Something was wrong. That fact was obvious to the wolf as he moved through the forest. The sounds of fighting and running from the others in his pack were in his ears, but his focus was on one scent, a scent he hadn't picked up in a while. He followed the smell, and his own instinct, to a partial clearing in the forest, quickly finding the reason for the wrong.

A boy, merely a teenaged human, was lying on his back, unconscious. The wolf padded forward, keeping tight rein on his immediate whimper until he was closer. As he approached, he stretched his neck toward the still, silent teenager and inhaled. Relieved when he smelled that the boy was still alive, he moved closer to examine the human.

The teenager had blood on his jeans from a gash underneath and his head was bleeding. The wolf growled and moved closer, nosing at the human until he was satisfied that the boy's life wasn't in danger at the moment. His growl morphed into a small whine as he nosed at the boy's head, lifting it off of the ground. The wolf continued forward until the boy's head rested on his snout and he had the boy almost in a sitting position.

The snapping of a branch made him drop his concern and whirl, snarling. More wolves began to move into the clearing, their purpose clear. He moved back so he was standing over the boy and bared his teeth, releasing a louder snarl. The others would have this boy over his own dead body. He crouched and felt the hair on his back rise as another growl rumbled in his chest. One of the wolves dared take a step closer and he turned, snapping his teeth and making the other wolf back away.

The wolf feared that his warnings wouldn't be enough and he would have to risk the human by fighting the other wolves away. His fears were relieved, though, when more branches snapped and he was joined by his pack.

One of his own pack members stopped by the boy and put his hands on the boy's shoulders. The wolf moved off, allowing the other to take the boy away to safety. He then turned to join the battle.

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