Miraculous Weapons


Chapter One: Attack on the City - Part One


The weather is nice today.

That was the first thought that crossed Kuroko's mind, as he stepped out from his house and walked through his mother's favored garden, past the garage, and into the back lane. His second thought was if he was going to be late in his meeting.

Today was Saturday. Today was also an important day, because he was meeting up with his old friends from middle school.

Kuroko had been surprised, but welcomed the feeling nonetheless, when his cell phone light up with Akashi's name. He had answered and the red haired boy had told him about the meeting only a couple days ago.

Kuroko agreed, seeing that he had nothing else to do on the weekend. So, here he was. He walked from out of the back lane and onto the sidewalk, heading towards the bus stop. He would be meeting everyone at a small cafe located in the middle of the city.

Kuroko sort of felt bad because almost everyone lived in Tokyo, except for Akashi and Murasakibara. They had agreed to come a day earlier, seeing as it would be too tiring if they had to leave so early in the morning. The two had actually stayed at a hotel for the night and the cafe was just around the corner from the hotel.

As expected, the bus pulled up only a couple minutes later, and Kuroko climbed on, flashing the driver his pass before taking a seat in the middle. He nibbled the inside of his cheek as he watched the scenery pass by.

In his pocket, he felt his cell vibrate. Kuroko reached in, pushing past his wallet, and finally prying the light blue phone out. Kise's name flashed on the caller ID panel, and Kuroko flipped his phone open and put it against his ear. "Hello?"

"Kurokocchi~!" The model called happily into the phone, making Kuroko wince from the sudden loudness from the model. "Guess where I am?"

"At the cafe?" Kuroko asked. 'Even if it's still too early...' Since he just got on the bus, it had to be around 12:18, as the bus came at 12:15. They had all agreed to meet at 1:00.

"Eh! How'd you know?" Kise whined into the phone. Kuroko, again, winced. This time not from the blond's voice but from the screaming girls in the background.

"Kise-kun, are your fangirls stalking you again?" Kuroko asked, pushing the subject away and onto a new one.

"Ah, yeah... Heh, they caught sight of me and before I knew it, they formed a weird circle around me. I managed to get away, and decided to take refuge inside the cafe." Kise explained in a sulky tone, Kuroko thinking that he could almost hear the pout on the model's face.

"I see." 'It is the safest place...' Kuroko found himself thinking. Akashi had managed to get his father to book the small cafe for the day, his father being rich and all, and the owner had graciously accepted, and would only open the doors for the six boys.

It wouldn't be that big of a deal because Akashi would probably end up tossing scissors in their direction, scaring them off.

Kuroko smiled at the thought, remembering similar days from when they were in middle school.

'I wish things will never change.'


Akashi turned to Murasakibara, who had just come from the shower. The purple haired boy's hair dripped and Akashi sighed. "Be sure to dry your hair properly, Atsushi." He scolded the treat-loving boy.

"Okay," The tall boy drew out the word, taking the towel that hung around his neck to begin to dry his hair.

Akashi turned back to the desk, typing away on his laptop. He frowned in minor annoyance, craning his neck to peer out the window. "Ryouta is probably there already. We will be leaving soon." Even from the 12th floor, he could still hear the screams of wild girls, giving the sign that the model had probably came too early and ended up in the cafe for his own protection.

"Okay," Murasakibara replied in his flat tone, tossing the damp towel onto the bed as he dug through his bag. He pulled a sucker out, one that was made up of funky colors, oddly enough. He stuck the lollipop inside his mouth, taking a moment to admire the new taste of cranberry and orange-fudge mixed together, before he pulled his shoes on. "Akachin, do you want one?"

"No thank you." Akashi replied, stopping to adjust his sweater before heading for the door. Murasakibara followed after him, poking the end of the lollipop stick as he ducked his head so he wouldn't accidentally hit it like the last time.


Kise laughed awkwardly, waving his hand in the direction of the shiny glass windows. 'My fangirls are so crazy!' He thought with a pout as he watched them all press against the glass, as if it would help them get closer to him. Kise felt a little irked and wished he had worn some sort of disguise.

"Maybe I should get some bodyguards." He mused quietly, feeling alone inside the cafe, apart from the girls outside. It was brightly lit, looked very clean and tidy, and smelled of fresh coffee and pastries.

Kise wasn't really one for coffee, but he knew the cafe had other things to drink, such as teas and juices. He grabbed the menu, scanning the contents. After a while of thinking, he decided that he'd just get a new fruity type of tea. He had heard good things about it but never tried it yet.

He put the menu down, deciding to wait for the others to arrive so they could all order together. He looked at the ceiling, wondering if counting the circular designs would pass the time, until he heard a loud bang against the window. He jumped slightly, and turned only to see a girl pressed against the window. She slides down, almost like dead weight, while other girls stared at her.

'I hope they know that they can't run through glass.' Kise thought, feeling slightly amused but then bad at the same time, as he turned away from the scene. The owner, a kind old woman, had appeared, holding a mop in her hand.

She nodded in greeting to him, and headed towards the door with the mop grasped firmly in her hand. Kise watched her, curious as to what she was going to do, before she pried to door open, managing to slip out without any girls breaking through, and started swinging the mop at them.

The girls all yelped and screamed, scattering away, frightened. Kise laughed, the short elderly lady coming back in. "Hmph!" She scoffed. "I'm tired of having a million face prints on my windows." She huffed out, but it was meant in an amused way. Kise could tell she wasn't really angry but probably annoyed by the amount of girls that had gathered.

"Yeah, sorry about that." He apologized.

"It's fine, sweetie. You need to get some restraining orders, though." She smiled, patting Kise's head before heading towards the kitchen area.

"I tired that..." Kise whined, leaning back in his chair.


"Shintarou, can you take the garbage out with you?" Midorima paused in the midst of putting his shoes on, cocking his head at his mother's voice.

"Yes, mother." He replied, turning to face his mother. He gave her a faint smile, taking the large clear bag from her.

His mother smiled up at him, giving him a peck on the cheek. "Alright, have fun with your friends!" She giggled, waving as her son left the house, garbage bag in his hand.

Midorima went through the backyard, placing the bag into the trash can before fixing his glasses. He turned on his heels and went towards the front of his house where he needed to cross the street in order to get to the bus stop.

He did so, stopping at the curb. He looked both ways, hands in his pocket. He idly played with today's lucky item, which happened to be a pocket knife, for some odd reason. He couldn't help but feel that something bad was going to happen today, according to Oha-Asa.

He had tried to confide in his mother earlier that morning but she told him not to worry about it.

Midorima crossed when no cars were in sight and jogged onto the other side of the street. He walked towards the bus stop, his mind replaying the fortune.

"Today is a horrid day for Cancers! You should stay in at home, with loved ones, and hope for the best! Your lucky item for today is a pocket knife! Remember: Keep it on you at all times!"

The announcer had said, her voice still cheery. He didn't know which had creeped him out more; the woman's overly happy voice or the fact that today would be a bad (horrid) day for him. Curious, he had listened to the other astrology readings. They were all practically the same, which had set him up on alert mode.

The bus pulled up and Midorima shook his head to rid the thoughts away, as he got on. He presented his pass, sat down at the front, hoping that no one would end up discovering his pocket knife.


Aomine let a loud yawn out, rubbing his hair tiredly as he made his way down the street. Just a few minutes ago, a group of girls had run past him, freaking out among themselves.

He figured that he was pretty close now, judging by how many girls were now in the area. The dark blue haired boy rolled his eyes in annoyance, figuring that Kise had ended up trapped inside the cafe, hiding from his scary fans.

Aomine pulled his cell out, just to check the time. It read 12:57, with only three minutes to 1:00.

He glanced around, checking his surroundings. 'I'll probably be a few minutes late...' He mused, putting his cell phone back in his pocket as he continued his walk down the sidewalk. 'Oh well, not my fault they wanted to meet so early.' Another loud yawn escaped his lips, as he ruffled his short strands.


Kuroko was now jogging and he could feel himself become more tired as the seconds passed. He sighed, seeing the cafe come up in sight. He ran only a few more seconds before he came to a halt in front of the nicely styled doors. He pushed the door open, the bell jingling as he did so.

Six heads turned his way, each wearing different expressions. Kuroko bowed his head, closing the door behind him as he neared the group. "Aomine-kun even made it before me," Kuroko smiled lightly, taking a seat in between Aomine and Midorima. "I'm sorry I'm late, but the bus driver had driven straight into a tree." He apologized, bowing his head again.

"K- Kurokocchi, seriously!?" Kise exclaimed, staring wide eyed at Kuroko.

"Seriously." Kuroko replied flatly.

Kise's shoulders sunk, a pout on his face. "You don't make it sound very convincing!" He puffed his cheeks at the thought.

"Now, Ryouta. That's just how he is." Akashi stated, before turning to Kuroko. "It's good to see you, Tetsuya." The red head offered a smile, which seemed eerie in the brightly lit cafe.

Kuroko nodded, "Thank you, Akashi-kun. It's nice to see everyone together." He smiled warmly.

"Oi, Tetsu, we're all starving here because of you." Aomine muttered, leaning back in his chair.

"Can we just order, then?" Midorima scoffed at Aomine's carelessness, shaking his head as the darker blue haired boy almost tipped over in his chair.

"I already know what I want!" Kise grinned, giving Kuroko a menu. Kuroko thanked the blond and looked over the menu.

"Ne, I want a fruit parfait, a slice of that chocolate cookie cake, some sweet green tea, and a batch of those mango cupcakes on that shelf." Murasakibara pointed to practically everything he wanted, all the while eating multiple sticks of strawberry flavored pocky.

"I surprised you can eat all that." Midorima muttered, straightening his glasses before politely telling the woman what he wanted. After Midorima's order, the rest all told the woman what they wanted, and the woman quickly scribbled everything down and hurried off to retrieve their snacks and drinks.

They all talked among themselves, quietly, even though they were the only ones in the cafe. They talked about their schools, their grades; whether they were failing or succeeding, about new friends and teammates, about basketball. They even talked about Kise's modeling, and about new strange snacks that Murasakibara couldn't wait to try, about Midorima's horoscopes,... and Kuroko found it oddly comforting.

The woman came back, a large deluxe fruit parfait sat in a clear glass cup on top of a silver tray balanced in her hands. She walked up, but a sudden loud, blood-curling scream startled them all, and Kuroko could hear the glass break on the ground in a resounding shatter.

"My... parfait..." He heard Murasakibara murmur quietly while the woman apologized continuously, before another scream, more desperate and fearful pierced their ears. "What is that ruckus..." She groaned, making her way to the window. The blinds had been pulled down, for more privacy, and the group of six watched her pull the blinds up.

Kuroko's heart sunk, watching the panic on the streets. People; ordinary, random people were all running past the shop, frenzied expressions of shock and fear etched clearly on their faces. Screams and cries for help could be heard, more loudly, as more people ran past. A young girl, maybe even around their age, ran up to the window. She banged blood-stained fists against the glass, eyes wide as tears leaked freely down bruised cheeks. "HELP ME!" She screamed, jolting as a loud foot fall echoed on the street, making everything in the little cafe jump from the force.

"What the hell..." Kise muttered, standing up slowly. The others followed suit and the elderly woman ran to the door, opening it wordlessly, as she motioned for the young girl to get inside. The girl quickly made to enter, but a very large meaty hand had appeared from almost nowhere, gripping the girl from around her waist.

The boys could only watch in shock as she was pulled off her feet, her crazed scream dying out as the large hand squeezed too hard. Blood splattered, staining the sidewalk, door, and window.

A cold shudder ran through the shop, chilling everyone's bones, as two large feet were on the road suddenly. The tall monster slowly bent down, the street shaking with the weight of it as it landed on its knees and hands.

"Holy shit-" Aomine swore loudly, as an ugly, scarred face peered right at them, eyes unblinking with a bloody grin aimed at them. The woman let a shrill scream out and everyone took a few steps back from fear and shock. The woman turned on her heels, trying to escape the sudden hand that darted forward with surprising speed. The six could only watch in horror as the kind, old woman was torn from her shop and shoved head first into the giant's mouth.

Kuroko wanted to scream, to tell it to stop, but he couldn't find his voice to do so, and bit his lip tell he felt a warm trickle of blood drip from his chin, as the monster's mouth gushed blood, his jaw moving as he chewed. A small lump could be seen going down his throat, and that was when Kuroko heard the sound of someone puking. He couldn't tell who it was, but he didn't exactly care at the moment.

"We-... We need to do s- something..." Midorima stuttered out, wide eyed mixed with a fearful and disgusted look.

"What the fuck can we do!?" Aomine hissed, finally able to take his eyes away from the giant in front of them.

Another loud ear-piercing scream called their attention back to the monster, and it was now lying flat on its chest, the back of its neck cut wide open.

"The hell is happening!?"

"Is it dead... ?"

"We should get home..."

The voices flood Kuroko's ears, but he finds himself barely paying any attention to his friends as he slowly steps forward. He cautiously pokes his head out of the shop, eyes landing on a figure. The male was short; with short black hair and an un-wavering look of pure-boredom on his face. His eyebrows were drawn together, looking almost annoyed, as his gaze soon shifted to the sky.

Kuroko followed his gaze, and was shocked to see another figure flying through the sky. He wasn't exactly flying, like a superhero or anything, but this other boy had large rectangular things attached to his hips and a long sword in each hand. He seemed to be pressing buttons on the handles, these long cable like ropes twirling out of the object attached to his waist.

Feeling oddly impressed, Kuroko watched the boy shoot another cable out, which upon closer inspection looked like a grappling hook type object, stick into the wall, and pull him forward. He landed with ease beside the first male.

Curious dark green eyes landed on him and Kuroko swallowed a lump with great difficulty. "Ah!" The boy suddenly burst, making Kuroko flinch.

The shorter turned to the other, glaring daggers. "What is it, Eren?" He practically hissed, although his voice was strangely soft.

"Th- That's them! Er, one of them... The one with the light blue hair!" The boy named Eren yelled, pointing directly at Kuroko.

Kuroko, for good measure, turned to peer around him, hopefully thinking that the crazy boy wasn't referring to him.

"Corporal Levi! I'm sure of it!" Eren insisted, jumping from the large monster's back. He ran up to Kuroko, a small smile on his face.

The others slowly came up, feeling protective for a moment, as Eren approached Kuroko.

"Who are you?" Akashi asked, eyes narrowing dangerously at Eren. Eren blinked, and held up his hands, accidentally swinging his sword up in a frenzy.

Akashi, suddenly on the defensive side, seemingly pulled a pair of sharp looking scissors from out of his pocket and threw them directly towards Eren's head.

Eren yelped, flinching in a poor attempt to evade the attack. Akashi smirked, but his smirk vanished when a hand darted out and caught the flying scissors. His eyes traced the extended arm, and his red and golden orbs met cold black ones. "Do you dare oppose me?" Akashi asked tensely, although it came out more of a demand.

Levi carelessly threw the scissors to the ground. "Those won't help you here, brat." He replied airily, pulling Eren a few feet back.

Eren sheepishly ducked his head, staring at the ground before turning to look around, just making sure no more giants were around.

"You six... You must be Akashi Seijuurou, Kise Ryouta, Midorima Shintarou, Aomine Daiki, Murasakibara Atsushi, and Kuroko Tetsuya, am I correct?" Levi asked, pulling a cloth from his pocket as he wiped wet blood from one of his swords.

"So what if we are?" Aomine glowered at the shorted male. Levi paused, inspecting his now fully clean blade, before turning to face the six.

"Because; you all need to come with me."


I made a discovery. Levi is actually shorter than Kuroko. And Kuroko's supposed to be the short one. Lol. Well, not really, but still.

Anyways, this is the first Shingeki no Kyoujin story I've made! Hooray~

I'm sorry if Eren and Levi seem out of character :I Also, sorry again if Akashi seems out of character, too. I haven't really written much with him in anything, so it's kind of hard.

Eh, kinda AU-ish, I guess. Since Levi and Eren are in the "now"... Opposed to "several hundred years ago". But, whatever, my story.

Tell me what you all think! :D It'd be greatly appreciated. This is almost sort of my first time writing stuff like this... Hope it ain't too bad. D;