A/N- The following is a Hamtaro story, with a slight twist of weirdness (old habits are hard to break). In classic 'wish gone astray' fashion Hamtaro's owner Laura gets swept up into a hamster's world for a weekend. I know this isn't original but I thought I give my hand at it, this is my first Hamtaro related fic so please feel free to Review and help me out. Flames will be ignored and used instead to heat the water to reverse my Jusenkyo curse. Thank you.

~ A Ham Ham Getaway ~

"Laura, are you awake yet. It's almost time for school" Laura's mother called from downstairs. The groggy 5th grader sat up slowly with a yawn, her short brown hair stuck out slightly and covered most of her face. She stretched her arms and swung her feet over to the side of the bed. "Laura!" Her mother shouted firmer than before.

"I'm up" Laura replied standing, she was so tired but she needed to get ready for school. If she was late much more she'd get a detention, something she surly wanted to avoid at any cost. Before heading to the bathroom she glanced down at the cage on the floor, where her pet Hamtaro was sleeping soundly. "Cute little guy" she giggled a bit as she left the room thinking about the day ahead. She returned a few minutes later all cleaned up and got dressed, "Man I have a busy day today. I mean, after school I need to pack for a surprise visit to my old friend's house" she spoke softly to her self as she picked out a shirt. "Though it's was mainly my parent's idea to get me out of the house for the weekend" she grumbled bit pulling on her last sock, then calmed again "But hey, they're were entitled to some time alone anyway". She sighed as she put her ribbons on, behind her she heard the distinct scratching sounds of Hamtaro's awakening. "Good morning Hamtaro" She stated cheerfully, talking to her hamster always made her happy.

"Ooooo Wah!" The little orange and white hamster yawned causing Laura to giggle.

"Silly, I wonder what you do all day that makes you so tired" she chided him with a smile.

"Laura, Kana's here. You don't want to be late again" Her mother shouted up.

"Ack, I've got to get going. See you later Hamtaro" she said as she bolted out the door. He waited a few moments to make sure she had left before he squeezed out of the cage.

"Well time to head to the club house" he shouted excitedly, and with a "Badda Badda Badda Badda… Ooopa!" he scurried out and dived down the gutter and onto Brandy's head. "Good morning Brandy, how are you today?" he asked politely scurrying off the larger pets forehead. She replied yawning loudly knocking Hamtaro over. "Well at least your well rested" he said with a sweat drop and a nervous chuckle.

"Hey there Hamtaro" a nasally voice came from the bushes. A large gray and white hamster stepped out, sunflower seed in hand.

"Hey Oxnard" Hamtaro replied eagerly walking over to him. "I was just on my way to the club house, you comin'".

"Yeah" the larger hamster replied. After a few minutes of navigating the tunnels they arrived at the clubhouse. Seeing as it was earlier than Hamtaro usually showed up only a few of the ham hams were there. Maxwell was reading a book at the table, Panda was tinkering on something in the far corner; while Bijou, Pashmina, and Penelope were having a whispered conversation on the opposite side of the table as Maxwell, and Snoozer was sleeping (as usual).

"Ham Ha!" The two hamsters chorused as they entered, the others returned the greeting. The pair sat down at the table. "Man where is everyone?" Hamtaro wondered out loud.

"Oh your just early today, they should be here any minute now" Maxwell stated closing his book as he spoke. The other Ham Hams filtered in one by one and went to their everyday activities. Cappy in front of the mirror trying to get his hat just right, Sandy joining the other girls and Stan, Dexter, and Howdy all figuring out how to approach Pashmina without the other two noticing. Though Boss was still not there.

"What are you reading about Maxwell?" inquired the curious orange hamster after watching him read for awhile.

"I'm reading about superstitions" he replied a-matter-of-factly.

"He Ki?" Hamtaro scratched the back of his head.

"What's a Stuperstition?" Oxnard asked confused, causing Maxwell to chuckle.

"No, a superstition" he corrected. "A superstition is the belief in the direct agency of superior powers in certain extraordinary or singular events, or in magic, omens, prognostics, or the like" he dictated from his book, when he looked up everyone in the bore rather large sweat drops and were staring at him.

"Like do you think you can be a bit clearer Maxy?" Sandy suggested from across the table.

"Ha ha okay lets see" he paused to think for a moment. "A superstition is when you believe in magic and luck" he flipped through his book to find an example. "Like these…" he turned to book out to the others to show a picture of a green stone with a strange symbol on it.

"What in tarnation is that?" Howdy exclaimed.

"This is a moon stone" Maxwell replied turning the book back. "It says here that if you make a wish on a clear night it'll come true" he then shut it and tucked it under his arm. "Just think, one wish and you could get anything you wanted".

"You mean if I got a moon stone I could wish for a mountain of sunflower seeds" Oxnard asked excited.

"Yes if that's what you wanted" the more studious hamster replied.


"I would personally prefer a library of my own so I could read anything I wanted" he added.

"Ah what would ya want all those books fer? If I had a wish, I'd wish for a club so I could entertain all kinds of hamsters" Howdy spoke up. Dexter merely smirked.

"That's all well and good if you plan on putting everyone to sleep" he needled slyly. Howdy was immediately up in Dexter's face.

"And just what is that suppose ta mean?" the brown and white hamster asked angrily.

"What I'm saying is that your about as entertaining as a rock" he replied causing Howdy to steam "I'd wish for something for something more constructive, like the affections of Pashmina" he said dreamily blushing. Stan laughed.

"You have to wish for that, cause otherwise you wouldn't stand a chance against me" he replied cocky. Pashmina sighed, she knew where this was going.

"Bro…" Sandy said shaking her head. The three boy hamsters began fighting and were surrounded by a cloud of dust. The remaining hamsters watched them slowly move about the room, sweat drops on the back of their head.

"Should we break it up" Pashmina asked with mixed feelings.

"Nah, they got themselves into it. They'll tucker out soon" Sandy said dismissively too tired to deal with her wayward brother at the moment.

"So Pashmina, What would you wish for?" Hamtaro inquired trying to ignore the three rumbling hamsters behind him.

"Oh gosh, I'm not sure what I'd want. What do you think Penelope?" she asked the yellow clothed Hamster next to her.

"Oookyou Oookyou!" the youngest ham ham exclaimed jumping up and down on her seat. She giggled a bit at the antics of her younger counterpart and looked back the hamster combatants.

"I'd probably wish to get those three off my back for awhile" she stated jokingly. The other ham hams got a good laugh out of it, though the three didn't seem to get it. A few moments later the cloud dissipated leaving three stunned, groaning hamsters laying in a heap covered with small bumps and bruises.

"Zhat vould be quite a stretch for them, no" Bijou added between giggles.

"You could say that again" Panda agreed.

"Since were going around with our wishes, what would you wish for Panda?" Sandy asked trying to continued the conversation. He thought for a moment.

"Hmm… I think I'd wish I could make something so amazing that I'd be remembered and famous for, You?" he shot the question back to Sandy.

"I'd wish to be a famous gymnast. That would so totally cool" she said dreamily.

"My wish would be for the best, most comfortable hat in the world" Cappy exclaimed suddenly. Suddenly they all turned to Hamtaro causing him to sweat a bit.

"Y-yes?" he asked nervously.

"What about you Hamtaro?" Maxwell questioned continuing down the line.

"I don't know. I like the way things are now, I've got lots of friends and a great owner…. I'd probably give it to someone who really needs it" he finished with shrug. Silence filled the room as the other ham hams just stared at him dumbfounded. "What, did I say something wrong?" he nearly shouted, freaked by the sudden change in atmosphere.

"No" Dexter started, having just regained consciousness "We're just a bit surprised that's all".

"That's pretty cool of you" Stan admitted.

"Zit is very noble of you Hamtaro" Bijou added her voice full of adoration. The hamster at the center of the praise blushed and rubbed his face 'Kushi Kushi'.

"It's nothin' much, really" he said trying to dissuade them, until he realized something. "Wait, Bijou. You never said what you would wish for" he looked at her curiously as she looked to the floor, blushing.

"You really don't want to know" she stated still looking down shifting uncomfortably.

"Come on Bijou, you can tell us" Pashmina stated encouragingly.

"Yeah Ham babe, you've peek our curiosity" Stan added smoothly, only to be bopped upside the head by Sandy.

"You so hopeless Bro" she muttered

"But zit's so embarrassing" She continued meekly a blush crossing the bridge of her nose. Hamtaro scratched the back of his head.

"Well if you really don't want tell I guess that's okay. You can always tell us some other time" he said casually. Bijou looked back up hopefully.

"Thank you"

It was then when Boss finally arrived, "Daba Daba Dobo Dobo" he scurried in with a rather large sack over his right shoulder. "Hamha everybody" he greeted gruffly, to which the other returned. With a grunt he put the bag down and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

"Whacha got in the bag Boss?" Howdy drawled absently rubbing a bruise on his cheek. Boss merely smirked as he opened it.

"Is that…" Oxnard started sniffing the air a bit 'hiff hiff", "POPCORN" he exclaimed rushing over to the bag and grabbed a corneal. Soon followed by all of the other ham hams.

"Wow boss where'd you find it?" Pashmina asked impressed.

"There's a whole bag of it in the park, so big even a mighty ham such as myself could carry it all" he said smugly.

"You're the Ham Boss" Panda cheered.

"I got an idea why don't we have a pic nic in the park, it's such a nice day out and we can eat the pop corn for lunch" Hamtaro announced excitedly. "If it's okay with Boss of course" he added turning to the larger hamster.

"Oh could you Boss" Bijou asked batting her eyes making him turn crimson.

"I-I don't see why not" he stuttered back. They all cheered a rushed about getting ready…

* * * *

After another hard day at school Laura and Kana made their way through the park. "Wow that Pop quiz was a lot harder than I thought it would be" Kana stated "What about you Laura?" she inquired turning to her friend who laughed nervously.

"I don't think I did all that well" Laura replied honestly.

"Well maybe if you kept your eyes on your test more than Travis..." her friend responded innocently causing Laura to blush crimson.

"I don't know what your talking about…" he replied hastily. "…It wasn't that obvious, was it?" she added after a long pause.

"Come down Laura, I'm just kidding you" she said with a giggle. Laura stuck her tongue out at Kana indignantly, but still blushing. They continued through the park in a more civil manner until…

"Good afternoon ladies" a confident female voice echoed from behind the pair. They turned to see a tall, heavily tanned woman in a rather tight tank top and pants standing behind a small cart she could have sworn wasn't there before. The front of the cart had a beautiful sign on it that read 'Urd's Gifts from the Heavens'. The woman had long white hair cascading down her back and almost golden eyes. Her mature face bore three small blue marks one on her forehead and one on each cheek. "Can I help you with anything?" she asked with a small smirk on her face.

"Where did you come from? There was no one there a second ago…" Kana spoke up confused.

"Where did I come from?" she placed a hand on her chest. "Oh nothingness" she waved off casually. "But I do have something for a…" she pause to look at a piece of parchment. "Laura".

"M-me" the girl in question replied nervously. "What do are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about a wish honey" the older women stated a matter-of-factly.

"A WISH?!" Both girls nearly shouted, the women franticly shushed them.

"Keep it down, I'm not suppose to be doing this!" she said between clenched teeth. "If the guys upstairs find out I'll get my license suspended for sure" she finished looking around.

"Okay" Laura said reluctantly. "But why would you give me a wish?" she added curiously.

"Well you have all of the qualifications for a wish according to the list my sister was cataloguing earlier. Of course it's not due for another 5 – 6 years, but that has nothing to do with this. I heard you were having trouble with a boy named Travis, am I right?" she couldn't help but smirk at the looks on their faces.

"How did you know-" Laura started before she was interrupted.

"Well I've got just the thing" she continued on searching through the cart. After a moment she pulled out a small green stone with strange markings on it. "Since I can't give you a full wish… yet… I can give you this limited wish. A moon stone" she said handing it over to the wide-eyed youth. "It should be enough to handle this Travis issue"

*This is too weird to be for real* she thought puzzled before replying. "Do I have to pay you?" Laura asked still unsure.

"Nah, this is a freebie. I'll get enough satisfaction knowing I helped" The older woman replied, Kana turned to her friend.

"You don't actually believe her do you?" she questioned skeptically

"Oh ye of little faith, it's not like YOUR going to remember this anyway" The woman replied dubiously. Before Kana could respond the women and cart disappeared in a flash of light. Leaving a very stunned Laura staring into empty space.

"Hey Laura what are you looking at?" Kana asked a few feet away from her.

"There was cart here just a second ago…" she replied frantically. Kana cocked her head slightly.

"What are you talking about Laura there's nothing there. Come on we don't want to get home late" She motioned her to follow. Laura stared at the spot for a moment longer.

"..Right" she turned and headed home, puzzled at the incident and unconsciously slipping the stone into her book bag.

* * * * *

The stars twinkled as nightfall blanketed Laura's small town (what's its name?). Though up in her room she sat at her desk in her pjs wide awake finishing the strangest journal entry, she was pretty sure, she'd ever write. Joining her in her nighttime endeavors was her faithful pet hamster Hamtaro. "I had such a strange day today, after school me and Kana were stopped by some merchant woman. She came to give me a wish!" she read out loud as she wrote. At the word 'wish' Hamtaro's ears perked up.

*Wish. What are the chances of that? All of the ham hams were all talking about what they would wish for* The over zealous hamster thought joining in on the conversation. *Well, everyone except Bijou… I wonder what she wanted, she seemed so flustered when I asked* he went of on a little tangent before Laura continued.

"I wasn't sure I should believe her, I mean the whole situation was a bit outrageous. She gave me a little stone and than just vanished. Kana doesn't even remember either. She was standing right next to me the whole time" she stopped writing and reached into her bag. "I thought maybe I was just daydreaming but…" she pulled out the green stone from her bag "this was in my bag" The white and orange hamster gasped in shock.

*Atatata! A moonstone* he exclaimed mentally jumping on to her shoulder and running toward it to get a closer. A surprised Laura laughed plucking him off her arm and putting him back on the table.

"Calm down little guy" she said still giggling. "If you wanted to look at it why didn't you just say so" She placed the stone on the table next to him. He immediately scampered over (Chicka Chicka Chicka) and examined it. It looked exactly like the picture in Maxwell's book, but it was right there. He picked it up looked oddly at his distorted reflection in the back. His owner giggled lightly at his antics. "Honestly Hamtaro your so strange sometimes, I wish I could understand why you act so weird" she stated idly not really thinking. She shook her head as her hamster began balancing the stone at the end of its snout, "But I'd probably have to be a hamster myself for that, am I right?" she asked her pet.

*You've got that right* he replied. The stone felt a lot warmer all of the sudden causing him to drop it suddenly and jumped back. Laura looked concerned picking up her little friend to check if he was okay. Distracted see didn't see the momentary glow of the strange symbol before it vanished, the magic dispersing. All that was left was a smooth green stone on the table. A small figure under Laura's bed grimaced. She looked exactly like a miniature form of the lady from the cart except she was now dressed in extravagant robes.

"Gah, I wasn't expecting the hamster to make any wishes…" she grumbled rubbing her temples in frustration. "Well at least the wish was limited so hopefully no one 'upstairs' will notice. I guess I should make it up to the girl after this wish wears off… it's the least I can do" with that she disappeared in a puff of smoke. Laura soon went to bed thinking about her trip tomorrow, while Hamtaro had a bad feeling that something weird was going on. Little did they know how interesting the next day would be…

End part 1

A/N- well there you have it the beginning of my twisted little story. I hope you all enjoyed it and I would appreciate any comments, reviews, etc.

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I'd like to thank the author of Hamster ½, whose name escapes me at the moment, which got me thinking about this fic. Does anyone know the name of Laura's town? I'm embarrassed cause I watch the show A LOT and never caught it. The Moonstone thing I made up, not wanting to bother scanning mythology for a real example.

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