped back to his senses, his blush deepening, and dove into his food. He suddenly sensed eyes on him.

Armin's blue eyes were round and his expression was the one he usually wore when he managed to figure out something with that sharp brain of his. Eren didn't like it at all.

Eren saw that Tomas was smirking and some of the other guys seemed to be smiling weirdly as well. Jean was glaring daggers at him.

"Eren," Armin said after dinner, the moment Mikasa was out of earshot, "We need to talk."

"Look, Eren… um… I really don't know how to go about saying this," Armin twisted his hands together, "Just be honest with me, okay?"

"What are you talking about?" Eren hissed, "And why did you drag me out here?"

"What – what are your feelings towards Mikasa?"

Eren was taken aback, and he felt his heart skip at the mention of her name.

"M-Mikasa?! Why would you ask that, Armin?!"

"Just answer me. How do you feel about her?"

"I – she's family!" Eren said quickly, "I feel about her like – like I would a sister!"

"…Eren," Armin sighed, "There's no point hiding your true feelings. I promise I won't tell anyone, not even Mikasa."

"You're going crazy Armin! I don't even know what you're trying to say!"

"Eren… everyone saw the way you were looking at her at dinner today… and how enraged you got with Tomas and the others two weeks ago… it's not that hard to put two and two together, you know."

"I have no idea what you're talking about!" Eren said vehemently, his face heating up as he realized that he knew exactly what Armin was implying.

The blonde boy was probably right too, damn him.

"Those guys were acting like trash, talking that way about Mikasa. I'm surprised you didn't stop them yourself!"

"I – " Armin was taken aback by this, and had the grace to look a little ashamed.

"I'm sorry," he said meekly, "It made me mad too, what they were saying, but I was too shocked and you know I'm not good with standing up against others and that kind of thing… sorry…"

"It's okay, it's not your fault," Eren said, before asking a question that had been bothering him for awhile, "How – how did they see her in the first place?"

"Oh – well – we were training outdoors, and it started pouring – and everyone was soaked… so when we went indoors to do weights and stuff – well Keith obviously didn't give us time to change and most of us were wet… so he told us to stop acting like drowned puppies and just strip out of uniforms before we fell sick… and all the guys were shirtless, but that didn't matter… but Mikasa, Sasha and Annie were there too… and, well, the moment Mikasa took her shirt off, everyone kind of just… well, you can imagine."

"I see," Eren said darkly.

"But – uh – getting back to the topic at hand," Armin pressed, "Eren. About Mikasa… what is she to you? How do you feel about her?"

"I already told you she's family-"

"Eren, we both know she's not technically your sister. And if you felt that she was, you wouldn't have looked at her that way."

Eren knew, right then, that Armin had hit the bulls eye, and it terrified him.

"You've gone crazy!" Eren yelped, flushing, "Absolutely crazy! I don't know what those guys have put into your head, but I want nothing to do with it!"

"Eren…" Armin called, as the brunette stormed away.

Armin sighed. It was pretty obvious that Eren had finally noticed his true feelings towards Mikasa, but he was so in denial about it all that it would take a while for him to come to terms with them.

Armin just hoped for both of their sakes that it wasn't too late.

They lived in a dangerous world, after all.

Mikasa's chest brushed against his as she straddled him, her hands gripping his firmly, holding him down. Her hair tickled his face and he could feel her labored breaths ghosting against his lips.

He could smell her… shampoo, or soap or something – something flowery, that overpowered the sweat and the dirt from fighting all day in the sun.

Eren liked her smell.

"Yield," Mikasa said, her dark eyes boring into his.

Eren refused, struggling against her.

He wasn't sure what it was – his ego preventing him from giving into her - or the fact that as wrong as it was, he was enjoying their current position and the thrilling proximity to Mikasa way too much, and wanted to continue the pointless struggle for as long as he could, just so she'd stay there, straddling him.

"Eren," Mikasa practically growled, and he shivered as she pressed down harder, "Yield already, or Keith will make me hurt you, and you know I don't want to do that."

No, go ahead, Eren thought, you can do whatever you please as long as you stay right there, Mikasa…

An image suddenly flashed through his head, of Mikasa and him in the same position, except unclothed, covered by bedsheets, their legs tangled together-

What the hell?!

Eren felt all the blood in him rushing downward, and he grew hard.


"Yield!" Eren practically yelped, shoving Mikasa off, "Yield! I yield! Get off me!"

Mikasa did, but Eren thought he saw her dark eyes widen, just a fraction.


He quickly sat up, mortified.

No, she couldn't have realized it… she couldn't have felt it, she couldn't have!

"Eren," Mikasa began, but it was Armin who came to his rescue this time.

"Mikasa, I'm having trouble with one of the moves," Armin said, "Do you think you could spar with me for a bit?"

"Oh – sure," Mikasa said, shooting Eren another glance as she headed over to Armin.

You are my savior, Eren exchanged a glance with his best friend and Armin just nodded slightly.

"I – um – I'll go spar with someone else then," Eren said quickly, his eyes darting around.

Anyone, anyone else would do, as long as the close proximity didn't cause any sort of reaction as it had with Mikasa.

"Annie!" Eren cried, relieved, seeing that the blonde girl was skulking off by herself, "Hey, Annie, do you want to practice with me?"

He'd fought her before, and knew that no matter how close they got while fighting, nothing embarassing would happen around Annie.

Never partnering up with Mikasa again, he decided.

And yet, when Annie pinned him to the ground, eyes glinting triumphantly, Eren couldn't help but wish that it was Mikasa instead…

It took some time, but eventually, Eren was able to get a hold of himself, and being around Mikasa was no longer as disconcerting as before. Sometimes he still had those weird moments when it felt like his heart was fluttering – but he soon got accustomed to them, and from the outside, his behavior was back to the caring, occasionally grumpy Eren who hated getting fussed over.

Except that incident, about a year later, when they'd all joined the Scouting Legion.

One day, when they were training back within the walls, Eren saw a group of men headed to the outdoor gym area. This wasn't unusual; the 3DMG was taxing on the muscles and required regular toning of the body to use.

However, Eren overheard some of their whispers as they passed him-

"-Ackerman's working out there too right now-"

"But shirtless? Really?!"

"Damn, I wanna see those abs, they're like a legend…"

"I've heard so much, bet she's hot as a that Colossal Titan's flesh-"

And Eren found himself suppressing the urge to bite his finger, transform, and pound them all to dust.

But then curiosity overcame his anger… because despite the fact that he was closer to Mikasa than anyone else ever was, he had never caught a glimpse of those famed abs, or any bit of her bare stomach for that matter.

Feeling rather ashamed of himself, but not enough to deter his curiosity, Eren ran back to get a change of clothes.

"Corporal! Corporal Levi!" Eren called, seeing the familiar figure walking ahead of him.

Levi was wearing a dark green jacket with the Scouting Legion emblem emblazoned on it, and carrying a towel.

"Are you headed to the gym too?" Eren asked.

"Yeah," Levi nodded, "Wanna join?"

Perfect timing, Eren cheered inwardly.

He'd look a lot less suspicious if he went with Levi than by himself.

Besides, Mikasa despised Levi with a passion. She was usually so worked up hating on the man and glowering at him whenever he was in her presence, that Eren figured she wouldn't notice any strange behavior on his part.

The gym was noticeably more crowded, Eren noticed.

I bet it's all those perverts who came to ogle at Mikasa…

Eren sheepishly realized that he had come for pretty much the same reason.

At least he was with Levi. The corporal always oozed such an aura of coolness. Eren was pretty sure he'd get away with anything if he stuck with Levi for the time being.

He glanced around for Mikasa, but couldn't see her anywhere-


Eren nearly jumped out of his skin, and whirled around at the voice.

"Mika-" he began, but then his mouth dropped.

She was every bit as beautiful… surreal… perfect – as they'd all described her, as he'd imagined.

She was wearing some sort of super tight, super short purple top, the Scouting Legion sigil splashed across her chest.

Eren found himself staring there first, unable to look away.

She was well-endowed, more so than he'd expected (not that he'd ever given it a thought!) and he could see a good amount of cleavage, exposed by the low cut of the top.

Eren gulped.

And then her abs… she was lean and toned and he could see them, the muscles well-defined and rippling as she lifted her weights, up and down – how the hell was she lifting so much anyways?!

From her hipbones that peaked out of the top of her grey shorts, her waist curved perfectly upwards, not a hint of fat anywhere… just smooth skin shining with sweat, smooth skin and muscle…

Eren found himself desperately wanting to touch her then, wanting to wrap his arms around her waist, press her body against his…

He wanted to run his hands against that toned stomach and the curve of her back, and feel her move against him…

Eren quickly halted that train of thought, flushing. His shorts suddenly felt tighter than usual.

This was not the time to be thinking that way.

Fortunately, as he'd predicted, Mikasa was too busy willing Levi to die with her eyes, to notice him.

"You," Mikasa spat, and it was admirable how she managed to inject so much animosity in one syllable.

Eren glanced at her face.

Her countenance was truly frightening. In his haphazard and perverted state of mind he found it turning on rather than terrifying.

"Ackerman," Levi greeted, looking the girl over once, "Nice abs."

Eren nearly choked.

He was unable to tell if Levi was being seriously complimentary, or patronizing. Or perhaps, rumors of Mikasa's abs had reached even the corporal?

Mikasa glared at him fiercely.

"What are you doing with Eren?" she asked.

She lifted one of her weights, almost menacingly, flexing her muscles.

Levi seemed unfazed, deftly unzipping his sweatshirt and shrugging it off.

Eren thought he heard a female gasp, somewhere in the vicinity.

He glanced over, eyes widening slightly. The corporal was as toned as Mikasa, sporting an eight-pack - though where Mikasa had curves, he was all muscle.

"I'm not beating him up, am I?" Levi drawled.

"Why you little-"

But then Levi had sauntered off, leaving Mikasa fuming behind.

"Damn that midget," Mikasa was muttering, "Who the hell does he think he is?!"

Eren didn't quite know what to say, finding himself alone with Mikasa again. This time she was shirtless, wearing – that – and he decided the best course of action would be to escape the situation when she was still occupied ranting about Levi, before he made a fool of himself or did something stupid.

Besides, after seeing Levi's abs, and Mikasa's, Eren felt a slight spike of jealousy. He wasn't more than a four-pack, and he definitely needed to work on that if he wanted to be the one protecting Mikasa some day…

The idea of asking Mikasa to help him train was tempting – as he imagined her shirtless, straddling him, her hands on his chest, pushing him down as he attempted to do crunches – but the fact was, that was entirely implausible.

And embarassing.

And Eren had too much ego to ask Mikasa to help him with anything, least of all physical fitness.

Perhaps Levi would be a better alternative.

He was pretty sure Levi would enjoy the opportunity to torment him.

But it would be worth it, Eren thought with a smile…

Eventually I'll be stronger than you, Mikasa.

Their roles would be reversed, and he'd be the one straddling her, pinning her hands down as he-

Eren grinned to himself, noticeably more cheerful as he jogged over to the corporal, oblivious to Mikasa's death glare.

"…so that's why Keith made you do laps," Mikasa murmured, leaning back into Eren's chest.

"Mm," he nodded against her, his lips brushing against her shoulder as he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer into him.

"You fought against them – for me?"

"Why are you surprised?"

Eren brushed her hair to one side, dipping his head down, as his lips moved from her shoulders to her exposed neck.

He sucked.

Mikasa gasped.

"Be careful – you've left enough marks as is -"

"I like marking you," Eren said possessively, his teeth scraping against her skin, "Besides, you wear that scarf all the time anyways, it covers anything I give you…"

"Another reason never to take it off," Mikasa said, and Eren smirked.

His hands moved to massage her shoulders and he kissed her cheek.

"Oh… that feels – so good…" Mikasa sighed, melting into his touch.

"That's also why – for a while after – I couldn't stand being near you."

"Oh?" Mikasa seemed surprised, "I thought you were just sick of my nagging…"

"That too," Eren smiled, before lowering his voice, "I just couldn't stop thinking about you though, in all the wrong ways…"

"Wrong ways?"

"Very wrong," Eren bit down on her ear as he continued to massage her, his hands sliding down to her chest.

"Oh –" Mikasa gasped as he massaged her bare chest, his fingers teasing her.

She twisted around, so that she was facing him, and pressed herself against him. Eren cupped her chest, continuing his ministrations as she kissed him desperately.

He returned the kiss, taking his time as he languidly slid his tongue into her mouth, enjoying the sweet taste of her, before flipping her so that she was pressed back against the pillows.

His pulled away from the kiss, his lips wandering as he kissed down the column of her neck, towards her stomach.

Her fingernails scraped at his back.

Eren traced the outline of her abs with his tongue, encouraged by the soft little sounds she was making. His fingers spanned over her hips, and he held her down firmly as his mouth trailed downwards.

He kissed the inside of her thigh, sliding a finger into her, and she whimpered.

Eren smirked against her skin.

"Eren – please-"

Her voice was breathless and higher pitched than usual. He very much liked the sound of it. She was writhing and twisting beneath him, almost helplessly.

He had a certain amount of power over her in this situation, and it was intoxicating.

He moved his lips upwards, closer to her center.

"Ah – Eren…"

She sounded more urgent now, and he took his time.

"Please – Eren – please…"

She was begging him now, her fingers tugging insistently on his hair.

It was so unlike Mikasa, to be so vulnerable, so pleading, so compliant beneath him… Eren was enjoying it thoroughly.

She was dripping, and when he delved his tongue into her, she clutched at his head, thrust against his mouth and screamed.

Author's Note: I am getting way too carried away… that was probably a bit too graphic, but to be honest, I had to edit away some of it, so you can imagine how bad it was before…

I'm trying to make it less crass and more classy (well as classy as you can make smut) so it's a little bit of a struggle to write.

Hopefully they're not too OOC. Given the nature of this, I guess they are at times. But hey, technically nobody can say the last scene is OOC. Because it's a 5-6 year flash-forward. And we haven't seen how Eren will be in the manga 5-6 years from now. If somehow, everything ends happily ever after and he can be with Mikasa, there's a chance that he would behave like that. Right?

I guess this is kind of a partner piece to An Accidental Transformation; since the last scene has Eren dominating Mikasa rather than the other way around, which is what I wanted to try writing. (shameless self promotion)

Also, I love Levi. I love him. He's such a boss. And I want to write more interactions with him and Mikasa. (On that note, her evil-glare-of-death in episode 14 was pure love)

Oh, and the 'gym' scene was entirely inspired by that official artwork that was released. The one that shows Levi looking hot and awesome with his green sweatshirt open to show his abs (fanservice!) and Eren actually smiling and looking happy, and Mikasa lifting like the badass she is, looking super pissed off.

And finally (sorry this is so long!) – that new opening! Ahhhhhh! I personally loved Guren no Yumiya, it was the King of Openings, but this one shows a small glimpse of shirtless!Mikasa and her cleavage, and well… as you can see, it inspired a good amount of this chapter…

I should stop drooling over Mikasa so much. I think I'm going to write a piece soon (like literally, once I publish this since I am sick today and have endless free time) that won't be smut (I can right non-smut too haha) about Eren and his protective tendencies and why he ends up looking like such a bitch around Mikasa all the time… really he's just misunderstood.

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