Chapter 3

"No I didn't. You're lying." Danny said, backing up slowly.

"Unfortunately, Jack's right Danny." Toothianna said as she approached the two with the other guardians.

"No! You're all wrong!" Danny yelled as they approached him with pitying looks. Danny's eyes flashed a brighter shade of green. "Stay away from me!" His anger took over and for a second green energy surged around Danny and lashed out, hitting the guardians and sending them flying into a wall.

By the time they came to their senses, Danny was gone.

"Where did ghost boy go?" North asked as he helped Tooth up.

"I have an idea. Tooth, I need to see Danny's teeth." Jack said quickly.


Danny flew home and phased into his room. He tried to change into a human, but he was having some difficulties. He looked around his room. Nothing had changed. It was a little dusty, but everything was where he put it. He phased through his bedroom and walked to his sister's room. He knocked.

When there was no answer, he entered. He found a normal bedroom; all of Jazz's possessions were gone.

He walked over and looked at a picture on a nightstand. He picked it up and held it. It was Jazz, standing with Mom and Dad, holding her associates degree. Danny set the picture down and walked downstairs. Danny saw his mom and dad working on a new invention. He smiled and walked over. He cleared his throat to get their attention, but nothing happened, neither one looked over. Danny walked over and his mom turned and walked right through him. He called out their names, trying to get their attention, but neither one could hear him.

Danny flew out of his house; he needed the one person who would talk to him about anything. Danny stopped when he saw her in front of her house.

She checked her watch and crossed her arms, as if she was waiting. Sam looked older, she had a new lip piercing and her hair was longer with a purple streak through it.

Danny watched as a boy approached her and apologized for being late.

Sam forgave the boy and kissed his cheek.

Danny tried to stop them; not only did they not hear him, but they walked right through him as well. Danny watched as the love of his life left, smiling with another guy.


Jack found Danny sitting on a billboard. "I finally found you." Jack smiled and sat next to Danny.

Danny was quiet, not in the mood to talk.

"What's up?"

"Why can't they see me?" Danny asked softly.

"They don't believe." Jack said. "Don't take it personally, they can't see me either."

"But why?" Danny asked.

"You're not Danny Fenton anymore. You are and forever will be only Danny Phantom."

"But why?! Why does this have to be my life?!"

"I don't know."

"Then please just leave me alone."

"I know that you had a rough day. You deserve some alone time, okay? Just come find me if you need something, I will be making a snow day in London." Jack summoned his wind and rode it out.

Danny watched him leave. As Jack left, Danny realized how lonesome he truly was.