A Ham Ham Getaway

My Date with a Hamster!

By Ryouga's best friend

A/N- Another chapter of the story where Hamtaro's owner, Laura, gets swept up into a hamster's world for a weekend. It's been while since I worked on this and with the show off the air I thought my inspiration had run dry…but wait and Hamtaro marathon came on and I caught a bunch of episodes I hadn't seen and in the depths of my darker story ideas this pushed itself back to the surface and begged for an ending. And I listened to the begging creature and here it comes cutesy romance and the climactic reveal! Let it roll!

Recap- Upon coming home from school Laura came across a strange woman at a merchants cart that appeared from thin air. She gave her a Moon stone that had the power to change her luck with Travis. A sudden as it happen she was gone and her friend Kana didn't even remember the incident. The woman was none other than Urd, Goddess of the Past... and self-proclaimed goddess of love. The stone gave the processor a limited wish. Though Laura never got to make her wish because an incident with her pet Hamster, Hamtaro, its power was expended.

The next day, on her way to visit her old friends, she passed out and woke up in the body of a hamster. She had been found by the ham hams on their way to a pic nic. Still dazed she went along with it and met them all, including her own pet. They spent the day in the park until they were ambushed by a large cat. Laura was almost lunch but Hamtaro saved her. The ham hams spent the rest of their pic nic in a cave undisturbed by predators. On arrival the hams had a meeting about the strange Ham girl and came to a logical but incorrect conclusion that she was a runaway pet from a mean owner. To make her feel at home They decided that they would build an extra room at the clubhouse for her where she could stay and to make it a surprise they decided Hamtaro would keep her occupied while they worked and so Laura was taken for a trip around town with her pet and savior, such strange feelings…

Laura's heart was beating fast as she and Hamtaro made their way through twisting tunnels hand in hand, she only felt like this those few times she was alone with Travis. A thought that shocked her into silence as they traveled…The fact that she now had a crush on her own pet. She wasn't sure if it was the magic that had changed her or the experiences she's had but it was useless to deny it when his cheery voice made her feel light headed. "Laura?" came his concerned voice and snapped her to attention. "You okay…You awful quiet."

"I'm just a little spacey today, sorry." She replied quickly, blushing a bit. "Where are we headed again?" she asked to give her self time to calm down. Hamtaro accepted the answer easily and thought for a moment.

"I was planning on heading to the main street. It's a little dangerous with all the people but it's fun too. Dexter, Cappy and Maxwell live around there." He said happily as the reached the correct hole. Laura was confused, Dangerous? What was so dangerous about the shopping center? They popped out and Laura's eyes went wide, everything was huge. Giant people headed back and forth past the alleyway, huge cars lumbered by on the streets, benches , doors, everything! She'd spent all her time in the park since the change and hadn't thought much of all the potential hazards of the more urban terrain.

"Wow…" she said aloud. Hamtaro, figuring she'd NEVER seen the urban area at all, too the exclamation a different way.

"I know, I thought the same thing when I saw it the first time!" he said bouncing with energy. "Come on I'll show you around!" he said taking off to the sidewalk, Laura stumbled out of the hole after him.

"Wait up Hamtaro!" she shouted rushing to catch up to the giggling hamster.

Meanwhile back at the clubhouse the other hams were working hard. Boss was putting he expert digging skills to bear with the help of Oxnard, Cappy and Stan "Hmm…" Boss said looking over the hole they'd dug rubbing his chin. "well for a proper room it should need to be a little deeper and wider." He appraised, "but were off to a good start. Now lets get back to work!"

"Right Boss!" Cappy said happily, mostly because Boss had given him on of his older digging helmets to wear. Oxnard nodded, his mouth full cause he just devoured a sunflower seed.

"Gotcha dude." Stan replied much more laid back. Panda was working on a suitable bed with Maxwell, Dexter and Howdy, and the girls were working on the proper decorations for the room and the surprise.

"What do you think Penelope? The red or the yellow?" Pashmina asked looking between the two materials. The younger ham bounced pointing to the yellow.

"Oookyou" she said firmly. Pashmina nodded and picked that one. At the table Bijou sighed as she and Sandy but the last touches on a colorful banner that read Welcome Laura. "Come on Bijou what's got you so down? You've been like this since we started." Sandy asked.

"I don't know…it's so complicated…." The French ham said twiddling her fingers.

"You can, like tell me. I don't like seeing my friends sad." Sandy replied.

"Well…" she started, obviously embarrassed. "I think I might like Hamtaro…" Sandy gasped a bit. "Ever since Laura arrived I've felt so…strange. She iz always hanging around him and I think she likes him too…and she's so nice, I don't want to be angry at her…" she admitted quietly. Her friend nodded.

"I think I understand. But did you think about your other options…What about Boss?"

"Boss?" she asked surprised.

"Yup. Hamtaro may be a little dense and hard to read, but I know for sure that Boss really likes you." Sandy whispered slyly. Bijou looked over to the large field Ham who was directing Stan and Cappy to the proper places to dig and not cause a cave in.

"I've never thought of him like that. He's always very nice to me, but I didn't know he liked me." she said honestly. "Oh my, it's zo complicated…" she said with a sweatdrop. Sandy patted her on the back.

"Welcome to the world of love girl." She said dramatically. Bijou merely glanced toward Boss and than to the window and sighed before going back to work.

Hamtaro and Laura had been hanging out most of the day now, they visited a few stores, Laura's school, and were on there way back to the park via the overland route. It had certainly been quite an interesting experience, simple items had become much more interesting like swinging on a power cord or balancing on a pencil like a balance beam. It made for hours of fun and Hamtaro's exuberance seemed to be contagious. But they had calmed down and were trotting back to the clubhouse side by side. She glanced up to one of the gigantic clocks by the side walk to see it was 3:40, twenty minutes until she would returned to her human self. She could now admit that it was a lot of fun and she would definitely miss all the hamsters and playing with as one. Laura looked over to her companion and decided to ask a question she'd thought about the whole weekend.

"Hey Hamtaro…"

"yeah Laura,"

''Could you... Tell me about your owner,'' Laura asked reluctantly. Hamtaro nodded, She's never had a good owner and wants to hear what it's like…Poor Laura. he thought saddened but brightened up as he began talking about wonderful owner.

''Laura is the greatest girl ever!'' he exclaimed with a large smile. ''She nice and smart, she always tries her best and helps anyone she can.'' Laura's face slowly reddened as Hamtaro piled on praises.

''S-she sounds l-like some girl,'' she managed to sputter out.

''She sure is. I really like her. That's why I try to help her anyway I can.'' That caught the neo-hamster's attention.


"Well sometimes when Laura's having trouble I'll go to get the others we help. Like one time she got this bad cold and we took care of her and kept her cool with some water on a leaf. That was Maxwell's idea." Laura nodded slowly.

That was a couple of months ago, I saw them standing over me...I thought it was just a fever dream.

"There was another time when she and her friend Kana got lost on the beach in this huge storm. We brought her dad over to the cave where they were hiding." he continued, though Laura's thoughts were elsewhere.

Last summer... Dad said he followed a hat that kept zigging and zagging.

"Than there was one time she was in this play Cinder..ah, something and she lost her slipper..." she zoned out as he continued explaining about the chickens.

The school play too! I always wondered how the slipper got there...How long has he been helping me like this? Hamtaro rambled on despite his

"...But we managed to get there in time, and I got to see her in full costume. She looked amazing, just like in my dream!"


"Yeah I had this great dream Laura was a princess and I was a knight, protecting her from an evil wizard."

Laura was making quite an effort to remain calm, but it was all coming so fast. All the compliments, confusing memories, and strange feelings were reaking havoc on her state of mind. With all those factors it was only a matter of time until...

"I-I remember that dream," she stated aloud.

She messed up.

"What?" Hamtaro was generally confused, which wasn't unusual. The wheel in his head started turning, trying to make sense of this event.

"N-nevermind, it's n-not important," she stuttered out quickly. she glanced up at the clock tower in the distance Almost time to go...I can't with Hamtaro here, she looked back at her orange furred companion, who was sporting a very cute perplexed look on his face. She smiled a little I don't want to just leave without saying goodbye...

"Laura?'' Hamtaro was concerned, "are you okay?" Laura has been acting strange all day and he had the growing feeling that something wasn't right here.

"Y-yeah Hamtaro, I mean f-fine," she lied taking a calming breath, which helped a little. "I just wanted to say thanks, I've had a great day with you..."

"That's no problem Laura, I had fun too." he couldn't help but tense a little as the ham-girl took a few steps closer.

"It will be hard but I bet tomorrow will be even better..." he froze at those words as it all fell into place. She gave him a small kiss on the cheek. "Right Hamtaro?" she was blushing a little as she smiled.

"L-Laura?!" he was in shock, I can't believe she did that... he stared into her eyes.

I can't believe I did that... she thought looking right back into his. After a long moment of silence they shared the same thought.

...But it was nice. Both hamsters blushed and looked to the ground.

"I'll see you soon." With that she ran off, hoping to change back without Hamtaro around. The hamster in question stood stupefied, his hand over his cheek. Several moments later he finally managed to get his thoughts together.

"Wait!" he shouted taking off after her…

"Looks like were all done." Panda said with a firm nod as the others looked on proud. A decent sized room was dug in the side of the wall and had a cozy looking bed with a couple of Yellow pillows and a sturdy door with "Laura" written on it. The clubhouse was decorated and the welcome home banner spanned the large room.

"She'll Love this!" Pashmina said with a big smile.

"Yup I'm sure she will." Sandy agreed ad Penelope nodded, he favorite sheet flapping with her movements. Boss grunted.

"She better, that was a lot of work." As the continued to chat Laura's bag, that had been left in the corner forgotten, began to glow green. It floated up and flew knocking open the door and sped into the tunnels causing everyone to turn surprised.

"What? How'd that open up?" Cappy asked confused. Maxwell scratched the side of his head.

"I guess it's getting windy…"

Laura continued running glancing back to see Hamtaro was still trying to catch her. Please stay away…I don't want you to see me change… she thought sadly. A glowing object popped free from the ground and head straight toward her. "What?! The stone!" she realized as her bag landing in her arms. She unzipped it and was Smothered with green light.

"Laura!" Hamtaro shouted as he shaded his eyes from the bright light as the clock strikes four. Laura felt an strange warmth all over as the fur receded and her boy began to grow. Her ear moved back and her hair grew back out. With a final flash the light disappeared and their she stood in the same outfit she had worn a few days before when she had first changed. She was a little disoriented as everything was normal sized again.

"I'm me again." She turned and saw her little hamster, which had only a moment ago been taller then her, staring wide eyed. "Hi Hamtaro…I better get back home…tell the others I said goodbye okay and um…I'll see you at home…" she said slowly as she picked up her bag. To her surprise Hamtaro spoke…and she could still understand.

"B-But How?" he shouted up to her.

"We'll talk at home…" she said simply and headed back home. Hamtaro stood there for a long moment unsure what to think.

"I'm so confused…" he wailed as he shuffled off back to the clubhouse. Up in a tree a mini-Urd watched on intrigued at how this all turned out, with a mischievous expression on her face she flipped backwards and vanished in a puff of smoke.

The ham hams waited anxiously for Hamtaro and Laura to returned and when the door opened the jumped up…only to find Hamtaro alone. "What iz wrong Hamtaro?" Bijou asked.

"Yeah, where's Laura?" Dexter added. Hamtaro still looked bewildered.

"I don't know if you guys are gonna believe me," he moaned as he took a seat. "Laura was Laura." He said as everyone in the room sweatdropped.

"I'm not sure I follow," Howdy said scratching his head.

"Laura was really Laura. My owner Laura." He clarified as the others looked on with blank faces. Oxnard put a paw to his forehead.

"Are you okay, you didn't eat some bad seeds did you?"

"But I'm serious!"

"That's preposterous." Maxwell stated. "Just the shear mass differential is tremendous, it's scientifically impossible." He said shaking his head. Hamtaro pouted.

"But I saw her change, I did! How come you guys don't believe me?" he crossed his arms. "And she told me say goodbye to you all…She's probably home by now. I should go home…she's waiting." He said as he headed back out. The ham ham's exchanged glances.

"I think he was serious…" Panda said.

"But it's impossible." Maxwell insisted.

"What about a those Moonstones you were talking about?" Sandy said to her boyfriend, he fidgeted.

"But that's just a superstition, there's no fact or documented proof that they exist…I mean it might be possible but." He trailed off and sighed. Penelope looked over to the room they'd worked on that would be empty and gave a solemn 'Oookyou'.

Laura sat in her room the dull green moonstone on her desk as she wrote down her adventures of the fantastical weekend. She glanced to Hamtaro's empty cage and sighed. "Will it ever be the same? Knowing the hamsters are intelligent and can speak..." she asked no one in particular.

"Nope I'm almost positive it won't" the now familiar voice of Urd spoke as she appeared on her bed. Laura fell from her chair in surprise.

"Ack, What are you doing here?"

"Resting on your bed, which quite comfy I might add. Not as nice as mine of course, but that goes without saying" The goddess ranted causing Laura to sweatdrop.

"That's not quite what I meant..."

"Well nevermind that now. I came to tell you that I figured out how I'm going to make it up to you. I'm not the goddess of love for nothing." She said confidently with a wink, Laura wasn't sure if that was good or bad. She looked to the moonstone and picked it up.

"You want to take this back?" she asked, Urd shook her head.

"Nah, You can keep it…You might want it later." She said simply before snapping her fingers and disappearing. Laura blinked and looked back to the stone, I wonder what she meant by that?. Her thought were interrupted by a light scratching sound as Hamtaro cam out from the space between the wall and her bed.

"Hi Laura." He greeted, That's going to take some getting used to… she thought amused. She watched as he hopped up to her desk.

"Hello Hamtaro…How did the others take it?" she asked nervously. He pouted and crossed her arms.

"They didn't believe me." he said grumpily. Laura patted him lightly.

"Don't fret about it, It is a little hard to swallow." She assured him. About as hard as Hamster talking and gather together to have fun in a miniature clubhouse. she thought wryly. "Besides I got to have fun with you and the others all weekend, so it's okay."

"How did you become a hamster anyway? I could figure it out…" he asked taking a seat, she sat at her desk.

"Well it all started in the park…" she began. That night Laura and Hamtaro talked for a long time about their weekend together and what kinds of things might come. Outside perched on a telephone pole Urd watched the two with a smirk.

"Just as it ends, it begins again."

The End

A/N- and there you go. The wondrous weekend has come to an end. The hamster craziness over. I hope you all enjoyed this story and it's long divided chapters, this is by far one of the most popular stories I've written and I'm glad to have such a dedicated fanbase. I really have enjoyed writing this story and am a little sad it's over. But Is this the end? Who knows…just because one story is over doesn't mean there aren't others. Hee hee. Maybe…