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Chapter 1 - New Students

Clove POV

My family moved over the summer for this school's graduation system. My twin and I are in grade twelve this year. It's the first day and I'm anything but excited. It our old school, Jett was the popular one and I was bullied. I was always called fat because I dated an older boy who broke up with me and after we broke up, he called me fat and everyone joined in. I always took it to heart.

"Earth to Clove!" Jett barked at me.

I snapped back to reality. I looked at Jett. He was sitting in the driver seat of his car. We agreed to drive week for week and he volunteered to drive for the first week. I hopped in the passenger side. We put our books and everything in the backseat last night so we could just head out to school in the morning. We drove to the school and we each grabbed our individual things. We walked in. Jett saw some guys he met over the summer and said he would catch up to me later. We were supposed to go to the office to get our schedule and locker assignment. I couldn't find the office. I looked to my side and I bumped into someone. The person helped me up. He had blonde hair and blue eyes. He was talking to a brunette with grey eyes.

"Are you okay?" he asked and I nodded. "I'm Peeta." He pulled the girl to his side. "This is Katniss. What's your name?"

"I'm Clove. Would you mind pointing me in the direction of the office?" I asked.

"Just go down this hall. You should come to it shortly," Katniss explained. "Would you like us to show you where it is exactly?"

"No thanks. If it's just down the hall, I'm pretty sure I can find it," I smirk before heading off to the office.

I came to the office rather quickly. Thanks Katniss and Peeta. I turned the secretary and told her my name. She handed me my schedule, locker assignment and combo. I found my locker and ditched everything in there. I looked at my schedule.

Homeroom, 306, Mr. Abernathy

English, 218, Miss. Trinket

Math, 217, Mr. Crane


Science, 428, Ms. Portia


Homeroom, 306, Mr. Abernathy

Health, 234, Mr. Cinna


History, 501, Mr. Flickerman

Great schedule. I actually don't hate these classes. Something tells me that Ms. Portia and Mr. Cinna's last names are actually their first names. I grab what I need and I head of to homeroom with Mr. Abernathy. I saw Jett and a couple boys enter the room. I recognize them now! I've been avoiding them all summer but I know them. The only reason I've been avoiding them is because of some history with my brother and his friends. His oldest friends from wherever we lived have always hit on me. Jett came and took my schedule.

"Aw, we only have homeroom together," Jett joke whined.

I rolled my eyes. I took Jett's schedule and checked if we only actually have homeroom together. Luckily, he wasn't lying. We only have homeroom together. We turned as Mr. Abernathy walked in. He appeared to be drunk. I rolled my eyes and checked my phone. I had a text from my only friend back home, Isabelle. She was saying she missed me as Mr. Abernathy tried to read the announcements until dome blonde girl stepped up and read the announcements for him. I rolled my eyes at that girl. The bell rang and I walked off to English. That teacher was a nightmare. She looked at me and smiled as the rest of the class piled in. I had Katniss in this class. That might be a good thing. I also saw the blonde girl from Mr. Abernathy's class. Oh, wow! I could already tell I wasn't going to like her. The final person I recognized was one of my brother's friends. The brunette with frizzy curls. Miss. Trinket cleared her throat.

"Well I see we have a new student so why don't we have everyone go through their names for her and then we can have her introduce herself."

I watched listened as everyone went over their names. I learned the blonde is Glimmer and my brother's friend is Marvel. I feel like I should of already known that but I didn't.


Finally it was the end of the day. I jumped in Jett's car and I saw Jett just coming outside with Marvel and Cato (who's name I learned in science) I whistled and Jett looked me and looked almost scared. He should be. He knows what I'm capable of. He runs to the car and hops in the driver side.

School doesn't come up until supper. Our mom looks at each of us.

"How was your first day of school?" she asks.

"Great! I already got invited to a party. Cato and Marvel are throwing a welcome back to school party. Oh! And clove, they want you to come," Jett started.

"Well my day sucked. I didn't make any friends and I really thinks this school might be worst," I looked down at my food. "And I don't want to go the party."

"Clove, don't be a stick in the mud. You're going," Jett demanded.

"Um, I don't want to go to a party where the only people I know are my brother and his weird friends who I'm pretty sure are actually related," I barked getting up from the table and going to my room.

I hear a knock on the door. It opens and in walks my mom.

"Baby, I'll make you a deal. Isabelle's mom called me today and said Isabelle's brother moved out so they have an extra room. Her mother also added that she knows the move has been hard on you so she proposed that you come back to town and stay with them. I'll let you make that decision. My only request is you stay in this school for a semester. If you want at the end of the semester, you can go back to town and stay at Isabelle's. Just one semester. That's all I ask."

I sat up. "So I only need to go to this school for a semester and then I can go back to town to stay at Isabelle's?"

"If you would like. But who knows. You might like this school. That's why I say give it a semester. If your not happy, you can go to Isabelle's."

I jumped up and hugged my mom. I only had to stay for one semester and as long as I stayed unhappy, I could go live at Isabelle's! I was so excited. One thing hit me hard though.

This was going to be a long semester.

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