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"Is everything ready, Jack?"

"Yes." Jack replied with a monotone voice he stared straight ahead, internally attempting to block out the insults the guardians said to him. Ever since that day he had heard their voices replaying in his head. He constantly tried to ignore them, but to no avail. He knew that they would probably end up driving him mental.

"Good. Off you go, then." Pitch exited the dark hallway. Jack sighed and fought tears off. Every day he tried to build a wall between him and the guardians. Brick by brick he was getting closer to not carding about them. Brick by brick he was closer to leaving his only family behind.

No. They're not your family. Pitch is.

Jack clenched his staff tighter and took off. He bounced off the walls and almost laughed at how much fun it was. Once he made it to the tunnel he stared up above at the moon.

"Why?! Why would you give me a family and then tear it away from me?!"


"Of course." Jack rolled his eyes and then shot up into the sky, riding the breeze as far away as he could.

Baby Tooth was returning to the palace with a surprise for her mother.

A young girl just lost her first tooth, a beautiful lateral incisor, and it was absolutely gorgeous! The girl had flossed and brushed so well that the tooth was almost as white as Jack's teeth! When Baby Tooth saw it she had squealed in delight and left a dollar instead of a quarter. She couldn't wait to see the look on her mother's face.

When she arrived, however, she found the castle empty.

"Where are all my sisters? Where is my mother?" She squeaked. After zooming around the towers she found that whole levels of the palace were covered in ice. She even found some of her sisters encased in ice! She chirped to them that she would be back to get them out, and then zoomed off into the horizon. She had to go tell the other guardians!

But wait! She screeched to a halt in midair. She can't go in and tell them all of this! What if they blamed Jack Frost?!

Baby tooth was positive it wasn't him. He may have been pulling a lot of pranks, but there is no way Jack would do anything like this!

She decided to go find her lost sisters and mama herself, and she knew just where to start looking.

The last time Baby Tooth had hovered over the rotting bed frame was when she was with Jack Frost. She didn't feel as brave this time, but she knew she would have to find courage if she was to rescue her family.

She had decided to check Pitch's lair first because he was a known kidnapper of fairies. He did it before and she wouldn't be surprised if he did it again.

She took a deep breath and dove down into the tunnels.

It was dark, no, it was pitch black. Which made sense, she guessed. This was his lair.

She zoomed through the tunnels and up several staircases. She wasn't sure where she was going but she hoped that one of these passages would lead her to some kind of evidence that it was Pitch. She tried squeaking out to her mother and sisters, but to no avail.

That is...until she zoomed down one corridor and got a reply.

And then another, and another.

Until she could hear thousands of her sisters; crying out to her. She squealed with glee and followed their voices.

She soon came to the large room that she and Jack had been in not too long ago. Like the last time it was filled with cages, and, like the last time they were all filled to the brim with her sisters.

She zoomed from cage to cage, calling out the names of the other fairies. She had tears in her little eyes she was so relived. They were ok, and they were unharmed.

"Have you seen Mother?! Is she here too?!" Baby Tooth chirped. All her sisters shook their heads and cried out "No!" over top of each other's voices. Baby Tooth nodded.

'But how am I going to get them all out of here?!' She wondered. Then she heard voices, and not the squeaking voices of her sisters. The voices of Pitch and Jack.

"Pitch and Jack!" Baby Tooth squeaked. "Things have gotten worse than I thought!" she flew into a nearby shadow and hid. She hoped Pitch would leave soon. Then she could rescue the mini fairies and go look for their mother.

Luckily for her, Pitch and Jack never even entered. They only stood in the hallway outside.

"Is everything ready, Jack?" Pitch asked.

"Yes." He replied.

Baby Tooth gasped. They were working together! No! Not Jack! How could he?!

Baby Tooth wiped a tear away. She needed to stay strong if she was going to save her family. She had a plan forming in her mind, but she couldn't help but wonder; what was Pitch and Jack planning?

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