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A/N: This fanfiction takes place after Phantom Planet and the Rise of the Guardians.


He remembered saving the world, kissing the girl he loved, his parents and friends hugging him and accepting him. Danny remembered everything.

He then remembered, developing the cough.

Danny's parents got him home as soon as they could.

Danny was getting worse by the second.

It started as a simple cough, but now he was spitting blood and running a fever of 107.


Danny coughed and looked at his hand to see that he had coughed up some blood.

"Danny, everything will be alright." Maddie said as she examined her son.

"Mom, I'm sorry. I love you."

"Danny, everything will be fine. You will be fine."

I need you.

Danny didn't know why, but his body was giving out on him.

Maddie strapped an oxygen mask to over Danny's face.

Just relax, please calm your mind. Do not fight.

Danny tried as hard as he could, but his eyes slowly closed and his heart rate monitor flat-lined.