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Chapter 1

"Tell me more about this dream you've been having." Dr. Reynolds put down her notebook, gesturing towards the brown leather sofa in the middle of her office. Her auburn hair was pulled out of her face in a loose bun at the back of her neck. Her face was warm and welcoming, hidden behind a pair of glasses that she kept shifting up her nose when she'd write in her notebook. Her green eyes were also warm and weren't as penetrating as you would expect on a person who was trying to shift through your life.

The office smelled like a mixture between lavender and dust. The portraits on the walls were all of flowers: daisies, lilies, orchids, and the usual suspects found at an office. The photographs of family members with their big smiles glared from picture frames placed on her desk.

"I have it every night. It's always the same thing. I see five people, all surrounding me. All I can think of is that I feel safe and wanted, needed." I sat down on the couch, feeling the cold leather against my thin shirt. I always hated coming to therapy. Why did I need it? I wasn't crazy or anything. But every time I was here, I felt like it. Like my world and my life was just a show, there for the scrutiny of others.

"What can you tell me about these people?" Dr. Reynolds asked. She never forced me to tell her anything, always waiting on me to offer information, which I appreciated.

"They're always the same. A group of five people. But I can't see all their faces. Just one. He's the one that makes me feel safe, loved, and wanted. I don't know who he is. I've never seen him before." I don't know why I tell her these things when my dreams don't seem to make sense at all. I didn't believe in the idea that your dreams tell you things and I doubt Dr. Reynolds did either.

"You've got to give me more details, sweetheart. I'm here to listen to you, to help you out in any way I can."

"That's all I know. I can't tell you anything else because that's it." I was starting to get frustrated, my voice rising. No matter how many times I've told Dr. Reynolds my dreams, she still insists I'm missing something.

"Okay, I understand. Well, we've made some improvement; you've finally opened up to me, giving me more information than before." She put her pencil and notebook down on the table in front of her and waiting for me to say something.

"It doesn't matter, we're moving soon," I finally said to her, after sitting quietly, ashamed of my sudden outburst.

"I know, dear, but you still have another session left. And you have both my office number and my personal number where you can reach me anytime, whenever you need someone to talk to."

I stood, walking over to Dr. Reynolds, stuck out my hand and said goodbye. As I walked out the door, I turned and faced her.

"Thank you, Dr. Reynolds, I'll see you Friday before I leave."

"You are very welcome, Isabella. I'll see you then."

I walked out, straight out of the main office. As I approached the elevator, I caught sight of myself in the reflective doors. My honey colored eyes stood out against the brown of my hair. My pale skin glowed with the light that filtered through the bright windows behind me.

I kept moving, into the elevator, pushing the "Lobby" button. As the elevator descended, I kept thinking about this annoying dream I've been having. I lied to Dr. Reynolds. There was more to the dream than what I told her. I didn't tell her I saw him all the time. I'd see him everywhere.

The elevator reached the lobby and I stepped out, blinded by the glaring New York sun. Walking towards the lobby doors, I sensed someone looking at me. I turned around and I saw him—the guy from my dreams. He had strange bronze hair, like a penny. But his eyes—his eyes were just like mine. He was gorgeous.

I know I saw him, but when I blinked, he was gone. This wasn't the first time. I continued walking, stepping out into the crisp fall air of New York City. I was going to miss this. It wasn't fair. Nobody asked me if I wanted to move to the middle of nowhere, Forks, Washington.

The doorman hailed a cab for me, smiling in the creepy way old men usually do. I flashed him my million-dollar smile as I stepped into the yellow cab, giving the driver my address. We drove past the tall buildings while I was taking it all in for what could be my last time. We stopped in front of my beloved Upper East Side building. I gave the driver what I owed him and climbed out of the cab.

"Miss Swan, it's great to see you again. Your parents have asked me to tell you that they've left for Washington this morning and expect you there by Friday afternoon. Is there anything I can get for you?" the doorman asked.

"No thanks, Walter. Have a good evening."

"Thank you, Miss Swan." He bowed slightly, tilting his top hat. I was going to miss Walter.

I entered the building, appreciating the marble finishing, and the beauty of it all. I took the elevator up to our penthouse. When I reached our floor, I took off my jacket and hung it on the coat rack by the elevator. I headed down the hallway towards the stairs, glancing at the apartment.

I looked through the high archway of the sitting room. The far side of the wall was completely made of a light panel wood. The opposite walls were a light brown color that complemented the soft beige of the carpet. In the center of the room was a low coffee table made of glass that held a vase of red tulips. Surrounding the coffee table are two low, beige settees angled around the fireplace. The windows displayed a vast view of Central Park and the buildings surrounding.

Down through the hallway, after the sitting room, were a bathroom, a closet, the dining room, a library, living room, and finally the kitchen.

Nothing was packed up; none of this is coming with us. It was all staying here for whenever my parents decide to come back on short trips. I was going to miss all of the familiarity.

I headed to my room and closed the door, not wanting to be disturbed. I still had to pack some of my personal things and decided to do it for the rest of the night. I still had another two days in New York and didn't want to spend them packing.

My room was painted in a periwinkle blue. The bed is a white wood with a white duvet that had tiny blue flowers at the edges. My desk and all the other bedroom furniture were also in a white wood. Above the bed was an assemblage of pictures of my friends and I from different outings and events that showcased my life. From school dances, picnics in Central Park, to slumber parties, everything was included. Every aspect I knew I would miss the most.

I walked up to the suitcase on the floor and gazed inside, finding a smattering of objects that I would take with me to Forks. There were random picture frames, CDs, jewelry, and other inconsequential items that weren't important enough to pack into the things already shipped to Washington. The majority of my closet was already waiting for me in my new home, except for the outfits for my remaining days in New York.

Once I was finished perusing my things and reorganizing the suitcase, I took a quick shower, washing my hair with my favorite freesia scented shampoo and conditioner and got ready to lay in front of the television until I was tired enough to sleep.

After a while, my eyes were starting to droop so I turned the television off, got under the covers and got ready for my dream.

Sleep found me far too quickly and as soon as I closed my eyelids, I was aware of the oncoming dream. I looked around found myself in the familiar darkness, standing in the middle of the dark circular room. I couldn't see anything outside of the faint circle of light that shined through the glass window above me.

I waited for the next part of my dream, when the strangers would show up. When I first had this dream, I was completely frightened of them. I didn't know if they were there to harm me or not, especially since I couldn't see their faces.

One by one, the people started to appear, coming closer. My breath quickened when I realized that unlike my other dreams, they were coming a little closer. I could make out some of their features, but not completely.

"Who are you?" I whispered, knowing I would get no response.

From behind me I felt his presence close to me. I felt his hand brush across the small of my back and I turned to face him. I stared into his eyes, so much like mine, wondering why this dream was so different from my previous ones. The others never came as close to me before. I could barely distinguish their facial features before, but now, their faces were clearer.

"Isabella…" he whispered, his voice full of hope and something else I couldn't put a name to. He raised his hand and placed it on my cheek. Instinctively, I flinched away from his touch, but he reassured me with his eyes, the sense of being needed increasing. "It's okay. I'm waiting for you."

And then I woke up. It always ended this way. Sometimes his hand would linger on my cheek a moment more than usual, but then I would wake up to the bright sun shining through the windows in my room. For such a short, hardly eventful dream, it took up my entire night.

I didn't know what he meant when he said, "I'm waiting for you," but it always made me feel the same; as if once I meet this man, my life would be complete and my soul would stop searching for its other half.

I sighed and glanced at the clock on my bedside table. I only had two hours before my best friends would arrive to say their goodbyes. I only had that day, Thursday, to say goodbye to my life in New York. Friday was my last appointment with Dr. Reynolds and afterward I had to make my way to the airport straight after my session. I knew I'd be back some day, but for now, I'd rather please my parents and not put up much of a fuss. This move to Washington was important to them for some reason I was yet to be privy of.

I got up from my bed, brushed my teeth, showered, and got dressed, ready to go in no time. Once I was done, I went downstairs to the kitchen and grabbed a bowl of cereal before the girls arrived.

As I was placing the bowl into the sink, the doorbell rang. I jogged to the door and threw it open, quickly embracing my friends.

"Bella!" Tanya screamed in my ear. Tanya Denali was your typical, all-American girl. She had blonde hair, blue eyes, and had the Upper-East Side attitude we all went through but she never got over. I hugged her back and then moved behind her to hug Kate, my other best friend and Tanya's twin sister.

Kate smiled softly and squeezed me back. Kate had dark blonde hair and bright green eyes, but looked exactly like Tanya. She was softly spoken and was a true and loyal friend. She kept the three of us together and stuck it out through all the drama between us throughout the years. Out of the two of them, I was much closer to Kate than I was to Tanya, even though it wouldn't seem that way. Kate and I have the same temperaments, similar hobbies, and our personalities do not clash as much as Tanya and I do.

"I'm going to miss you so much, Katie," I whispered into her hair. After releasing her from my embrace, we moved our little party to my room where we spent the next couple of hours reminiscing our friendship, living through the ups and downs we have been through, and reassuring each other we'd keep in touch. We watched movies, did our nails, and pigged out on sugary snacks. We already visited our usual haunts throughout the city and shopped at our favorite stores one last time, so all that was left was spending the day together.

When they left after our dinner of pizza, I received a text message from my dreaded ex-boyfriend, James Carter.

Why are you leaving me, babe? I frowned and replied.

You lost your chance to use any sort of terms of endearment when you cheated on me when we dated. Please don't text me back. I turned off my phone and changed into my soft, comfortable yoga pants and a tank top, getting ready to watch another movie in bed for the night.

Tomorrow, I would wake up early for my session with Dr. Reynolds, and afterwards, I'd leave to Washington. Super, with a side of heavy sarcasm

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