Chapter One:

The First Game

The cheers of the crowed melted into a collective groan as they watched number 17 cross the line for a touch down. For a second it looked as though the William McKinley Titans would actually stop the Oakwood Wolf pack from scoring a winning seven points, but at the last moment number 20, Noah Puckerman, tripped and missed the tackle. The opposing side erupted in a loud chorus of shouts and cheers from across the field." God Damn it!" Quinn yelled throwing her pom-poms down into the chalk ridden dirt. For a girl who professed to be such a devout Christian she sure swore a lot, the raven haired cheerleader observed.

Santana folded her arms and looked back at the Oakwood cheerleaders. Their silver, blue, and black uniforms stood out under the bright stadium lights as they danced and sang for their football team.

"Why couldn't we lose to anyone else! I hate those bitches!" Quinn ranted. The other girls on her team knew to steer clear of their wrathful captain when she got like this, but Santana didn't care. The mouthy blonde didn't scare her one bit.

"Chill out. We're going to cream them in competition like we do every year." Santana retorted snidely, picking up the pom-poms and tossing them at a particularly frightened looking Cheerio. Quinn rolled her eyes.

"That's not the point. Their captain is a total snob and we have to share a locker room with them tonight. I sick of all these losers rubbing their school victories in our face every time we go to change." Santana clenched her teeth. She couldn't agree more. It was bad enough watching the Titan's get their asses kicked every Friday night, but William McKinley was too poor of a school to have separate locker rooms for the girls to change in. Instead all the cheerleaders were crammed into one room tiny room after the game.

"Come on, lets just get this over with. I want to go home and eat." She said pushing past her captain and began her long marched back toward the school. When she was clear of the other girls, she let out the breath she had held in practically all night. As much as she loved cheering it caused her too much stress. Not to mention it brought out parts of herself that she really rather keep hidden.

Santana sighed and took a deep breath pulling the door to the locker room open. It was already packed inside with half-naked bodies giggling and laughing to one another. She put on her best bitchy sneer and tried to keep her eyes on the ground as she entered. " Hey nice effort out there. You're cheering is great, but I think you're going to need to find a better team." One girl teased. Santana pushed her way past as the other Cheerios entered the locker room.

Another determined red-head, who Santana recognized as the other team's captain, stepped in front of her in only her push up bra and mini skirt. "Why do they call you guys the Titans when your team can't even catch a ball. They should call you something that fits your skill level better, like the Peasants" Santana swallowed thickly adverting her eyes from the girl's perfectly round chest, trying not to blush. God get yourself together Lopez. These Bitches are insulting you're team say something. Fight back. She scolded herself.

Santana opened her mouth to speak, but no words came out. Instead she simply stared stupidly into the face of the girl in front of her, trying not to let her eyes drift down "Save it Fire Crotch. Come competition time we're going to turn you Oakwood Wolves into Oakwood Bitches...our bitches that is." came Quinn's shrill threatening voice from the door.

"Well if it isn't Lucy Goosey finally gracing us with her presence." Snickered the red-head, who Santana was able to finally side step. " I wouldn't be so sure of that. We have a secrete weapon this year that's going to leave the Cheerios crying for their mommy"

Quinn snorted unimpressed. " We've won nationals for the last twenty years. I'll be damned before I let a few nobodies like you take it from us now..." From the office door there was an ear-splitting shriek from a whistle causing all the girl's including Santana to jump.

"Alright that's enough you ninnies, hurry up and change. I don't have all night!" coach Sue barked.

The commotion gave Santana enough time to slip into the back, where her locker was without any other awkward incidents. Now I just have to grab a shower while there's still some hot water left. I'll wait an extra long time and everyone will be gone by the time I'm done. She reassured herself several times.

Santana opened her locker and dug through her things, pulling out the clothes she wanted to wear on the drive back to her house and a towel to dry off with. She could feel people walking back and forth behind her, but she blocked her insecurity out. It was something she had grown use to despite how uncomfortable it made her feel.

She had just pulled off her cheer top when out of the corner of her eye another girl stepped up next to her. She could just make out the silver and blue of the other team's long-sleeved outfits running down the girl's arms. Santana clenched her jaw and fixed her gaze on her own locker, willing herself not to look, and praying that the other girl didn't look at her. She wrapped her fingers in the hem of her skirt and began to pull down when a soft voice reached her ears over the loud chatter of the changing room.

"Hey, do you have any body spray?"

Santana looked up immediately when she was addressed, but regretted it almost the moment she did. The Oakwood girl stood holding on to the locker door as if it where holding her up. She wore only a light blue bra with a single duck covering the right side and a matching light blue G-string thong. However her attire was only an after thought to the feisty co-captain, Santana found herself trapped in the gaze of the most beautiful blue-eyed blonde she had ever set eyes on.

"I-uh-what? Sorry, I can't hear you." Santana rushed to say tripping over her words, but the blond didn't seem to mind. She stepped closer and leaned in so that Santana could feel the girl's hot breath on her neck, causing a dizzy sensation to flood her senses.

"I said do you have any body spray, you know to smell good?" the blonde took a step back and waiting patiently for Santana's response.

"yea, I mean no. No I don't sorry." She said over the roar of the room. She could feel her cheeks growing rosy and warm, if anyone asked she'd simply blame it on the steam from the showers.

"Fudge. I hate showering in locker rooms." The blonde said with a small pout lip. Santana's jaw wanted to hang open, but she kept it shut tight. Was this chick for real? If anyone on her team ever said 'fudge' or gave a pout, she'd probably give them shit for days and tell them to grow the fuck up. Yet some how this girl made it see absolutely adorable.

She turned away back to her locker when she suddenly realized how bare she was. She quickly wrapped a towel around herself and looked up to say something else.


The Oakwood girl had gone back to her own locker and began grabbing up her own things when she glanced back over at Santana with a curious expression as she waited for whatever it was that Santana was about to say.

"I—yea-me too. Showers suck..."

Santana wanted to roll over and die. You're never allowed to talk again-ever, Lopez. Never. The blue-eyed blonde giggled and gave her a small agreeing nod.

"Showers do suck, I prefer bubble baths." She pulled a towel from her locker and grabbed up the rest of her things. " Well, it was nice talking to you." She turned and began walking toward the showers. Santana couldn't stop her eyes from falling down the girl's back and landing for a moment on her perfect ass. Look away. Look away before someone catches you. She internally shouted at herself, but it was too late. At the last moment the tall Oakwood blonde turned and looked back at Santana. who was still looking awkwardly at her. The girl seemed a little surprised, but her shock soon turned into a cocky little smirk. Her eyes trailed down Santana's now covered body and back up to her eyes. She tossed Santana a small wink, but she was already in full panic mode.

Santana felt as though she were about to vomit. There was no way she could shower after that. There was no way should could be caught anywhere near this place. Someone else had to have seen what had just happened and they were probably on their way right now to tell their coach or worse principal Figgins. Santana tossed on her sweatpants and an off the shoulder shirt as she gathered up her things as fast as she could. She tossed her uniform in the dirty clothes hamper and stormed toward the door with her head down, trying to avoid eye contact with anyone who might be standing close by.

"Hey San! Where are you going? We need to have a team meeting." Quinn yelled at her from her own locker. Shit. Santana waved her off and kept going. "I can't tonight I have a family thing. Catch me up on Monday or text me!" She shouted back over her shoulder as she left the locker room.

The drive home felt long despite the fact that she lived less than 10 minutes from school. She half expected her phone to ring or for the Lima police to be on her doorstep as she pulled up. It's not a crime to check someone out. Take a breath. It's going to be okay. You're just over reacting, again. She told herself as she set her bag down by the foot of the stairs and kicked off her cheer sneakers.

Santana pulled her high pony out, shaking her long black hair free. It fell loose on to her tan shoulders. When no one called to come and lock her away, she slowly began to relax. Taking a deep breath she walked though her sitting room and into the kitchen pulling open the fridge. She glanced up at the clock. 10:30pm. Mom is already in bed. Perfect. She began pulling different leftovers out and setting them on the counter along with a tub of ice cream.

"Jeez if you keep eating like that you wont fit into that uniform of yours much longer"

Her brother's voice made her jump.

"Christ, Roman! You know I hate it when you do that!" She snapped at him, but put the ice cream back in the freezer.

"Did the Lima Losers lose again?" He asked with a playful smirk. Santana rolled her eyes and began filling her plate with pasta, a little salad, and a left over chicken wing then placed it in the microwave.

"Duh. The Titan's suck. They haven't won a game since-"

"Since their star Quarterback left for college." Roman flexed one of his biceps with the Lopez trademark cocky grin. Santana ignored him.

Roman was a school hero at McKinley. He was the only Quarterback to lead the Titans to the state play offs. Now he played for Columbus State as a running back and the occasional wide receiver. However to Santana he was her dorky older brother, who had comic books under his bed, tortured her mercilessly and teased her every chance he got. More than that he was her best friend.

A small ding told her that her plate was ready. She pulled it out and walked into the sitting room to eat.

"Hate to burst your ego bubble, but no one knows who you are anymore." She lied, flipping on the Tv. She needed something to take her thoughts off the sexy blonde in the ducky underwear. It was Roman's turn to roll his eyes.

"As if. I'm a legend in this town. You should feel lucky to have me as your big brother. "

Santana wanted to scoff. It was the exact opposite. Everyone kept such a close eye on her, expecting her to be something great like her brother, but instead she was a frantic mess waiting to go up in flames.

"Whatever you say..." She mumbled sarcastically giving him only half her attention. Roman sat quietly for a moment finally realizing that his sister was in no mood to talk.

"Okay, I didn't come down here just to talk about how amazingly cool I am. I want your advice on something." he said pulling up his sleep shorts, hopping over the back of the couch, and sitting on the arm facing her. Santana pushed the mute button and raised her eyebrow curiously at him. " So, I've been getting kind of serious about my girlfriend and I think I want to bring her home to meet mamá and papi, but I'm not sure how to bring it up with them." Roman asked with an unusual sense of uncertainty.

Santana wanted to groan and go upstairs, but she knew her brother was being serious by the tone of his voice. Roman never took anything seriously, so the fact that he was sitting here now asking for her help ,was sort of a big deal. He had talked about this girl since the moment he met her nearly two months ago. They had met while he was partying at the house of one of his teammates. Apparently she was his friend's little sister, which seemed totally gross to Santana. She was a little surprised that his friend had been so chill about it. Roman would have fought anyone who looked twice at his preciosa baby sister. She sighed because she knew better than anyone you couldn't choose who you fell for and besides, this mystery girl seemed to make her brother really happy and she couldn't find anything wrong with that.

" How serious is serious? I mean you haven't been dating her that long and let's be real here. You're kind of a player." Santana asked as she picked up her fork and tried to eat.

"I don't know! It's hard to explain. It's like, I don't want to even look at other girls when she's around. She's so beautiful and funny, but not in an annoying way. I think it's impossible for anyone not to like her. She's already my girlfriend, but I want this to be something that lasts, ya know?" He said in a breathless voice. The truth was she didn't know, but she nodded her head as if she did.

"I think tomorrow when papi comes home for Saturday night dinner you should bring it up then." She said between bites. "Just tell them what you told me—or maybe not in so many words. " Santana suggested with a half shrug.

"Hey, maybe you could ask to bring someone home too and it wouldn't be so weird." Roman suggested, but Santana shivered. The idea of bringing someone back to meet her father was horrifying. Chief Medical Surgeon Navarro Lopez was not a warm man, nor was he easy to talk to. The idea of asking him to bring home a boyfriend to meet was something she preferred not to think about.

"Nu-uh. Not going to happen." Santana shook her head and took another bite of her salad.

"Aw come on San. Please. I'll totally owe you one!" Roman begged. Santana kept her eyes on the plate, so as not to be suckered in by yet another signature Lopez look. When she didn't look up, her brother snatched away her plate.

"Hey! Fine, I'll think about it, but only if there is someone suitable to bring home." Santana rolled her eyes and took her plate back from her brother.

" Awesome! I love you. You're the best." The tall well muscled boy leaned over and kissed his sister on the top of the head. " I'm off to bed. I promised I'd call before I went to sleep." Santana smiled and rolled her eyes. What a lame ass.

"Yea, love you too. 'night." She yelled.

After twenty minutes of flipping through the T-VO only to find that her mother deleted all her shows, Santana finally gave up and decided to try and get some sleep. As she walked down the hall she could hear her brother still whispering on the phone through the still night air of their large empty house. She was happy for him, but that didn't mean she didn't also envy him. Santana had known she was different from the other kids since she was in kindergarten. Instead of reading Ramona & Beezus, Santana read her brother's comic books. When the other girls wanted to play dress up Santana preferred playing kickball and catching bugs.

Her father had gotten so fed up with her tom boy like behavior that he instructed her abuela to start taking her to ballet, so Santana could learn to act like a proper 'little lady'. It wasn't until she started high school that she discovered just how different she was. Her friends would get so excited and talk about the butterflies they felt over their first kiss, but all Santana felt was Puckerman's gross slobber all over her face. She tried to stay positive by telling herself those feelings would come when the time was right, yet they never did.

It wasn't until she met Quinn, that she realized she was a lesbian. When the bossy girl transferred to McKinley in her junior year, Santana was almost immediately smitten with her. Her secrete attraction grew and grew until she could no longer lie to herself about the things she felt. A year later there was still a hidden crush, but she had given up any hope.

Santana rinsed off the football shame, changed into her usual soft pj shorts, and pink polka dot top. The day had exhausted the young latina, so the moment her head hit the pillow she was out.

It was late into the night when her dreams suddenly jolted her awake. She lay there dazed and half awake, glaring through the darkness at her ceiling. The image of the Oakwood blonde undressed danced crossed her half closed eye lids. She was so breath-taking that Santana could hardly believe they had met in real life. She could still feel her warm breath on her own neck, sending a rush of butterflies swarming her belly. Santana bit her lip and shut her eyes as she encouraged the fantasy to continue. She replayed the memory of the girl glancing over her covered body several times until, she was no longer sure if it had really happened or not.

Santana felt her tan fingers trace up the side of her bare thigh and over her tone abs causing her muscles to twitch. As she continued to picture the girl, she felt a dull ache slowly begin to grow between her legs. Go on. No one will know and it's not like you're ever going to see her again. A small voice said in the back of her head. I shouldn't. It's wrong. What if I do see her at another game or a competition? How am I suppose to look at her? I shouldn't even be thinking about girls this way. She told her self, but her fingers were finding it hard to obey. They traced along the waist band of her shorts before running over the top of her damp clothed center. You need this. It's been four months. The little voice coaxed.

Santana bit her lip harder and continued to tease herself over the cover of her shorts. It didn't take long for her pent-up frustration to come rushing back. A small whimper escaped her lips as her fingers tentatively slipped beneath the safety of her shorts. "Oh god" She moaned softly into her pillow as her forefinger traced circles around her clit. She couldn't take much more pressure. She pictured her lips pressed softly to the girl's delicate pink ones. Santana's hips bucked slightly under her blankets as she fell toppling over the edge. It wasn't anything long or powerful, but it was enough to leave Santana feeling exhausted and guilty.

She pulled her hand from her shorts and wiped away her shame on the side of the bed. It wasn't long until sleep over took her once more.

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