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Wishes Gone Awry

The bell above the pawn shop door rang out, pulling Rumple away from his book keeping. Belle was waiting for him at Granny's for their Sunday brunch. As he peered up and watched the Mayor and Sheriff stride towards him with a purpose, he realized he would be late. How late depended on what kind of crisis these two women needed him to help fix today.

"Mayor Mills, Sherriff Swan, what a lovely surprise. What can I do for you this morning?" He asked, leaning heavily on his cane as they reached the display case he stood behind.

"We have a matter that needs to be resolved immediately."

Mr. Gold blinked as he stared at Emma Swan's face but heart Regina Mills. He took a moment to look at the two women. Regina wore Emma's favored blue leather jacket while Ms. Swan wore an expensive trench coat he knew belonged to the reigning Mayor.

"Oh my," He couldn't contain the smile that crossed his lips as he began to take in the 'matter at hand'. "Now how did this happen?" He fought off an impish giggle that threatened to escape.

"If we knew, we wouldn't be here." Emma rolled her eyes.

"No need to get testy, Ms. Swan." Rumple did his best to appease the glowering woman.

Regina placed both her hands on the display case. "For the last several days, Ms. Swan's magic has been causing a ruckus."

"What kind of….ruckus exactly?" He asked to soothe his personal curiosity and to gain a better perspective on what they were dealing with.

Regina cringed. She hadn't wanted to go into details. She didn't want to be here to begin with. She would much rather be spending the day anywhere else but here. However she refused to ask Blue Fairy for assistance and really, he was their only option. They just wouldn't tell him, everything.

"Ms. Swan presented signs of magical intoxication two nights ago. She was brought to my home for help. As there is no cure for such intoxication and only time can heal it we've now spent the last 48 hours trying to minimize the damage her run off of magic has caused."

"Hmm, well that is interesting. But I believe you're leaving a few details out." Rumple could tell by Regina's blush that the mayor had very little control over the bodily reactions of her new found person.

"Yeah, 'cept I didn't drink anything magical." The slang and lack of pronunciation was foreign to him, to them all, especially in Regina's dialect. "Or eat it. So what is it? What's doing this? Cause I gotta tell ya, I'm not looking forward to spending the rest of my life in this body." Emma gestured to Regina's form.

"I beg your pardon, Ms. Swan."

"Not that it's not incredibly attractive. You just, I don't want to be talking to my own face for the rest of my life okay?" Emma tried to salvage her mistake but knew by the sudden spark in Regina's blue eyes that she hadn't done a very good job.

Rumple cleared his throat, stopping Regina from commenting further on Ms. Swan's insult. "What symptoms have you exhibited?"

Emma shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know."

Regina rolled her eyes, "Ethereal glowing irises, hyper whine, electric hiccup bubbles." Regina ticked off the first three.

Rumple nodded to each one, believing Regina's first assumption of magical intoxication was correct. That is, until they continued.

"Then I woke up with an Idiot-double." Emma supplied, as she at least knew that much about what happened in the last two days.

"Id-double." Regina corrected, with a twitch of a smirk.

"Oh?" Rumple asked, looking for further explanation on the double. His question was ignored, for now.

"Whatever. She was an idiot."

"Oh, and why was that? Because she was unafraid to speak her mind? And go after what she wanted?" Regina placed her hands on her hip, her glare firmly fixed on Ms. Swan once again.

Rumple counted to ten before he tried to intervene again.

"Because she took without asking and said things without thinking! God! If you're just going to take everything I say out of context I'm just going to remain quiet."

"The first good idea you've had all day!"

Emma opened her mouth to snap at Regina but stopped herself at the last moment. Snapping her jaw closed with a hard click she looked away from Regina and stared at Rumple.

"Anything else before…this?" Rumple once again gestured to the two women who looked so unlike themselves or how their opposite usually appeared.

"Yes. Ms. Swan fused our hands together." Rumple's eyes widened, his interest rising the more that was revealed. "Then Ms. Swan de-aged herself and locked us inside a closet with a powerful barrier spell."

"A closet?"

Emma and Regina both glared at the man, "Don't ask."

He raised his hands in surrender before leaning back upon his cane. A laugh escaped him, he couldn't hold it back. Not after that gem. He was quick to get himself back under control, even as an odd giggle or two escaped.

"Anything between the barrier spell and this…" He gestured with one hand at the two of them.

"No." They both answered, Emma shaking her head from side to side to emphasize the reply.

"Hmm…" Rumple considered everything the two women had just said. "Hold on one moment."

He left Regina and Emma standing in the midst of his shop as he went looking in his back room for a tome he hadn't read in almost a hundred years. It might help clear up a few of the missing links between each of the incidents.

While he walked away Emma studied Regina, trying to figure out what the woman was thinking. She knew her body well, she had an advantage now. Regina couldn't control Emma's body the same way she did her own, just like Emma couldn't control Regina's, as the dark magic expulsion would suggest.

"I'm sorry, you know." Emma offered, dropping her eyes as soon as Regina looked at her.

"As much as I appreciate the apology….what is it for?"

"All of this I guess." Emma waved her hand around in front of her dejectedly. The orb on the shelf behind the display case flew towards Regina. Emma caught it just before it hit the mayor on the side of the head.

Regina turned and stared at how close she had almost come to being pummeled by the heavy object. "You must learn to control my magic."

Emma shook her head in frustration as she put the orb down. "I'm trying."

"Not hard enough."

Emma cringed, "Can you stop? Please?"

"Stop what exactly, Ms. Swan?" Regina's arms were crossed protectively over her chest as she met Emma's eyes.

"Stop picking a fight with me. Just stop making biting comments okay? I'm sorry I got us into this…however I got us into this. I'm sorry you broke up with Tinkerbell…"

"Are you?" Neither woman noticed that Rumple had come back into the front of the store. He kept himself very still, intrigued by the subject of their conversation.

"I'm sah…what?" Emma stopped her next apology when she heard Regina's question.

Regina rolled her eyes, "Are you sorry that I broke up with Tinkerbell? Truly sorry?"

"Uhhh…" Emma's eyes flickered around the shop for something to stare at, hoping maybe one of the knick knacks would be able to help her get out of this awkward moment.

"It isn't that hard of a question, Ms. Swan."

"Oh, yes it is. And you know it too." Emma blatantly accused. "Whatever I say here isn't going to work out in my favor. You're just going to get mad at me, or stop me before I can finish what I'm saying, like you did last night."

Regina winced at the mention of last night. She thought she had all the information she'd needed when Ms. Swan told her she wished she could take back their moments of intimacy. It hurt and she had been sure Ms. Swan would know that. But the truth of the matter was that Regina was just as much a coward as Ms. Swan.

Emma never said anything about her feelings, and neither had Regina. Emma hid behind Neal and a fake relationship while Regina buried her feelings as deeply as she could so she could make a real relationship with another woman work. A woman, if she was honest with herself, reminded her of Emma.

They were both cowards. Regina just hadn't wanted to admit to her own cowardice.

"I'm listening now, Emma."

Emma felt her breath catch at the sound of her name. It wasn't spoken from Regina's lips, not really, but it was so rare for the witch to call her anything other than Ms. Swan or some insult or another. There was genuine affection laced in her name, in one word, and it took her breath away. How in love she was with Regina, truly took her breath away.


Seeing this as a good time to interrupt the two women, Rumple tapped his cane against the metal fixtures of the display. It caught both women's attention and although around Regina's corporal body a dark haze grew with Emma's anger, he pressed on. The sooner he had these two out of his shop the better. He was late and he hated being late for a date with Belle.

Emma was fuming. He couldn't have come back in two more minutes? All she'd need was two minutes, maybe five! Ugh, he had the worst timing! It was almost like he planned that.

"What have you found?" Regina was hesitant to look away from Emma, but they needed to fix this latest mishap as fast as possible. Then, when this was all over, they could talk. Regina would make sure of that. She wasn't about to forget this happened. They had a lot to talk about and to say to each other, they just needed some privacy to do it.

"I don't know what exactly has caused many of the incidents you've mentioned. It would appear that your first assumption about magical intoxication was correct."

Emma glowered, "Look, I didn't drink anything that night."

"So you've said." Rumple wondered if he could take Ms. Swan's word for this.

"You calling me a liar?" Emma stepped forward menacingly, the dark magic sparking as it swirled around her, her brown irises swimming with magenta.

Regina jutted out a hand to hold Emma at bay, the magic refracting off of her skin without harming her. Emma's natural magic and personal shield keeping Regina protected from the wayward magic. She pushed against Emma's chest to make her take a step back. "She says she didn't drink anything but water, and Henry had some as well."

Rumple flipped through the book he put on the counter, his eyes and finger skimming the material available. "Did you eat anything no one else did?"

Emma thought about it, "No. I made Henry mac-n-cheese with tuna fish."

Regina cringed at the choice of a meal, but said nothing.

Rumple sorted that away with what he knew. "And for lunch?"

"Uh…my usual at the diner."

Regina saw Rumple's shoulders tense just the tiniest bit. She wondered what it was about Emma's usual that caused the reaction.

Rumple glanced at his watch. He thought momentarily about sending Regina and Emma away, but knew if word got back to Belle that he had left them in their time of need to make their date she would be disappointed in him.

"I am going to need more information about these incidents. What happened just before each event? What you were thinking, feeling. If I can see what triggered the expulsion of magic in these manners I may be able to find the underlying cause."

Emma flexed her jaw awkwardly, "Uhm…some of that's kind of private."

"Then you have wasted my time and your own." Rumple closed the book with a loud thump.

"Wait!" Regina held a stalling hand towards Rumple while her eyes sought out Ms. Swan's.

"We need to know, Ms. Swan. No matter how embarrassing or private. I am not prepared to be a blonde for the rest of my life."

Emma looked beseechingly at Regina. She had no desire to talk about what she was thinking before these things started happening between them. But she'd do it, because Regina asked. "I don't even really remember all of Friday night."

"Then just what you do recall. That will be sufficient." Regina didn't bother asking Rumple if that would be enough for him to determine what had happened.

"Fine." Emma sucked at her teeth, looking up at the ceiling for a moment as she gathered her courage. "When my double kissed you I was pissed."

Rumple's eyes widened, "She kissed Regina?" Rumple watched a blush spread across Regina's currently pale cheeks.

"I'm not going to do this if you comment on everything." Emma warned.

"Then you will find out the hard way just what is effecting you." Rumple tried to swipe the book off the glass countertop but found it was stuck by no doing of his own. "Perhaps the next time you switch bodies with someone it will be Henry. And I can't imagine how that wouldn't be traumatizing for a twelve year old."

Emma and Regina growled darkly at the threat of Henry's involvement in this matter. The glass cabinet behind Rumple cracked, fracture lines spreading out from the center of the glass.

"Destruction of property is going to cost extra."

Regina's eyes widened, "What is your price for helping us?"

"A favor." He smirked.

"Oh no." Emma shook her head vehemently. "I am not owing you another favor. I'll just go find Blue and ask her what's going on."

"That insipid fairy will have no idea how to handle this situation." Rumple smiled at Regina's ire towards the favored good fairy. "You would merely be trading one devil for the other. And better the devil you know then the one you don't."

"A favor from each of us?"

He caressed his cheek, "One of you will do."

Regina nodded, resolutely. "Then I will owe you the favor."

Emma's eyes widened, "Regina, no! We can find another way."

"This is the only way we have left." Regina's shoulders sagged. "I would like my life to return to normal, Ms. Swan."

Emma didn't want to see Regina owe Rumple anything. She knew just how deadly owing him a favor could be. "Damn it, fine. But if this favor ends up being better suited to me I reserve the right to take care of it instead of Regina."

Rumple studied the Savior's protective gesture with curious eyes. He wasn't as blind to the emotions between the two women as he might lead them to believe he was. He was almost sure that these two would come together at some point in time; he hadn't expected it to come so soon.

"Deal." Rumple shook both of their hands, their deal bond by magic now. One way or another one of these women would help him when he called on them.

"Now you kissed…" He grinned, watching as both women tensed at his recap.

"The double kissed Regina and I was angry. I.."

"You wanted to be the one kissing her."

Emma's eyes widened at the accurate assumption. Regina wasn't fazed by Rumple's comment but her eyes did flicker towards her. "Yes…" Emma whispered softly.

"You were jealous." Emma nodded. "In your mind, what did you think exactly?" Rumple inquired, prying further into Emma's train of thought.

Regina watched the two silently, her eyes more often than not were glued to her own face as Emma explained what she was thinking and feeling the moment her double kissed Regina.

"I wished that I was the one kissing Regina."

Regina's eyes widened, "And before you were stuck to me?"

"I didn't wish for that. I mean, I've wanted to be closer to you for a while now but I didn't really think about that!" Emma tried to defend herself but it only dug her grave deeper. "I just…I thought about wanting to be closer to you physically…maybe? I don't know. I was kind of busy thinking about how your lips felt against mine to think about anything else."

Regina was speechless.

It seemed, at least, that Emma wasn't refraining from speaking the truth of her feelings anymore. Regina would just have to be sure to return the favor.

"Then what about before you became a child?" Rumple asked flipping the book open once more and turning to a new page. He waved his hand for Emma to continue speaking even though his eyes remained trained on the book in front of him. "I can multitask, please continue."

"I wished I was a kid again." Emma cringed, realizing she had wished for two of the three instances herself. "I wouldn't have to deal with any of the drama, complications, and fear of…everything anymore." Emma couldn't meet Regina eyes. Suddenly beginning to think that this really was all her fault and not in the innocent-she-couldn't-control it type of way.

"The closet?" Regina asked, her voice cracking with the question. She swallowed thickly as the hairs on even this body rose with her fear.

"No. That one wasn't me!" She would never put Regina in that kind of position willingly. Never. She knew how being in that space would have affected Regina. "I didn't wish to be stuck in there."

"Did you wish for anything?" Regina asked as it seemed Rumple was busy flipping through his precious book.

Emma shrugged helplessly, "I don't know. I can't remember what I was thinking or feeling while younger me."

Regina thought back to what had happened moments before Emma had changed back to her older self. Regina had been leaving the closet, with or without Ms. Swan and then the little girl had reached out to her, begging her to stay, before Emma aged back to her current age.

"You wanted me to stay with you. Begged me to wait, I was, I was trying to leave."

"Of course you were," Emma touched the back of Regina's hand, trying to comfort her. "I get that. But what does that have to do with anything?"

Regina turned her wrist around so that her fingers were laced with Ms. Swan's. "Your younger self could have wished that I would stay."

Emma's eyes filled with understanding, "Making it impossible for you to leave and thus the barrier." Emma shared a smile with Regina that left her tingling all the way down to her toes.

"And this…" Regina pointed to the two of them and their swapped bodies. "Did you wish for this as well?"

Emma winced, because, she had. "I may have."

Regina pulled her hand away from Ms. Swan, "May have?"

"It's not like I knew each of my wishes was coming true!" Emma complained, because how was she supposed to know that?

"You made each wish Ms. Swan, and each wish came true! How could you not be aware of that until now?"

"They were just thoughts. Fleeting. Hardly something to focus on or think about in-depth!" Emma complained, crossing her arms in such a similar way that she almost looked like she could be Regina.

Regina grit her teeth, "How exactly did you wish us like this?"

"I was drunk!" Emma explained exasperated, truly just looking for some form of sympathy from Regina. Some form of understanding or comfort.

"Your excuses aren't what I asked for Ms. Swan."

"Oh, so now we're back to Ms. Swan again, huh, Madam Mayor?"

Regina's eye twitched as her hands formed tight fists at her side. "The wish, Ms. Swan."

"Fine. Whatever." Emma groaned, "I wished that you could understand how I felt for you. That you could feel everything I was feeling."

Regina blinked several times as she tried to absorb this information. "Let me get this straight…" Regina pinched the bridge of Emma's nose. "Instead of just telling me how you really feel, you wished I was in your body to feel it?"

Emma withdrew a step at the ire and sudden deadly calm that hovered over Regina. "Uh, yeah, if you want to put it like that."

Regina closed her eyes and breathed in deeply twice, three times, four, before she turned her back on Emma and slapped her palms down against the counter, snagging Rumple's attention away from the book.

"What could give her the power to grant her own wishes?"

"Only two things have been known to allow someone to grant their own wishes." Rumple turned the book around so Regina could look at the page and the image of a genie it contained. "A genie, which Emma hasn't come into contact with one of those."

"And the second thing?" Emma asked, sidling up to Regina's left to look around her shoulder at the image in the book.

Regina turned a smooth glare at Emma for having the nerve to touch her in her attempts to lean over while she was still furious with the blonde.

"The second is something called Fate's Intervention."

"Do you know what that is?" Emma whispered into Regina's ear when Rumple went silent and refrained from explaining what Fate's Intervention was.

"I do not." Regina spoke loud enough to gain Rumple's attention once again. "This must be very fascinating for you."

"It is, it has only been documented a dozen times in the last two millennia." Rumple explained, a bit of a boyish excitement flowing from him. It reminded Regina and Emma of Henry when he found something that fascinated him.

"What does it do?"

"And how can it be stopped?" Emma added quickly.

"Fate's Intervention helps destined souls find their true love, their soul mate."

Emma tilted her head to the side a bit, "Their true loves?"

"Yes…." Rumple looked miffed to have been interrupted.

"Shhh, let him finish before talking." Regina advised, knowing her former teacher well enough to know he wouldn't continue if he was interrupted again.

"Sorry…" Emma gave both Regina and Rumple an affronted look. She wasn't sorry, but she'd keep quiet until he'd finished if it meant answers.

"It allows people to make wishes, grants them, so long as those wishes are a means of getting the two souls, two people, together. The magic will continue to affect the two involved until they've…" Here is where Rumple himself became uncomfortable on behalf of the women in front of him, and himself. "…consummated their union."

Regina swallowed thickly, suddenly it was rather hot inside the pawn shop.

"Like sex?" Emma asked her voice once again a tad too high, making Regina and Rumple wince.

"In some cases…" Rumple trailed off deliberately.

"And in others?" Regina pressed for answers firmly.

"Marriage…." Blue and brown eyes grew impossibly wide. "Or the birth of a child."

Regina felt faint. "A cha-cha-child?"

"Marriage!?" Emma felt sick to her stomach. She couldn't even be concerned with the child part, they already had a son. That counted, didn't it? "That's moving a little fast don't you think!?" Emma snapped her head back and forth as she looked at the two magically informed persons in front of her.

"Marriage is moving a little fast but having a child isn't?" Regina twisted around to stare dumfoundedly at…oh looking at herself and being angry was getting a little self-destructive.

"We already have a son!" Emma pointed out, but suddenly wondered if Henry wasn't enough to get out of that part.

"A child would come from the union of the souls, Sherriff Swan. Henry, I'm afraid, does not count."

"From the union of…" Emma finally caught up, "…you're telling me that we have to make a baby together? Is that even possible!?" She pointed a threatening finger first at Regina and then Rumple, "Don't answer that last one." Emma ran both of her hands through her hair, but stopped midway through as she realized just how short Regina's hair was, and how soft and how good it smelled and…

"Focus, Ms. Swan!"

"Right, Right." Emma shook it off. "Sorry."

"You said, others wishes can come true." Regina hedge, trying to get them back on topic and away from the higher powers demand that she and Ms. Swan have a child together before it would stop with all the hijinks magic tricks.

"Yes, it isn't only wishes you two make, but others as well."

"And you're sure we have this…this Fate's Intervention thing?" Emma asked wondering why it suddenly felt like destiny was slapping her in the face and telling her to get her ass in gear.

"There is a way to test for it. It will take time for me to make the potion."

"Do it!" Emma and Regina demanded at the same time.

"I'm afraid that will have to wait until after I attend the date I am already late for." Rumple walked out from behind the counter, leaving the book behind. "Feel free to do it yourself, Madam Mayor. And take any supplies from my stock needed."

"Hey, Wait!" Emma called out and inwardly smirked at the front door of the pawn shop closed and locked, keeping Rumple inside with them.

Rumple sighed as he stared at the closed doors forlornly. He just wanted to get to Granny's diner to have brunch with Belle. Was that too much to ask?

"Yes, Ms. Swan?"

"How do we fix this in the meantime?"

"I suggest you break this spell like you have broken all the others." He supplied, unhelpfully before he used his own magic and merely teleported himself out of the pawn shop and in front of Granny's.

"Damn it!" Emma cursed as he disappeared, leaving them behind with more questions than answers. "Now what?" Emma asked with a growl, her voice lower then she was accustomed to. "How'd we break all the other spells?"

Regina hated to admit it, but he was a genius. He hadn't even heard the whole story yet and he knew without a doubt just how they broke each individual spell. Or, most of them.

"Kiss me, Ms. Swan."

"WHAT?!" Emma yelled, taking two involuntary steps away from Regina at the demand.

Regina followed her, stalked her until Ms. Swan's back was pressed up against one of the counter tops. She trapped her there by extending her arms on either side of Emma and held her gaze. "Kiss me."

"Buh, but…" Emma stuttered, her head swimming.

"The spells were broken by…" Regina took a deep breath, "…true loves kiss each time." Emma's eyes widened in recognition and understanding. "Now please, Emma…" Emma shivered at the softly spoken sound of her name. "Kiss me."

"I just…Regina, uhm…" There was a voice inside Emma's mind, screaming at her. Raving and ranting and throwing a fit with flailing arms and a raised voice demanding that Emma give in and kiss Regina. Kissed her now, just like she was being asked. But she couldn't. Not yet.

Regina cupped Emma's cheek gently, her eyes softening and body relaxing as she held Emma's gaze. "I love you, Ms. Swan. I fell in love with you slowly and madly, and completely. I was too much of a coward to fight for you when I should have. I won't make that mistake again. I couldn't bear to see you with Mr. Cassady. To watch as you played happy family with him and Henry and I…and he took my place with you, at your side." Regina felt two tears slip from her eyes. "I would like nothing more then to be in my own body so that I could say this to you, as myself, so please, Emma." Regina licked her lips, "Kiss me."

"With pleasure…" Emma tried not to think about how weird it was that she was kissing herself, or how she was kissing Regina in the middle of Rumpelstiltskin's pawn shop, or about how Regina was her true love and Fate was intervening to get them together. She forgot about all of that, and kissed Regina like she'd wanted to for the last two years. Kissed the woman who loved her, and whom she loved just as deeply for the third time in two days. And this time she wouldn't try and apologize. They wouldn't be disturbed by her parents or their son. It would just be the two of them. As it was always meant to be.

"I love you, Regina." Emma whispered when their lips were so close to the other that Emma could taste Regina's breath.

Regina's hand fell to the back of Emma's neck, where she gripped at her own short hair, her heart ready to implode within her chest. Emma wrapped her arms around Regina's waist and pulled them together until there was no space between them, not even enough to fit a sheet of paper.

There was a small gust of wind around them, and they both felt like they were falling and spinning around at the same time for several seconds before everything righted itself. As they pulled away, it was Regina who had her arms wrapped tightly around Emma's waist, and Emma's hands resting against the surface.

They were back in the right bodies. They smiled at each other with heavy lidded eyes, shallow breathing, and racing hearts. They didn't even bother to celebrate or speak another word to each other. They knew all they needed to know. They were loved. And they were meant to be.

They looked into each other's eyes, Emma staring into deep brown while Regina looked into Emma's changing blue-green eyes they smiled.

Then they tilted their heads just so, leaned that much closer, and kissed. Again. And again. And again. Mindless of who might see or what mishaps came next.


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