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So this is going to be my first AU-ish type of story. I'm going to experiment with it by playing with my favorite fairy tale of all time: Beauty and the Beast :) I hope you enjoy this!

"Morgan, I must say, you've really outdone yourself this time," Jordan Todd said to her boyfriend, Derek Morgan, putting her arm around his waist and trailing a a nail up his chest. "This really is a great party."

Derek grinned down at Jordan and said, "What can I say? I'm a party boy."

"And the best kind," she purred.

He looked up at the clock on the club's wall and kissed Jordan's cheek. "Well, I've got an early morning meeting tomorrow, so I'm going to head home," he said, taking a last swig of his beer. "See you later, baby."

Jordan grabbed his arm and pouted, sticking out her bottom lip like a child. "Oh, baby!" she whined. "Can't I come home with you?"

He shook his head. "Hmm," he said. "Let me see...no. I've got an early morning. I don't need any distractions."

She glared at him. "So that's all I am? A distraction?"

He flashed her a thousand watt grin and said, "Yep." The he turned on his heel and headed out the door, exiting from his own party because he was Derek Morgan; he had the ability to walk out on things like that.

When he reached his apartment, he chucked his keys onto the kitchen counter and patted his dog, Clooney on the head. "Hi there, buddy," he said. He was really needing to go bed. The next morning would be a meeting morning and the BAU was being introduced to their new technical analyst. He wasn't particularly looking forward to it. New team members meant new people that he had to learn to work with. And he wasn't particularly interested in doing that. He had no idea who this Penelope Garcia was, and he didn't find himself caring. She was probably going to be another mediocre computer whiz with no interests other than getting her geek on.

Derek wasn't incredibly fond of women who didn't catch his eye immediately. Jordan had captured his attention fairly quickly, but he'd quickly begun to grow bored with her. She wasn't interesting once he got past her body. He didn't think they were going to last much longer. But then again, his relationships never lasted long.

He was a self-proclaimed player, and he knew it.


Penelope Garcia was looking forward to working with the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit. She'd just transferred from the Seattle Field Office and she was getting to work with one of the top teams in the federal government. She couldn't have been happier.

Her life had taken a surprising turn when she'd found out her boyfriend of four years was cheating on her with a dental hygienist. For some odd reason she hadn't been too upset. Yeah, it had hurt her pride. But she longed for more. Brad had been completely shallow and self-centered. Nothing she wanted to be associated with.

So the sex had been great? There was more to life than good sex.

Wasn't there.

So a move across to the opposite end of the country was just what she needed. The whole plane ride to DC she had looked on her computer at the files of all her new team members. The team leader, Agent Aaron Hotchner was an FBI superstar and David Rossi was his right hand man and equal in the profiling field. Agent Emily Prentiss was the daughter of an ambassador and had impressive ties to the international community and other divisions around the world. Agent Dr. Spencer Reid was pure genius, one of the youngest men to ever be on the BAU team. Agent Jennifer Jareau was their press liaison and an absolute sweetheart.

And then there was Derek Morgan, the heartthrob. Just his picture made Penelope's heart start to beat faster. His record was incredibly impressive, but there was a note in his file that mentioned he had broken fraternization rules multiple times. Somehow, that wasn't super surprising to her. Just looking at him was enough to make a girl's panties wet.

As she settled into her new apartment, she began mentally preparing herself for the day ahead when she would meet her new teammates. She was seriously wondering whether or not they were going to be impressed with her, but it didn't matter. As long as she could help people using her talents with a keyboard, she would be all set. That was all that really mattered to her.

Quickly, she showered and put on a pair of pajamas before getting into bed. For a long time after she turned off the lights she lay awake, thinking about the next day. And then, for some strange reason, she found herself thinking of Derek Morgan and his bright brown eyes. What the hell is wrong with me? she thought. Sighing, she closed her eyes and fell into a deep slumber.


The Witch watched as Derek Morgan strode leisurely to his car in the morning before arriving to work. She rolled her eyes as she watched him answer his phone with his usual rude swagger. Action had to be taken against him if she was to turn him into a decent human beings. She couldn't believe the man would possibly get anyone to love him, but if she was to try, she had to have a little faith.

So she had to whip up a little curse. Something to him to make him hideous on the outside as he was on the inside. Something to make him less of a womanizer and a jerk.

But first she had to give him a chance at redemption. She had to see if he truly was how he appeared. If he passed the test, she would let him continue his life.

But if he failed, she would force him to face who he truly was on the inside.

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