AN: In my mind Arthur didn't die, he found out about Merlin's magic and they ruled the kingdom together for many many years, Gwaine and Percival both got their own families, Arthur and and Guinevere had several children and Merlin stayed Merlin forever (the best goofy uncle around).

So this story is from that alternate universe where they live happily ever after… hope you enjoy the fluff!

ps This is my first Gwen story, don't know how good it's going to be.

Gwen sat in Gaius' chambers ringing her hands together nervously. She dared not even hope, she and Arthur had been trying for years without success to have a child. She had had several false alarms in the past yet every time she could not help but be nervous, even as her hope faded each day. The first time she had told Arthur, he had been overjoyed, only to go to Gaius and discover that she had been wrong.

Arthur had hidden it well but she knew him well enough to know that he had been crushed. A good husband, he had comforted her as she cried into the night. The next time she went to Gaius first, and the next and the next. Now she was there again, she wondered if the physician got tired of her but he was always so comforting and really what else could she do.

At one point she had even gone to Merlin, to see if anything magical could be done. He was quiet for a long time, he looked so different, not quite comfortable in his new clothes which showed his new status as Court Sorcerer. He had his own chambers, similar to Gaius', already starting to be filled with different magical objects, books, and ingredients for different poultices.

That was when he had sat her down and told her about Arthur's mother. She had heard the story before, though much more vague from Arthur. She hadn't realized magic's role in his mother's death and knew it was a mistake that they would not repeat. Merlin being the good friend that he was had grieved with her and then proceeded to cheer her up by showing off with a few simple tricks, but it was the large goofy grin that cheered her more than anything. In all the years she had known him she didn't think she had ever seen him this happy, which was saying something because Merlin had always been cheerful.

Now she wrung her hands together and waited hoping against hope, praying to whatever divine being was out there. When Gaius returned his face was unreadable. She stood and stared at him until a bright smile lit up his face.

Gwen burst into tears on the spot, dropping her head in her hands and then wrapping her arms around Gaius. "Thank you! Thank you!" She whispered. He patted her on the back chuckling.

"You will make a wonderful mother, Guinevere."

Of course, Merlin chose this moment to walk in.

"Gwen?" He asked. His voice filled with concern. As much as he loved his mentor, finding someone crying in his chambers usually boded ill. If Merlin hadn't just arrived from seeing Arthur he might have been really worried.

Gwen turned to him, her eyes already red, tears streaming down her face. "Are you alright?" he asked, but she didn't look upset, other than the tears, in fact when he asked her face lit up in a smile.

She looked happy, which again didn't make sense because of the tears, but slowly… very slowly Merlin pieced it all together and then his face lit up as well. He ran forward wrapping his close friend in his arms. "Gwen that's wonderful!" He said as though she had said something.

"Don't tell me you really are psychic, Merlin." Guinevere teased.

"I don't have to be." He said pulling away to look at her. "You're glowing!" He smiled and she smiled back. "Does Arthur know?" Merlin asked though knowing that he probably didn't or else he would have told him.

"No I only just found out." Gwen said looking suddenly nervous, she hadn't been the first time, but now for some reason the thought of telling Arthur made her stomach erupt in butterflies… in fact she felt quite sick.

"Oh I think I need to sit down." She stated. She saw Merlin's eyes flash briefly and then a chair appeared behind her. She sent him an exasperated look before sitting down but he just seemed concerned.

"Are you alright?" He asked.

"Yes, my stomach is just a little upset." She stated giving him a small smile.

"Morning sickness is quite common in pregnancies milady." Gaius told her. "It's nothing to be too concerned about."

"I think its butterflies more than anything." Gwen assured him. She let her mind drift wondering how she was going to tell Arthur. She would have dinner made and brought to their quarters. It would be romantic, just the two of them.

She was already planning what they should eat as she left Gaius' chambers but ran into a messenger on her way to the kitchens to plan everything. "The King asked me to inform you that he was called away to an urgent meeting that may progress well into the night." The messenger told her.

She couldn't help but look disappointed but thanked the messenger and sent him on his way. Tomorrow night then. She told herself and busied herself with her regular duties for the day.

She didn't miss the looks that the servants she was working with sent her. She was yawning quite a bit and had hardly eaten any of her lunch, looking quite ill. By dinner she was starving however and ate probably a bit too quickly. Her maid looked at her knowingly but didn't say anything.

Gwen waited up as long as she could but dressed and got into bed deciding to read while she waited. It was not something she got to do often and she was rather enjoying it but found she couldn't keep her eyes open.

The next thing she knew she was waking up the next morning. She looked around the room, a sliver of light came through the curtains allowing her to make out her handsome husband lying next to her just watching her. Her book lay closed on the table next to her and she knew she hadn't put it there.

"Good morning." He whispered gently.

She smiled at him brightly and stretched without sitting up. "Good morning." She responded.

"You must have been busy yesterday." Arthur continued his hushed conversation. "You were asleep when I came in and continued to sleep long after I awoke. You're usually up before me."

She frowned. She wanted to say she didn't know why she was so tired but she didn't want to lie either, she still wanted to tell him over a romantic dinner. Luckily he was easily distracted.

"I had breakfast brought up." he stated jumping out of bed. Gwen smiled and sat up looking towards the two plates with food on them. As Arthur grabbed each one and brought it closer however, the smell of sausage reached her nose and her stomach flipped.

Not bothering to look at Arthur Gwen threw the covers off and ran to the chamber pot emptying her stomach of what remained of her dinner. She vaguely heard a clatter as he dropped the plates back on the table and rushed to her side rubbing her back. The gesture almost brought tears to her eyes, it was not a pleasant situation and she was actually rather embarrassed, but the love he showed calmed her nervousness.

When she was finished he handed her a goblet of water which she used to rinse her mouth out and then took a few sips. He took it from her when she was done and led her back to the bed. "Are you ill?" He asked as they both sat down, touching her forehead and peering very closely as if he could tell she was sick by the pores of her skin.

"No I'm alright." she said.

"We should take you to Gaius." Arthur said.

"No really, Arthur, I'm fine." Guinevere stated, her mind racing trying to figure out how she could get out of this without lying.

"Gwen you obviously aren't feeling well, we should go to Gaius. He may be able to give you something to help you feel better." He was already rushing around the room picking up clothes to dress himself and some of her own clothes as well.

"Arthur." She said in a commanding tone and he stopped and looked at her only halfway dressed. There was so much concern in his eyes that she simply sighed at him. She knew her plans for a romantic dinner were dashed, with the King so worried she would have to tell him now.

She held a hand out to him and he walked over and took it sitting down next to her. "I'm not ill." she assured him though she could see that he didn't look convinced.

Tears sprang to her eyes though she wasn't sure why and she laughed looking down at their hands and playing with his fingers. Arthur reached his free hand out and cupped her cheek. "Gwen." He said her name softly and she met his eyes again. "What's wrong?"

She could see all the love and concern in his eyes and it was all so overwhelming she thought she would just burst if she didn't tell him now. "There's nothing wrong at all, Arthur. In fact…" she glanced down at their hands again, "Something wonderful has happened."

Most people would have caught on by now, but handsome, silly, unobservant Arthur wasn't one of them. She looked him in the eye again, a bright smile on her face. "I'm pregnant, Arthur. We're going to have a baby." She watched as he processed this information, his expression slowly relaxed and then a large smile tugged at the corners of his mouth until he was laughing. He pulled her into an embrace and then she felt him tense.

He took her by the shoulders and pulled back quickly. "You're sure right?" He asked.

She nodded. "I confirmed it with Gaius yesterday."

"Yesterday…" he pondered. "Why didn't you tell me? Whatever I was doing I would have gladly dropped it for you."

She smiled. "I know, I wanted it to be special, somewhere just the two of us, with no distractions, I didn't plan on throwing up of course but I wanted to tell you when we could just be us for a moment. Not the King and Queen of Camelot, but Arthur and Guinevere and…" she laughed taking his hand and placing it on her stomach, "and our baby."

Arthur's smile returned and he lifted her up bridal style spinning in one circle and kissing her. She laughed with him and for the moment it was just them and their family, but this was something that the whole kingdom would rejoice, Gwen knew, and that thought made her happy too.

AN: Not really satisfied with the ending but it was basically just supposed to be a oneshot of fluff so I don't mind it… just something to prove to myself that not all my stories have to turn out angsty or comedic… but most of them are angsty I suppose. This is my first finished Merlin fic and no I don't plan on continuing it unless I get a whole heck of a lot of 'please' in the review sections *hint hint*

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