HEy everyone! If you don't know, this is Book 2 in the Behind the Series series. Zoey and Valecia are going into their sixth year at Hogwarts in the sixth book, and there will be plenty of adventures in store. Please enjoy the story, and reviews are welcome!

Chapter 1

Valencia stood in her room among the mountains of clothes that were strewn about everywhere. She usually didn't care very much about clothes, but she had to make a good impression on her boyfriend's parents, Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy.

So here she was now, hunting through the piles and feeling flustered. She had only another hour to get ready, and she still had found nothing.

Her brother Stefan poked his head in the room. "Whoa," he said as he saw the gigantic mess.

"I'm going to clean it up," Valencia said as she searched. "I just need to get ready first."

"Ready for what?" Stefan questioned, leaning against the door frame.


"With?" he pressed. It couldn't be just for dinner with their uncle. He could care less about what they wore as long as they weren't dancing around in their birthday suits.

"Draco and his parents," Valencia sighed.

"Oh," Stefan said, the smile on his face disappearing. He absolutely hated Malfoy. He knew that he was going to cause some trouble, and he didn't want his little sister to get hurt.

"How about this," he stated, holding up the most repulsive sweater in the world. It looked like someone had sewn together barf.

"Stefan!" she scowled, glaring at him. "Why can't you just lay off the attitude once at least?"

"Because if I do, you're going to get hurt," He explained for the millionth time.

"Stefan he's not bad," Valencia said for the umpteenth time.

"I still don't like him," Stefan shot back.

"Then get out!" Valencia shouted, chucking a shoe at him.

"Fine!" he retorted, storming out of sight.

Valencia sighed. She didn't like fighting with her brother, but sometimes he just needed to back off.

She finally found a decent blouse and a nice skirt. She pulled them on quickly after realizing that she was going to be late.

She ran down the stairs, briefly saying goodbye to her uncle. Her brother was nowhere in sight as she left the house.

Within a few minutes she was at the gate of the Malfoy manor. (Yes, unbelievably the Manor is within walking distance of Snape's house.) Wow... she thought as she looked at the giant manor. She could see white peacocks roaming about the grounds.

"Welcome," Draco said as she was caught gawking.

"Oh-um hi," she said, surprised.

"Come on in," he said as the gate swung open.

"Thanks," she smiled as he took her hand and they walked up to the manor.

"Are you alright?" he asked as they got to the door.

"I'm wonderful, why?" she answered.

"You look like you saw a dementor," he explained.

"Oh. Well I'm just nervous about meeting your parents for the first time." she said shyly.

He opened the door. "Relax. They'll love you."

They looked nothing close to instantly loving her as she greeted them. They both seemed to wear a permanent sneer on their faces.

"Father, Mum, this is Valencia," Draco introduced Valencia.

"It's nice to meet you," Narcissa said dryly. "He never shuts up about you."

"Oh. Well it's nice to finally meet you too," Valencia replied, smiling.

"Let us sit down in the dining room," Lucius said, turning with a swish of his cape. Draco, Narcissa and Valencia followed.

They sat there for what seemed like hours when Lucius finally said, "So, I've heard that you're from the United States."

Valencia cleared her throat. "Why, yes I am."

"Is there even a wizarding school there?" He questioned, scowling at his wine glass.

"There is actually. Halleyway's Academy of Magic," Valencia explained.

Lucius nodded and soon dinner was brought in. To Valencia's great surprise it was...cheese pizza.

A slice was given to everyone and Valencia was tempted to dive into it. Cheese pizza was her absolute favorite.

"Draco has informed us that this is your favorite meal," he said dryly.

"It is," she answered, shooting a look at Draco. She had never told anyone that pizza was her favorite. Not even Zoey. Draco just smiled and shrugged.

Everyone sat there staring at each other and their pizza, when Narcissa said, "Erm...how do you go about eating it?"

"You pick it up and take a bite," Valencia explained, demonstrating.

Draco followed like so and Narcissa cautiously tried this. Lucius took a knife and fork to the pizza instead, muttering something about 'filthy Americans' under his breath.

They weren't in too much of a hurry to keep Valencia after dinner.

"It's getting late," Lucius explained, "You should probably get going." Narcissa nodded in agreement.

As Valencia said goodbye and was walking with Draco back to the gate, she stated, "You parents hate me, don't they?"

"They're just not use to you yet," Draco said, stopping in front of the gate.

"You better be right," she said, kissing him on the forehead. "I'll see you this weekend won't I?"

"Umm…" Draco thought, "Actually I'm going to visit my great-aunt."


"But I'll see you at Hogwarts after this weekend." he explained.

"Okay. Bye then." Valencia said, walking back to her uncle's house.

For some reason she couldn't shake the feeling off that Draco was hiding something, that he really wasn't visiting his great-aunt.