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Chapter 20 - This Is Goodbye

Clove POV

I wake up and look out my window. It was a beautiful Boxing Day. Wait. Boxing Day? Crap. Today is the day where my decision is to be made. Isabelle and her mom came down for Christmas. It was great to see her but it reminded me my decision was approaching. I quickly got up and dressed. I pulled on some homemade acid washed jeans. The blue has glitter in it. I also on one of Jett's shirts. It was an over sized sports jersey with short sleeves. I left my hair down and pulled on my lucky necklace. I don't think Jett knows I have one of his jersey. He will soon. I saw Isabelle was long out of the room and awake. I sat at my desk. I didn't want to make that decision. It was going to be so hard. I went to my mini fridge in my room (A/N Yes. I went that far with the richness.) and grabbed a chocolate milk. I sat back down and chugged it. It didn't take long for Isabelle to come and find me.

"Hey Clove. Everyone is waiting for you to come downstairs," she said leaning on my door frame.

"That's why I'm sitting here. I don't know if I'm ready to make this choice," I said resting my face on my hands.

"Clove. You are the only person I know that is capable of making this decision. I know you're ready," she said giving me a big hug.

I sighed and grabbed Isabelle's hand. She dragged med own stairs. I saw My family, Isabelle's mom, and Jett's entire crew. Everyone stood up as I entered the room.

"Isn't that my shirt," Jett asked me getting a thump on the back of his head from Cato for asking me that.

I nodded. I looked at everyone. I knew this was going to be hard, but now that it's actually happening, it feels impossible. I looked upon everyone in my living room. I made my decision on how to do this.

I walked up to Isabelle. "Belles, you were there with me through thick in thin. You have truly been one of the few people I know will always be there for me. For that, I leaned towards coming back to town to go back to our old town to be your honorary sister."

I walked up to Jett next. "Jett, you are my twin. You mean the world to me. You have been the only person that has never turned their back to me in my entire life. Even Isabelle has turned on me once even though it was only for a few minutes. That made me lean towards staying.

I walked up to Thresh. "You scare the living day lights out of me. You don't talk to me and I honestly think you wouldn't care if I was here. I leaned towards leaving."

I walked to Desiree. "Desiree. You became my best friend when I wasn't sure about whether or not this school was a real thing or whether the pieces of the school was prepped by my brother. You didn't care about what I did or who I was. You make me want to stay."

I turned to Madge. "Let me just say you play the sweet and innocent card well. But after what so said to me and what you called me, I don't know if I can trust you. I am ready to leave you and everything here behind."

I looked at Katniss beside her. "Katniss. You were one of the first few people I placed my trust in. You became a true friend when you denied helping my brother's plan. You are one of the reasons I want to stay."

I whipped my head towards Glimmer. "I'm not going to sugar coat what I'm about to say. I hate you. I couldn't stand you the first time I saw you. You are snarky. You are mean. You are the kind of person that makes me want to-" I cut myself off and thought before I said what I was about to say. "Leave this community."

I lightly touched Cato's cheek. "Cato. This community was hard and I honestly thought you were going to be the person who sent me home. But you make me want to stay."

I whipped around to face Will. "You Will, are a player. You disgust me and I want to leave because of you.

I finally looked at Marvel. "Marvelous Marvel. You are so amusing with your quirky sense of humor. You can make me smile any day, no matter how miserable I am. You make me want to stay."

"Wait a sec Clove. The score is five to five. So now what. You don't have more motivation to stay or to go. What are you doing?" Jett asked pulling me into a hug.

I took a deep breath. I walked up to Isabelle and gave her a bear hug. I saw she was giving a smirk to everyone else. I leaned back and looked into Isabelle's eyes.

"Isabelle, you know you mean the world to me. It's just. I decided to stay in town for the rest of the year. We both are still admitted to the same University. We have all of University. I know this will hurt but I'm choosing to stay in town to finish high school."

I heard Desiree, Katniss and all the girls squeal. I am pulled into a group hug from behind. I felt I was being lifted out of the group. I was set on Cato and Marvel's shoulders. I pushed down and out of the group. I grabbed Isabelle and pulled her into the piano room. I locked the door while everyone else celebrated me staying.

"I know you really wanted me to come back. I'm so sorry," I whispered wiping a tear from her cheek.

"I know I wanted you to come back. I'm just a little upset because from what you've told me over FaceTime, I thought you were coming back. I just feel mislead."

"Isabelle. I didn't want you to feel that way. I'm so sorry."

"Don't be. I'm being a baby. You're right. We have University together. I think I can wait one more semester. I'm really happy you're happy."

I hug her. I know she agrees my decision. I know this hurts her but I know she is willing to accept this.

I am so happy with everything that happened.

*Graduation Day*

It was finally my grad day. I had an awesome second semester.

I finally made friends with Glimmer.

Cato and I are official.

Everything went smooth with all my friends.

Isabelle came to my graduation. I was in a purple ball gown. There was silver designs all over the bodice The belt was black with giant silver diamonds. She hugged me. I went to her graduation too. Her dress was a sunset orange. There were gold diamonds on the bust that slowly dissolved down to the waist.

"Clovely, you look lovely," she said to me.

My hair was down and straight. I wore some long extensions. My eyes were simple with purple eye shadow. I wore navy eyeliner and black mascara on fake lashes. I had some light pink lip gloss with gold sparkles. I had on my favorite blush.

Cato was my escort.


It was after graduation. After the dance, Isabelle came over. We had all of our prep for college ahead of us.

We couldn't be happier.

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