A/N: so ive had this nagging tought to delete both of my stories, Dawn of Happiness, and Road to Forever. I need opinions. Im getting off of track. I have a new amazing plot line, but in both of my stories, renesmee is already too old for them to work... it would be an even better story than both of the two that currently exist. I really need opinions on this, and, to make it even better for my readers, i would really like opinions. If there is someones POV you would like me to write in... or something you would like to see happen, please suggest it. I will more than likely incorporate it into the story as long as it doesnt interfere with my plot line. please please please review on this, or PM me, and tell me what you think. Please generously consider that this story would be better than both of the others. I appreciate the support you all have given me, and i hope to hear feedback from you. If no one replies, i will make the decision, and just delete it. Please give me opinions! (: