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Without further ado, the epilogue...

It had been a long two decades since the incident with James. Throughout downfalls and pits of depression, the birthdays and the laughter, the weddings and the babies, our families pulled through. It was strange to think moving unexpectedly the year I turned eighteen would change my life forever. That I would meet my soul mate and my best friends for life so young-the people I would willingly surround myself for the rest of my life-I'm the luckiest woman in the world.

The relationship Edward and I shared grew so quickly and so strongly it was hard to please my parents and their wish for us not to marry until we got married. He proposed to me the day we graduated high school and in front of our families agreed to love each other for the rest of our lives.

We focused on our careers, the group of us, and we didn't rely on the help of our parents to get there. Alice made a big name for herself in the fashion world and spent a couple years in Paris with Jasper right beside her. They managed to elope right under our noses and eventually promised to renew their vows for the rest of our family to witness. I just assumed the love and collective effervescence of Paris couldn't hold them back. They were easily forgiven.

Most of us followed our parents' footsteps, but our careers weren't as important as our own families and the legacy that was up to us to continue. Obviously, continuing that legacy wasn't a burden, especially with a man like Edward, if you know what I mean.

Baby fever started when Rosalie and Emmett announced their pregnancy. We were all so excited, knowing that soon, each of us would have a child to call our own. Emma McCarty was born and she was incredibly cherubic with her bouncy blonde curls and her father's dimples. Rosalie is the quintessential mother-she was born for this role. And Emmett-you wouldn't expect such a doting father from that big oaf.

Jackson Whitlock was next, who came screaming into this world. Lungs that have not quit throughout the years and he has-unfortunately or not, depending on the time of day-inherited his mother's energy and spastic moments, and his father's looks.

Edward and I were just as lucky. Masen Anthony arrived just as we thought it wouldn't happen for us, a mix of both Edward and I with his father's face and my dark hair and my propensity for clumsiness. My boys couldn't make my life better than it was. Edward made me so happy and he continues to do so in every way.

But I really can't believe we have arrived at this point, where we finally put a rest to our powers and transfer them to our babies. These past eighteen years have presented numerous situations and dilemmas where they were needed. They have saved lives, created happiness, and really, made things a lot easier. I'll miss them, but it's my son's turn now.

"Are we ready yet?" Edward asked me. He held his hand out for me and I placed mine in his. Softly squeezing my fingers, he led me to the room where it all began in the Manor.

The kids were already sat down on the sofa, awaiting our move. We did it a lot differently than our parents and actually guided our children through the process of what was going to happen to them. Instead of all the secret keeping in our families, we saw it as our duty to guide them and lead them in the right direction. Masen, Emma, and Jackson grew up knowing what is awaiting them.

Our parents protested our stray from the traditional ways, but we were all quick to explain how hard it was to be thrown into this world without knowing how to deal. There's not really much blame to go around when considering how this process has been for generations, but we decided to change it, making it easier for our kids to deal.

"Let's do this!" Jackson exclaimed, his parents shushing him from behind. We've kept some tradition and the kids' birthday party was currently still raging on, their loud and obnoxious music thrumming through the walls.

We gathered behind them as our parents once did and their parents before them and chanted the sacred words under our breaths. Slowly, but surely, a feeling of complete fullness rose in my body and I literally felt that light and energy flow from my body and Edward's to our son. Goosebumps rose on my body and it felt like electricity flowing throughout. And then suddenly, it was over.

Looking to Edward, I noticed his bright amber eyes that were now looking at me were now dulled yet still filled with love. It was strange to see the eyes I looked at everyday were a bit different from before, but I knew that would happen. I knew that it wasn't our time anymore but it was for this new generation.

Masen rose from the sofa and placed his hands on ours and smiled. The value he placed in our legacy was reflected in the way we raised him and the way we taught him to respect the power he just now received.

It will get some getting used to, not having my powers, but I know now that the relief my parents felt is a mutual feeling.

Our time is finished. It's their turn now.

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