"FROST!" Bunny yelled at the top of his lungs as he watched the mischievous winter spirit fly out the window before Bunny could catch him.

"What is it this time, Bunny?" North entered the room only to find a seething Bunnymund.

"Frostbite Froze the Warren! Again!"

"Isn't this the fifth time he's done that?" Tooth fluttered in with Sandy following close behind.

"Yes. And he's gotten away with it every time!" Bunny replied angrily.

"Jack. Come back here." North ordered.

"North, he already left-" Bunny was shocked to see Jack fly through the window and land on the ground.

"What?! I thought you-"

"I only hid behind the window. I didn't want to miss your reaction." Jack replied.

"Jack, these pranks have gotten out of hand. No more pranks, okay?"


"No more."

"Fine." Jack flew off in a huff.

"He didn't even apologize!"

"Don't worry, Bunny." Tooth tried to console him. "I could send some of my fairies to help clean up the Warren."

"Not necessary." He said and with that he dove into a tunnel and disappeared.

Jack landed in a tree beside his pond. It was getting late.

He didn't know what to do. Pulling pranks was his way of taking his mind off of the horrors that awaited him each night.

For the past 3 nights he had been greeted by Pitch once he fell asleep. He would appear in a dark, torch-lit room. Pitch would make him complete a trial. In each trial he had to face one of his fears. He wasn't allowed to tell anyone, because Pitch had threatened to destroy his fellow guardians if he did. Jack would never forgive himself if something happened to his friends.

Jack felt himself drifting off to sleep and groaned.

"This is so unfair..."

And with that he fell asleep.

Pitch grinned when the boy appeared.

He may not be strong enough to create another Dark age, but he was strong enough to torture and get revenge on Jack.

Jack's fear was wonderful. What better than to make him feel fear each night. He had more fears than he thought, and some of them were enough to break the winter spirit.

That's just what Pitch intended to do.

"Welcome, Jack, to your 3rd trial."

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