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~ Prologue ~

The passing of the savior of the world

As the man known as the Sage of Six Path's was lying on his death bed he requested the presence of his youngest son.

Upon arriving the young man knelt beside his dying father asking what it is that he wished to speak about. The old sage simply said "I know i have already given you and your brothers your inheritance, but with you there is something else i must give you. Two stories from my younger years, in which both stories will explain a few things, and help you understand my life in a better way. Now let me begin with the first story." The old sage shifted in his bed attempting to get comfortable for the first story his needed to entrust to this youngest son, and with a deep breath he started.

"When I first heard kami's whisper unto my ears in my younger years, she instructed me to meditate on top of the highest peak for 31 days, and 31 nights with no food or water, and to not waver while in my meditative state. She said to me that I would have her specifically guarding me until the 31 days and nights have past." The old sage started, taking a deep breath before continuing.

"I went along with what was spoken to me by Kami, and ventured for the highest peak around. Once i achieved getting to the top of the peak, i did as instructed, and sat atop the peak and started meditating in a zen position. Once I started, I felt the whole world shimmer and the after image of the cold snowy peak i sat atop of was faded from my memory as a starry landscape played before me. I then heard Kami whisper into my ears once more. She said "Put your soul into your stomach, and concentrate on the flame burning brightly from within, and don't break your concentration until the 31 days, and nights have past." Her voice said to me, pausing for a minute as if waiting for me to comprehend what she was saying, before speaking again.


"While in this state my child, the stars will turn over to let the sun refresh the world of the cold night as accustomed to in your world. When you no longer hear my voice, all but one star shall shine upon you, showing that one day has past you by." Kami instructed.

"Once you have past 31 days and nights, you will understand the questions you soul is asking you, and bring about your destiny." Kami finished as her voice faded from my mind.

(Flashback End)

"After the trials of my meditation past, i came to understand that the flame that kami was speaking of, was in fact the very will of chakra. Waiting to be released to the world of man kind." The sage finished before he started coughing a little, while in slight pain. Calming his coughing fit the sage continued on.

"After descending the peak, i noticed that i had only had been atop the peak in which kami instructed me to go to for only one day. That must of been what kami herself meant when she said she'd provide me with her protection in my trial." He spoke before taking another deep jagged breath to speak again.

"I also realized that when she said I'd have to go without food or water and survive on sheer will alone, that she was testing my mind, body, and soul at the very extreme, in hopes that i pass her test so that i may prove worthy, and true of the destiny that was brought upon me since my birth." The Sage paused for a moment to gather his thoughts.

"After descending the peak i quickly started teaching six of the closest people i had to me from my childhood since my older brother left, that had the flame from within. Bringing them along with me on a journey across the lands, so that i may teach the world of the ways of the ninshu religion." The sage smiled thinking about his 6 chosen companions from his younger years, before continuing.

"As my chosen six followers, and I ventured upon the warring lands.. spreading my teachings, and religion of ninshu to the people. I quickly noticed that upon my arrival to new lands that i was affecting those around me greatly by just my presence alone. When I would interact with new people in the different lands my vision would blur for a split second showing those before me in grey with a light blue haze around them with a spec of blue from within the people. Upon gathering the people i spoke to, the more the ones around me tried to grasp what I was teaching them about the ways of ninshu, and depending on how they took what i said to heart. That small spec of light blue from within would grow to a smaller, but yet still noticeable blue flame, similar to the one from within me but much smaller." The sage explained before carrying on.

"When those that chose to listen to my words, and knowledge continued doing so the small blue flame from within changed once again. Creating thin blue lines throughout the persons body jetting out directly from the flame to all parts of the body conjoining with all muscles and joints. I realized that when those who followed my teachings had reached this stage, that they knew enough of the ninshu ways to pass on to others. So i'd leave them with the parting words that they should spread what i have taught to them, to those who are closest to them, so that they may come to the understanding of what it means to be of the ninshu sect." The wise sage finished while deep in thought for a few moments.

"After time past and the chosen six that i held closest to me continued our travels spreading ninshu to the lands I received kamis whisper once again. She came to me while i was in my daily meditative state, the very same zen meditative state that i used to under go my trial atop the tallest peak. She spoke to me in the same starry landscape i witnessed from before and slowly a figure appeared withing my mind revealing a beautiful woman with long white flowing hair and beautiful light blue piercing eyes, dressed in a long flowing white robe.


Kami was looking at the young sage before her that she had chosen to speak to. "You have done well my chosen one. The six you hold closest, and dearest to you will not go unrewarded for their efforts in helping you along the ways of your journey. For it is time for them to hear my voice, and become an even greater help to you than before." Kami finished.

The sage took a breath of air into his lungs before speaking. "If that is what you choose, I thank you greatly for the wisdom you have helped me find, and hope that my chosen six followers find the answers to the questions you have for them." The said to the divine being before him.

Kami giggled to herself, causing the sage to raise an eyebrow in confusion to what he had just had heard from Kami.

Kami seeing her sage's confusion spoke up. "You need not worry, as for I only have a gift for your chosen six, one for each of them." Kami explained.

As the sage processed what he had been told kami spoke out. "Your first follower shall receive the gift of attraction and repulsion using his flame from within, he shall be called "The Deva Path".

"Your second follower shall receive the gift to transform his body to metal and with it be able to summon weapons of any kind with a mere thought using his flame from within, he shall be called "The Asura Path."

"Your third follower shall receive the gift of being able to read another mind by placing a hand on a selected person, while pulling the selected persons soul out of the body ready to pass judgement upon them. If the selected person he puts into judgement relents he shall live, and keep his body and soul. If the selected person refuses and remains on the path of sin, then the selected person shall have their soul devoured by the shinigami, and the person shall fall into the underworld, this follower shall be called "The Human Path."

"Your fourth follower shall receive the gift of summoning animals of all kinds to support, and aid you in your journeys, allowing human kind to become one closer to animal kind, and nature alike, she shall be called "The Animal Path."

"Your fifth follower shall receive the gift of absorption, he shall be able to protect you, and your other 6 followers with the ultimate defense by being able to absorb any attack consisting of chakra, he shall be called, "The Preta Path."

"Your sixth, and final follower shall receive the gift with two abilities, one for interrogation, and restoration by using the King of Hell himself, he shall be called "The Naraka Path."

Kami finished he explanation of her gifts that she was going to bestow onto her young sage's followers, the sage was about to speak up and ask a question but saw that Kami was once again about to speak to him. Seeing that the sage was going to hold his question for later Kami continued speaking.

"Now my chosen one, while your six followers shall receive these special gifts from me, you shall not be left out." Kami said with a smile on her beautiful face.

When the sage heard that he spoke up interrupting the divine being and spoke out. "Kami-sama just you sharing your wisdom with myself is a gift of such greatness that i do not wish for anything more." The sage said with respect to the woman of all creation.

When the sage didn't hear anything after his words he studied kami's face, and noticed she had a small smirk on her face, and closed her eyes before speaking once again.

"You are truly worthy of being my chosen one, my child. But you shall receive this gift from me to help you continue on your path in this life, as well as "your next."" For as you shall receive the gift no one person shall ever receive again for it is you alone that shall acquire this gift. It cannot be passed down in any means of teachings, nor can it be passed down by just your blood alone. You shall receive the gift of life and death." Kami explained slightly shocking the sage with her words.

The sage looked at Kami with nothing short of confusion expression on his face when he heard what Kami had said just a moment ago. When Kami noticed his once again confused expression, she knew that she needed to go into further detail on the matter.

"I understand your confusion my child, for as any human can stand up, and kill another human or animal, but what i speak of is life and death in its truest form. You shall be able to revive those who may have died before their time or even those who have passed on long before you. You also will control the aspect of death as well, in some sorts the same way your third follower The Human Path can. But.. the difference between you and him will be the key factor that when you put a soul at the Shinigami's door. You shall be the one to present the soul of the fallen to the Shinigami, so that he may put the soul into either the afterlife or put the soul in hell. With this gift you shall gain an understanding even greater of what life and death is. So that when you grow of old age and come to face the Shinigami yourself. You can ascend beyond that of just a human. As the one chosen by myself, the other divine being's such as the Shinigami and Yami alike all have been told of your role to this world, and none of which shall interfere in your way on your journeys." Kami paused for a minute to let the Sage comprehend her words before speaking up again.

"Each of them shall share their wisdom to you at different points in your life, so that when you pass on you may let the light fade from your eyes not in fear, but in understanding of what thy's life was meant for." Kami explained and paused for a moment seeing the sage with a thoughtful expression on his face.

After putting Kami's words permanently into his mind, the sage calmed his mind down, and thought of the one question that was tugging at the back of his mind.

"Kami-sama, i shall humbly accept your gift, and use it so that it may better man kind and furthermore shed peace unto this world, not out of fear, for one another, but out of respect and understanding between one another." After the sages last words left his lips, and the air from his lungs, he looked into Kami's face once again to see that she had a genuine smile expressed outwards for me to see.

"I see, you shall do just fine my child, as i have nothing but high expectations in which i don't see falling ever in you. Now as far as my gift unto you. When you go back to the world around you, search for the nearest pond of clear water, and look upon your reflection to see the gift that i have given to thee. Your eyes shall no longer be the pure blue that only a pure sapphire can hold a light to, but they shall be a lavender color of purple with no whites in them representing that your eyes do not only look forward to one point of the world, but to all aspects of everything around you. You will also notice you will have six black rings around your pupil, each representing the gifts of your six chosen followers that will be blessed by myself, becoming your six path's to peace. Your pupils will be representing yourself as the center of all man kind for the future to remember by, and you will become known to the outer world as "The Outer Path" and will take the name of "The Sage of Six Paths." Kami explained with her smile still ever present on her face.

"Now my child it is time for you to carry on with your destiny, and with your six path's you shall bring man kind together, and start the means to bring the world unto the road to true peace." With that kami faded from the starry landscape that the two had conversed in.

The sage felt his soul and will tugging at that back of his mind. With that feeling he felt as if that was his cue to leave his meditative state, and also faded from the starry landscape with the last whisper from kami that appeared to come out of the air itself.

She said, "Speak to your chosen six, and tell them that they each must all meditate in the zen meditation position around you standing in the middle. You must close your new found eyes, and focus solely on the fire within you. Once this is done for one hour, your chosen six followers shall be reborn into the six path's." With that the voice disappeared from the sages ears, and mind.

(Flashback End)

"When i came out of my meditative state i saw the world in a light Ive never thought could have fathomed. Everything was so clear and i could see and sense the life force of everything in nature. The wind, the earth, the water, the lightning that was dancing through the sky, and the small fire that my chosen six had created to indicate where i could find them. At that moment i knew that every one of the elements were part of my will and that i could use to further my journey to achieve my destiny." The old sage said as he took a few extra deep breaths to calm his heart rate, before speaking again. Knowing that what he had to say next was both saddening to him, and painful to relive by thinking about it.

"Once back with my chosen six they all noticed my eyes have changed and i gave a very short answer to saying "It was Kami-sama's will for my eyes to change this way." and told them that I would give them a better answer once we did as instructed by our creator. My followers, and I did as i told and prepared the circle which kami told me from the air around me as i was leaving my starry landscaped mind." The sage started but stopped to adjust his old and dying body before continuing.

"When they were meditation in the circle around me, and i did as i was instructed, the allotted hour had come to pass. At the very same moment of the last minute of the hour, all of their eyes sprang forward with understanding and knowledge of what they must do. What i didn't know was that they were told an that they had an extra purpose now, one which i wouldn't be known of until my battle with the Juubi.


The sages six followers all while surrounding the sage with their eyes closed, found themselves in the same starry landscape that the sage had been in when he had spoke to Kami. Each of them looking around to see what was going on stopped examining the area around them when their eyes met the figure of a woman with white hair, she spoke up to them.

"You six chosen ones shall protect my Sage of Six Path's with your lives, and are bound to do so until the light fades from your eyes, and your bodies return to the earth. Don't not be afraid my children as for you six are special to me, and as such when you pass away from this world you shall forever be by my side watching the world below with smiles on your faces, as to what it has become from the sacrifices of your lives. There will be a great evil in the world within the century of your life time, and when this great evil comes you six will die in the battle that rages. When that battle happens remember my words to the fullest of what your roles are in your lives. Protect the Sage of Six Path's. He may be the strongest alive, but he is also still human and he will need to be shown the other sides of what it means to be the chosen one of this world, and through you six's passing that will come to be." Kami explained to the six followers that would be known as the sage's six path's.

(Flashback End)

"After my six path's awakened their gifts when their eyes opened we set out once again reaching farther east spreading ninshu to all those who would listen and take to heart." The old sage said before reaching for a glass of water that was on his beside table, and took a drink with shaky arms. Taking a drink and setting the glass back down to where it once was the sage continued on with his tale.

"Five years after the awakening of all our gifts from kami that we were faced with our biggest threat to in which I was teaching unto this world. The great and all powerful Juubi, the guardian of the world that kept man kind in check for when they rose up and tried to take over the world. On that fifth year we were locked in battle with the Juubi for what seemed an eternity. For only our group of seven could sense where the Juubi was. It wasn't very difficult to find it, but stopping its rampaging was a completely different matter at hand."

"People all across the lands were scattering to avoid the beast that was going to eliminate them all. After noticing myself and my six path's they all started gathering around where the seven of us were. No longer afraid of the beast before them, almost as if the masses found comfort in our appearance, and looked to us with hopeful eyes watching as the seven of Kami's chosen ones stepped forward to stop this terrible beast. Like us seven that could sense the Juubi, the Juubi could sense us as well, and upon it sensing our arrival. It stopped all of its rampaging and killing, and turned its attention solely on us. None of the people present, nor any of my six paths, or myself could ever of thought what happened next.. The Juubi spoke in a massive booming voice.

"MAY THE CHOSEN ONE STEP FORWARD SO THAT I MAY CLEANSE THIS WORLD OF ITS ARROGANCE!" The sage tried speaking loudly to make what he was trying to portray to his youngest child easier to understand, but trying to yell caused him to once again start coughing violently, and beckoning for the glass of water once again. Receiving the glass of water from his youngest child, and drinking it once more. The sage continues his story after calming himself back down.

"It may have only been one sentence, but that one sentence was all it needed to say for us seven to know what was going to and need to happen. The Juubi needed to be dealt with. When the battle started, and the battle of wills between us seven raged against the massive guardian of the world, we all felt something inside of us stirring." The sage said letting his son ingrain his words into his memory.

"The feelings inside of us propelled our attacks on the guardian even harder, inflicting whatever damage we could on the beast, slowly turning the tides of the battle for that of man kind. Minutes be came hours, and hours became days, and as the battle raged on, animal summons struggled to break through the Juubi's defenses, kunai were raining down on the guardian, swords were being slashed expertly, trying to inflict any critical damage possible, and powerful jutsus alike being thrown at the beast in rapid succession in hopes to inflict mass damage." The sage paused getting to the part that saddened his heart, whenever his mind brought him back to these memories.

"It wasn't until the 8th day that we suffered our first loss. The Animal Path, was running low on chakra and with her summoning so many summons and using whatever energy she had left for sword attacks she found herself on her last legs of her life. Planning her next strike she went in with the only thing she had left and went to slash at the beast once again but only this time the beast simply threw one of its arms in her direction and slammed her to the ground effectively killing her." The sage said quietly.

"On the 10th day of the battle we lost 2 more. The Preta Path, and Naraka Path were getting in the same position that The Animal Path was put in 2 days ago. They were trying to tag team the Juubi using diversion attacks for the others to use as diversions. Using their respected gifts from kami whenever they could they quickly found themselves in a tight spot, knowing that they were essentially the defenses and last hope of the group, they turned back to set their sights on the others and as they we about to try and reach to the others they heard the Juubi's roar and looked back to see an oncoming attack set on ending their lives, and noticing the speed of the attack and the lack of chakra and energy to escape the attack. They said a silent prayer wishing for my victory in the end and let their deaths come to them." The sage said in the same quiet saddened voice as small tears were building up in his soft lavender Rinnegan eyes.

"On the 13th day we lost 2 more. The Asura Path and The Human Path were the next to fall to the Juubi. After 13 days of constant battle they were bloodied, bruised, and sleep deprived and in the afternoon of the 13th day The Human Path collapsed from chakra exhaustion essentially stopping his heart. The Human Path however seeing his comrade and friend collapse not too far away from him ran to his side to see if he could help him, but before he could even reach his comrade he was unfortunately caught in one of the Juubi's smaller biijudama that it fired to for sure take out the Asura. With no time to block or escape the smaller biijudama slammed into both of them killing the Human Path, and launching both of the recently fallen away from where they once were, and throwing them harshly to the ground." He finished, clearing his throat and trying to control his emotions over never forgetting the memories of his fallen closest friends.

"On the 14th day of the battle only I and the Deva Path stood against the beast. Deva Path went in for another attack using his gravitation gift from kami, trying to throw a giant piece of a cliff side that had fallen during the battle, and it was quickly apparent to me that he was not going to last much longer as he was shaking uncontrollably while trying to muster up the amount of chakra to lift and propel the giant stone to their foe. With that thought crossing my mind The Deva Path's block of stone was batted down from the air. With the Deva Path out of chakra he quickly grabbed his sword, tightening his grip and charged the beast for an aerial attack but was quickly swatted down for not having the speed to get past the Juubi's defenses. Hitting the ground hard from the Juubi's counter attack, creating a small crater in the ground I rush over to him quickly to see if i could heal him in any way but when i came to his aid i saw death quickly approaching him. At his side he turned his head to me and said in a very quick voice." The sage said with a choked up voice with tears welling up in his eyes.

"F-fear not my friend, for as this was our duty and role to aid, and protect you in this battle. This battle is Kami's test for you to overcome, and once you do the world will be in an new age. Farewell my friend." The sage finished with the tears that were welling up in his eyes rolling down his aged face, showing his youngest son just how hard that his father took the deaths of his six closest friends.

Drying his eyes and clearing his throat once more the sage muttered a small apology for letting his emotions get the better of him in his last days in the world.

"I'm sorry my son, I know I do not have much time left for this world, but it still pains me that my closest companions left this world so much earlier than I will..." Letting out a sigh the father of the young man finished. "Let us continue on with the story."

"Neither of us moving for what felt like an eternity. I was stricken by every kind of emotion and feeling a person could feel. I was stricken by sadness from my closest friends deaths, i was angry at myself for not being able to protect them, I was on the verge of giving up and losing all hope at winning this battle because on the inside, i was simply hurting and torn apart. My gifted eyes fell to the ground as i felt the tears slowly welling up in my eyes and slowly roll down my cheeks, and with a grief stricken heart i looked around the battlefield and let my tear filled eyes look upon my fallen closest comrades and friends in what i felt as to be my last moment in life."

"When my eyes came back to where the Deva Path laid i wiped the tears from my face, and looked to the ground. I felt what i thought at first was more tears something felt off. It felt as if my eyes were leaking power right out of my eyes in liquid form. I put my hand to my face once again and gently touched the right side of my face and saw that blood was in fact falling from my eyes. At the realization something changed within me to where my head began to hurt and my mind started getting fuzzy. My eyes.. my eyes hurt, they started hurting so bad i thought i was going to die from the pain alone. I closed my eyes trying to let either the attack of the Juubi come and end my life, or trying to let the pain dull enough to where i could fight just a little bit longer."

"As my eyes were closed, and all seemed black i started seeing in my closed eye lids, what seemed to be a reflection of my eyes. My lavender purple eyes with six black rings around the pupil. Then something else happened to them. The usual lavender color of my eyes turned blood red, and slowly I saw tomes appear on the rings of my eyes." The sage said in a soft voice.

"As they appeared i counted 10 of them when they slowly stopped forming. I was confused by this but when i tried to think about what they meant. I was asked as question from seemingly nowhere.


A shadowy figure appeared before the emotional sage filled with despair, and spoke to him.

"Do you wish to fight?! or do you simply wish to let all of these people in the world die because you were too grief stricken by your friends deaths that you couldn't fight back?!" "Whatever Kami ever sees in you i have no clue because what i see is just pathetic! Why do you even try? Why do you even care? Why is it that you! one lowly human being! think that you could stand up against the guardian of the earth?!" The figure questioned.

Startled by all the yelling that was going on in his head, the sage whispered back.

"Because it is my destiny.. to show true peace.. and how.. to achieve it.. in this world.. " The sage answered.

The voice of the shadowy figure then started laughing harshly at the sage's words, and then spoke out.

"How can you ever even bring yourself to say that when you are in this pitiful state! You have no conviction in your words like you had before this! You have no desire to fight for this world anymore! So let me ask you this! One time, and one time only before it all ends... What. are. you. going. to. do?" The figure asked harshly.

The sage responded his answer in a quiet voice, but it seemed the figure within the room with the sage didn't hear his answer

"What was that?" The figure asked in a demanding voice.

Once again the sage spoke his answer in a softer voice, but a little louder.

"I ASKED YOU A QUESTION HUMAN! NOW ANSWER ME RIGHT NOW!" The figure screamed at the sage who was startled by the figures tone of voice.

The sage snapping his head up, and with his eyes directly bored into where he thought that the voice of the figure coming from, He saw a figure. To the sage, the only way he could describe the shadowy figure that took on a form in front of him, was by only saying that it was that of a true demon, but this demon had a human male's body, black spiked hair that in the front looked like two horns while the rest just went wild down past his shoulders, and he was dressed in what seemed to be similar attire to the high collared haori he wore, except he saw he had a glowing red necklace that had 10 red tomes on it. But the most noticeable feature about this dark shaded figure was that of his eyes. They were so similar to my own except they were not the lavender colored eyes with 6 black rings in them.. they were blood red, with six rings in them with 10 tomes evenly placed within the rings of the eyes.

As the sages eyes were still locked on figures eyes he screamed back to the figure before him.


With the sages answer clearly out in the open, the demon showed a smirk on his shadowed face. Then in his confusion of the demons smirk, the demon before him stepped forward, and somehow the shadowed figure lit up, and before the sage was non other than himself. With a smirk still ever present as he held his fist out forward, as if asking the sage to do the same.

Acting on instinct the sage raised his fist to the figure before him in a similar fashion a few inches away from his. As he stretched his fist forward to the figures, their knuckles tapped together, then the "demon" spoke to the sage in a calm voice very similar to my own.

"I am but a reflection of you, i feel just as you do and even now as your hurting, i am as well. I was sent to you by Yami himself to aid you in your journey. I was told that when I came before you, you would be able to fight with not only a stronger resolve to fight for this world, but with a better understanding of the balance of life and death, just as the gift Kami-sama herself gave you." The reflective figure of the sage explained.

The reflective sage put his other hand to his face, and pointed to his eyes, and went on to say.

"My eyes that are similar to yours, are a clue of sorts to what you need to do out there. The red of my eyes represents the blood lust that i feel. I know that we want peace but this is a side affect from the event that you are facing right now. The 10 tomes represents what is within myself. To be like me. You need to do this."

With that he past along a thought to the sage's head, and instructions for what to do when he goes back to the battlefield with the Juubi.

The sage nodded his head to his reflective self and responded.

"I thank you for getting me past my grief, and pass along my thanks to Yami-sama" The sage saw him nod his head, and with that the world blurred back to the battle with the Juubi.

(Flashback End)

"With one deep breath I stood straight, and flew threw hand signs until i stopped at the last one of the chain, and with it i raced forward to the Juubi at a speed it hadn't expected." Stopping for a moment to take a few more shaky breaths of air before starting again the sage started speaking once more nearing the end of his tale.


As golden chains of chakra erupted around the battlefield wrapping around the Juubi's massive body. The golden chains slammed the guardian down to the ground hard. Before the sage closed in on the Juubi with the last part of his attack in his head already, the sage set forth racing through a number of hand signs again at a quick pace yet again, preparing for the do or die moment. Everything rested on his will to live on and protect the world from the massive beast before him.

Holding his last hand sign with just his left hand, and with his right hand the sage struck forward in an open palm with a red and black mist like glow covering it, and slammed his palm onto the body of the Juubi, and yelled out.


With an intricate pattern quickly spreading outwards on the Juubi's body from the sage's outstretched hand. The Juubi started glowing momentarily before slowly being drawn into the sage's body.

(Flashback End)

"With my attack called out the Juubi let out a monstrous roar of protest that lasted until it was sucked in through my palm that was against its body. As the last of the Juubi was gone i looked down at my open bloodied haori and when my eyes rested upon my stomach i saw the seal that i placed upon myself."

"I knew that by doing this i was showing the world that i was sacrificing my life as just that of a gifted human, to that of a Jinchuriki. After the battle was over everyone saw me as "The Savior of the World" and with that people all over showed interest in following the ways of ninshu." The sage said quietly.

"My eyes stayed the same lavender color, and the six rings stayed the same, but i figured out whenever i call upon the power of the Juubi within me, my eyes turn into that of what my reflection self had. The power that went through my body when i called upon the Juubi's chakra was unbelievable, and couldn't be put in proper words to justify the feeling it gave me. All i knew for certain that a power of such great magnitude should never grace the lands of man kind ever again." The old and dying sage said in a serious tone.

"After time the lands started grasping ninshu and it became part of the norm. The way of the ninjas was coming into the world in strive, and for that i was happy. It wasn't until much later in my life kami had come to me again while i was meditating. She said for me to pass this unto my youngest son while on my deathbed, and to follow through with what she had instructed me to do i shall now pass this onto you. She said...

"When one looks upon the aspects of why thy's life came to be, and thy's purpose in this world while in deep meditation, while holding "nine" seek out the name of "nine" as well as his fist. Only when thy has received nine's name and fist may the soul of thee understand the two questions thy has come to ask ones self. Thy will receive the answers thy is seeking. With the answers a change will occur both in self and upon the world." The sage smile after finally being able to complete Kami's last request for him.

"And that my son is how my life came to pass, but for my life is just a part of the overall perspective of things. There is more in which i need to tell you before i pass. It is about the Sage of Time. But for now my child let me rest, for I need to save what little strength i have left to tell you the rest before I leave this world.

'Fear not, because I know without a doubt that tomorrow is my last day in this world." The sage said with a small smile on his face to his youngest son.

The sages youngest son bowed deeply to his father, and bid him farewell for the night believing his wise old fathers words, and said that he would see him in the morning to finish their conversation.

As the youngest son left his fathers bedside, he put everything his father had said to him permanently into his mind so that he may remember it when he had the chance to write everything down on a large scroll for future generations after him to learn from. But for now he was tired, and sleep was the first thing that came to his mind as he walked to a spare guest room in his fathers house.

The Next Morning

The beautiful sun rose above the mountains early the next morning, and with it the youngest son of the great sage, prepared himself for his fathers next story that he was inheriting.

Preparing a small breakfast for his father, the son brought the food as well as a glass of water with him to his fathers room. When he reached the door to his fathers room, he knocked politely, and asked permission to enter.

Hearing his father's voice granting him permission to enter, he opened the door, and went to resume his position at his fathers side same as the night prior.

"Good morning my child." The old sage smiled weakly.

"Good morning father, I brought you some breakfast before you pick up where we left off." The son said in a soft, kind voice.

"Thank you my child, please set it on the table over there. I will eat it after i have finished the last part of your inheritance." The sage said with a smile on his face.

"I hope you are ready for me to begin my son, I believe my time is coming soon, so let us begin right away". The sage informed.

"I am ready father, go ahead." The son spoke while nodding his head for his father to begin.

Closing his tired and baggy eyes, while taking a slowly drawn in breath of clean air, the dying savior of the world prepared himself for the last bit of what he wanted to pass down onto his youngest son.

"When I was a young man of the age of 13, I was thrown into the chaos of this world of warring lands." The sage started.

"My mother and father had both been killed, when a large group of bandits came over to our peaceful farming village. Killing all of those in their way, and stole whatever they desired." The sage explained before taking in another jagged breath of air, so that he may continue.

"My older brother the only blood sibling I ever had in my life, and I fled from our families small farm house after our parents ordered us to run as fast, and as far away from the village as we could, but they couldn't say anything else to my brother and I, because a few bandits broke into our home, and killed them immediately after breaking in." The sage said with a sad frown gracing his face while thinking about the haunting memory that has plagued his wise old mind ever since it had happened.

"My brother and I ran as fast as we could away from our home village, heading towards a not too near by small fishing village. When we reached the small fishing village a couple days later, we searched for a place to stay in until we could gather a plan on what we would do now that everything we had known to love.. had been taken away from us."

"After sleeping outside for a couple of nights, we found by a very kind monk who took one look at our battered clothes, and tired eye, and asked us what our story was behind our current situation. After explaining to the monk that our village had been invaded by bandits, and that everyone we knew was either killed or sold into slavery, the monk told us that we were welcome to stay at his small temple until we had the means to survive on our own." The sage finished with a scratchy voice.

"Would you please hand me the glass of water my son?" The sage asked politely.

"Of course father." The son replied, while reaching for the glass of water, and handing it to him.

Drinking the glass of water slowly, the sage pulled the glass away from his lips, and weakly held the glass as far out from his body as he could manage.

His son seeing his father's all ready deteriorating strength disappearing, swiftly reached of the bed that his dying father was laying on, and grabbed the glass.

"Thank you." The sage said with a small smile. "It seems my time is drawing nearer as we speak. I need to finish this quickly." The sage said with his smile still on his face.

"Four months had past since the death of our parents, and arrival of the small fishing village, and it was my brothers 16th birthday. I noticed he was acting strangely ever since our parents were killed, but I knew that like myself he was hurting inside even worse. My brother had lost the love of his life when the bandits attacked out home village. My brother spent as much time with his love as he could, from the time they were both 12, and with him losing not only our parents.. but his love as well.. completely devastated him." The sage explained sadly, while thinking about his brother.

"Two days after we arrived in the small fishing village, and began living at the kind monk's temple, my brother told me that he was going to be gone for a few days. After he had left, and returned back, my brother was forever a changed person. I tried to approach him and ask him what was on his mind, but whenever I had asked him what was on his mind, he said for me to not worry about him, and that he was fine." The sage said with the same sad look in his eyes.

"A couple days later, my brothers odd behavior got worse as he disappeared with no indication of where he went. A day after he had disappeared, he came back to the fishing village, and told me that he had to leave me for now. Before he left he said to me.

"I am truly sorry that I have to leave you to this world and its problems to fix, for as kami has whispered unto my ears what i need to do for this world, but know that for I shall return "a generation before you do again" and that I will always love you my otouto."

"With his last word spoken, he was engulfed in a black and red light, the black outlining the red while swirling around each other almost as if the colors were dancing with each other. As the light intensified my brother started fading from my sights, with a smile on his face as he slowly said "See you soon otouto."

"What i saw before he completely disappeared completely confused me. As he no longer looked like my older brother. Gone was his usual red hair, and dark blue almost violet colored eyes that our family shared. As he faded away to where ever he went, i saw that he had black spiky hair, and his eyes were that of the purest sapphire. It wasn't until i reached the age of 16 did i gain any insight on what happened to my brother." The sage explained to his youngest son.

"Nobody that i spoke to knew anything, or even knew that my brother went missing. But in my 16th year of life, a change began within me." The sage started but was interrupted by his son.

"A change father?" His son asked.

"Yes my child, now let me continue please." The sage spoke wishing for no more interruptions.

"I woke up on the day of my birth just as any other, and went into the village. Only to see everyone in the village looking at me sceptically... almost as if afraid to find out if i was an enemy or an ally. I ignored the looks of the people around me, and found one of my friends sitting at a bench outside of a small hut. When I approached him and asked him how he was doing, he looked me dead in the eye, and asked how i knew his name and what i wanted. This confused me to know end, so I quickly lost my temper and yelled at him like i always did in my times of my youth. Until my ranting was over he realized it really was me, but when i asked him how could he forget me since we've been friends for a few months now, he simply pointed to the window of the hut, and told me to look at it. Just to amuse him i went to the window to take a look at my refection, and upon seeing my reflection i did what i would always do. I freaked out... Gone was my vibrant red spiky hair, and dark blueish eyes that everyone knew me by. But instead i had black spiky hair, and sapphire blue eyes that shined in the sunlight."

The old sage stopped his story when his youngest asked him a question.

"Father i never knew you originally had blue eyes?" His son asked curiously.

The old sage weakly chuckled at his mental wish to not be interrupted, but smiled non the less.

"Yes i had blue eyes up until my first trial Kami had set forth for me to accomplish. Now let us begin once more." The sage said, answering his sons question.

"Within a minute, or so of panic i quickly thought upon what happened to me, and remembered my older brother fading into that strange light, as well as what he looked like as he faded away. I remember he had the same black hair, and the same sapphire eyes that i have now. That very night, as i was drifting off to sleep i heard a soft female voice whispering for me to listen to her. Thinking that i was dreaming i decided to go along with it, and so i listened to the soft voice." The sage started but stopped after coughing violently a few times. After his coughing fit ended the sage looked to his son weakly, and put his small smile back onto his face once more.

"My apologies, where was i?" The sage said almost forgetting where he had left off. "Ah yes.." The sage started up again.

"The voice then told me that The Sage of Six Path's must lay the paving stones for true peace for the world in his first life time. And that in the time the Sage of Six Path's first life, the Sage of Time will be training, and preparing in the afterlife for what his destiny entails. The voice then said that The Sage of Time has already ventured to the afterlife 3 years ago, and shall be reborn a generation before the Sage of Six Path's second life." The sage finished with his thoughts wandering from within his mind.

"Even I don't fully understand what had happened to my brother, but I have the feeling that I shall know when the time is right." The sage spoke. Saying his thoughts aloud to his son.

"I know without a doubt.. that in some way my brother is the Sage of Time, and that I shall meet him in another life time... I also know that this story is just as important as the first my child, so remember it as well." The sage finished while turning to look back at his son before coughing violently once again, while putting his hand to his mouth to cover it.

When the sage removed his hand he saw that he had been coughing up small amounts of blood. Knowing that his time was very limited now, the sage decided that it was time for his to get his other son's and say their final goodbyes.

"That is the end of the second story my child, and with it i hope you hold both of them close to your heart." The sage said with a smile.

"Also be sure to pass on both of these stories from my life onto your children, and your children's children. For it will be important for them to know." The sage explained, before his smile slowly shifted into a saddened one.

"I sense the feelings your brothers hold, your oldest brother desires power, your second oldest brother desires protection, but you alone desire something greater. True peace to fall upon the lands, just as I did." The sage said slowly letting his smile return to his face.

"For that is why i have chosen you to be my successor. Do not speak of this to anyone, but your successor on your death bed as i do not want my children fighting one another, and ruining the small amount of peace i have created." The sage finished exhaling the breath of air that he had kept in his lungs.

"Now my child, fetch your brothers, as i feel the time is close for me to close my eyes for good." The sage said sadly but with a smile still on his face.

His youngest got off his knees, and bowed deeply to his father, and set out to retrieve his two brothers. When all three of them returned they all said their final goodbyes to there father for the last time. As the light from the eyes of a legend finally faded away, the three brothers all smiled at their father, for he had closed his eyes, and embraced death peacefully with a smile on his face.

(January 23rd, 2014)

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