The Punk and the Snark (Pt. 1)

As Mr. DeMartino screamed in agony at the sheer stupidity of Kevin's latest answers to the teachers questions.

Bob the Punk leaned towards Daria and whispered, "Why does he always ask those two idiots to speak when this is ALWAYS the result?"

Daria thought this through and replied, "I think some part of him still believes that Kevin and Brittany can be educated."

"Now there's a level of faith that I could never have." Bob answered back as for a brief moment it seemed that DeMartino's eye would finally explode.

Alas it did not and their History teacher calmed down and continued his rant about the War of 1812.

Bob then felt brave enough to say, "So Daria, I've seen you in the Zon a lot. Would you mind if I took you there sometime?"

"You mean like a date?" Daria asked while DeMartino began to ask Brittany a question.

Bob nodded.

Daria glanced at the slumbering figure of Jane Lane next to her, ever since she started dating that asshole, Tom Sloane, she had become something of a third wheel.

Oddly enough now that she lacked Jane's company for a growing chunk of time, Daria was finding herself a bit lonely.

So she shrugged and said, "Sure."

"Cool," Bob replied, "I'll pick you up at eight."

Daria would have replied but two things happened.

Brittany mangled her answer and DeMartino began screaming again.