A/N: Welcome to my newest story! Dawn of Happiness sort of got a little off track, so I decided to start a new story! This one, Renesmee will be older, probably three physically but she looks 12. She starts to get older and her feelings for Jacob develop more and more. There will be some drama with the Volturi though. They can never leave the Cullens be ;). I love you all and I hope you like my new story!

The Road to Forever

Chapter 1: the hunt

*Renesmee's POV* I opened my eyes in the morning to my mom gently stroking my hair… She always knew when I was about to wake up. I stared up into her golden eyes as she looked into my brown ones.

"Good morning, beautiful." She said, and leant down to kiss my forehead.

"Good morning, momma." I whispered, and yawned. My dad appeared in the doorway. He strode over to us with a triumphant smile on his face. "My two beautiful girls." He sighed and kissed both of us. I sat up and stretched up to my dad. Hold me please. I thought to him. He chuckled and scooped me up into his arms. He cradled me in one arm to grab mom's hand as we breezed down the stairs. Jacob was still passed out, snoring on the couch. I looked at his peaceful face. His bronze skin was covered in sweat because someone, probably mom, covered him up with a blanket.

I struggled in my father's arms and he set me on my feet. I tiptoed quietly over to the couch, and placed my hand on Jacob's cheek. He showed no sign of waking up. He continued breathing evenly in and out… Out of nowhere, his arm snaked around my waist and pulled me on top of him as he tickled me. My whole family stood around and giggled as he held my hostage in his gigantic, roasting arms.

"Jakey!" I squealed playfully, "Let me GO!"

"Oh, no, Ness! You started it!" He laughed and continued taking advantage of me.

"Please!" I screamed, "I…. can't… breathe." I choked out between laughs. He sighed and stood me back upright. I crossed my arms over my chest playfully. "Good morning, Nessie." Jake said. I turned my back to him, jokingly acting mad.

"Aw, come on, Ness. I was just playing!" He whined. I felt the smile growing on my lips and turned around. I grabbed my best friend's hand and drug him to his feet. I jumped up into his arms and hugged him. His stomach rumbled like a thunderstorm. I placed my hand on his neck, showing him food. He moaned as if I was taunting him.

"Esme, would you mind making Jacob and Renesmee some breakfast?" My daddy asked from behind us in the chair.

"Of course! What would you like, Jacob?" Grandma asked. "Whatever Nessie wants" Jacob replied.

"Eggs, please!" I said sweetly and rested against Jacob's chest, content. He was warm. My best friend in the whole world hugged me back and sat down on the couch with me in his lap. A growl rumbled in my father's chest when Jacob hugged me. Jacob just smirked at him and asked me how I slept. I replayed my dreams for him while my mom stood up from my dad's lap and ran in the kitchen to help Grandma.

"Edward" My mother called from the kitchen. My dad reluctantly got up and went into the kitchen after throwing a death glare at Jacob. I sat in confusion and turned my attention back to Jacob who was staring after my dad.

I placed my hand back on Jake's cheek and replayed that scene and wondered what happened that made my father angry. He just shook his head and distracted me with toys to play with.

"Jacob! Renesmee!" my mother called from the kitchen. Jacob swept me up into his arms and walked into the kitchen. My grandma set our plates in front of us, and I was suddenly not hungry… I was thirsty. I couldn't think about anything else except the burn. I swallowed and tried to ignore it. My hand shot to my throat.

"Ness. What's wrong?" Jacob asked me frantically.

"Who's up for a hunting trip?" my dad asked. "Ah." Jacob sighed in understanding. He stood up from his own chair and grabbed my hand. "Let's go hunting, Ness." He said. Jacob sprinted out the front door to phase, as my parents grabbed each of my hands and we walked to the woods.

Jacob came out of the trees as the gigantic russet wolf. He galloped over to us and did his wolfy grin. He slipped down into a crouch. I didn't need daddy's translation; this is what he did when he wanted to race. I pulled my hands gently out of my parents' and slid into a crouch beside Jacob. My mom and dad were in the same position as us as they prepared for a race of their own.

My dad started the countdown just like always. "One… Two….. Three!" He said, and we all took off in a run into the forest. Jacob was gaining and I kicked it up a notch, racing through the trees. He soon caught up and we were running side by side. My parents breezed right past us when my dad said go. We all kept running and running and running, and before we knew it, we were in Canada.

My mom and dad skipped hand in hand back to us and told us it was time to hunt. We all shifted into our hunting crouches as we let our senses carry us to the Southwest. We picked up on the scents of a herd of buffalo. My mom struck the largest and I went for the third largest, letting my dad claim the second largest. Jacob sat back and watched as we drained them completely. I carried mine over and dropped it in front of him, letting him devour the meat from the animal.

Im going to go find a deer. I thought to my dad. He nodded slightly as he drained his second bison.

I skipped gracefully through the woods, my curls swinging back and forth.

As I sensed the deer, I slipped into my crouch. Just then, I was snatched up by a pair of strong, cold arms. This wasn't any one of my family members. I struggled, screaming and kicking, all to no avail. Daddy! Daddy help me! HELP! I screamed in my thoughts. My captor took off flying through the brush. I hit and screamed, as he covered my mouth and nose until I couldn't breathe. I didn't hear any movement that hinted that my parents were coming to get me. He continued covering my nose and mouth, until my oxygen burned away.

My struggles got weaker as my air supply withered. I hoped more than anything that my father heard my thoughts as the scene got darker. I was about to succumb to the blackness when my head was smacked off something and I slid into unconsciousness.